Friday, May 19, 2017

All Sorts of Different Men Who Enjoy Different Kinds of Nylon and For Different Reasons--Are You One of Them?

I know I've touched on this before and it has to do not only with the depth or interest some men have in nylon, but what kind of nylon item and where did this exposure come from?  Yeah, here I go with the "Mysteries of the Nylon Universe" plot again.

One of the more obscure nylon uses was for shirts--particularly work shirts, school shirts, and dress shirts.  Once nylon was released for public use after being reserved for wartime use after appearing on the markiet briefly in 1939, it found a huge audience ready for modern living and particularly through chemistry.  "Organic cotton" and bamboo clothing were decades off.  This was all about new, modern, convenient and practical.  No one embraced this modern fabric more than the UK and it's commonwealth provinces of Canada and especially Australia. In some cases, both policemen, firemen, and other government workers who might hold some fascination for pre-pubic boys seeing them wearing silky nylon shirts.  We're not talking thin nylon, but manly, slightly sheer and slightly shiny and certainly sexy.  While these kinds of more uniform function shirts were somewhat off limits (unless found in the wash from their policeman fathers), boys schools also employed these silky shirts as a "practical" way to keep their boys looking crisp and sharp--and undoubtedly sexy as hell to a 12 year old boy at the time.  This was the introduction to more than one boy raised in this environment and explained to me over the years.  Their nylon introduction sometimes was limited to just these shirts and sometimes it expanded into other nylon like briefs or maybe underwear.  These shirts were not necessarily "fashionable" as practical--although nylon dress shirts were also becoming popular during this period.  Many of us think of nylon shirts, and for good reason, as being s relatively short lived fad from the 70's.  Coincidently, when disco died in 1979, so did nylon shirts--I know, I was there (and so were many of you!)  America experienced nylon or nylon acetate combinations on a more sensual sensation.  Less practically motivated, we also had the exposure to being able to wear nylon tricot under our nylon shirts or even parachute pants for the more adventuresome and trendy (like me!)  Having a great body and being able to flaunt it with layers of nylon while being trendy out in public was a time I doubt the cotton lobby will ever allow us to see again.

Sometimes the lighter color shirts were made out of Terylene which is a completely compatible with nylon.

I'm sure eating out a double nylon panty crotch is probably not on too many gay guy's agenda--but it should be as long as there are some manly parts and a manly scent being contained inside that silky nylon tricot.  As you know, I'm a firm believer of keeping those man parts inside whatever nylon anyone is wearing, but for those of you who want more direct access to them, the thin elastic that surrounds the nylon makes tongue or other entry very easy.

Hey dude, get your hands out of my silky panties--although it does look like he's into feeling the nylon which is a good sig that he will be feeling my load when it starts to shoot through the silky nylon he's silking.

You see why I'm not big on "the smaller the better" attitude with any form of nylon.  You really want your manhood to be able to stand at full attention (straight up), still be covered by the silky fabric, and have room to be able to shoot your manload into the nylon.  Sliding whatever form of nylon tricot you are wearing over another guy's whatever he is wearing is about the best feeling there is.

Perfect body deserves to be wearing this perfect nylon.  Does he even know it is nylon?  Does he care?  Who knows if it's his suit or some stylist just handed it to him 2 minutes before.  So this could be "deliberate" wearing of nylon tricot or maybe "accidental."  Now is the time to let him feel why it should become "permanent!"

Yeah, this looks pretty deliberate.  This is not a "everything was in the wash and the only left was a pair of panty hose" kind of thing.  As you know, nylon panty hose is also a lycra product but is compatible with other nylon tricot.  Do you think the men who invented and created them both would not make them slide over each other?  They knew what they were doing!  And as I've said before, that cock is only interested in the sliding, silky feeling that led up to its ejaculation into the silky pantyhose.

Father and son wrestling duo.  It kind of looks like maybe junior on the right might be wearing a 100% nylon O.C. of Dolfin suit for his wrestling trunks.  In fact, I often wonder how many of the wrestlers from that era wore those silky suits.  "Hey son, you mind if I borrow your suit to wear to bed tonight?"  "Sure dad, just make sure your load has dried inside before you give it back to me"

Someone knows how to silk a guy in his nylon garment bottom and avoid the cotton panel the Mormon Church puts inside for some unknown reason.  Considering the Church puts 2 full sized overlapping sliding nylon tricot pieces large enough to cover your erect manhood, the cotton panel is really a mystery--and an annoyance.

I came across this photo and immediately recognized the silky 100% nylon tricot (probabbly O.C. or maybe Dolfin) suit.  You can tell by that sort of "vertical" waistband and the inner nylon suit that supports and shows off your manhood sliding around underneath the outer suit.  Let's hope the clueless guy in the center is just too modest to show off what sort of nylon tricot suit he is wearing.

What bored Australian lifeguards used to do in 1973 while wearing some of the silkiest nylon tricot ever created.  Just be feeling your silky tricot with one hand and then hitting your opponent with a pillow--ooooh, so violent!  Loser gets to be silked off by the other guy and the winner gets to keep his sperm soaked suit--at least for awhile....

Possibly a repeat, but considering the silker is wearing cotton CK bb's between him and his nylon shirts, he seems to know how to get a guy off inside his Adidas nylons.  Pretty good technique there, cotton boy!

Can't top his statement with one of mine, just agree with him....  Maybe a little clarification is needed, however.  He needs to make sure we know they are 100% nylon tricot panties (with a double nylon crotch).  Can you believe there are guys out there who would wear panties and not care if they were cotton?  And these guys are straight!  Can it get any worse??

An entire team wearing orange nylon suits--these Truwest suits are easily capable of ejaculating every one of them.  Can hardly even see the DNA stains, either.

This is not just a twink wearing a silky nylon suit waiting to get off in it, but someone with a Daddy who is willing to share his nylon knowledge to enhance the experience.

Randy let someone with what looks like a Polaroid take a picture of him wearing some sort of really silky looking (brown?) nylon tricot.  Hey Randy, since it's a Polaroid, where's the "after" photo with your big load leaking through that silky nylon tricot??

Haven't run into this photo for awhile, but just seeing how casual this ginger is wearing his big double nylon tricot crotch with his Jockey briefs is so hot.  You can just see the edge of the flap they added to help keep the goods inside the nylon.  Shouldn't that be a clue guys?

While nylon suits last 10 times longer than the lycra they are wearing underneath, even the nylon will become a little sheer--which is not a bad thing and most likely will still slide over the inner lycra suit.

I don't think I've seen this kind of mesh garment before.  It almost looks like the kind of ribbed nylon they make Jockey tank tops out of, but it also looks like it might be a silky version of nylon mesh.  Most nylon mesh fabrics are better suited to getting burned food off your pots and pans than getting your cock to ejaculate into it.

My earliest use of nylon tricot at age 5 (well, already established by then) involved folding the double nylon crotch (especially on the best nylon used by Van Raalte) in such a way that it slid up and down my 5 year old cock.  I didn't really have need of all that other nylon and certainly not the scratchy lace, but that silky nylon crotch would really do the job.  Many time this particular brand layered the nylon so that the 2 layers slid over each other.  My theory is that the men who designed these panties and created this nylon did this so that it was possible to just slide the head of their cock over those silky layers and ejaculate into them without having to bother with all the fucking mess, or the fucking mess.

Thanks for display your cut cock, but let's keep the merchandise where it belongs inside those silky shorts.  There is the chance that those white shorts are 2 layers of nylon that may even slide over each other.  In any case, he'd better stock up on Oxyclean because it's the only way he's going to keep his DNA stains from building up on that white nylon.  It doesn't bother me--battle scars are just reminders of past fun times.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

What Do Guys Really Think About Wearing Nylon Tricot?

Ultimately this will be a rhetorical question since there is almost no response from anyone, but just knowing there is someone else out there who likes, enjoys, wears, and/or gets off in nylon tricot is about all I can hope for.  The reality is that there are actually thousands of guys who do wear nylon tricot by choice (Green silkies, ranger panties, panties), or by religion (Mormon garments), or by job requirement (Lifeguards), or even by accident.  What do they think about it?  DO they even think about it or even notice?  In general and most prevalent, I think there is indifference.  "Oh, is this nylon?"  "What's nylon tricot, I thought this was lycra?", "Kinda silky.....", "Feels good!"  Not exactly condemning, but not enough to convert, either.  Most guys who do wear nylon on occasion for sexual and non-sexual reasons go back to their "required" dark cotton boxer briefs if not plaid boxer shorts if they are Millennials.  Caring enough or being turned on enough to wear nylon tricot 24/7, I suspect, is pretty rare--especially when the item may not have been intended for that purpose.  Sometimes it may even be some practical reason like "I only wear it when I travel because they dry fast."   The exceptions being military guys in their beloved green silkies, ranger panties, and obviously Mormon garments--which also offer mesh and cotton and other fabrics as well.  Even guys who have a full-on panty fetish may not really care if they are cotton or nylon or lycra and are more likely to be straight than gay.

Needless to say, my ears always perk up when I happen to hear any conversation that involves nylon or one than I can steer towards it--like if guys are talking about Speedos or I get a hug from someone when I'm wearing a nylon shirt over a nylon t-shirt and they notice the sliding action.  Straight guys always seem to enjoy sliding it more than gays.  In fact, there is no reason to think that being gay or being straight or anything in between seems to offer any difference as to how men perceive  the feel of or wearing of silky nylon tricot.  They equally love it and they equally are repelled by it for their own personal, rather than sexual orientated reasons.  Wonder if I could get a PhD in nylon tricot?  I probably already have the equivalent.  "Dr. Nylon" has a a nice ring to it.

(NOTE:  2 Days Later.....In re-reading this, it's occurred to me that we really shouldn't care what other guys think about wearing nylon tricot.  We should just mind our own business and keep wearing our own silkiness in whatever form we want.  If someone else is bothered by it, be flattered that they are noticing your underwear at all, and offer to give them a pair.   Just make sure it's not a $350 Van Raalte.....)

This is from a show called "Survivor"  Not watching either network or reality shows (Maybe "American Ninja Warrior" if I happen to stumble across it) I have no idea what the premise is.  I do know that their wardrobe person (hopefully male) had the good sense to use all Aussiebum nylon tricot suits for the contestants--although it would have been a producer or director idea to have approved them wear these "Speedo" suits.  No one ever says "bikini" anymore, notice that?  Just Speedos.........

This is a good example of "forced" (as in no choice if you want to be on the show) nylon tricot wearing, although they would simply refer to them as Speedos and may actually be the first time these straight guys have ever worn them.  Obviously with bodies like they have and the ratings that this combination will generate, no one is going to complain.  Is this exposure enough to think they would wear them again on their own?  Enough to have them think beyond wearing them for swimwear and enter the underwear realm?  Enough for them to feel their silkiness and want to get off in them?  Or simply turned back in to the set wardrobe person at the end of the day and return to their required black boxer briefs?

Kind of a strange picture for many reasons.  Is he about to put these on or has be just taken them off?  I would think they are about to go on since his cock seems unusually small and the nylon should definitely turn it into a "grower."

This may be a repeat and belongs further down with the other green silkies.  Particularly good sliding technique by the UA guy who won't be able to get off in their new, non-silky compression shorts at all.  Now that they are making in the billions, the silkiness factor of their shorts has dropped to almost zero.

I guess lobsters and nylon Speedos were bigger back in 1969.  I'd sure like to help Eugene out with getting off in his.....

Please feel free to create your own caption for this "little nipper" in his 100% Bri-nylon Australian Speedo from 1972.....

Here are some more little nippers (their organizational name) already wearing their nylon tricot suits and the man who probably originally handed them out to them--wearing his own, of course.  He's a big nipper, I guess?

Can anyone name anything better than nylon tricot frottage with another nylon wearing guy?  We're sorry, but your answer will not be accepted.....

Came across this, I think, on eBay.  This can be filed under "What Were They Thinking"  Someone has added about a foot of quilted nylon to the bottom of a cotton t-shirt.  I'm afraid I'm too literal and need a reason for this--although it may just be some sort of fashion statement.  What is it saying?  All I can come up with is that if you are wearing the nylon underwear of your choice (good boy), this area of nylon would be over the "important manhood parts" and would more than likely be able to get you off inside them by sliding it up and down.  I can think of at least 20 other ways that could be accomplished, but someone was just thinking outside the nylon box on this one.....

This white nylon suit (if it is) would be rarer than an albino elephant.  I know that companies like Ocean Champion and Dolfin did make them, but you almost never saw them on the beach or in print outside of their catalog.  Besides looking hot and showing the most, white nylon suits often had a 3rd layer (if they were normally 2, as the O.C. and Dolfin suits were back then)  That's one more layer of silky, sliding nylon available to slide you off into nylon heaven.  Speedo used a different fabric most of the time for their white "nylon" that was called Terylene (a polyester fabric) but was completely compatible with nylon tricot.  You will notice this on the labels for Speedo striped suits as "50% nylon and 50% terylene."  I once met a guy on Waikiki beach from Kansas who was wearing a white Dolfin suit.  I HAD to have it.  I quickly befriended him, invited him over, talked him out of his suit (and I assume some of his sperm) and sent him on his way with I think 3 of my nylon Speedo suits--including a burgundy and gold "M" suit from the University of Minnesota locker room.  I still have and use his Dolfin suit, but the DNA stains have left their mark on the white fabric.  Wonder if he still has my suits?

I guess file this under "Novelty Pics" or as an example of what floats some guys boats.....Think what you want about thongs, they're here to stay.  However, they are virtually impossible for sex, but seeing him wearing a pink one under his white boxer briefs (now a rarity themselves). 

Another soldier taking a selfie with his shirt off and showing his body.  What else is he showing?  Does he not think we notice he is wearing 100% nylon tricot Ranger Panties for underwear like a good boy?  Is this so normal for him that he isn't even thinking of it?  Whatever....I'm sure thinking of it!

That thing on his arm looks like a Byzantine mosaic or possibly some sort of skin disease, but we're just interested in his completely bulge-free green silkies.  A slight indication of his inner panty brief on the right and one assumes he does more than just wear these for underwear.

Guys messing around in their 100% nylon tricot Ranger Panties.  Nice of them to call them like they see them--because we can see the inner panty on the Ranger in the middle.  Not sure why his friend hasn't lowered his hand a bit to take advantage of them.

Just a regular picture of a regular army guy in his BDU's.  Kind of liking the dorky hat.....

Hey, what's going on here?  Silky lycra shirt on and he's got his pants open....   He's also got really blue eyes, too.

I think he's trying to turn us on with his body, but I think his underwear might do a better job of that on this blog.....

....and here's why.  Those nylon tricot green silkies look like they fall into the "extra silky looking" category.  Not sure why his hands are inside them since feeling that silky nylon on your manhood is what wearing them is all about.

Yeah, looks like he's going to be one of those guys who is all about his hand on his cock and is otherwise not aware that he is wearing silkies at all.

Yeah, nice of you to show us your manhood, now lets get those silkies back up where they belong and let them silk you off inside them.  Isn't that the point of wearing them?

Dude, I can fuck your brains out and eat you out for lunch and dinner, but I need those silkies on to accomplish either.

Ok, we're getting closer to getting you off now..   Those silkies deserve a really big load from you and I'll make sure they get it.  Might even add my own to yours.....

Friday, May 12, 2017

Fun in your Nylon Mormon Garment--worth dyeing for!

Always feel a little guilty about describing the virtues of the Mormon Church created (Beehive Clothing) nylon underwear because it's not available to the general (non-Mormon) public.  Members are required to wear this underwear (available in several fabrics) as part of their endowment ceremony during their admission to the Church.  All of this information, as well as the ceremony, is available online and not my place to offer my opinion on their requirement.

However, the fact that one of their fabric choices happens to be the subject of this blog (nylon tricot), although they used to call it "Corban" which I think was their way of avoiding the actual name and the various (to some) negative connotations.  Once you have worn the nylon "onesie", any negative connotations will disappear.  I've done plenty of promoting of them in past postings over the years.

This is a link to a group that does sell Mormon garments (aka "g's") to the general public without needing a Temple Recommend--the Church issued permission to all things Mormon.  I have never seen them selling anything other than non-nylon tricot garments.  Don't be fooled by their nylon mesh.  From a distance they are sheer and drape like nylon tricot, but keep in mind that your kitchen scrubber is also made from nylon mesh.  I have noticed that others have found their own sources for them and I don't want to be in that business.  The fact that a Church uses underwear with sacred temple marks on it as a 24/7 requirement and manufactures a couple of super silky nylon tricot options, is perhaps the most consistent, longest running, yet most restrictive use of nylon tricot today.  All others (nylon Speedos, nylon panties, nylon green silkies, nylon clothing in general) have all faded away or ended completely.

Like many things made from nylon tricot, the selection of it can often be hidden in other "practicalities" such as drying fast, light weight, easy to take care of while the "real" reason of it's so fucking easy to get off in or makes you cock ejaculate more than any other form of sex goes without saying for those of us who know this to be true.

The classic "onesie" or one piece temple garment is the ultimate in Mormon garments if not the ultimate in erotic nylon underwear.  The completely unnecessary, tall crotch mound with 2 sliding layers of silky nylon tricot only exists to cover your erection with  a super easy way to empty your manhood into it.  Even the temple markings, particularly the compass and square, designed to amazingly find your nipples with great accuracy, have their own erotic sensuality.  The navel to some degree, and the right knee, not so much.

This is the absolute best picture ever shown  as to the "architecture" and function of the rear, butt flap, of the one piece garment.  I would guess that this is a brand new pair as the layers and seams all are pristine.

The primary use of the rear flap is to allow the garment to remain on your body while you sit on the toilet.  There is room to allow your cock to squeeze out of the same opening or you can always use the fly for urination.

Can your underwear do this?  For those requiring "rear access" (without removal) for any other reasons, these onesie garments provide as much or as little access as you require.

The Church has come up with other fabrics to remain "current"--even lycra!  This guy is in "Dry-lux" and I have also seen others called "Dry-silk."  You know, call it anything other than "super silky nylon tricot."

As I've complained about before, for some reason they make the nylon bottoms (of the 2 piece variety) with a cotton panel in them.  You can see it clearly here.  It is remindful of the rdiculous notion that double nylon tricot panty crotches caused yeast infections in women, but lining the crotch with cotton would prevent them.  As far as I could tell, all it did was prevent your balls from resting in double nylon tricot instead.
It's been my observation (and maybe my influence?) that Mormon Boyz is finally using more nylon tricot garments and fewer mesh and cotton fabrics.

Sometimes the sleeves of the garment top can show below a regular short sleeve t-shirt or shirt, but the beefy guy in charge obviously doesn't have that problem.  Totally possible to suck him off through the silky nylon tricot and just avoid that cotton crotch liner.

Imagine the possibilities with 4 guys (Mormon or not) getting off in their nylon garments.  Unfortunately on Mormon Boyz, they always get removed.  In my world, they always stay on and receive your liquid manhood as they were designed to do.

Did you know it's possible to dye Mormon nylon garments with regular Ritt dye?  The Church actually makes a green version for combat troops, but I've taken the concept a little further.  These silky garments are particularly suitable for wearing under nylon shorts and nylon t-shirts--even for work or otherwise messy environments.

When not in use for sex, the double nylon crotch is clearly visible above your nylon (or polyester) shorts as seen here.

Amazing how those temple markings can find their way to the spot.  Not normally a huge nipple fan, there is something about feeling that stitching right over my man-nipple that is a huge turn on.

The green dye was a little more spotty, but it still works.  The temple markings don't always find their mark, but are usually "right on".

Not entirely sure these are nylon, but then I  also don't know why anyone would feel the need to take their dick out their silky onesie when they have a perfectly good double layer of nylon tricot that just wants to get them off inside of their garment.

Frederick's of Hollywood?  No, just another earlier version of Mormon "easy access" to functioning body parts.  Actually, this version is more related to Edger Allen Poe than Frederick's.  I actually found a version of these with the ties in a Salvation Army about 15 years ago.  It was made from about the best nylon tricot I've ever felt.  I guess while in bed with your spouse, you simply untied whichever area was needed that night--of course you would leave the garment on.  Of course, in the case of nylon tricot garments, why would you want to take them off?

Ok, on some level I guess I could understand why you might want to try wearing the new lycra garment bottoms (they only make the lycra in bottoms), but why would you wear a cotton garment top?  I found the lycra bottom to be ill fitting and strangely cut, but then, as you know, I'm not a lycra fan.

At first you might make the same mistake, but these are actually mesh.  If you've ever wanted to have sex with a 3M scrubbie pad, these are for you.

Yes, it's very common for Mormons (especially missionaries) to wear nylon or polyester shorts to slide over their nylon bottoms.  Super hot when you get to see the nylon (or lycra) g's sticking out from under their silky shorts.  YES, they do slide under their shorts really well.

VERY RARE to see a guy wearing nylon tricot garments like this and showing off his goods inside his shorts.

Not sure why anyone would use their hand on their cock to shoot some of their sperm on to this pair of lycra garment bottoms, but here it is....

For me, this is like advertising a lunch menu....For the full meal, you have to turn this menu over and then dine within the silky onsie garment.  Again, notice the "architecture" of how these garments are rigged.  Someone really knew what they were doing.  Would loved to have been part of the research team that designed these, but I think they did pretty well without me.