Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Who Determines What Kind of Underwear You Wear.......How and Why?

Growing up it was so much easier.  All boys wore white cotton briefs.  The only choice was what brand of white cotton you would wear as indicated by stripes, dash lines, or even nothing on the waistband and that decision was made by your mother.  That decision may have had something to do with price or availability, and even durability.  All girls (apparently) wore white nylon tricot panties.  All dads wore baggy boxer shorts with stupid patterns.  Moms seemed to wear all sorts of complicated contraptions. Based on the pictures in my dad's Men's Magazines, these were designed to appeal to men even though they were only worn by women.  It never made sense to me why I was so severely punished for daring to like and enjoy the feeling of nylon tricot on my little boy cockhead--what was not to like about it?  They cut my foreskin off and then expected me to cover my now exposed most sensitive area with scratchy cotton?  I've had many a fantasy about my being allowed to have a secret nylon tricot drawer so I could wear 2 or 3 silky pairs under my boys briefs and no one would know.  I'd be able to rub those silky layers on my little boy cock and enjoy that feeling whenever I wanted--or as often as the extreme guilt feelings would allow.  You should know the rest part since I've blogged about it enough..... 

  One of my ex's (13 years) would normally wear Jockey nylon briefs under his Air Force uniform.  His double knit pants would slide over those silky briefs and it was always fun to catch him before he had a chance to change out of his uniform.  After the military when he got a job that required occasional inter-island travel, I thought it was kind of strange that he not only switched from wearing briefs (mostly nylon but sometimes cotton) to wearing boxer briefs.  Why would anyone want to wear cotton underwear and then to wear even more cotton on bigger cotton underwear?  I didn't find out until years later that he was a compulsive liar that included just about everything in his life.  Enough truth to make it seem almost plausible at the time, but closer examination finding that most of it was all false.  An interesting outlook, however, from an underwear standpoint was that his "conversion" as it were to the incoming larger boxer brief fashion was that all the other men he was sleeping with on his travels (sometimes he never even left, just shacked up) would have required him to wear what other guys were wearing.  Same with the arcades, bookstores and who knows whatever other places he frequented where underwear was seen.  Funny how needing and wanting to appear normal with other guys he was cheating with and ultimately what they wore for underwear was the reasoning behind any personal choice.  Certainly nylon was not part of that "normal" choice although sometimes lycra might have been.  I'm pretty proud of the way I am able to wear as much nylon as I do in public.  If a guy ever does say something, it's something like "Is this a new micro-fiber" or "feels silky" or some other question but it's never OMG, ARE YOU WEARING 100% NYLON TRICOT??!!    Knowledge and exposure to The Fabric, along with the term, have been gone from normal public exposure for 25-30 years.  That's enough for an entire other generation to have grown up without it and the previous generation(s) to have forgotten about it.  The cotton lobby won the war and nylon tricot was banished shortly after disco died as lycra, Antron, cotton shields pushed those silky, sliding layers into oblivion--or at least obscurity.  Guys have been brainwashed to the point where over 40 are wearing boxer briefs and under 40 wearing baggy boxers.  Both of which have to be removed (and always are) before any sexual activity can begin.  Even porn that promotes itself as "underwear sex" still either removes them entirely within a few minutes or minimizes their exposure.  Of course they have to since scratchy, 100% cotton is about as sexy as a cactus.  The concept of wearing a silky fabric that actually enhances sex and ejaculation and partner enjoyment was all done in by fear of yeast infections......  Ok, sermon is over and now to get back to those few new pics I have found with happy cocks in silky nylon tricot.

Ever walk down a public beach wearing a 100% nylon tricot panty?  It's totally possible if they aren't too frilly because they really are just a Speedo without a drawstring, after all.

These have a relatively small crotch that isn't showing above his male bulge so who's to know?

Considering his blue panties are actually nylon tricot Aussiebums that have another full nylon panel in front, this is the first and only picture I've ever seen of a foreskin partially retracted through 2 layers of nylon tricot.  Sometimes uncut guys can get off in nylon tricot (or up against your double nylon tricot crotch between your legs) because their foreskin can get them off in or out of nylon.  Us cut guys usually need the sliding nylon to make it work--but it sure does WORK!

Not exactly sure what these are--but like I always say, YOUR COCK DOESN'T CARE!  All that matters is that they are silky white nylon tricot and ready to go to work any time you want them to.

Once upon a time, this would have been a valid statement since it would have meant boys wearing nylon tricot.  However, looking at "Men Wearing Panties"sites are about the last place I find anything for this blog to post.  Most men who wear panties are straight, believe it or not, and like panties that include anything from lycra thongs to stretch lycra lace that could take epoxy paint off any surface without a solvent.  These are today's panties made for women who also never experienced the draw or sexual allure that wearing a large 100% nylon tricot panty would have on their man.  So take it from me, a guy wearing a flyless, lycra cotton boxer brief wanting to see boys wearing girls panties, well, you just might rather watch an episode of The Waltons instead.

Come on now, if you saw this at the gym, would you even notice what he is wearing?  First would be that they are briefs and not boxers length, then noticing his cockhead showing through.  By then he's already put on his workout shorts and that's that.

Besides his manhood not caring about anything other than how good these feel, adding another layer would make him primed, "cocked", and ready to fire his load.....

Another guy slipping into the sexiest designed, practical garment out there and suffering from the usual semi on his way to that double sliding nylon crotch covering it up.

Yes, this is how easy the Mormon Church makes it for 2 men to fuck.  Both can stay in their 100% silky nylon tricot garments and perform while still feeling their (or their partner's) silkiness.

He kind of looks like one of those Eastern Euro guys who sit in those strangely decorated cubicles on their computers pretending to be communicating with other guys and lure you in, but this one might have a chance wearing his nylon lined soccer shorts.

Thanks for showing us your happy manhood inside the nylon tricot liner even though 99% of your audience will be asking you to remove them in a couple of minutes.....

Here's a couple of nylon clad guys that look legit--well, the proof will be in their nylon when they are done.....

How come we never get to see anything like this?  One photo of his silky, shiny satin and that's it--not even a full face shot.

I just want to thank my swim coach for giving me my first of many dozens of silky nylon tricot suits and introducing me to the joys of ejaculating into silky nylon tricot by sliding multiple layers over my erect manhood.  Thanks coach!

There are a fair number of guys who enjoy shooting their big load onto silky nylon.  Usually these shorts are a silky polyester, but that's more about molecules and chemistry than about silkiness so who cares?

Since it would be almost impossible to have guys wrestle wearing 100% nylon tricot, wearing a silky nylon-lycra singlet isn't such a bad idea.  Wearing something silky under  his singlet is an even better idea

Interesting how we refer nylon as silk or silky when swimmers used to actually wear silk tank suits.  Having never seen one or talked to a swimmer who wore one (they've have to be pushing 80 or 90 now) have no idea if they actually felt silky?

Here's an opponent who isn't afraid to just go after what we all want him to go after anyway......

It sure seems to be working.....

Monday, February 13, 2017

Put Some Romance Into Valentine's Day With Nylon Tricot

Guess I must be in a sermonizing mood again since I've put together another hot group of guys wearing various forms of nylon tricot--even if it seems like the bulk of men out there don't seem to even know or recognize nylon tricot or what it's good for when they do.  Yeah, I seem to think about this when my mind wanders taking down Christmas decorations or spending too  much time looking for pics of guys in nylon tricot.  It's not like guys can consciously go out to a clothing store or sporting goods store or even any business and buy  any men's briefs, or other underwear, shirts, shorts or anything for that matter.  Even women's underwear is tainted with cotton crotches and lycra or made from cheesy Antron nylon.  If you're a Mormon with a temple recommend, you can buy some super silky garments, but most are too clueless to know what else you can do with them.....  Players still makes some decent men's nylon tricot underwear and a few other specialty places.  The last great repository of nylon tricot in online with sites like eBay or Etsy.  Unfortunately you kind of have to know what you're looking for.  Even looking can be a challenge.

Do you really want to look through more than 58,000 listings to find a couple of listings for Players nylon t-shirts?  Unfortunately the majority of sellers think that Lycra is the same thing as nylon.  They will advertise that something is 100% nylon and then maybe show the label that clearly says 20% lycra.  If you need to ask what's the difference, you need to start reading past blog postings......

You can greatly reduce the number of listings by filtering out words that would indicate items that aren't going to be nylon tricot, but could still be listed in that same nylon category.  Looking under "nylon tricot" doesn't help much since most people don't even know what nylon tricot is, they won't be using both nylon and tricot in the listing.  Keep in mind that whatever you put into the "Search" box, ALL words need to be in the title of the item you are searching for.   By putting in a minus (less) sign and then adding things you aren't looking for between parenthesis, you will eliminate most of the items.

Yeah, this is what we want to see:  a nice hard cock with a big head enjoying 2 silky layers of nylon tricot on display.  Of course, I wouldn't mind seeing the suit a little larger so all that manmeat could stand up erect and have room to ejaculate into that silky nylon tricot, but this is about the only picture I've ever seen like this.

It only makes sense that the external sex organ of man that contains the biggest collection of nerve endings designed to bring pleasure and eventual release would want to spend the off hours inside some silky nylon tricot and not what society seems to insist on with scratchy 100% cotton.

You can see that this guys manhood is right at home inside these double nylon tricot Speedos.  He's resting his fingers on that silky nylon tricot and enjoying the feel.  LEt's hope he makes the connection, if he hasn't already done that, how much his cock and his hands might get together and use that silky nylon for some real pleasure.  There are so many ways to make this happy ending a reality.....  I l ike the way you can even see the drawstring tied inside his silky suit.

Anybody think his manhood would be happier in a pair of 100% Hanes boxer briefs?  Sadly that's where his manhood will undoubtedly be soon after and that silky nylon may never enjoy the big spermload they deserve.

I love how obvious and direct this guy rubs his cock against his opponents ass.  Oh, I mean, accidentally slides his bulge across his silky lycra singlet.

Looks like this guy is getting ready for a heavy, manly flow day in his silky panties....ha ha.  When nylon is this tight over a guys hard on, it's possible to get him off by just rubbing your bare hand over the silky nylon.  A better option is to either have him wear a slightly larger pair over them or you could use a nylon Speedo or other brief in your hand and just slide the nylon up and down his shaft.  If it doesn't slide right, jut adjust the nylon slightly until it's moving right.  You'll feel it when it is and so will your partner.....

You should be able to spot a nylon tricot ass by now--even when wet.  Need to let nylon dry to be silky, but the wait will be worth it.  Something about wearing nylon suits around all day that makes them super silky at the end of it.  That's why being able to get your hands (literally) on the coaches suit is a major score.  They tended to wear their silky nylon suit around all day and not get it wet.  They were always the ultimte silkiest prize when I could score one (or three).....

There is a larger one of these pics out there that allowed me to zoom in on that large, double sliding nylon tricot Ocean Champion suit, but this will have to do.  It's a little hard to tell but I'd guess it's a red color and just the slightest movement of the outer suit over the inner one would be on his way to having a major ejaculation inside his suit.

Black guys use to be major wearer / enjoyers of nylon tricot underwear.  Hard to believe after the past couple of decades in their baggy boxers, but their well deserved reputations for having major manmeat, they are deserving of major silky nylon underwear to cover it.  The brand Paris made super sexy and silky underwear that was marketed towards them and it shows up in movies like "Pulp Fiction" and "Son of Sam."

Before nylon tricot was invented, there was already a tradition of using silk (which was not exactly silky like nylon) for light weight suits in competitive swimming.  Certainly better than the other alternative material, wool, these silk "tank suits" really would cling when wet.  Unusual not to see guys holding their hands in front of their goods.....

Stepping in through the neck of his one piece (onesie) nylon tricot garment, this (assumed Mormon) is experiencing the amazing feel of that thin, silky, nylon tricot fabric sliding up over his entire body into place.  Visible are the temple markings over his nipples, navel, and ultimately the double nylon, sliding crotch panel that is high enough to cover most full erections and allow for easy ejaculation into the top part of the crotch panel.  Truthfully, it's very difficult to slip into one of these garments and not be full erect by the time that double sliding panel gets into place over your waiting manhood.  Needless to say, waking up with your morning wood is never a problem with that nylon tricot solution available.....

This actually doesn't happen without help.  Unlike most underwear fly openings, these have 2 full (sliding) nylon panels and your cock stays inside until you shoot your last drop.  They could have made them so the 2 layers of nylon didn't slide over each other, but it's like they knowingly did this to assist in leaving your garment on for sex and an easy ejaculation.  However, for some reason, they knowingly put a cotton panel on one side of the nylon two piece garment bottoms.  Still possible to get off in, but you will need some additional nylon to make that happen.  Yes, it's possible to wear 2 garments at a time or put a nylon top on over your nylon onesie or any other combinations you want to experience.  Wearing a white nylon tricot shirt over your nylon onesie will clearly show off your inner garment.

Yeah, it's possible to get off inside lycra, but I'll bet this guy is uncut and his sliding foreskin did most of the work--I mean pleasure.

Nothing like a cute, clueless guy who has been wearing his nylon suit so long it's begun to fade a bit.  Still silky enough to get him off in, might need some extra nylon to do it right.  Don't make it too complicated....his cock will still empty a big load into his nylon suit without too much effort.....

It's that time of year when wives and girl friends used to buy their male partners a pair of Jockey nylon tricot Valentine briefs.  Partly as a joke, sometimes to give their partners their own silky nylon tricot so they'd quit swiping their own silky nylon tricot panties that actually fit them better and didn't have all those seams and openings and wide elastic.  Well, the reality is that most of them wound up either not being opened at all --"I ain't wearing no fucking silk panties!" (when in fact they have been secretly getting off in them for years).  These are the original kind with the exposed elastic waistband.  This particular pair looks like they were worn and enjoyed because they look a little abused.  Well, for many guys it was an introduction and even justification to wear nylon tricot FOR MEN and maybe gave them the courage to buy more Jockey nylon tricot briefs that were available in every decent men's store.

Tell me a guy's ass doesn't look 100% better wearing 100% nylon tricot......

Imagine your guy wearing some silky nylon tricot briefs under his scratchy, cotton, winter long johns--what a sweetie.  Imagine seeing them through the thin cotton and knowing you will soon be getting him off inside some silky nylon tricot instead of that scratchy cotton....  Not to complain, but it he really wanted to complete the enjoyment, he should have on a nylon tricot tank top instead of the cotton one he is wearing.  Jockey made super silky 100% nylon tricot t-shirts but for some reason made their tank tops out of a raised, ribbed sort of nylon.  Well, Valentines Day is one of those potentially romantic times when you can use the sensuality excuse to wear or use or introduce your other half to the joys and pleasure of silky nylon tricot:  Soffee green silkies from the USMC, nylon tricot sheets, play lifeguard and rescue him wearing a vintage Ocean Champion nylon suit? Treat your man or your manhood with as many layers of silkiness as you can.....   Correction:  He DOES have on a nylon tricot tank.  It shows better in the upper right photo.  Good man!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Another Load of Nylon Pics Just Waiting for You to Unload Into Your Nylon.....

Feeling more guilt for not having posted much lately than having the inspiration to do so.  Too tired to get on my soapbox tonight and preach so just enjoy the pics and comments and I'll give another inspirational nylon tricot sermon later.....

Nylon Tricot green silky displays range from fully exposed to minimum exposure to no exposure while still being worn for underwear.

This is what wearing nylon tricot is all about:  wearing it, enjoying it, feeling it, looking good in it, and ejaculating your manload into it.

Man enough to look good wearing his silky pink nylon tricot panties under his jeans.  

Too many caption possibilities for this one so use your own imaginations.....

Off to a good start, but what's missing from this picture is the sound that rubbing 2 nylon covered cocks together makes.

I know most of the world would think the guy on the right is sexier than the baggy drag suit guy on the right.  From a nylon ejaculation standpoint, however, that double nylon suit will probably even slide over his lycra suit.  Anyway, much better chance of a happy ending on the left.....

Seeing the guy on the bottom feeling his partners nylon shorts makes me think they aren't just posing for a picture here, but getting ready for some mutually satisfying nylon sex.

Something about guys wearing silky nylon tricot shorts with an inner panty under them (aka green silkies) with their hands just casually resting on the nylon like they haven't noticed what they are wearing.

Here's another guy only wearing the inner panty like the guy above him only he doesn't get to wear his out in public.

Probably the sexiest swimmer to ever live and was there at the beginning of the nylon Speedo until he passed away in 2012, Murray Rose.

A repeat but with this much beef inside a double nylon tricot suit that he can feel sliding with his hands is worth seeing again.

Using his nylon shorts for a good purpose and for a happy ending, hopefully, inside them.

You see these guys dressed like this at the beginning of nylon shorts videos and 3 minutes in they are naked and their nylon discarded.  Let's hope these guys actually used their nylon gear for what it's intended for and pumped their loads into them,

When UA first came out, the shorts that had a 2 layer panel rubbed together and it was possible to get off in them.

Not really sure how he managed to get off inside these, but he did a good job of it.

Under Freak is no freak, but an amazing collector of all sorts of underwear.  He does seem to be able to get off in all kinds of nylon and has no problem wearing multiple pairs of nylon tricot panties and sliding them to his best advantage.....  Hot to see a man so turned on my so many kinds of underwear, but even hotter to see his load go into layers of silky nylon tricot.

So what's missing from this picture.....if these 2 guys were each holding a pair of silky, 100% nylon tricot suits that their coach had just handed them here in his office (as coaches did for almost 30 years), they would each have a big smile on their face and an automatic semi in their crotch from a combination of the anticipation of wearing them and then followed by ejaculating into them.  Instead, they are each holding a suit made out of car upholstery fabric and trying to be polite to the clueless coach.

Wearing 2 nylon or polyester shorts that slide over each other should be no problem to ejaculate into....

So maybe he needed a little more direct sliding action?

Well, it's not what I would have done but sometimes uncut guys really just care about the movement of their foreskin which, in this case, is at least wrapped in part of his silky shorts.  But actually feel that silky nylon sliding around your body as you rub it on your cock is also a real turn on.