Saturday, July 26, 2014

Men Who Legitimately Wear Nylon Tricot (and why it used to matter).

So if all these men get/got to wear silky nylon tricot legitimately in public, what would have been men who wear nylon illegitimately?  I guess I make the distinction because my only contact with nylon tricot from age 5 until 14 was the illegitimate kind that came out of my sisters' nylon panty drawers and got me beaten because real men only wear white cotton briefs and girls got to wear nylon.  That frustration has lasted all these years because I didn't know that there was nylon tricot out there for men as well.  Well, I'd say I've done a good job of legitimizing or at least not caring anymore what kind of silky nylon tricot I am wearing or ejaculating into.

This is an early photo of men wearing nylon tricot swim suits--not exactly sure of the brand--but they are big and silky and very legitimate.

The only thing missing from this otherwise very hot photo is that he took off his underwear which is on display to the left of his head--his pair of nylon tricot green silkies.  You can see his little inner panty brief showing.  All that manhood should really be inside those little silkies and he should be pumping a big load into them--with a little help from me, of course.

I know this is a repeat, but what could be more legitimate than a bunch of bored guys sitting around a waiting room wearing their silky nylon shorts?

I just found this photo today on their Facebook page--they seem to get away with a lot on that site…..  First time I've ever gotten to look down into the inner panty of a guy wearing his silky nylon tricot shorts like this.  You can even see the Soffee label.  Imagine that just a few minutes after this picture was taken, he grabbed that waistband and pulled those green silkies back into place and you can see here right where his cock and balls spent the rest of the day and probably night.

Once upon a time guys would pull down their jeans and there would be a nylon tricot Speedo being worn for underwear.  If they pulled down their nylon Speedo (something I was always trying not to let happen) there would be the Speedo tan line on their body

Not sure exactly how old this photo is but I don't know if it's a nylon tricot suit or not.  I couldn't help but think how incredible that bulge would be if it was in nylon--almost looks like a faint outline of a Speedo logo?

Nothing wrong with his technique rubbing a nylon pair of shorts on his hard cock, but I'm a little suspicious that the waistband showing could be from cotton briefs under the nylon.

This was in response to the Facebook posting of the guy with his green silkies down on the toilet.  Ranger panties are an equal substitute.

No nylon showing in this picture but it's so sweet and cute that there is every reason to believe they are both wearing a nylon tricot Ocean Champion swim suit.

Here is a mixture of nylon tricot and tactel shorts.  See if you can tell the difference using the two pictures.  Those probable cotton boxer briefs underneath the nylon tricot green silkies on the right did not go unnoticed…..

This should make it fairly obvious who is in nylon tricot and who isn't.

It's not always easy to see the inner nylon liner on these either Ocean Champion or Dolfin suits.  The slightest movement over the front of their bulges would find that the outer nylon suit would slide over the inner nylon liner.

I don't think these are nylon suits, but within a year or two they would all be wearing nylon tricot.

Instead of having naked swimming when I was 12 in the 7th grade and mixed in with 13-15 year olds,  I would have preferred to have been wearing these "utility" Speedo nylon suits.  I remember having my first actual ejaculation when I was 12 - 1/2 and it would have been into one of these for sure.

Close up of this LDS guy in his silky nylon tricot 2-piece garment.  He referred to it as "Corban" which is what the Mormon Church used to call the nylon tricot fabric.  I suspect it was to make it sound more masculine--but they all say 100% nylon now.

This picture tells a little story…..The guy on the right is married and is probably a Church Elder or Bishop.  The guy on his right is his secret boyfriend.  They are in a hotel room based on the bed on the right and the a/c unit on the left.    What's hot is that with their various choices of fabrics for their garments, they have both chosen silky nylon tricot to have sex in.  The cock on his little friend is pointed away from the cotton panel on the left side of his fly opening.

Friday, July 25, 2014

LDS Nylon Garments in Action

Still doing the LDS garment theme.  I've never been with another guy wearing nylon G's but still hoping it can happen in reality since it's only happened in fantasy.

Not sure what the point is if you are both wearing nylon tricot that you would just take your cocks out like you had  cotton on instead.  Those cocks should have been rubbed back and forth until they each shot in their silky nylon tricot G's.

Yeah, this is what you can do with that double nylon, silky / sliding crotch.  After all that sliding around next to each other wearing their nylon garments, this is the easiest way to fill that crotch with a load.

No need to take anything off when you have easy access to other parts that might benefit from tongue or cock action…

If you are so inclined, this is how easy the action can be…..

This has to be one of the hottest photos I've ever posted.  Two guys covered in nylon tricot and still able to feel their silky covered bodies while doin' it

Love to see his mostly covered nylon cock
 and that sexy scoop neckline.  So easy to find those nipples with the temple markings over them.

Looks like this double nylon crotch isn't quite large enough to cover all this manhood…..

NO, don't let him escape.  You can see that strange cotton panel they put on half of the opening of the bottom half of a 2 piece garment.  Are they worried about a yeast infection?

If those are nylon shorts that slid off his silky nylon garment, not sure why he would need to stick his cock out at all.  What's really hot is to be able to see the bottom of the garment hem sticking out from under those shorts--especially if you can see that they're nylon.

This guy is ready to shoot….better get it back inside and finish it off.

Here's the garment in all its glory covering his body with silky nylon tricot.  So easy to just walk up and start sliding your own double nylon covered cock against his.  That leaves your hands free to explore the rest of his nylon covered body.  Won't take long before you both to feel each other pumping a big load into your garments and feel your warm, stick crotches leaking.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Nylon Tricot Mormon Underwear--Part 2 The Onesie or One Piece Nylon Tricot Garment

This is my preferred garment--the one piece or onesie.  You enter it through the neck which opens just enough to go over your hips.  The feeling of pulling up all this nylon over your body is amazing.  Putting each arm and then you're done--let the fun begin.  The double layer of nylon tricot over the crotch area slide over each other.  Because the crotch area is so vertical, it's pretty obvious that it was designed to cover your erection.  And what do we know happens to hard cocks covered by 2 or more layers of silky nylon tricot that slide?  Really big ejaculations, of course!!  You can see how easy the access is for either front or back entry if you want.  The onesie doesn't have that cotton panel like the separate shorts do.  Like I have said several times before, these were designed to have sex in and obviously sex with another guy as you rub your 4 layers of silky nylon crotches together.

Wearing 2 of these at once (obviously a smaller pair under a larger pair) is my preferred way to travel on a plane--especially in 1st class when you can stretch out.  Once I even wore a nylon Addidas pair of track pants, a nylon shirt and a thin nylon jacket.  Not only was the feeling incredible, I even thought that if the plane were to crash, having this many layers of silky nylon on is the way to go!

My thanks to this guy who was brave enough to put his face and body out there for all to see wearing his nylon Mormon underwear.  I have some more pictures of other guys wearing theirs to follow.  I know these aren't for those of you who want tiny bikinis with big bulges and have to be removed to have sex.  For us nylon guys, being able to wear something like this underwear that is actually required 24/7 by your church, is like the coach handing you a double nylon Ocean Champion swim suit--imagine if he said you had to wear it for underwear and sleep in--well, I THOUGHT that's what mine said!  Why would I want to take them off anyway?

These actually don't stay on a regular hangar very well but the plastic ones that have little hooks on them keep them from sliding off the hangar.  I love seeing these all hanging up and ready for action.

The nylon on these is very much like the older nylon that was thicker, not shiny, and super silky.

On their way into place.  With all this nylon sliding up your body, it's really amazing.  These have the same 4 sacred markings.  They are really well made and special care is given to that double nylon sliding panel--no seams to get in the way.

Sure was nice of them to give your cock the double pleasure of that double sliding nylon.  No other seams or interruptions on the garment, just smooth, silly nylon on your body.

The back seems to be a bit complicated, but they obviously put a lot of thought into the engineering on this.  Yeah, you do wind up pulling all that nylon out of your butt, but is that so terrible?  The flap does stay closed and is very easy to open up.  It's sort of kinky to leave them on when sitting on the toilet, but the idea that you can still go to the bathroom wearing your nylon underwear without having to pull anything down or up or out to answer nature.

Here's the easy access--as much or as little as you want while still keeping the nylon garment on.

Really difficult to keep from doing this.  You can hardly see the fly opening because there's really no reason to take your cock out for sex but easy of pee.

Not sure why he felt the need to stick his cock out, but you can see the overlapping fly with the 2 layers of nylon.

Oh yeah, your nipples and those markings line up and it's so hot to feel the silky nylon over them.

And what is netter than 1 layer of nylon……2 or more, of course.  I'm fairly sure that he is wearing a nylon shirt.  You can see his "smily face" scoop neck easily through his shirt.  It would be nice to think that every scoop neck like this meant the guy was wearing a nylon tricot garment, but the mesh ones also have the same scoop.  The cotton ones tend to have a thicker neckline.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Nylon Tricot LDS Mormon Underwear - Part 1

I haven't posted any pictures for a long time of men wearing LDS nylon underwear.  Many of the earlier ones I did post were of me which have since turned up on other LDS underwear sites which is why your don't want to include your face when posting online.  Again, my interest is in the super silky 100% nylon tricot underwear that the Mormon Church makes available to "endowed members" (although it doesn't say if they have to be WELL endowed or not, ha ha).  I'm not going to go into the whole history, church beliefs, marking symbols, etc. of their underwear.  I am going to give you lots of pictures of guys who are wearing them, however.

The Mormon Church does offer a number of different fabrics ranging from cotton, to mesh, to lycra, and of course nylon tricot which they used to call Corban--but I think guys figured it out that it was really silky nylon tricot.  They also make their underwear in 2 piece, as shown on this post, and my preferred one piece, or onesie.  They also refer to these garments as "g's".  The church does not sell these to anyone who doesn't have an active membership card and number.  They sell at select temple locations (where they also sell other temple related clothing) or online, but there's no easy way to fake getting them.  There was another site that was selling them as a sort of "anti-LDS" group but I don't know if they are still around or survived.

The concept is to wear this underwear 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  Imagine a church that provides you with super silky nylon underwear and then wants you to wear it all the time?  Technically they allow you to remove it for sports (imagine a Speedo over one?) and technically sex, but not sure why anyone would want to take these off.  As I have shown you before (and will again) the one piece (onesie) garment was practically designed to have sex IN so may that's why they are the fastest growing church in the world.  Ok, not going into their beliefs or politics, just here for the nylon…..

This is the finished look.  If you aren't into nylon tricot, this post isn't going to do much for you.  If you are into nylon tricot, you should be fully hard….any time soon!  The nylon isn't normally this shiny, but I think this guy was using a flash and it is shinier.

The waistband is just regular white elastic like any men's brief or shorts, but the rest is all nylon tricot--although some of them have a small cotton panel on part of the fly opening--but not on the onesie garments.  So this is about the time I would start having a semi because I'd be already feeling the silky nylon fabric and knowing I would soon be slipping into it.

Making sure he has the fly opening up front

Sliding into his silky bottoms.  This inner panel on his fly opening looks like it might be nylon, but on most of the ones I have it is a thin cotton.  I'm guessing it was done for modesty purposes.  I wish they had just used another layer of nylon rather than cotton--3 or 4 layers of silky nylon ought to do it.
Funny how guys instinctively reach back and feel the silky nylon on their ass.  The only thing better is to put on another pair of these and feel both layers sliding around.

Getting ready to put his silky scoop neck nylon t-shirt on.  You can see the label which is in English and Spanish and warns that the garments are only for endowed LDS members--which to me would mean anyone with a cock and who likes nylon tricot, of course.

It's such a turn on to be putting this nylon on…..
I would already be hard if this was me…..

Pulling his shirt down into place…..

Tucking in the shirt does give you a little protection from the cotton panel inside the shorts.  Of course every step you take you ass is feeling those 2 layers of nylon sliding around--especially under your pants.  Imagine wearing these under your nylon pajamas to bed?  And on my bed that would also include nylon tricot sheets.  So far I've never slid out of bed yet!

Yeah, this will separate us nylon man from you cotton boys, but I find this so hot.  I would straighten his nylon shirt out better.
As near as I can tell, this dude is wearing a nylon shirt--or is it just my wishful imagination?  I do have another picture in a future posting which is definitely a nylon shirt--something that I LOVE to do over mine.  As you can see, his scoop neckline (also called a "Happy Face" by other LDS) through his shirt.  This is a subtle form of LDS recognition or a sort of "I'm one and I can see by your underwear, you are, too.  I also love it when you can see the outline of the bottom seam through their pants.  The cotton garments can also have a regular crew neck so not seeing the scoop neck doesn't mean they don't have their g's on.

What is so hot is that other than a pair of pants, he could be completely dressed in nylon and be perfectly acceptable.