Saturday, July 14, 2018

I Told You There Were a Lot of Nylon Tricot Silkies. Still More ToCome....

Getting tired of silkies?  It's not like it's the only nylon tricot men like to wear, but pics seem to be in great supply.  Thinking of breaking it up with something else.   I don't get any feedback or comments from anyone.  Just my mental health expressing my nylon tricot passion for the world to see--even if the nylon tricot world seems to be a very small one.  I suppose that some day, there will be no nylon world at all.....  There may be a couple of repeats.  I don't want to say that after awhile all men wearing nylon silkies with a cock head bulge in them look alike, but sometimes there are similarities.

One of my favorites....  Even though the green silkies guy is trying to distract us.  the red silkies guy seems to be doing a good job of silking and hopefully milking the man in the Ranger Panties.  Sometimes a guy can only hold out so long and then he needs to get off inside his nylon.  Can't be helped--although having some help getting off is always appreciatred.

Looks like they must have all recently emptied their loads, maybe even swapped silkies afterwards.  Now all they can do is fold their arms and sport their Cheshire Cat smiles.  No problems guys, happy to see you all so happy in your nylon tricot silkies.

I think I may have posted him already, but the next time you have to sit in a courtroom, hopefully in the jury and not on trial, this would provide a nice fantasy to imagine what the lawyers might be wearing under their suits.

There seems to be a deficiency of hot blond guys wearing silkies so this is a good contribution.  Lots of room to get him off inside them.

Likes to feel up his silky nylon while showing off his legs

Just brushing his teeth before he goes to bed wearing his silkies.  If he does pop a load in them tonight, they will be dry by morning and ready for another one.  Sometimes a dried load on sliding nylon can make them even silkier.

Now if you guys had tucked in your shirts like you're supposed to do, your hands would all be resting on your silky nylon tricot shorts instead of your cotton shirts--or just wear nylon tanks.  The guy on the right must be thinking about doing that because he bulge is so much larger than the otherts.

Ever have a hard time deciding who you would take on first?  I mean these guys have to be taught sometimes the best way to get off inside their silkies.  I'm leaning towards getting the ginger off first because by the time he sees what I do with the others, he'll want another go around and maybe try some of his newly learned techniques on me as well.

All that nylon from his shorts draping over his inner nylon panties.  If only they would make them so the nylon would slide, but I can still get it to work and empty his tank in them.

Are these just extra sheer or what?  I love being able to see through a guys shorts to his panty inside his Ranger Panties shorts-  Even better when the view is of his load ejaculated into them.  That's what they are for.  Why would you wear these silkies around all day and for underwear and not want to unload into them at the end?

Three nylon tricot ass shots are definitely better than one.  Sure wish I had a neighbor who would wear them like this.

Silkies are filled up now but still need to be filled with his man juice....

Nice color and plenty of room to get off in.  I'll just give  him a hand or 2.....

Nothing wrong with those red silkies except their lack of DNA stains

So hot to see his nylon tricot Ranger Panty being felt and see the materials through his fingers like that.  I mean that's the way to really tell how silky the nylon is.  Just slide it bak and forth like that.  Your cock will respond immediately to that action because it will know what's coming soon....

So much potential silky action possible here.  Hate to think these guys all went home without engaging in some mutual nylon tricot silkies activity involving massive discharging of their loads into their shorts!

He looks familiar, but the rest of his shorts still need some DNA evidence--his or others.

They sure like to talk about their mushroom cockheads showing in their nylon tricot silkies

This guy is so ready to let it go.....up center just below the waistband inside your built in nylon panty where it belongs.

I'm afraid I have way too many silkies to ever just fold them like this, but they look so nice and neat and ready for action.  I sure hope they have each seen their fair share of it.

Would love to have watched him tuck his nylon tricot shorts fabric up into his panties like this.

Unusually silky blue nylon in the middle, but they all look like good candidates for a silky pop.

Just a regular hot guy secret agent sitting around in his multi-purpose nylon tricot shorts.  Light weight and easy to pack.  Dries fast especially with a load in them.  The load being fired by his very own weapon that gets to hang down in them all day and night until fired into them.  Nice and neat and feels so good.

Not sure what is going on here.  I guess he doesn't know that wearing sliding layers of nylon tricot will feel much better than greasing up your whole body with lube, but at least he's got some silkies on.

Thanks for the clear outline of your inner nylon panties inside your green silkies.  Always hot to see this as if your silky shorts weren't enough.

Dude, is that the way you hold your meat when you are wearing 100% nylon tricot Ranger Panties?  He needs some instruction and I need that piece of bacon.

I don't understand body graffiti, but I do understand what to do with a bulge inside a pair of nylon tricot green silkies.  I wonder if he does?

Sure hope they each got to wear each other's DNA loads home inside their silkies.  Some really hot nylon tricot waiting for some action.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Back to Men Wearing 100% Nylon Tricot Silkies and Ranger Panties

Don't know if I answered the nylon one-piece garment question or not, but back to the silkies subject which seems to be of more interest.  One more warning, I have filtered out as many of the non-real-nylon-silkies pictures as possible, but they are out there and are being called silkies and Ranger Panties by the companies that sell them.  You can be sure of quality and silky nylon with Soffee and I did notice one other brand that said it was 100% nylon with 100% nylon liner but all of the others were some variation of polyester and some even have a "crepe" liner which is about the most disgusting liner fabric ever invented.  Se buyer beware, don't waste your money on non-silkies.  Your cock will thank you as will anyone else who is feeling you in them.

With so many guys on Instagram posting pictures of themselves wearing 100% nylon tricot, I can't help but wonder what some of their reasons are?  There's the camaraderie of the whole silkies following, wounded warrior, silkies marches, brotherhood and all that.  At some point it may a form of validation to empower them to wear 100% nylon tricot instead of their 100% cotton boxer briefs.  Maybe some of them enjoy showing off their cockhead--not that they have much choice with most of their nylon silkies.  Some seem to enjoy showing off the work they are putting into their bodies and silkies are a good way to show them off, but it's also about just seeing other guys in their silkies, too, in my opinion.  Of course from my prejudiced point of view, any guy goes up at least 10 points if he's wearing silkies. 

Too bad the red head is the only one not enjoying 100% nylon tricot on his cock, but I'm sure it wouldn't take much to get him into some real silkies.

That's right, dude, those polyester AF shorts may look hot, but they're not going to let you ejaculate into them like the original and still best Soffee green silkies.

There are SO many videos on Instagram but I have only taken screen grabs of some of them.  This guy is flapping his cock up and down inside his silkies and is so happy--not as happy as his cock is to be feeling those 2 layers of silky nylon tricot sliding over it.

I don't know what play this is from, but I sure wouldn't fall asleep after dinner watching it.  Lucky wardrobe person who gets left alone with these shorts each night.  I would make sure there were multiples so I would have the fresh ones for a day or 2 before they had to go back into circulation.

Another video screen grab but watching his silky Ranger Panties move over that erect looking cock is amazing!

Watching nylon tricot move on a man's body is so hot.  Try some of the videos on Instagram.  You don't have to sign up at all.

Besides a very  clear view of his inner nylon tricot panty through his nylon shorts and with a perfect cock bulge, he is wearing a cropped nylon (ok mesh) shirt that completes his outfit.

Even better with a silky tricot shirt on even though he has to wait for his nylon shorts to dry before any sliding can begin.

Another perfect ass +10 points more for being in nylon tricot.

Showing off his cockhead and celebrating with his silky nylon tricot shorts.  Who wouldn't?

Contrary to what he appears to be begging for on his knees in his nylon tricot silkies, I wouldn't want to disappoint him, but I'd be willing to bet I could change his mind and get him off inside his silkies.  I could either make my deposit deep inside him while he keeps his on, too, or pump my load into his shorts to join his load.

Yeah, some guys just feel this natural urge to (unfortunately pretend) to grab each other's goods in their nylon tricot shorts.  Straight guys are the worst.....

100% Male with nothing on but 100% Nylon Tricot--the way it should be.

Imagine the silkies movement while he's lifting?  Have to watch the video on Instagram....

Several new comments about what happens to men who are wearing silky 100% nylon tricot.  There is a simple act they can perform alone or with help called a "silky pop" which involves a rapid discharge of their man juice into their silkies.  Not to worry, his load will dry quickly and he can resume his nylon tricot dreams.

2 side views with nice bulges.  It's not always about cockheads sticking out from the front.

Not that there's anything wrong with cock heads from the front....  So much room for his manhood to grow inside his nylon tricot and empty his load.

Wet silkies are ok to look at but as soon as they are dry, the fun can begin.

His sweaty ass moves in this video like you wouldn't believe.  His silkies are so far up his butt crack I can almost smell his scent which will be embedded in that nylon for a long time to come....

He may not be aware of what his greatest asset is for being in this picture, but it starts with his nylon tricot Ranger Panties and that big manhead of his inside of them.  I sure hope he knows what to do inside his panties.....

Watching that nylon move and change shape over that incredible ass of his is amazing in the video.  Sorry, just have to settle for a screen grab from it, but he is amazing with that ass of his.

Thinking of all the cocks that are going to made happy when they get pulled up into place while covered with 100% nylon tricot.  Hope that last question of he to get a pair has been answered by now!

Not sure if these are actually Soffee silkies or if they even make the white color.  I know Dolfin used to.  Unfortunately the video doesn't really show what we shouledbe seeing clearly since white is the sheerest
Always hot to see their inner panty lines and all that silky nylon covering their ample asses.

I wasn't planning on posting this because he doesn't care about his manhood at all by separating it from the waiting silky nylon tricot with some cotton knit boxer briefs.  Dude, get with the program.  Also, if you can't walk in front of your fellow marines wearing nothing by green silkies, who can you??