Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Men Wearing Men's Nylon Underwear (and how to get them into it)

The first word that comes to mind when talking about men's nylon underwear is LEGITIMACY.
This is nylon underwear designed for men to wear as underwear--it's not a Speedo designed for swimming, it's not a panty (supposedly) designed for women, and it's not a pair of shorts being worn as underwear.  It is underwear that has the shape, appearance, fly opening (usually) and is otherwise identical to "regular" men's cotton underwear--only it's made out of 100% nylon tricot.  Why is this important?  Well, when you are with someone for the first time and are wearing a nylon panty or even a nylon speedo or green silky, there just might not be a 2nd time.  Some guys are so hung up on nylon being feminine or not manly or not natural, etc.  These are the same guys who have never had their most earth shattering ejaculation into multiple layers of nylon tricot sliding up and down their shaft.  So, for those first few meetings where you will hear things like, "Hey, those feel silky.", or "What kind of underwear is that?" with a certain disdain, you can determine how long it's going to take before you start to notice that some of yours are missing…..

While men wearing nylon underwear designed for men will have some sort of instant legitimacy, they won't always have the best time in their men's briefs.  Even though the nylon tricot is usually a fairly good and silky fabric, rubbing your cock against another guy's cock wearing nylon it great, and it is possible to shoot into them, the addition of the extra seams, and fly openings can actually make things more difficult.

I've never seen this pattern in Jockey briefs before--and I think they're really HOT!  Kind of reminds me of some blue with gold stripe and some burgundy with gray striped shorts they made in the 80's that were almost too easy to get off in.  All jockey nylon briefs have a double nylon crotch / pouch for your manhood to enjoy.  Many of them have the nylon so the 2 layers do rub over each other.  Of course you know what happens when 2 layers of silky nylon tricot slides over your dickhead right?  Unfortunately with Jockey, when your cock starts to grow, it has no choice but to leave the silky, sliding 2 layers for the upper region with a single layer and a seam right in the middle.  Just make sure that if you are doing the helping with the growing, that you guide yours or his cock up on the other side of the fly or experience a "nylon escape" which you don't want to happen

There is not much sexier than a guys ass covered with silky nylon tricot.  The way the nylon moves when the guy moves is amazingly sexy.  Of course sliding your hands down into a guys pants and first discovering that he is actually wearing nylon tricot (anything) is amazing also.

So when you get the other guy's cock hard by first rubbing your own nylon covered cock against his (about 30 seconds at most), it is possible to just slide your fingers over the nylon and get him to shoot that way.  I have some really silky black ones that I gave a guy to wear one night and the waistband is still crunchy from that encounter.  Just make sure that there is room for the cock to shoot even if you have to angle it a bit.  Also, if the briefs happen to have a double nylon sliding crotch, getting your other hand under his balls and sliding that nylon around feels really good.  Worst case scenario is that if the briefs he is wearing are just too small to get him off in,  Jockey goes have a pretty good emergency exit fly to pop his cock out of--but just make sure you have some other sliding nylon nearby so you can continue his nylon experience all the way to ejaculation.

If you do have to resort to pulling his dick out of his nylon briefs, don't worry about what sort of nylon you have available to slide up and down his shaft.  He will assume that it's just another pair of briefs when it could be any other silky nylon you might have around or want to get his load into.  I can't tell you how many guys have shot their manly load into 2 or 3 super silky sliding nylon tricot panties that were moving up and down their manhood.

If the nylon briefs they are wearing are large enough to contain their erection in an erect position for ejaculation but for some reason are having difficulty in getting off, again, you can use some "Assistant nylon" or some other form to slide over their briefs and get them off.  Sometimes you have have to adjust the nylon a bit to go for maximum silkiness, but you will figure it out.  If some guy is feeling your cock through your nylon and feels he should take your manhood out, you can just gently grab his wrist and keep it on your nylon and maybe groan when you say "that feels so good."  Once you let him know how much you like wearing and shooting into your nylon, he will most likely want to please you the same way.

Just make sure you have some other nylon handy(PLAN AHEAD).  Maybe it's under your pillow, you can always reach into a gym bag for a nylon Speedo, maybe your nearby laundry basket just so it doesn't look too planned.  Once you've gotten him into a pair of your nylon briefs, you can always "gift" him a new pair(s) or something I liked to do,  suggest your switch your briefs after you both have shot your loads.  Nothing hotter than having another guy's load in "his" briefs but on "your" cock.  Keep it playful, but be in control with the nylon and you will soon have a real convert who shows up already wearing his…..  Those old cotton boxer briefs make good dust rags.

Some sort of retro nylon briefs.  Beware of no fly openings and too thin an elastic at first.  You will have to convince him of the masculine legitimacy of wearing MEN'S nylon before you drift over to "the other side".

These are new and present an interesting variation.  Nylon briefs that are actually designed to be ejaculated into.  That cock looks a little strained but would be easy to get your thumb behind and over that head.  I'd still have another pair of something silky standing by just in case.

There are any number of brands that made men's nylon briefs.  This one has the more traditional "tighty whitey" fly opening.  Having an uncovered waistband is also a good first time consideration.  Unfortunately these have the double layer of nylon tapering at the top instead of giving you more double nylon to slide.  Also, best to start out with white or at least a solid color.  It's ok if he wants to make fun of your wearing briefs, but you don't want him making fun of them being made out of nylon.  

Even though Munsingwear made the best nylon tricot ever (they called it Tricolon), could these brigs make it more difficult to get off into?  That giant fly opening is in the way as are the two seams and none of them have 2 layers of sliding nylon tricot to get off into.

Some sort of retro nylon something.  That giant seam in front could really be a pain.

Don't roll the waistband down like this.  First of all it looks like you're trying to be sexy (let the nylon do that for you) and yuou want maximum room for your cock in the UP position.  Many of the newer briefs switched to Antron nylon which has more shine and is a little bit thinner and cheesier than the older nylon tricot.

I think Jockey has been making nylon tricot briefs for men the longest--although I think they stopped in the last year or so.  They even made some out of rayon and other silky combinations.  

As hot as this looks to see all his manhood on display through some sheer, silky nylon, these aren't big enough to get him off in.  These would be good once you have him under your nylon spell for just wearing around…..

You can see the construction of these nylon Jockeys here.  If that double nylon crotch isn't set up to slide, that area where the inner fly overlaps the outer fly will slide.  You can use this to rub on his head before it rises up out of the crotch area.  

Judging by how many of these I have seen in new condition at thrift shops or on eBay, I think most cotton wearing men never saw these nylon (some were acetate) briefs as anything more than a gag gift and never wore them.  After all, silky nylon lingerie is supposed to be for women only and men have to wear their cotton boxer briefs with a brand name on the waistband.  How wrong they are…..

Not sure what kind of nylon Jockey is using in these to get that moire pattern.  BTW, all of these Jockey nylon briefs came off a Pups underwear site.  Needless to say, 99.9% of his pictures are in cotton briefs but he must have accidentally gotten some nylon.  

So sexy seeing his ass through this silky nylon along with that seam.

Seeing a big dickhead through 2 layers of silky nylon tricot just waiting to be stimulated is a good thing….

My kind of Easter card.  Imagine a big sticky cum load in the upper right corner.  Even better if it came from your own cock, but is now being worn by your partner as you drift off asleep until you wake up and add another load.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Pertinent Question Answered--"Do I wear silkies for underwear….?"

I usually don't get any letters or questions from my followers, but I did just get one that I thought I would answer as a post:

"slept in my silkies again last night and woke up hard as a rock.  time to put some starch in them.  do you where silkies for underwear like i do?"

Rather than make up some hot story, I'd rather explain the truth because it's a good question.  As most of you know, my cock has had nylon tricot on it 24/7 for my entire adult life.  This nylon might be in the form of a 100% nylon Speedo, a nylon mormon garment, green silkies, other nylon shorts, nylon panty, or men's nylon briefs.  I am less concerned about what it is than I am about what it feels like--which usually means wearing more than 1 of the above so there is some sliding action going on.  For the same reason I often wear a nylon tank under a nylon t-shirt or a nylon t-shirt under a nylon outer shirt or any combination thereof.   

Once upon a time when we could see another guy bend over and see a flash of his nylon jockey briefs or see a guy walking down the beach in a nylon speedo or maybe a guy in nylon tricot shorts at the supermarket, it would stimulate me to wear something like I had just seen.  It was a sort of "I'm enjoying what I just saw some other guy wearing" kind of thing….usually followed by a hot j/o session in that nylon thinking about what I'd just seen. There were even times when I was able to snag what the other guy was actually wearing and feel first hand (and first cock) what he had on.  Those days of raiding locker rooms or being in the gym at the right time have come and gone now that virtually no guys wear any form of nylon tricot.

So I am now pretty much left up to my own mood to decide what form or nylon tricot I'm going to wear. Unfortunately, living in Hawaii, the humidity can also affect what and how much nylon I'm going to wear depending on the activity and if I will be outside or inside with a/c.

For example, today I will be working mostly outside on my house:  nail gun, compressor, work boots, ladder and will either have on a pair of green silkies with nylon tank top or t-shirt or maybe a pair of nylon panties under a pair of Dolfin shorts--basically the same as wearing a green silky but the shorts (double layer of nylon) will slide over the nylon panty.  This is actually another problem for me…..

If I jerk off into nylon at the end of this post, which I am leaning towards doing, I could either wear a non-sliding green silky or a panty/Dolfin combo without any issues.  If I don't j/o and wear some sliding nylon, I won't get very far into my work project and the "nylon distraction" will begin.  Working with power tools and having silky nylon sliding over the head of my cock or ass is not a good idea for very long.  

So to finally get to the follower's question……no, I don't wear silkies for underwear for the sake of wearing silkies for underwear!  I wear silkies when I don't need or want to be too distracted by sliding nylon.  The makers of green silkies (Soffee) have obviously and consciously placed the inner panty brief against the outer short with the nylon "backwards" so that the two don't slide together.  If they were to put the liner in the opposite way they have it, the inner brief would slide against the outer short and there would be a whole new wave of jokes being made about wearing them….and the "silky pop" would become a more expected result from wearing them.  Currently the 2 layers of nylon are, in fact, just 2 layers of nylon that look and feel good.  The outer short helps to cover the inner bulge of what is basically a panty without the double nylon crotch and makes them more acceptable and less underwear looking.

I basically wear what nylon tricot is out there based on the mood I'm in, the likelihood I will want to jerk off in them afterwards, and the distraction factor of having silky nylon sliding around with what I happen to be doing.  In other words, there is no simple answer for me when it comes to wearing silky nylon tricot!  Sorry, no pics, but there will be some more soon…..

Monday, April 14, 2014

Nylon Tricot Mix--More of Everything

I don't do back to back posts very often, but feeling more horny today (cold, windy, rainy) and wearing more nylon than usual which makes for wanting to post more since it's really the only nylon outlet I have living in the middle of nowhere like I do…..

Besides the obvious wanting to eat that horizontal crotch for lunch, I was thinking of having him cast in bronze and making it a bird feeder since it would probably be too difficult to hire him to pose like that all day.

What happens when you stuff 100% beef into lycra--my kind of sausage

This poor sad guy really needs to slip into some silky nylon tricot and put on a happy face.  He's done so much work to get a body like that, why deprive it of a little joy?

I think I've only had one coach who wasn't this hunky and who I would love to have done this with--especially since he was probably wearing a nylon Speedo under his clothes.

Not a whole lot of 100% nylon going on here, but thinking of those coaches getting to hand out all those suits to all those guys--who have all turned 18 since this photo was taken for sure…..

Imagine the electricity they could produce when sliding their 100% nylon tricot Aussiebum covered bulges back and forth--wouldn't be too long before they would be pumping out the fire in their suits.

Before Australians were forced to wear 100% nylon Aussiebums, they had to wear 100% nylon Speedos.
Two real guys having to wear their 100% nylon tricot team suit.  Luckily those Australians never had much of a problem wearing their Speedos for underwear--and why not?

The outside of the silkiest, best nylon suit ever made, the 100% nylon tricot Ocean Champion suit.  They were introduced sometime in the 50's and were made (with slightly differing nylons) until the 70's  They later switched to the cheaper grade, shiny Antron nylon and made the suits so that the inner liner no longer slid under the outer brief.  Just the slightest movement of the outer suit made it slide over the slightly smaller inner suit.  Don't know how guys kept from being hard the whole time they had these on.

The inside of the best nylon suit ever made.  Plenty of room to get hard in these, extra silky nylon, and the slightly larger outer brief that slid over the inner one with the slightest movement.  You could easily hump your pillow, jerk yourself off, or very easily jerk someone else off or just rub your cocks together for a major explosion inside your suit.

Two guys wearing what were probably the gold color Ocean Champion suit.

Because guys wore them so much larger and higher, there was never any question of your cock sticking out of them or not having enough silky nylon to slide over your entire shaft and head.  It was also possible to grind your hard-on against another guy's ass wearing a pair since that nylon slid so easily.

Seeing an entire team of almost everyone wearing (probably red) an Ocean Champion suit like this is almost too much.  Never saw any of those satin looking suits, but they were probably divers who always had some strange sort of tougher material instead of the silky nylon us swimmers got to wear.  All this silky nylon just standing around while their white cotton briefs waited in their lockers for the rest of the day--except in my case, of course.

Another group of happy nylon tricot Ocean Champion wearing lucky guys.  You can make out their inner liners on some of the suits.  They are all in their mid to late 70's by now, but if they have their suits, they are still silky and sliding as I have some of the old, original kind that still feel so good.  

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Nylon Grab Bag or Something For Everyone--or you are on the wrong site.

Not sure why I don't like posting all of one theme--just shorts or just Aussiebum or just silkies.  It's not like I only like wearing one at a time or something.  It's all about wearing silky nylon tricot whether is's nylon panties under nylon soccer shorts or green silkies under basketball shorts--whatever, I just like wearing as much nylon as is practical 24/7.  I've still got a bunch of guys wearing nylon already sorted by "categories" so I'll probably post some more category lists, but I kind of like just posting a variety.  I suppose some of you may just be into shirts only or silkies only or speedos only, but if it's made out of silky nylon tricot--I'm wearing it (and hopefully ejaculating into it before it hits the washing machine).  So hopefully there will be something here for everyone…..

Imagine 9 Greek water polo players all wearing 100% nylon tricot just standing there…. Every one of their cocks has at least 2 layers of silky nylon and every one of those Speedos is capable of sliding up and down their shafts and over their heads until they are completely filled with the entire contents of their sperm storage.  (Note:  if the drainage is not complete, please repeat process until it is).  Judging by the lack of DNA stains on the front of those Speedos, I'd say there is a lot of draining to do.

Sorry I hadn't found him when I did my last all Aussiebum posting because he sure deserved to be in it.  That super silky looking suit links like it might just hold his erection until his ejaculation shoots his last dribble.  Those Aussiebum Portsea nylon suits are really fantastic.

This kind of falls under fantasy--4 guys all wearing nylon sports gear (although I'm not seeing much of anything silky in this picture) and having sex wearing all of it right next to each other.  The only thing missing are some nylon sheets….

Addidas really did make some of the silkiest, shiny nylon shorts although a lot of it was more on the satin side.

A really good way to get the party going…and even the sheets look nylon here!

Interesting that these 3 straight guys are showing off their bodies and it's acceptable that one of them is wearing silky (probably polyester) basketball shorts sticking out of his jeans like that.  I would hope that he isn't depriving his cock of the silkiness factor by wearing unseen cotton underwear.

Another fantasy moment---an entire team still wearing their gear decides to masturbate at the same dime still wearing their gear.  Of course in my fantasy, their gear would all be silky nylon tricot and would include helping each other out but with their cocks inside enjoying the sliding nylon a lot more than their bare hands.

This is out of a straight porn site, but some men are man enough to wear some silky nylon panties and obviously enjoy the feel on their cocks without all sorts of seams and openings.  This guy is obviously one of them.

Yeah, tenting in a pair of smooth front nylon tricot panties is an inevitable result along with an uncontrollable, violent ejaculation that always happens--even faster when there are 2 pairs on at the same time and they are sliding over each other.

You might think I'm really reaching with this photo of a pissed off guy wearing some sort of perforated nylon briefs.  These are, however, a drag suit that has an inner layer of smooth nylon or polyester and an outer perforated layer of the same material.  They usually slide very easily over one another.  They are also usually worn fairly large.  So the only thing this guy is pissed off about is that no one has offered to slide those 2 silky layers over his cock and give him a major ejaculation into them.

A very sad photo of a military guy who didn't get the memo that it was ok to wear nylon tricot green silkies for underwear--just not for PT.  That poor cock of his suffering inside 2 layer of scratchy nylon is very sad.

Not sure under what circumstances you have to wake up early and go outside wearing nothing but some silky looking nylon/lycra shorts.  Looks like some guys have more awake parts than others.  Now if they could just keep their hands up like that and turn to face their partners and slowly start sliding their increasing bulges together, they would all wake up a lot faster and stay warmer.

I think I can get a semi just seeing the name TRICOT in print like that.  I know it's pronounced tree-coe and is French for knit, but in my world it's "try-cot" and it's sex talk for silky ejaculation.  One upon a time a man could buy a dress shirt, a t-shirt or tank (vest) to wear under it, and even his men's nylon tricot underwear if he wasn't man enough to wear women's' panties and it was all available and normal and extremely silky with some of the best nylon ever made.  Funny how they had to sell it by explaining it never needed ironing and dried quickly when the real selling points should have been regarding the most satisfying, earth-shaking, best ejaculations your cock would every experience--and still dry quickly and not wrinkle in the process!

Mutual masturbation in nylon is incredible (especially when you both start to feel it's time to fill your shorts with a big load).  Unfortunately these guys need to get their manhood inside the silky nylon and, as I like to say, let the nylon do the work for you.  True, with only one layer of nylon you won't get the true feeling of 2 or more layers sliding, but at least you will be filling your shorts from the inside and when you go to trade your cum-stained shorts later, you won't have wasted a drop.

This real problem of nylon sliding so easily over lycra compression shorts should be exploited a little better and a little longer than this photo.  Always think it's funny how these stop-action photos capture moments that only exist for a second or less and may not have been even noticeable to either party.  Yet, here for all eternity is a picture of a man sliding his hand over another guy's manhood covered with nylon and lycra.  I would like to think they got together later and made it last an hour longer than this photograph did.

I love that smirk on his face.  You can almost hear him thinking, "Yeah, I'm wearing a double nylon tricot Speedo on my my male parts and there's nothing you can do about it in your cotton….."

Another one of those wonder parties--why are most of the guys wearing what pass for Speedos and one guy is in lace panties?

Only posting this as a reminded of my hiring my last assistant only because he bent  over and each day flashed a different UA waistband.  Given that those shorts are $24-30+ each, he obviously had a liking for them--as did I seeing them on him.

…..speaking of fantasies, if I wouldn't already be dead from old age by now, I would loved to have been a coach who handed out silky nylon tricot suits (and some of them double sliding nylon Ocean Champion trunks or Dolfin) to unsuspecting guys who had just hung up their white cotton briefs before slipping into their first pair of silky nylon tricot--unless you were like me who had first done that at age 5 with my sister's nylon panties (5 pairs at once--I knew a good thing when I felt it even then--until my dad beat the crap out of me.  Or as I prefer to think of it, beat the love of nylon tricot INTO me!

Interesting to see how future Olympian Don Schollander could have such an undeveloped body compared to today's standards--but sure looks cute here resting his hands on his silky nylon stripe (technically most of these were 50% nylon and 50% terelyne--but 100% silky) Speedo.  Come to think of it, everyone is feeling their silky suits the same way…..