Thursday, August 27, 2015

No Theme, No Message, No Sermon.....Just Men in Nylon Tricot (ok, a little commentary on the side)

One of my biggest supporter (and the reason my blog views have doubled lately) just had his site shut down.  We all repost pictures from all over the web and I think it's universally understood that we would remove any picture upon request if it infringed on an ownership rights situation.  In most cases, none of us are profiting in any way by reposting these pics--certainly not in fame or fortune.  Unfortunately, a complaint was made and was sent to an unused email and went unanswered.  That's all it took and his site was shut down--no 2nd chance or appeal.  Hopefully he will have something up and running soon because he has started using and promoting nylon in his photos and steered a lot of people to this site.  It's also hot to think that with most guys having no clue as to the virtues of nylon tricot, an occasional convert may be found.  All those scratchy cotton boxer briefs can then be recycled into the polishing rags they deserve to be......

I never had a daddy to train me in nylon use, but I was already well experienced by age 6 or 7.  Over the years I've done my share of training, but truthfully, I haven't had many success stories much less star pupils.....

Not sure why these shorts are so wrinkled, but I don't think that will affect their silkiness or what they can do to make his cock feel even better than it appears it already is......

Anyone see what's so wrong about a guy wearing some nylon tricot shorts with a silky nylon suit on underneath?  This used to be a common occurrence and didn't require any training at all.....

When wearing a pair of nylon anything that for some reason isn't able to slide over or up and down your shaft, grabbing another pair of something nylon and turning it in the right direction will have you or your partner on his way to a nylon explosion he won't forget.

I did tell him about Truwest nylon suits--which he promptly ordered and discovered what I've been saying about these suits.  All those water polo players wearing 2 of these suits may not have any idea of what an explosive charge these suits can have resulting in a rapid discharge of every last sperm cell into the sliding nylon layers.  I like how this guy equates nylon with lube--the nylon being far superior, of course.

Here's an example of a guy wearing some nylon shorts and maybe getting ready to slide another pair over them.  Most of these shiny soccer shorts aren't technically nylon tricot, but they are silky nylon that are capable of doing an excellent job on rapid sperm evacuation.....

I almost didn't post this because it is almost painful to watch--but he's got the technique down.  Imagine that cock sliding over or in multiple layers of silky nylon tricot instead of that abrasive sofa?  I think if his skin ever grows back and his sensitivity returns, he should definitely switch to nylon and save that thrusting weapon from further damage.

Yeah, I know, they're not 23, but I wouldn't know what to do with them they were.  Guessing this was taken in the 70's since all 4 of those 100% nylon tricot Speedo patterns were out then.  Each one of those nylon suits could be wrapped around their hard cocks and slid up and down until they pumped their load into them.  Or, they could borrow one or two from each other and slide all of those layers at once using both hands to get off with.  Of they could just rub their nylon covered cocks together and shoot together.  Now that's what I would call  Speedo Sex and not the porn version on the web where Speedo Sex involves Speedo Removal within the first minute.

Given that my nylon addiction began with the nylon tricot panties in my sisters' dressers, the concept that fraternity guys would break into girls sorority or dorm rooms and steal their silky panties as part of a game was an exciting concept.  What they did with them afterwards, of course, would be even more exciting while sharing them with their fraternity brothers until enough sperm had been pumped into them that they could stand up on their own.

Seems like the natural thing to do when you meet another guy wearing nylon shorts....You know, all you have to say is "Would you mind if I rubbed my nylon covered cock against yours?"......

In the pre-nylon days (I shudder at the concept), swimmers wore suits made out of silk.  There really wasn't this hang-up we have now with anyone seeing our manhood bulge.  They are obviously aware that their manly parts are on on display and not one of them has their hands folded in front of their manparts like you see today.  I've never actually seen one of these suits and I suspect they may not have lasted as long as the other fabric used for suits has--wool!  I like the more natural bodies they had then more than the gym bodies of today.  But then these guys would be over 100 and have probably long since departed so I guess a live gym body (in nylon) would be preferable.

I wouldn't remember a single word he said, but he would be the most memorable speaker I'd ever heard.  I think he would make an excellent nylon tricot motivational advocate--the evil Cotton Lobby would  suffer a major blow with this guy.

P.S.  It has been pointed out to me that he is wearing a Turbo polyester suit.  Many polyesters are almost as good as nylon tricot and can slide and get the job done--unfortunately Turbo suits aren't one of the good polyesters, apparently.  However, if you can get a guy to wear an "entry level" Turbo suit, then you can probably get him into a "hard-core" nylon tricot one and get his full blown addiction to nylon going.....

I found so many of this same picture or a variations of it that I wondered what was so important other than my obvious prejudice for what he's wearing.  Turns out he is the Prime Minister of Australia, Tony Abbott.  I think I would place him in charge of my Australia nylon tricot division in my worldwide nylon takeover.  Wonder if that suit has ever seen any action?  I'd sure like to give it a special inauguration party.....

Some vintage stretch nylon briefs that probably aren't all that silky, but he still looks really hot in them.

A triathletic wardrobe malfunction--love the bush and just a peek at his cock base.

I really like this weigh-in website.  Hundreds of guys forced to parade around in their underwear and pose for the camera with a bunch of disinterested guys and slutty girls hanging around them in the background.  I think this is the first one I've ever seen in a Speedo (albeit lycra).  Their normal wear ranges from gray, baggy Hanes boxer briefs to an unbelievable number of waistbands with names I've never heard of.  Poor guy with no one paying him any attention--even the slutty girls I cropped out were ignoring him.

I'd say if you're going to pose a hot guy in a yellow nylon tricot suit with a huge cock head, this is a really good start.  I would like to see a little more of his crotch bulge and the seam that is running beneath it.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Men Used to Wear Nylon Tricot Underwear--Now, Not So Much

Maybe you've noticed that when I haven't posted for awhile, you wind up getting a sermon on the virtues of nylon tricot?  If you are only here for the male bulge pics you may not even be reading this (and that's ok) because ultimately this is also my Nylon Tricot Therapy Blog--the only place I get to express my views, thoughts and theories of my lifelong addiction (well, since 5 anyway) to this super silky man-man fabric.  Easy to dismiss as a freakish fetish by those unaware of its virtues or as unnatural by cotton lobbyists who believe in their "fabric of your life" evil doctrine, I am the microscopic voice of a very small nylon tricot advocacy--not even rating as a minority.  

Once upon a too long ago time, any man could walk into almost any mens store, department store, or mail-order catalog and select from a wide selection of silky nylon tricot: shirts, briefs, boxers, t-shirts, tanks, pajamas, and robes.  All legitimate, made for men and with no connection or association with the exact same silky nylon tricot made for women.  In fact, men invented nylon tricot at Dupont, men designed the nylon lingerie made for women with the understanding that they (the men) would also benefit from feeling and handling the silky fabric after viewing the garments and becoming turned on by its drape and promise of sensuality.

In a parallel and similar manner, swim teams were quick to embrace nylon tricot as the best swim suit fabric: chlorine resistant, durable, fast drying, and streamlined in the water.  Nylon suits were available in this country before Speedo started manufacturing suits in Australia in the mid 50's.  The name "Speedo" is now used for any generic bikini styled swimsuit and any fabric used in its manufacture.  For over 20 years this swimsuit fabric was only silky nylon tricot.  In many suits made by Ocean Champion and Dolfin, the 2 layers of the liner and outer suit slid over each other and created many a first nylon boner on tens of thousands of puberty-happening boys.  They're still working on me today......

Imagine how much more pleasurable the sensation if these guys were both wearing silky nylon tricot?  Sadly they will probably never get to experience the feeling (and how easy the resulting ejaculation) of wearing it.

Quick to realize the virtues of nylon tricot was the Mormon Church as one of the better options of requiring their members to wear their garments (with masonic markings) as reminders of their faith.  What better fabric to have on 24/7 but something as silky as nylon tricot?  Of course, it didn't just stop there....they made the crotch mound curved to cover an erection with 2 sliding layers of silky nylon.  Alone and wake up hard, no problem to slide those layers over your cock and shoot into them.  You and your buddy both wake up hard, grind those nylon covered erections together and soak your g's.  Want additional action, then take advantage of the large "barn door" opening on the reverse side.  The church made these to accommodate any sexual appetite and not have to deprive your body from enjoying nylon tricot.

Perhaps an inspiration for the LDS nylon garment was the double nylon crotch with the same shape.  Whose manhood wouldn't want to spend the day (and night) with some of the silkiest nylon ever created.  That double nylon crotch made my 5 year old cock very happy and continued to do so until teenage discovery of nylon swimwear.  I never had any hangups that these were, in fact, women's panties.  It did not cause me to cross dress or consider myself unmanly.  I am far more interested in what the nylon tricot feels like (both wearing and sliding up and down my shaft) than I am in which sex they were intended for.  Ironically, panty loving men (who are primarily straight and usually homophonic) are far more interested in their being made for females and for some reason seem to prefer them being extremely small.  With something I enjoy, more is usually preferable to less.  Wearing a tiny, scratchy lace panty too small to cover my non-erection (let along a throbbing hard-on), has no interest for me.  A panty such as this one slipped on over a guy wearing a nylon Speedo, would slide over his cock until a massive ejaculation happened.  Alone, a nylon speedo or two inside each other with this panty on top and used for masturbation (especially with my 2 handed version) would greatly enhance the sliding ability of the 2 under-speedos.  The nylon panty also provided some protection to my "special" nylon Speedos (such as one from the swim coach) that I wouldn't want to wash the multiple loads that I was pumping on the suit but the outer nylon brief could be washed.

The last of the great manufacturers to make nylon tricot underwear for men was Jockey.  You may be lucky and find a pair where the 2 layers of the nylon crotch slide together was a good start.  It is possible to jerk off a guy with just your hand over the single nylon (having done this many times) but using an additional nylon "something" and getting it to slide would also work.  The single seam doesn't really get in the way too much.  Also, 2 guys each wearing a pair, would have no trouble sliding theirs together and shooting as well.

I've always wondered who and why these briefs were designed this way?  Obviously they were trying ti imitate a standard men's cotton fly brief but using nylon.  These particular briefs were obviously done in the 70's since Antron nylon was this shiny, cheaper grade of nylon and helped dig the hole that the cotton lobby was already digging to bury nylon.  The reality was that these (look like Sears, but others put their label on them) were actually fairly ill-fitting.  Yes, the 2 layers of nylon crotch and space between the fly openings did slide over your cock, but it was difficult to keep your cock in the center area.  I mean, I'd certainly wear these (not having worn cotton in my entire adult life), but there are others of better quality out there.

Not really sure what Mick is wearing here. but the Brits were also big on nylon, and these look like they might be.

Really clever packaging with each "stick containing 3 or more nylon tricot briefs.  Interesting that no where in this ad does it mention that these little silky briefs were made out of nylon tricot.  I'd like to think that nylon was so acceptable that there was no need to mention the fabric content, but I suspect it may have been the opposite.  I think they were selling "hip" more than they were selling silky.  Notice the one black guy in the ad....there was a major use and marketing of nylon tricot to black men during their "Super-fly" era.

As shown before, the emergence of black men as super-studs with big cocks, what better to put on their bodies than silky nylon tricot.  The Paris brand was marketed directly to the black man during this time.

Jockey cotton briefs always cost a dollar or more than other briefs.  While most briefs were sold as a 3 pack, Jockey briefs were usually sold individually--like they were more exclusive.  They also were the standard brief worn by conservative men and just about anytime a man's brief was seen in an add or on TV.  They are also, of course, the standard English "Y-Front" brief so they were hugely popular.  So they were an instantly recognizable, conservative, upscale brief form and suddenly available in colors--oh yeah, and 100% silky nylon tricot.  This would be quickly be followed by "dries quickly" and "perfect for travel" in case there were any raised eyebrows in the gym.

When Jockey first came out with non-cotton briefs, they also made acetate and acetate / nylon briefs and with regular elastic waistband--a closer tie to the cotton brief and "real men."  Interesting to note that Jockey (as far as my limited knowledge goes) was the first brand name that appeared on the waistband--later followed by Munsingwear and then.....everyone.

I've never worn or experimented with nylon pantyhose, but they seem to be pretty popular with Euros.  Nylon hose (pantyhose or stockings) are not made out of nylon tricot, but I think they are probably compatible.  The guys who wear nylon pantyhose seem to enjoy ripping and tearing them and then engaging in the usual fuck and suck activity.  I think it's a turn on to see otherwise masculine guys using nylon and not seeming to be otherwise associating it with femininity--sorry, just not my thing.  Would I mess around in nylon pantyhose, absolutely if another guy was turned on by it and we'd be able to get off in them--but I can tell you I would be wearing nylon underwear under my plaid shirt.

Besides the nylon pantyhose thing, there are guys who are into black socks--which I can understand when they are silky nylon looking like these.  I'm sure rubbing that nylon covered foot over his sheer pantyhose covered cock would produce a really good ejaculation.  I've never subscribed to any porn-site, but this Gentlemen's Closet is intriguing.

I did a whole posting on these early, sheer, stretch nylon briefs.  Nothing bad about this view,  and if he wanted to wear these while washing windows I wound't complain, but the practical use of these being too small to get hard and shoot in would require some other nylon to work for me.

Without nylon tricot access these days,  many of these shorts (particularly if they have a liner that slides under the outer short), these shorts are often 100% polyester but can feel really good and get the job done.

Another advantage of these shorts (when they "work") is that there is enough fabric to really play around with either by yourself (like this guy) or better yet with another guy also wearing a pair.  Sometimes it may be necessary to "loan" a pair of yours so they can also enjoy the feeling.  When you guys can edge and then time your cock sliding action (holding each other's shafts), you can be making out and shooting memorable loads into your shorts.  I always think a nice gesture is to switch shorts before falling asleep in each others' arms with each others' loads in your shorts.  You can repeat the process in the morning since it would be doubtful you would wake up soft with silky shorts sliding on your cocks.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Hope You Haven't Forgotten About USMC wearing nylon tricot Green Silkies.....

It seems like the only nylon tricot green silkies postings that show up now by marines are in jest or being ridiculed.  The reality is that it's a cover for the fact that they do still enjoy wearing them--for underwear under their uniforms or civilian clothes.  Also worn when with other marines or when worn out in public--as a joke--but who's laughing?  Kind of like having a Santa Speedo Run--only most of the Speedos are lycra and not nylon which is why I stopped asking Santa for any.
Every once in awhile there is an extra silky looking pair of nylon shorts and they would be the ones on the right.  Not all nylon tricot shorts are created equally, but none of these (or their wearers) would be thrown out of my bed.

Those visible silky nylon tricot panty / liners are holding their manhood under that outer green silky.  Too bad they  don't make them with the liner reversed so they would slide under the outer shorts--well, can't have everything.

So easy to see the head of his cock through those 2 layers of silky nylon tricot.  Wonder how many Silky Pops those shorts have seen?

Looking so good in his nylon tricot green silkies...

Like the way that nylon tricot wraps around his cock

Boots and nylon tricot green silkies are the perfect summer outfit.  Probably lose the boots for sleeping.....

Playful showing off their modified silkies and their ample asses.

Beef in silky nylon tricot

Takes a real man to pull this off--but no need to pull the shorts off for sex

Best parts covered up but not sure how you can suffer from PTSD wearing the best part of being in the USMC

Such a great pair of large nylon tricot silkies.  Imagine wearing another pair of your own and start sliding up and down that covered ass of his?

Hanging out in their boots and nylon tricot green silkies.  The crotch smell of those nylon shorts after being worn around all day like that is amazing.  Hope someone got to take advantage of them....

Thursday, July 30, 2015

No Time To Post--But Here's a Teaser of What's Coming Up......

I happened to check the Smithpoint Lifeguard website and noticed they have posted their 2015 pictures.  Each has to be downloaded individually and then cropped and enlarged, but here is the result of one of them.  For those of you who aren't interested in suits that are large enough to hold a full sized erection straight up and allow for an earth shattering ejaculation, there are a hundred other sites with guys in tiny lycra suits without any way to shoot in them.  This one is about men in nylon.

Click for a larger size...

A group of marines posed in their nylon tricot green silkies and there will be more pictures soon.  These guys are really showing off their nylon panty / liners inside their silkies and still manage to have a nice bulge in them.  Proving once again, real men  do wear nylon.

Ok, more soon.......thanks for looking!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Aussiebums....The only post-millennial silky nylon tricot suit

Hope if you are wearing minimal clothing this summer due to our (even here) record breaking temperatures, that you are including silky, nylon tricot.  Even though the evil cotton lobby has all but convinced humanity that nylon is "hot and sticky" and that "cotton breathes" some of us know that is a big crock of do-do.  Cotton gets wet and stays wet when you sweat.  It chafes, it's clammy, and it weighs you down.  As a way of selling their new microfiber everything (basically switching a few nylon molecules around) they have invented the term "wicks moisture" away from your body--in other words, the fabric gets wet and dries fast--wicking.  As I recall, nylon has been doing the same exact thing but gets a bad rap.  Nylon tricot (at least when the layers are lined up correctly) can also cause earth shaking orgasms and other exciting sensual delights when used by an experienced nylon guy.....learn from the best!  Keep reading this blog and back posts and the cocks of America (and Europe, Australia, Russia and other nylon knowledgeable countries) will thank you!  Mine did twice today already.....

After google search itself, this website is the largest source of people who search this nylon blog.  Sadly, it is more bulge oriented and not particularly interested in what material is covering the bulge--much less what can be done with it.  However, it has at least gotten guys to learn about nylon tricot and I'd like to think  (or fantasize) that some may have experimented with wearing / using it successfully--and we know what that means.......or you should by now.

No, this is not a MAcy's Thanksgiving Day balloon--but he would make a good model for one.  Hope he didn't catch his pubic hairs in that drawstring when he tied it.  Makes for a nice wall poster, but I once had a boyfriend with a body like that and you really want the hardness between your legs--those muscles are kind of uncomfortable in close contact.  Also, you better have another nylon something ready because when that bulge starts to grow, you're not going to be able to jerk him off inside that suit--my only complaint about Aussiebums.

In case you thought that only gays wore nylon Aussiebums to gay beaches, gay parade floats, or gay whatevers.... they also appear on straight guys at Australian surf meets although more appropriate for surf meat.

These suits are ok for fun in the sun since most guys save their Aussiebum erections for later.  Therefore, they can frolic in nylon tricot all day unless they occasionally get over stimulated by watching other guys nylon frolicking as well.  A perpetual problem with males wearing nylon tricot anything in public.

Here is a series of a guy in his nylon tricot Aussiebum.  Possibly totally oblivious as to the 2 layers of silky nylon tricot (unfortunately non-sliding) covering his manhood.  I try not to think of it too much because it is so depressing, but how many hundreds or thousands of nylon tricot suits like this get worn by guys (gay and straight) and are NEVER enjoyed sexually?  Imagine owning a suit (or dozens) made out of silky nylon tricot that really wants to slide up and down your shaft until it explodes and other than occasional "readjustment" touching of your cock through the silky nylon, they make their way to the trash bin without ever having been exposed to a massive load of sperm being pumped into them?  That's sadder than the funeral scene in "Imitation of Life." (either version)  Of course, there is a sort of happy ending (hopefully literally) in that I would like to think that even my well used nylon tricot things will live on after me.  God knows there's enough DNA in them to have repopulated a couple of planets at least from the XY standpoint.  I may even have some nylon (thanks to eBay) that is already older than I am and still functions in its eternal silkiness.

All his straight buddies / mates in their cotton boxer briefs under their cotton dork shorts while their Aussiebum wearing friend is wearing nothing on his body but nylon tricot.   Who has the happy cock in this photo?

So hot to see a guy wearing a suit that is probably large enough to get him off in it.  I still get turned on by vintage Ocean Champion suits that almost come up to a guy's navel because not only were many of them made with 2 silky layers of nylon tricot that slid over their cocks, but even the biggest guys did not risk any "popping over" right when you want to feel that nylon sliding over your head as the big load is squirting into it.

It doesn't happen very often when you get a darker suit with a bulge this big against a lighter background (or vice versa) but it is really an amazing sight to see that classic bulge curve being held in place by 2 silky layers of nylon tricot.

Yup, it would be such a crime to have an obviously silky suit like this one and a bulging piece of manhood like that and never have the two get together for the inevitable explosion.  Wear your DNA stains proudly on your suit!

....and a nice DNA segue into DNA magazine (which seems to have about as much to do with DNA as NYLON Magazine has to do with nylon)  This suit is ok for doing yard work or windows around my house, but difficult for me to get him to pump a load of his DNA into unless that cock is not a grower.  In any case, that's a mighty big head that would sure love to feel some silky nylon tricot sliding over it and up and down whatever size shaft he's stuffed into that suit.

I really like this picture because it really just looks like someone said "Stand here and let me take your picture in that incredible nylon tricot Aussienum suit"  (like anyone but me would actually say all of that).  He looks like a bloke on the beach and not all posed and pouffed while trying not to look posed and pouffed like Mr. DNA above.

Possibly a repeat, but still appropriate for this post--especially if that really is a nylon tricot Aussiebum tank top / vest he's got on.  The silky nylon from the shirt is definitely going to slide over his suit and his finger tips have undoubtedly already discovered that sliding nylon movement.  If the shirt was just a little bit longer, it would really come in handy for the big un-loading ceremony that wants to take place inside his silky suit.

Again, maybe a repeat, but a good example why nylon suits need to keep being made.  The male form is meant to hang naturally inside nylon tricot for this classic look and the extra bonus of being able to get off in it are both things that lycra (even though it's only 20%) will allow to happen--or at least not as easily or as long lasting.