Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A 2nd Blog Post Today with New Nylon Pics

It's still the same day here in honolulu, but the next day everywhere else.  Finding this new site:  http://silkynylonsports.tumblr.com   kind of inspired me to do another post.  There are a lot of photos from "Rex Racer" who still has some of the best nylon videos on Xtube and I recognize some of the stills on this site.  I often look at others who Like" a picture and it sometimes leads to other sites.  I guess I've already spouted enough nylon philosophy and theory today so you can just enjoy these pics......

An unusual angle but still hot.  I'm guessing this is a nylon suit, but if it's not, that body deserves it to be!

I think satin is sort of a sub-category of nylon tricot.  It may actually be nylon and feels smooth and looks silky, but sometimes the inner fabric is not particularly silky feeling.  Of course there's nothing to stop you from wearing some satin eye candy on the outside and a couple of layers of silky nylon tricot on the inside for the finish.  Never having worn satin much less with another guy also wearing it, I can only assume that we would both have a good time sliding around in it.  

I hope you all can tell that he is wearing a nylon tricot suit--probably an Aussiebum.    The parade float designer may have just handed the guys an orange suit to match everything else--maybe he knew they were silky nylon tricot or not.  Wonder if these guys got to keep them at the end of the parade?

Some more silky looking satin.  Would how it would feel sliding over the green satin above?

A look inside Rex Racer's silky filled closet.  No need to come out of this one with all this nylon to play with.

How many of you know that Sub 4 made some of the best, silkiest nylon?

Insport was another really silky brand.  All of these shorts were really well made and should still be serviceable and silky enough to still be doing what they do best....

So hot to see another guy with all his silky nylon shorts piled up like this--ready for action.

The shorts on the left are nylon tricot and the ones on the right maybe not.  If they were to rub their shorts together,  2 groups of sperm cells would soon be swimming together in a dual meet.

I have the entire line of these shirts in every color and many sizes.  I think I had already bought several and then found many of them onsale at the end.  Smooth and silky as they feel and look, they don't slide very well over other nylon.

Here's the same brand in another color.  I'm not sure what the company was thinking with this style. I think they intended them for a "rap look" or 90's club-kid look but I don't think I ever saw more than 1 or 2 guys wearing them but then I wasn't into either.  I was / am, however, into feeling how silky they are.  I have worn a white one with an LDS nylon garment under and then a long sleeve shirt over them both.  So you would see the shiny nylon material and just think it was some sort of dry-fit or microfibre sports shirt.  If anyone else knew what that scoop neck undershirt really was, they would never come up and ask--too bad.

This guy should really have a smile on his face wearing all that silky nylon.  Maybe his teammate was late for their rubbing match.  They will both be winners in those outfits.

If you are ever lucky enough to get your hands on a guy wearing an outfit like this, please take advantage of feeling the silky nylon shirt sliding over his shorts and what you can do with them

And as long as I'm admonishing guys for ignoring their nylon, I'm glad they've both left all their nylon on for this shorts-fuck, but why not take advantage of those layers of sliding nylon that they're both wearing?

A great package with fantastic wrapping with no need to unwrap it for enjoyment (or DNA staining)

Monday, June 22, 2015

New Nylon Selection and Nylon Tricot Photo Sources......

Happy Official Summer with some (mostly, I think) new nylon tricot pics.  Ever wonder where these come from?  Are there any "new" nylon pic sources?  The answer would be no--there are no nylon tricot photo sources on the entire internet except for me!  If anyone would care to point out that I am wrong, I will gladly repost anything from their site.  The reality that there are other nylon "something" sites is true.  There is a Nylon Tricot Aussiebum site that seems to know what nylon tricot is, at least.  Not too long ago, any Aussiebum WAS nylon tricot, but even they have been perverted into lycra (which for the 119th time is NOT nylon tricot in spite of what American Apparel advertises in some of their clothing ads).  Yes there are sites with nylon panties (cotton crotches or covered in scratchy lace), nylon panty hose (not tricot), nylon sports gear (mostly lycra) and many dozens of Speedo sites with seemingly endless variations of speedoboys, spedobulge, speedocum, speedostud, and others that drive your spellcheck crazy.  That's because for most speedoguyz, it's all about a brief bikini made out of just about anything that sports any sort of bulge.  I spend way too much time going dozens of these speedosites looking at speedoesques which sometimes ACCIDENTALLY show a guy in a nylon Speedo.  I also go through vintage sites with mostly naked men for, again, an accidental nylon suit.  Vintage swim sites are somewhat better, but I can almost hear the collective groan from the internet when they see these vintage suits almost up to or covering their bellybuttons and showing little or no bulge but not having any clue that the slightest movement of their sliding double nylon suits could easily produce the wearers most violent and earthshaking orgasm of their young life--and certainly mine!  So, getting ready to climb off my nylon soapbox (do they even have soapboxes anymore), I am happy to be The Nylontricotguy who continues to bring you (mostly) nylon tricot pictures since ain't nobody else doin' it.  

I also want to acknowledge a recent sort of convert, nylon apprentice / appreciator, turned promoter of nylon tricot who has amassed many thousands more followers in the last month than I have eeked out in 5.5 years and has taken some of my nylon posts and "enhanced" them for a much larger audience.  Take a look:


He is also a gifted photographer who is increasingly using nylon Speedo or Truwest suits on his models, although it seems to be for more artistic purposes than nylon conversion through multiple ejaculations into it--but that's just my nylon-influcneced opinion.

What's better than a blond god covered in golden nylon?  Is he auditioning for "Rocky Horror Picture Show?"  The answer is that anyone else also wearing nylon sliding around on top or under would immediately know there would be nothing better--unless the entire group of similarly covered auditioners joined in.....
A pair of shiny nylon shorts of any color over a double nylon Truest suit could convert just about anyone....

A little too predictable party prank....  Of course I'd love to know what sort of party a guy wears a (unfortunately lycra) Speedo to under his nylon shiny shorts.  Anyway, imagine how much better the prank would be if he woke up with a big, sticky load in his Speedo (and actually, nylon can slide over lycra with some success) because someone slid his shiny shorts over his bulge for an ejaculation experience he'll never forget.

Brushing his teeth wearing his one piece (onesie) nylon tricot LDS garment like a good little Mormon boy.  That erection covering double sliding nylon crotch hasn't seen much action tonight....yet.

This sexy, masculine nylon pantyhose wearing guy would undoubtedly allow you to slide any number of nylon tricot clothing up those silky covered legs and fat cock and enjoy filling them with his load.  Or you can take a shortcut and just hold on to some sort of nylon tricot something turned the right direction to line up and go for it.  "It' being a massive load pumped into his pantyhose under your sliding nylon tricot whatever.

Aussibum really had me going for along time with their (slightly too small for easy ejaculation) nylon tricot suits.  They really did bring back nylon tricot into swimwear and made it mainstream--well, at least in Australia with entire lifeguard teams wearing them.

Very happy dickhead inside that double nylon Aussiebum front.

Not sure if I've ever posted or said much about nylon tricot liners under shorts before?  A long time ago I did have a guy email me wondering if I had any pictures like this and now, years later, I have this one.  Even as a nylon tricot loving kid, I can't say I ever ran into too many that were of sufficient quality to get too excited over.  I mean, the nylon liners inside Ocean Champion and many Dolfin suits were not only of the same silky quality of the outer suit, but they were placed in a way that they slid under the outer nylon layer.  Once in a great while, a pair of jogging shorts might also have the same silky surprise or at least be of good quality nylon as with green silkies today.  Unfortunately for many manufacturers, just some sort of cheap, thin, sometimes barely even silky nylon would do as a liner protecting your parts from the scratchy inside layer of whatever the outer shorts were made out of.  This guy should have a much happier look on his face.

I always appreciate it when any guy (or photographer of) allows us to see what another guy is wearing for underwear.  Most of the time I am very quickly scrolling past jocks, commando, lycra, cotton (unless something like a large fly opening JCP brief especially dash line waistbands--my other fetish...).  So, once again, here is an accidental very silky nylon tricot Aussiebum under this guys shorts.  Does he even know they are nylon or does he even care?  All I know is that I CARE and that's why they are posted.....  Maybe someday he will be proud of all the DNA stains that should be there top front and center.

Careful guys, better not get too frisky wearing whatever those silky red nylon briefs are while sitting on those rocks.  Not only are you messing up your briefs, you should be sliding over each other and enjoying what the nylon is doing to your manhood.

It's too bad the guy on the left won't be able to feel the guy on his right sliding his hard cock against his silky lycra singlet or even feel the warm sperm that will eventually manage to soak through all those layers when he ejaculates.....  Looks like he has on some additional underwear--even his cotton boxer briefs.  Anything to keep from showing a bulge wearing skin tight lycra spandex.

This dude is just waiting to have his oil checked....remember that wrestling term we learned awhile back?

Possibly a repeat but with Truwest nylon or even their polyester suits being the most durable and silky out there, white being the sexiest color after red and blue, sometimes white suits even have an extra layer.  Unfortunately, this extra layer of silkiness will not prevent the wearers ejaculate from eventually showing through the multiple layers of sliding nylon that caused his emission in the first place.

Truly one of the worst (and therefore the best) nylon photos ever taken.  Yes, a repeat, but scary enough to post again.  Let me count the ways.................

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Something to Go with the Next LDS Post......

One of the members just sent me this link:  http://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=826470593

Copy and paste will be worth it.  Amazing to think that the video is only labelled as a hidden camera shot and not as--well, you have to see the guy in his 100% nylon tricot LDS onesie garment to believe it.  Sadly the camera work is more about 3 ugly pictures on the wall than on the fucker feeling the fuckee's nylon garment.  If they ever want to reshoot that video, I'd be happy to be their cameraman!  

Thanks so much for sending this!!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Didn't Mean to Ignore Those LDS Nylon Tricot Garments......

Perhaps the most elusive of all nylon for men is the LDS / Mormon garment or "g" for short.  Available to all men in good standing ("endowed") with the church, they are available in many fabrics which I have posted in earlier blogs.  For some reason they used to call their nylon tricot fabric "Corban" which I suspect was to take the "curse" off calling anything nylon tricot intended for men.  Often called "magic underwear" and other derogatory terms, the nylon garment truly IS magic especially when you are wearing one (or two) and about to ejaculate into them.  Given the homoerotic nature of 2 young men spending 24/7 together for 2 years and being required to wear their garments 24/7, the fantasy that 2 missionaries may have chosen the nylon tricot version is better than any contrived porn plot.  Sadly, the guilt and pressure on these young guys is often more than they can take and wind up spending eternity in their garment after committing suicide because they can't be a good gay and a good Mormon, but, sadly, they can be a messed-up both.....

So, choosing the high road, young guys wearing this much nylon tricot 24/7 is my preference.  Although some of the garments have become more normal looking cotton t-shirts with boxer briefs and only the sewn on markings to indicate their "sacred" status, many still have the "scoop" or "smiley face" neckline clearly visible under their white shirts.  It's also a kind of subtle Mormon    self-identification since the neckline is also clearly visible under a t-shirt or other knit top--especially if you are looking for it.

Sometimes I might mistake a mesh garment for a nylon pair in these photos because the mesh can also appear to be slightly sheer and will drape like nylon, but they are not at all similar when your hand is on a garment crotch.  Sadly fading away, the "onesie" or one piece garment that you enter through the neck and pull that silky nylon up into place, is the ultimate sex outfit.  The double, sliding nylon crotch is made tall enough to cover your erection, there are no seams or other obstructions on the entire front or side of this silky nylon suit, and if you prefer any sort of rear access, it's there and very accessible.

Although the garment is designed to remain hidden under your clothes, the scoop neck is often visible and sometimes the nylon sleeves are long enough to extend below a short sleeved shirt.

These guys have removed their one piece tops but they are better off leaving them on--except, of course, for a porn site that requires everyone be naked, suck, fuck, withdraw, and self-ejaculate instead of both ejaculating into their nylon--which is the whole point of wearing them, isn't it?

I'm not entirely sold on the Mormon Boyz site and have never paid to watch, but not above downloading pics when they appear to be nylon tricot.  I think it's great that there is a site dedicated to LDS guys, but I don't understand they have to be like every other porn site and get naked and then do the same old things.  Part of being attracted to Mormons sexually is the fact that they are required to wear their garments as reminders of their vows and beliefs.  I have very definite beliefs about my nylon underwear and do not remove it for sex--instead have way better sex with it on.  Many of you know the reasons why!  Besides, these guys would either have to be being paid to appear on a porn site or REALLY turned on by wearing nylon since I can't imagine anyone getting an erection while reading the Bible!

The thought that 2 guys around 18-20, sexually naive, living together away from home and wearing Church provided underwear (frequently nylon tricot) that they are required to wear 24/7 is better than just about any porn plot I could think of....

The difference between porn site Mormon sex and reality Mormon sex is that removing their garments would not happen.  If they aren't wearing nylon garments to begin with, I suppose they might stick their cocks out of their g's, but once they jerk another LDS member off inside his double layered nylon crotch designed to cover his erection, he's ditch the cotton g's for sure.

Being able to see the scoop neck outline of his doctor as he feels his nylon covered cock would give him reason to hope his doctor is also wearing a nylon garment as well....

getting him ready to shoot in his garment....

Noooooooo, leave them on!

Imagine knowing your partner is also wearing a nylon garment as evidenced by just seeing through each other's shirt?  On second thought, make it a white nylon tricot shirt and.....

Wearing a onesie and using the "back door" opening, they are designed to wear while sitting on the toilet while your hands rest on your nylon covered thighs.

You can see the mesh in the background and the very happy nylon tricot covered cock in the foreground.

Yes, by all means, obey Church orders and leave your nylon tricot garments on 24/7 especially while having sex with another guy....

Seeing a sheer, silky nylon tricot garment on a hot guy is incredible!

Even though they are rarely completely alone, you can be sure the LDS missionaries are going to check out their roommates garments.  Using the cliche excuses like "nylon dries fast" and they are light weight, etc., there are perfectly legitimate reasons to chose this fabric over the cotton, mesh, and other fabrics available.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Summer Nylon Tricot Clearance....Already

Just clearing out my current file of collected nylon pics from the last several months.  I need to start over again because it gets too difficult to tell which ones I've already posted or if I posted all of a series or not--well, just easier to start a new file.  Unfortunately, that file currently is empty so it may be awhile before I find some new things.  I try not to repeat--unless they're really worth repeating.  If you really are desperate for something new, go back a few years on this blog and look--they will seem new again!  There may be a couple of repeats in this but not as bad as some blogs.  There are a lot of blogs out there that are made up of almost the same repeated identical things--they just "borrow" from each other and repost.  Of course most of the blogs just deal with naked guys and this one just deals with nylon tricot as much as possible and some lycra when I have to.

Well, keep enjoying your nylon tricot whatever this summer--spread the word and the feel!  I do have a nylon tricot agenda and want some more converts so get sliding, guys!
This IS the crop--the photo was much larger and I can't really get any closer.  I think it's enough to show that he's probably wearing a 100% nylon tricot either Ocean Champion or Dolfin probably as part of a water show.  I love it when they have on really big, double nylon suits pulled all the way up because it means that there will be plenty of room for them to get hard and plenty of room for me to get them off inside.  Sure hope he was able to enjoy that experience at some point in that silky suit he has on....

I think I have stated my own personal preferences regarding nylon and gender but here it is again.  I am personally not interested in drag, dressing up, looking like a woman, thinking about women or turned on by women's clothing.  In other words, just because it's a panty doesn't interest me--especially 99.9% of what panties are made out of or look like today.  However, I can't ignore than my very first encounters with nylon tricot were with panties (for some reason called silk panties then).  The interest was not because of they were girls' but because they were nylon tricot.  It never spread upwards for bras or downwards for nylons--however, who would not be turned on by these beefy, masculine guys getting off in their pantyhose?  No, they're not nylon tricot, but It's my blog and my fetish and I can make up the rules as I go along.....

Of course, I'd like to think that they are really into this form of nylon and not just being paid for the photos but who knows....

Rubbing cocks together in any kind of nylon is always a good thing....

I've never done it with pantyhose like this and don't expect I could get off like this unless there was another pair of something silky and sliding over them, but I bet it feels awesome.

The practice of wearing a double layer nylon suit over your lycra suit is supposed to increase drag in the water for practice.  It also hides your bulge when you either have too big or too small of a cock.  But mostly it's because the outer nylon suit almost always slides over the inner lycra one.  Unfortunately if the inner lycra suit has emasculated your masculine parts, that sliding nylon isn't going to allow you a whole lot of pleasure.

Every once in awhile there is an extra good lycra wrestling singlet worth showing and this is one....Somehow there is enough room for this guy to be sporting a big crotch area with possibly enough room for ejaculation from another nylon something over that singlet.

Double crotch seams are always a turn on (as long as there aren't too many of them or they get in the way).  That sweater area could also be spelled sweeter area.....

I think I see desert waiting.....

I know it's a repeat, but this gif is so amazing.  If those shorts have a sliding nylon tricot or silky polyester liner, he could be shooting a huge load into them without even trying.

I love this photo because he is really showing that he gets nylon tricot....

Do 100% nylon tricot Aussiebums make every guy look like this or is it the guy making this suit look so silky?

While he's busy handling his balls, that silky double nylon Truwest suit bulge really needs some attention.

Another "star" wearing his red silky nylon tricot in the same post...

Too tired to resist someone wanting to get him off in that red nylon Speedo.

I also heard the term "swimmers" used n that incredibly hot Australian film "Drown" that I saw last weekend.  It  should have been financed by Aussiebum because there were so many nylon suits in the movie.