Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Enjoy More Random Pics of Men Wearing Nylon Tricot

Some viral cough thing going around even here in Honolulu.  Used to be a day on the beach in a nylon Speedo would cure just about anything.  This past week would probably have made it even worse since it's been raining off and on everywhere.  So to help with the boredom in between coughing spells, enjoy some random nylon pics--I hope while enjoying your nylon as well.

"Here, put this nylon suit on" and more than 50 years ago, he did.  He doesn't look very happy about it, but maybe he finally figured out what else he could do in his tricot suit.....

"Can you hear me now?"  Yeah, but mostly I want to slide that white silky nylon tricot Mormon garment up and down that thick shaft and add some more stains visible on the crotch.  With 2 guys both wearing LDS nylon tricot onesies the possibilities are endless--but the end result is always the same.

I see a lot of Brazilian suits without any logos or names and I don't know much about them.  All I can tell about these is that they are definitely nylon tricot and he's got some mighty happy manhood in them.  Would love to use them to make him even happier while emptying his tank into them.

Trust me, you would not want me working in your Speedo Museum!  On the one hand it's good that they have preserved all these suits and ads, but somehow it would be even better to use both hands while putting those nylon Speedos to work for their other great contribution to society:  nylon tricot ejaculation.  I don't suppose they even mention that use?

Just seeing this vintage super silky nylon tricot (with cloth label) is enough to give me a semi.  Knowing first hand(s) how good this nylon would slide up and down my (or someone else's--or both) shafts until ejaculation brings back a lot of good memories.  Luckily some of those memories are fairly recent due to the fact that this nylon never wears out when being used for these purposes.  Sperm is not as caustic as chlorine, apparently.

Obviously his hands feeling his silky nylon tricot Aussiebum suit (too bad it's not big enough to accommodate all of his fingers) caught my eye first, but then I did notice he's on a lanai facing Waikiki Beach and that's the Colony Surf in the background.  At Statehood, some smart / greedy developers ruhsed to put up high rise apartment and condos at the base of Diamond Head, forever ruining the views of this iconic beach and any expansion long since banned.  What he does remind me of were the days when dozens of guys (gay and straight) wore their nylon tricot Speedos (and other brands) on the beach without thinking anything of it.  It was a time when I could decide which one I wanted (the guy, but sometimes the suit, too!)

Almost feel sorry for the stylist.  She had to get him to take off his trendy cotton boxer briefs and put on the small silky nylon suit he can't seem to keep his hands off of.  Better shoot him fast before he shoots his load into them.

BTW, ditch the scarf, it's too big, and he's got enough red on already--if he can only leave it alone long enough.

Not sure why designers put seams right down the middle of silky nylon like this, but I think his feeling / rubbing technique is pretty good for starting things off.  May have to increase speed and direction, however, to get him off in them.

Mormon Bondage Torture!!!  The only real pain and suffering is to deny that poor cock the feeling of the nylon tricot they use for some of their garments.  That poor cock deserves a good silking inside that heavenly underwear.  Can't believe they even have to tell them to wear it 24/7!  Why would you ever want to take them off?

Just some regular guys with perfect bodies who were hired and groomed to pose and play wearing nothing but 100% nylon tricot Aussiebums.  Sadly, in a trailer not too far away are the 4 scratchy cotton boxer briefs they each pulled down in order to pull those silky suits up into place and give their manhood, possibly a first time, a feel of what all men should be enjoying every day (and night).  Dump the boxer briefs guys,,,,,

Never get tired of seeing swim teams from the 50's-70's with everyone still wearing their 100% nylon tricot suits.  This may be about the last year we would see such compliance since Speedo introduced lycra into the formerly 100% nylon suit which ended their silkiness, their longevity, and sometimes even their maleness.

Never get tired of seeing guys find other uses for their nylon tricot panties.  This jock is wearing a pair under his UA compression shorts.  Any sliding going on?  Possibly, just depends on the fabrics.  Silky as some of the older Under Armour used to be (much of it now is hard to distinguish from cotton) it's the most practical way to keep some light nylon tricot covering his male parts.

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At least his UA lycra compression shorts will make seeing this example of what happens when male parts come in contact nylon tricot difficult if not impossible to see by squishing it in.

Not sure if this is real, a physical deformity, or it's his first time wearing nylon tricot in public?  I would suggest he find someone in the area with more experience in wearing and ejaculating into it and head into those woods for some lessons.

Of course he knows his dick head is on display.  You can also see the edge of his inner nylon panty that is lifting his manhood and helping to support it for our viewing pleasure.  He has gotten a lot of pleasure out of wearing his USMC green silkies and they are showing more sheerness as a result.

I like it when a marine shows us his actual manhood bulge enjoying the silky nylon tricot liner / panty that comes built in with each pair of silkies.  Something the Soffee company carefully avoided doing  was to place the inner brief so that it would slide under the outer, larger shorts.  If the inner brief was sewn into the shorts reversed, it would look the same to the observer, but to the wearer, every step would have 2 layers of nylon tricot sliding across that most sensitive of manhood places.  It's doubtful that the use of these nylon silkies for PT by the military would ever have lasted as many years as it did because of the constant "boner problem" that happened enough without the sliding going on..  If you doubt me, just try taking the liner of your silkies and twisting it around under the outer shorts to see what I mean.

The problem with trying to cut the liner out of your shorts and sew it back in reversed is that by the time you are done, your manhood is not going to be very free to run and play in his new sliding nylon playground because much of the inner panty is going to be lost sewing it into the waist.  An easier way, if you want to try this, is to find a color coordinated existing nylon panty to your silkies as shown.  With some experimentation and dexterity, it is possible to insert a secondary nylon panty between the shorts and the existing inner panty.  You may have to reverse the additional brief to make sure it has sliding compatibility with both slide.  You can then carefully put on your silkies with the additional layer inside (not attached) between the outer and inner layers of the existing shorts.  You should them be able to enjoy your silkies sliding around without having to do any sewing or modifications.  The other advantage of this method, particularly if you have a female panty problem (trust me, your cock doesn't care who the nylon was made for) is that you (or some lucky partner) will still be feeling the original "made for the USMC" nylon shorts in his hand, and your lucky cock and balls will be ejaculating into the original "made for the USMC" inner panty / brief / liner.  You've just given mother nature a little sliding help between those layers.  Unfortunately Mother Nature wasn't very kind to this dude in the size department, but you can be sure his use of nylon tricot will make this guy grow even bigger than wearing his cotton boxer briefs ever would.

With time, most original Soffee liners tend to become looser with the elastic failing.  While this does allow for some easy short term access, my feeling is that "nylon sex" is "sex in nylon" and you want to keep your male parts surrounded by, enjoying, and ejaculating into it.  Those are my rules and I stick to them.....

I'm not sure if some of these are repeats, but he's just another normal, USMC-type guy who likes the wear and feel of these USMC designed nylon tricot shorts.  

Does he know the entire cyber-world can see his manhood hanging down inside an inner nylon panty within the shorts?  He knows.....  Just like he knows it's where you would like to start snacking while enjoying that incredible scent that seems to only come from a man's parts being held in by silky nylon tricot.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Part 2 of Belated Veteran's Day Green Silkies and Ranger Panties

Another unusually large find of men wearing their beloved green silkies and Ranger Panties.  It's my proud duty to share them with you.  Like there's someone else out there in the whole wide-world who is going to?

Showing off his manhood inside his Ranger Panties

We've seen combinations of this group before looking hot in their nylon tricot silkies and Ranger Panty.  I would personally like to ejaculate each one of them into their nylon and show off their big sperm stain top and center on their silky shorts.  Yes, I do have an order in mind.....

You might want to hold off on trying to lift someone twice your size.  I can understand the desire to take all that beef back home with you while still in his nylon green silkies, but I would suggest he does that willingly......

That smile, those silkies, that ass on the guy behind him.  This guy looks so sweet and innocent....

Here he is again willing to help support a fellow soldier.  What a guy.....not quite as sweet and innocent as I thought.

Not from this march series, but still looking good in his Ranger Panties....

One way to stand out in a crowd.....   Like wearing nothing but 100% nylon tricot shorts with panty liner isn't enough?

Wearing his nylon Ranger Panties isn't enough so he's holding the nylon flag, too (flag isn't nylon tricot--just nylon).  Some silky looking shorts....

What's wrong with this picture?  These 3 guys are all preventing their man hood from feeling the silky nylon tricot of their shorts by wearing something else under them.  This is not a recommended practice.....

Other than the 2 large non-silky nylon tricot darker green shorts (And therefore NOT green silkies) this is a pretty hot group.  Notice how their inner nylon panty keeps their manhood perfectly in place--until it starts to slide against another guy's silkies and then all bets are off for keeping it soft or down

What a great idea!  A nylon tricot silkies orgy at the end of the march!!  Watching all that silky nylon moving around over the asses and cocks of all that manhood for hours can now finally be enjoyed for what it is--super silky former military issued sex wear....

Might be a repeat.  Seems to me I remember all that sheerness between the legs of the guy on the right.

Probably 2 of the hottest guys on the entire march. Interesting how each pair of green silkies can look different on each body.  So hot to watch guys walking in nylon and see how the fabric moves and changes positions.  Sadly almost no place to go to watch guys wearing nylon tricot anything.

I think someone is going to add an additional layer of manly scent to his nylon.  There is something about the scent in a man's nylon after wearing it all day that can only come from nylon tricot.  And each pair will be slightly different--but all of them hot!

I don't think the Ranger Bikini Panty look ever caught on until the temperature would hit 115.

Sometimes it is difficult to determine what is going on inside a pair of Ranger Panties--straight guys just love to call them that, though.

Nice to come home after a hard day of marching and be able to relax in your underwear....  You can be sure he will be following one of my rules:  No nylon underwear goes into the laundry pile without at least 1 load in them (sometimes more than that).

Ranger Panties are no longer used for PT, but used 24/7 for underwear and sleepwear.

Beginning and ending this blog post with a hot black man wearing nothing but nylon tricot.  You can be sure those green silkies are also being worn under his BDU's.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Late for Veteran's Day....Never Too Late for Wearing Nylon Tricot Green Silkies

The next blog posting after this one is more of a "Rant" so I thought I'd better alternate with a "Rave"  for this one.   Not that what I have to say on my nylon rants isn't important, sometimes just looking and not reading or thinking is good, too.....  This represents half of what I just found with more silkies photos.

Forget the bar "Where everybody knows your name",  I want a Silkies Bar (Ranger panties also allowed) and no one cares what your name is--as long as you're wearing your silkies.....

"And what brings you gentlemen to the Silkies Bar tonight?"  Duh.....  The guy on the right has pulled his silkies up and then rolled the waistband down.  Don't worry, this can easily be undone and there will still be plenty of room to get him off inside them--and he knows it.

A great place to meet your friends wearing nothing but nylon tricot--although the guy behind in the black somehow got his cotton-like supplex shorts past the nylon tricot monitor at the door.

Kind of hard not to have a good time in a silkies bar when that's all you're wearing.... The guy in the center is doing the waistband turndown look but he really should be more worried about his make-up.

At some point, it gets so crowded that it's hard to see the silkies.  But knowing that every guy has them on means having to slide past them wearing your own and getting to feel theirs, it's worth it.

Big hairy thighs that disappear up into those silky nylon tricot shorts is practically an invitation.....

Is he just now noticing that he isn't wearing scratchy cotton any more and has on some nylon tricot green silkies?  Sometimes a guy just has to stop and feel the silky nylon rubbing between his fingers....

Every guy needs to have a drawer full of these Ranger Panties and green silkies.  Do I even need to tell you why?

If a guy can be "too muscular",  he's on his way.  Used to date a bodybuilder and it's like laying on a pile of rocks.
Yes you want his dick hard and covered in nylon tricot, but the rest of his body was just as hard.

Too bad 2 out of 3 guys don't all wear their silkies for underwear.  Looks like the guy in his Ranger Panties is packing a little more, though.

Sorry, he belongs at the beginning with the other bar boys.  I'm glad to see that he is snubbing the guy with the Army tactel / supplex shorts on next to him.  Rubbing that nasty material on your cock is worse than cotton--and yet technically they are made out of a form of nylon--but so it your car upholstery.

Some of these groups may be repeats or maybe just some of the people, but when I see a package like this guy has inside his silky nylon tricot shorts, it goes in this blog post!

Yes, it's true, sometimes nylon tricot makes good guys do bad things--and thankfully wearing nylon tricot make it possible.....

Don't think I didn't notice the guy on the left is depriving his dick the enjoyment of nylon tricot.  What's the matter with people like that?  Just empty your tank before you go out with all the other guys to play in your nylon if you're worried about losing control.

I know this is a repeat from the very first silkies march in San Diego, but look at the size and silkiness of the the shorts on the guy on the left and who could resist the look, those legs, and that ass on the guy on the right?  He could leave those silkies on and I could still fix him so he couldn't walk for a week when I got done with that ass of his....

This was a super huge file and I'll bet those super huge shorts of his would handle his "grower" because right now it's not much of a "shower."

This was some sort of a before and after photo.  Usually the after photo is supposed to look better than the before, but in this case I would take his muffin top and those new, silky looking nylon silkies before both he and the shorts got so worn out "after."

Not exactly sure what is going on here.   He's putting on his pack and maybe the wind has blown up his outer nylon shorts?  I'm just noticing his nut sack, his inner nylon tricot panty, and those super legs of his--mostly in that order, too.