Thursday, June 23, 2016

An Entire Blog Post of Lycra Wearing Wrestlers??

On some level I do know that lycra has won and us nylon tricot only guys are the much-to-quiet minority, so here is a rare posting of nothing but guys probably enjoying their lycra but only because they don't know about what they are missing with nylon tricot.  Yeah, that's the only reason I can think of.....  Nylon tricot will be back soon, don't worry.

Nothing very remarkable about this photo, but in the next blog post you will see what someone did with it--not that I really believed it, of course!

More of just a casual little feeling of his silky lycra singlet than any actual adjustment of his goods

More like a Michelangelo study than the reality it only lasted for a second or 2, but this tangle of hairy legs and arms and bulges and grabbing is hot in this frozen image of it.

This may also be the Photoshop work of "The Enlarger" but I'll take it....

It's bad enough when you shoot your load inside your singlet during a match, but when the other guy shoots on you at the same time, well, it can get a little messy.....  Time Out!  "Clean up on Mat #3"

Ok, this one I believe.  I also believe there would be twice as much sperm if he was wearing nylon tricot....

Don't you just want to pull that lycra up his ass crack out with your teeth?

Don't worry, that lycra will cover your nipples when they get harder.  Imagine him working that lycra singlet up over those legs....  Wonder if he got molested by his coach in the locker room?

We were moving along nicely, but then, they just can't leave well enough alone and take it out.

If he does this much in public feeling his lycra and cock, what happens in private?

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Continuing the Mixed Bag of Nylon Tricot Wearing Men.....someone's got to do it.

With so few sites that exclusively feature nylon tricot on men, we're back to a general collection of when or where I can find them--just like in real life.  In fact, when was the last time you actually saw a man wearing any form of nylon tricot in person?  I'm guessing it was a tourist at the Waikiki Sheraton  a few years ago wearing a nylon tricot Spank suit--kind of pathetic in reality.....

Yeah, guys used to wear nylon tricot Speedos that were large enough to hold their manhood up or down. to get off in them or to get off without them--but wrapped around their cocks and slid until until ejaculation and comfortable enoughto wear for underwear by day and bed (with expectations) at night....

You know about how wrestlers like to "check the oil" of their opponents--well, this dude is going for a 3 finger check.  Not sure who is going to enjoy it more....the checker or the checkee?

Yeah, reality says he's got on his boring .Hanes black with big fly opening cotton boxer briefs....but since this is a fantasy site, he could have on a nylon tricot version of anything you want him have on

So here's the deal with these 2 silky TYR suits....  It's possible that they already slide over his cock as is (I think the inner suit is a Truwest so it probably does).  Otherwise, you may have to reverse the order.  In any case, there will be 4 layers of nylon (or silky polyester) to shoot through.  I bet I don't have to tell him that, however....

There is a point at which "adjustment" ends, "discovery begins," and "ejaculation occurs".  I just made that up....

Not sure why someone felt the need to add the arrow (like, duh) but there it is....and he's not even a Buckeye (see next post for reference if you don't already know....)

Once these would have been considered a really small suit and now they are considered to be a large suit.  What hasn't changed is the feeling of sliding silky nylon tricot over a dick and what happens after (well, actually during!).

Usually we see him in his nylon tricot Mormon garments, but he knows his way around nylon enough to send me a few pictures of him enjoying a silky pop in his green nylon tricot silkies. 
These silkies have found a good home and a good master....

G's wearing LDS with a PA

Looking good in his nylon tricot Green Silkies--and a man who knows what to do with them is a good thing.

I don't remember this scene in "South Pacific" but this guy sure knows how to feel his 100% nylon tricot Ocean Champion suit

Always hot to see a swimmer or lifeguard with his 2nd suit but so much better when they are both nylon tricot.  If you're going to get paid to sit around all day in a Speedo, you might as well have 2 of them on. 
This almost reminds me of the air-brushed underwear crotches in the Sears, Montgomery Wards or J.C. Penney catalogs that wiped out any reference to maleness.  At the least it's a nice lycra tease before I get them off in nylon tricot....

Almost as good as a locker room, if you can get into a visiting team's swim bag, you will find his nylon tricot suits that he wears for practice (and preference) when not in his man-pinching lycra.

Always good to see guys being introduced to nylon tricot at an age when they can still establish some good memories of what happens when they wear it.....

Here they are in public.  Two straight men wearing their required man-underwear--cotton boxer briefs, prick holes, thick elastic, and a lot of attitude.  Put them in some silky nylon tricot in a dim, anonymous hotel room and see what happens....You know that sound that silking nylon tricot makes when it's really sliding good?  That sound a guy makes just before his legs twitch as his sperm starts traveling up his shaft and he explodes into his silkiness?  That's what these guys are really thinking about as soon as they can ditch their scratchy cotton..... 

Ok, where do I start?  Yes, "Speedos are great!" until the mid-70's when they started adding lycra and 100% nylon tricot Speedos started their slow decline on to overpriced eBay listings.  Then, these aren't Speedos at all but just another bikini swim suit.  Third, and most important, is good luck sliding these on anything other than your car to bring out the shine (being careful they don't take the paint off)  'cause they sure ain't gonna get you off....  No wonder why guys take their "Speedos" off in the first 5 minutes of a Speedo-sex vid.

Ever notice how almost every guy who grabs his man-parts in public for some sort of "adjustment" (whether they need it or not) has the same sort of indifferent or almost innocent look on their face?  "What?  Who me?"  "Is that my dick?"

Monday, June 20, 2016

CAUTION: THIS NYLON TRICOT BLOG POST CONTAINS PHOTOS OF SOME MEN WEARING LYCRA. It should not be viewed by those who would find this to be offensive or disturbing. (There is still plenty of nylon to go around)

Going through so many hundreds if not thousands of photos to find so few of men wearing nylon tricot can sometimes lower my standards and include some lycra once in awhile.  I know there is a HUGE lycra fetish out there--certainly many times more guys into it than nylon tricot for sure.  Yes, lycra enhances and shows off what you have and also what you don't have.  And in other ways, it usually means you will have to remove it to have sex in it.  Of course it also won't last anywhere near as long as nylon will--certainly one of the reasons it started polluting the formerly 100% nylon tricot Speedos (and other brands) that are still alive and silking more than 50 years later when lycra would seldom last 5 years, requiring that you continue to have to buy it.  So I do have a personal resentment towards lycra for causing another reason nylon has all but disappeared from the marketplace.

This is a clear example of not all nylon covered asses with nylon tricot liners are created equal--but they all deserve equal attention in my world.

Choose your favorite nylon tricot Soffee silkies color.  Your cock truly won't care at all when you pull a silky pop inside them

Not sure what it is about the Buckeyes wrestling team, but they consistently have the largest and most well displayed male parts of any other team--with or without other clothing on underneath.  GO BUCKEYES!

So here's the story I heard....when they were having sex last night in their silky singlets and were sliding around on each other, the guy on the right shot his load and made a huge mess on the ass of the guy on the left.  When they woke up this morning, the guys ass was all stained by the huge load that was shot there.  The only thing they could think to do was to use their identification tag to cover the stains.  Pretty smart.....

Thanks for showing us your chests, but you can put your silky singlet tops back down and get to work sliding over each other.  Let's see who shoots first and then who shoots the most into their shorts.  Unfortunately it looks like they won't be able to switch shorts and sleep in each other's stained nylon shorts, but that's ok.  They will still be dry when they wake up and silk each other again.

If you think they call these shorts "dazzle shorts" because of the shiny, silky polyester material, you are partly right.  However, this guy is equally dazzling in them.  Seeing some of his load leak through them would be even more so.....

I think this is the LDS firefighter who likes to wear his nylon garment under his uniform--well, that does without saying.  You can see the way he is feeling his cock inside the silky garment because the left side has a cotton panel for some stupid reason.  It's ok, the nylon onesie garment makes up for it.....

I had to blow this picture up to see that the guy on the left is not wearing a nylon tricot suit, but you can easily see the "bottom" guy is wearing a nylon suit.

On many vintage nylon shorts, they also had a nylon liner / inner brief.  They usually slide under the larger short, but not always.  Not sure why they have to have that big seam running down the middle to irritate your cockhead when silking.

I remember when I was a kid and we went to "Paul Bunyan's Playground" and there was this huge statue of him.  It was easily possible to walk under his fiberglass crotch and look up, but things might have been different if he had been wearing these tights and top and not his scratchy flannel shirt.

These poor wrestlers are left to fend for themselves when their dicks can only take so much sliding and grinding against another guy.  Lycra can slide against other lycra and especially against nylon so it requires constant re-adjustment.

I think it's too bad and unsportsmanlike that they don't adjust the other players as a friendly gesture since they both have the same issues.  Feeling your own stretchy and silky fabric between your fingers isn't all that bad, though.....

Oh wait, looks like his opponent is trying to help him reposition his goods--nice guy!
No, I don't think it was an "accident."

Sometimes it's nice to just hold hands and let the lycra slide them over each other.  Even if they don't get to ejaculate now, you can be sure they will hook up later and finish the job.

VPL's are always hot to see especially when they are seen through white.  This guy is going in on a move that they refer to "checking the oil" which is an attempt to get 1 or more fingers up their ass and this guy looks like he is really going for it.

Not sure what I am ending this post with but it is producing a large bulge and involves at least a couple of layers of something silky showing.  Always a good sign to see that a guys is willing to wear more than one layer or one article of silkiness.  This usually means they already know that it takes for silking and sliding nylon over their manhood and ejaculating into it.  That's what nylon tricot does best.