Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Cleaning House…..

A bunch of misc. pictures of guys in nylon tricot--no particular theme other than the usual:  men in nylon

If they really want to up the attendance for football, make nylon tricot Aussiebum their new uniforms instead of under armour.

This was a big as I could make this photo, but probably just as well.

Possible earlier but nylon crotches are pretty rare these days…..

Don't move….I'll be right over for dinner

Unusual color green Aussiebum but the nylon tricot is the same and the resulting ejaculation would also be the same.

 These two photos go with an earlier post but it shows the inner nylon tricot lining which is arranged so that they slide over each other.

I'm not sure who Gunnar was but he has his own personal thigh shaver while wearing his nylon tricot suit.

Gunnar even had his own Speedo wearing paper doll.  Nice to see a paper doll wearing nylon tricot Speedos for underwear.

JG custom made nylon tricot underwear.  Check out their website.

Two guys running into each other in the locker room wearing nothing but silky nylon--what were the odds.

The odds were a lot better then than now, for sure!

4 beefy guys wearing nothing but 100% nylon tricot Aussiebums is a good thing.

Not entirely sure what is going on here:  nylon panty hose, some kind of nylon brief or Speedo, nylon pants and jacket?

I don't remember anyone making a suit out of light and dark blue narrow stripes like this, but they are nylon and he's enjoying the feel.

Not going to see this kind of bulge with lycra so wonder why Aussiebum finally gave up making nylon tricot?

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Moving On From Lifesaving Nylon Tricot to Life Enhancing Green Silkies

I found more pictures of the same lifeguard competition--maybe taken by the mystery guy in the last post?  Another collection of hot, mostly straight, hunky guys wearing their silky nylon tricot suits or shorts.  I'd like to think that they would recognize how much better this nylon feels, but I suspect most of them have their cotton bb or briefs waiting for them in the locker room.  How can they do that?

Diving for their beach flag--one less than there are guys in nylon.  Those asses look so hot in their silky nylon tricot and the lifeguards are all prime beef for sure.  Actually, this has the beginning of a good nylon orgy with all those guys in all that nylon tricot…..

I happened to notice that these 4 hot guys all wearing their double nylon Dolfin suits are the same ones below.  The 2nd guy in the blue rash guard has got on a really big suit and ready for a lot of action…..
I would have a hard time deciding if I would want to be laying on top of them in my nylon suit or lying underneath them?

Same guy in both pictures again.  I'd like to think that those are DNA stains on the front of his suit.  I sure have enough of them with it on them…..

Nice to see how his man parts move in his double nylon suit like that.

The biggest bulge photo in all of the hundreds of pictures I had to sort through to find these.  Then crop, enlarge, enhance as much as possible. Hope you appreciate my efforts!

Not entirely sure what is going on here.  It does seem to involve wearing nylon shorts as underwear, hard cocks, and some ejaculation so it's all good whatever it is.  Really hot memory of an old bf putting his hard cock into my nylon briefs after he had jerked me off inside them and then sliding his cock inside my nylon with a big load in them and was able to shoot his load in with mine…..

Doesn't look like this is going to happen officially, but the almost 40,000 people who like their silkies page on Facebook are going to keep wearing their silkies for underwear and around weather they are official or not.

When I was a kid, I never seemed to hear them called nylon panties, they were always silk panties.  So calling their nylon shorts silkies makes sense.  Calling the black shorts ranger panties also makes sense.  Using silk as a verb, to me, implies sliding the silky nylon up and down my shaft and over my head until I totally cream in them.  These guys call that a silky pop.  How can you not silk when you are wearing these?

Time to rack his balls…..

A swamp romp repeat.

I also want you to wear your black ranger panties…..

Please refer to the sign above…..  Your body and that cock really deserve to be in silky nylon 24/7 so get with it.

Hope he's playing with the guy and his huge bulge above…..

Would love to go flying with you, but it would just involve active movement with me in my silkies and you in yours…..

Even the flag is stiff…..

Monday, September 8, 2014

More Nylon Tricot Rescuing---save me from cotton!

This post is a continuation of the last lifeguard competition and a few other things.  So hot to think that lifeguard teams are still wearing their double nylon tricot suits.  

There are some companies that let you create your own custom suits.  They're not nylon, but some sort of polyester that can be silky.  I haven'r raided a swim team locker room for 14 years so I'm not really that up to date on what they are wearing.  After the great Lycra Invasion of the late 70's, the desire to risk a locker room raid only to find stretched out, non-silky lycra has diminished.  This is a fairly good close-up of their suits and it looks like you might be able to get of in it--or wishful thinking.

Interesting that they chose such a low cut suit.  At the very least they must be trimming their pubes.  That would be a nice bonding experience for the team on the night before their competition.

Even the hats are kind of hot…..

This guy was in a long line of non-nylon wearing people but his silky suit stood out.  Nice big, full cut suit that would allow for a fully extended erect ejaculation--sounds kind of clinical.

I think a repeat, but grabbing his red silkies like that is ok to post again, I think.  That bulge isn't very well defined for being in just 2 thin layers of nylon tricot.  Plus, I don't think his hair is exactly USMC approved, but he's touching his silkies with one hand and grabbing his male parts and/or a sock with the other so he's a keeper.

All that double nylon tricot on those hot guys with their cropped tanks to fully show off their suits.  Funny how many guys you see with their eyes angled down--you know they are checking out the other guys in their nylon, too.

Same guys as above again.  There are more pics of the guy with the beard coming up.  As you can see here, almost all of them have their eyes down checking out someone else in their nylon tricot suits. I really like seeing a well defined ball sack and cock head and shaft in a nylon bulge.  When you come at that head in nylon with your own inside your nylon suit, that direct contact of sliding back and forth will create the fastest hard on you've ever gotten as both your hands are sliding over his ass and your mouths are locked together.

I suppose a lot of you aren't turned on by his baggy suit, but all it means to me is that more nylon is more nylon--and a good thing.  It also means that no matter how big (or small) his dick might be, you will have absolutely no trouble getting him off inside his suit.  Might even be room for you to slip your own cock inside with his and double his load.

Just a short break hear for another repeat of a guy hard in his silkies.  He must be waiting for his friend to come back to bed or something because he should look a little happier about being hard in his nylon tricot shorts and with plenty of room to pump his load front and center…..

Sadly, this is the future of lifeguard competitions with what these junior lifeguards are wearing.  As you saw in my last post, even cotton Hanes boxer briefs are preferable to waring any silky nylon suits.  Talk about a "Lost Generation"…..

Hot line=up of guys waiting to go into the water.  Only the red drag suit and maybe the next 2 are probably nylon, though.

There is only one winner in this group.  It's not the guy with the white compression shorts and baggies over them, it's not the surf shorts guy, and certainly not the cotton wearing brief guy in the cargo shorts…It's the guy in the double layered, 100% nylon tricot suit….GO NYLON!!

A couple of determined nylon wearing guys racing for a finish.  Would rather see them facing each other and sliding their nylon bulges back and forth to seem who wins that race!

Do you like to watch guys running in their nylon?  Watching the way the nylon continually moves and drapes on their bodies in action is so incredibly hot.  That's something that the addition of lycra to nylon does not allow for--besides sliding.

I don't mind seeing what a guy has inside his nylon, but I'm much more turned on when it is inside the nylon.  There are a lot of mesh nylon shorts that have a silky liner (usually polyester but it feels and acts just like nylon).  Almost always, that free floating silky liner will slide really well under the nylon mesh.  Would be hot to come up behind this guy and let him feel my hard cock inside my shorts sliding over his ass.  Reaching into those pockets on either side (almost always made out of the same silky nylon or polyester) and slide your nylon covered hands over his cock and that big head of his.  Really would be so easy to get him off inside those shorts if you let the nylon do all the work…..

Yeah, I have to admit, lycra does do some things that nylon doesn't.  Funny how only 13-20% lycra added to nylon creates this kind of look.  Sure don't have to wonder where his goods are kept.  You know he is looking down at his bulge and is slightly embarrassed and slightly proud of it.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Rescue Me….In Nylon Tricot

Always amazes me that there are still lifeguard competitions where some teams are still wearing their double nylon suits.  They mostly appear to be the Dolfin brand.  They are based on some of the original  nylon suits made by Ocean Champion dating back into the 50's.  These older suits had inner nylon liners that slid around under the slightly larger outer suit.  While these suits are still made today, the nylon is thinner and they no longer have the nylon so it slides around at all.  Considering most guys don't want to sport any sort of bulge or indication they have any male parts at all, many of these guys don't mind showing off their manhood and even more that it's resting in a double layer of silky nylon tricot and ready for action anytime.  If you are new to this blog, that action would include any number of kinds of nylon stimulation that will always result in a major ejaculation inside your suit.

One advantage of finding a collection of photos taken by one photographer is that you sometimes get multiple pictures of a guy.  In this case it's a guy wearing a pair of 100% nylon The Finals shorts.  Not aware that they still make these in nylon tricot.  These look like the kind that didn't have a liner and allowed you to wear whatever kind of brief or support under them.  Many straight guys who were runners often wore nylon tricot panties under them.

He's got some sort of something under those shorts since just the double layer of nylon wouldn't be hiding his manhood that much.  He would also need something to keep the guys from peeking out.

You see this on a lot of the lifeguards--they obviously don't wear their short nylons or they wouldn't have white thighs that are normally hidden by their baggy boxers.  Must feel good to be running around with just their silky nylon tricots on.

The photographer on the left (obviously not the one who took these pictures) shows up in a few more shorts.  I did what he's doing in a couple of lifeguard competitions here in Honolulu back in the 90's.  If you are carrying a big camera and look like you belong, no one would ask or question you who you represent.  I don't know, there's something about him that looks a little suspicious…..or maybe it's just wishful thinking?  Check out the inner liner on the suit on the guy on the left.  One of the other benefits of those inner liners (besides the obvious one that nylon tricot is all that's touching your male parts) is that they tend to enhance whatever you've got.  Of course, if you have "too much" the liner tends to reduce that benefit, however.  You can just make out the head on the guy on the right.

Here are some of the guys again.  I suspect the big guy in the middle might not being helped by his inner nylon liner as his package seems sort of spread out.  Hot to see these nylon tricot wearing guys feeling their suits a lot.  Those poor under armour guys are wearing their new really scratchy new stretch fabric….boring.  Still, their hot waistbands are a turn on.

Could their outfits get any hotter?  Just enough cropping to show off their perfect abs and nothing to hide any portion of their nylon suits.  He's holding a piece of hose that are used in one of the games that is like musical chairs only with 1 less of each of these pieces than there are competitors.

Here's our man of mystery again  Hope he got some good closeup photos of those silky nylon suits.  Check out the inner panel you can see through his outer one from the guy on the left.

Yeah man, give that double nylon suit a good work out.  It will make it even silkier when I get you to shoot your load into it later.  I'll be trading you a pair of silky nylon tricot briefs in exchange for your cum filled suit…..

Why aren't guys still wearing these??

There's a lot of manhood stuffed into those nylon TYR's…..

Too bad these aren't the original nylon/lycra under armours.  These new ones look like some sort of stretch car upholstery fabric.  Sex in these would be almost impossible--nylon tricot makes it so much easier because it does all the work and all you have to do is ejaculate.

Sometimes you see something so horrible that you just have to post it…..  Of all the kinds of nylon or even nylon/lycra that the other teams are wearing, this Virginia Beach lifeguard is wearing his 100% cotton Hanes boxer briefs under his baggy Hurley surfs shorts…make me want to hurl.  Think of that poor, bruised cock inside them and the fact that it will be wet and chaffed all day in them since they will never dry out.

Thought I'd end the post with a few pictures of what some marines like to wear around as well as for underwear--their beloved and much worn nylon tricot green silkies.

You can see the obvious reasons why men love to wear their 100% nylon tricot green silkies.  On the left, the man is wearing his silky nylon tricot shorts.  You can see some darkening from his sweat which will evaporate quickly.  Before this happens, it would be advisable to bury your face in them before that happens completely.  Technically the baggy ones on the right are also made out of nylon (tactel or supplex) but they might add well be cotton and are not very flattering or sexy.

Korbel is not my favorite champagne, but tasting it served on some nylon ranger panties (black silkies) wouldn't be so bad.  They always joke about wearing your silkies one size smaller (or in this case maybe 2 sizes smaller).  It's not a joke when you want to play around in them.  I suggest if they fit, go one size larger because your cock is going to grow several times larger and you want to make sure there is enough room for him to unload completely inside your shorts.