Monday, March 20, 2017

History of Nylon Tricot and More Pics of Men Enjoying It--How can They Not?

Don't get too used to my frequent blogs as the time that has gone into doing them is way more than I can justify spending, but a nylon guy's gotta do what a nylon guy does sometimes.  I think my rants are fairly up to date so I'll keep the intro short so you can read this excellent history (probably the best I've read) on the history of the invention of nylon with some of the social commentary about it as well.  I'm guessing the Cotton Lobby is behind the latest condemnation of nylon and micro fibre's comeback with the tiny, microscopic fuzz associated with it is back to causing cancer and killing whales.  Well, I'd rather live a (slightly) shorter life (what, 2 hours?) WITH nylon than living to 110 but having to wear cotton.

Fittingly, these are all from my South African nylon shirt friend who also has an excellent blog that chronicles the history of them.

I wish I had someone in my family like favorite color shiny shorts with the same results in them.

In Canada in 1959, men were able to buy these incredible looking silky nylon tricot briefs.  You can be sure those 2 layers slid over each other, but that's kind of a narrow width to have to shoot your load into.  Canada always had really good nylon tricot--even their Speedos always seemed to feel silkier.

I can never get enough of these super silky nylon tricot Mormon garment bottoms and I can never stop complaining about why they put in that stupid cotton panel.  Luckily they still have 2 silky, sliding layers in their main nylon sex garment, the "onesie."  Better not mess with that garment.....  unless, of course, you are planning to make a big sticky mess inside those 2 sliding crotch layers.

So glad this vintage nylon tricot panty found a guy who appreciates it.  That 50 year old fabric was the best and his balls are safe and silky in that double fabric crotch.  Look at all that silky room he has to play in!  Like that great vintage applique and that it's out of the way for sexual activity, too!

Can't deal with a panty, here's a more masculine but way less versatile or silky masculine version.  Too wide a waistband, too many seams. not enough room, inferior nylon quality, but yes, they were designed for men.

Speaking of men wearing nylon panties, it's ok guys, you can show us your nylon tricot Ranger Panties.....

Sometimes we just gotta scratch our balls, but then let's get back to playing with our shiny shorts

This kind of sums up what the world thinks about Speedos.  A smirk on his face, barely touching these non-silky, stretch car upholstery fabric like they are toxic, and obviously the butt of some joke or soon to be one if he dares to put them on.  Really sad what happened to them.....

Come on guys, you're either into wearing nylon shorts or you're not.....

Looks like he's getting hard in what may either be an Adidas nylon swim suit or maybe a very small pair of nylon shorts.  His little buddy ought to be getting the benefit of his semi soon and hopefully responding with one as well.

A possible repeat.  Looks like the gif jerking motion has given up.  I don't care if he's straight, he's still stupid for taking a cock with a cut head like that out of his nylon tricot green silkies and using his hand on it.

These look more like some kind of nylon net than silky nylon tricot, but his boy obviously wants to unload in them, but the dude is more interested in fucking up his brain, heart and circulatory system with some poppers.....

Why doesn't this catch on....wearing silky nylon tricot gloves so you can silk everything you touch?  ha ha  Most of the best panty manufactures also made nylon tricot gloves and it would be really neat to wear some when sliding other silky nylon up and down my shaft, but I have really big hands and I have no idea of what size I would wear.  Guess I'll just have to keep doing it the same way I have been since I was 5--still works just find even though my cock has grown up. 

Off to a good start, but, remember guys, the shorts stay on until each of you have emptied your entire load into them.  Then it's ok to trade and wear each other's load.

They must be showing this GIF in reverse because all I ever see on Mormon Boyz are actors who can't wait to take off their garments.  Yeah, that cotton panel is a problem, but the rest of the garment bottom is all silky nylon tricot and so is the top.

REX RACER you are such a sexy fucker in your huge collection of silky nylon tricot tanks, shorts, underwear and even pajamas.  As beautiful as that big cut cock of yours is, I want to give you a nylon tricot spanking when you take it out instead of leaving it where it wants to be inside your incredible layers of silky tricot.  If we had an annual nylon tricot convention, you would have won just about every major award by now!  Please see the link to his site on the top of each blog post.

We'll see this guy again later, but sagging in white lycra (even just for the camera) is still pretty hot.

Can't remember if this was posted before, but I know I have put up other guys in their extra sheer real silk tank suits.  Way hotter than nude, but just as revealing, these dudes would all be pushing 100 now, but wonder what ever happened to all their suits?  I'll bet they never killed any whales.....

I came across this and recognized it was from one of the earliest porn magazines I'd ever found that showed 2 guys wearing nylon tricot shorts.  Typical porn, however, there they are taking them off.  Why would you EVER take off another guy's nylon shorts unless you were going to put him into some even silkier nylon tricot and get him off in them?  Yeah, that must be what he's going to do......

Last, but not least, there is something really sweet and just a little pathetic about this.  Maybe it's just the pattern of the bedspread and shams?  Here is a man in absolute heaven wearing his sheer nylon TNT (thick 'n thin) socks, gently stroking his manhood with one and a few spares to go.  I would totally love to help him out, but maybe offer him some additional alternative silky nylon treats and basically send him into nylon tricot heaven.  But he might just be happy the way he is.....


 I've been getting ready to dump a ton of pictures into storage to get them off my computer and I came across a couple of files of silkies that I had missed.  I think I may have posted a few of these earlier, but if I can't remember, I doubt if anyone else can either.  There are more great ones from some silkies marches.  I think this first description gives you some idea of how much these straight guys love their nylon tricot shorts.  It's why they keep showing up as underwear and not even mentioned since we're just supposed to be looking at their manhood on display and all I notice is their silky nylon tricot underwear.  No one is making them wear these--well, maybe for the march it's expected, but in many cases it's just normal for these marines to want to wear their nylon silkies--who wouldn't?

Spoken like a true, real marine who loves his nylon tricot.

Yeah, I know, everyone wants skin tight, but the reality is, think of all the activities that can occur with this much room to play inside their inner panty under their shorts.  No problem getting them off inside or maybe even letting your cock pay theirs a visit inside and do the same adding to their load?

I know this is a repeat, but I couldn't help myself.  Men wearing self-proclaimed Ranger Panties out in public and nothing else, feeling that silky nylon tricot, and proud of it is too difficult not to post again and again.

The only weapon of his I want to see going off is inside his green silkies--ready to fire....

Yeah, completely normal to be wearing these nylon tricot silkies for underwear and no shame if the whole world knows it on facebook.....

His nylon tricot underwear exposed with his green silkies under his uniform

There are a lot of sites that will show a series of a cute guy and then show a few pictures without his face that we're supposed to believe are his dick or his load being shot.  Sometimes they may actually be.  In this case, the point is that in showing his overly shaved manhood, they are incidentally revealing he is wearing his nylon tricot green silkies for underwear.  I don't think most people suspect big macho marines to be wearing silkies under their uniforms as often as they actually do.

Almost the same picture, but seeing those nylon silkies close up and knowing that big head gets to rest inside them 24/7 was too hot not to post both.  Wouldn't mind seeing a little man bush, but seeing the silkies is more important.

Great ad for Ranger Panties.  What macho man wouldn't want to wear these silky nylon tricot panties?

I told him I'd really like to rub my head against his silky nylon shorts, but I guess he didn't understand me correctly.....

I guess when you own your own gun shop, you can wear whatever you want to wear to work and no one is going to argue with you.

...but if you think that a helmet is going to protect you from being forced to shoot your man juice inside your green silkies, you are greatly mistaken.  I think he knows that and is waiting for someone to take care of it for him.

Ok, are these tight enough for you?  His panties can hardly hold his manmeat in place.  It may be difficult, but I could still milk every last drop into those shorts and yes, those boots can stay on, too.

Any body will look better wearing a pair of nylon tricot green silkies and here is proof....

It's one thing to be on a swim team with everybody wearing a nylon Speedo, but being in a group like this with all this beef wearing their green silkies would almost be too much....  Even the red nylon tricot USMC shorts fit right in with the green silkies, too.

We don't often get to see the waistband seams on the back but that's also a big turn on.  BTW, those RWB stars and stripe shorts are not nylon tricot.

Totally ready for action with all of them.....

Nice when a Ranger Panty wearer stops to help a fellow green silkies guy since they both are only wearing silky nylon tricot

It was actually this guy's Kiewit cap that caught my eye since they are helping to build our $10 Billion train to nowhere.

Looks like he has good taste in underwear with his nylon tricot green silkies that he's giving a little feel to right here

Another silkies underwear guy giving his nylon a little feel, too.  Sometimes you just can't help feeling the edge of those inner panties that come as standard equipment inside the shorts.
Saving the best for last.....

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Documenting the Australian Lifesaving Uniform Along With Other Guys Who Are Wearing Their Nylon Tricot for Fun Instead of Work....

Beyond the obvious visual and tactile sexual stimulation of nylon tricot and its effect on the human male documented for the past 7+ years, there is occasionally an obscure use of nylon that just needs to be documented.  Hmmmm, this is sounding very clinical, but you know what I mean.  This really is the only purely nylon tricot blog (with occasional diversions into lycra just to pander to those types in the majority).  One of the most obscure, difficult to find (as in never) and even regional (Australia) nylon items has got to be the one piece, tank style, lifesaving uniform.  Difficult as Mormon nylon garments are for the non-Mormon, they are actually available all over the world and worn by thousands of men with happy, nylon covered cocks daily--my personal version of Mormon heaven, along with multiple, nylon wearing, obedient blond husbands to serve me.  Another difficult to find, but occasionally available to the diligent observer, are articles made out of 40-60 year old vintage nylon tricot such as briefs, panties, shirts, t-shirts and pajamas from the pre-lycra, pre-antron, pre-cotton covered crotches and are available for a price on sites like eBay and etsy for those with the money to pay upwards of 50 to 100 times the cost of the original.  To anyone with a time machine, buy nylon tricot when you go back to the 60's and 70's!!

Getting back to these Australian lifesaving outfits, I know very little about them.  They appear to look like vintage women's one-piece suits, but are not.  The older versions came with a "skirt" or privacy shield that was supposed to hide (or minimize) the male bulge.  One can also assume that when most male bulges hit sliding layers of silky nylon tricot, they would automatically increase in size and therefore become a distraction to the person who needed saving while wearing this nylon uniform.  At the same time that men's bulges needed to be hidden from view, apparently so did the chest area so the design of the outfit seems to have come from a need for modesty, in spite of their scandalous nature when introduced.  We seem to have returned to this period of modesty with men entering the water with shorts below their knees, but that's a rant for another day.....

While this soldier wearing a pair of 100% nylon tricot green silkies with his inner panty fully exposed has absolutely nothing to do with Australian lifesaving uniforms, it will encourage you to get through the documentary portion of this blogpost and into the more stimulating pics at the end.....

With the exception of this one photo, all of the others are from the Ulverstone Lifesaving event / carnival.  This particular uniform / suit may not actually be nylon tricot based on the period of the photo.  They also used actual real silk and rayon prior to the use of nylon which was held up for almost 10 years because of WWII.  This particular style continued, however, when silky nylon tricot was introduced.  His modesty skirt is doing absolutely nothing to hide his maleness, and we appreciate that.  Further, this extra bit of material undoubtedly could be used to slide over the under, brief holding part when the contents of the brief rose upward into the slideable area.  Are you getting this?

From the size of this crowd, this was a big deal from what looks like to be the mid-70's.  Lots of competitors (or just supporters) in the crowd wearing their "regular" nylon tricot Speedos.  You can also assume that just about any guy wearing regular shorts would also be wearing a nylon Speedo under it.

By now, these would all be silky nylon (what they called "Bri-nylon" which was an excellent British made tricot).  Again their modesty shields do little to hide anything, but I suspect were used more for getting each other off inside than hiding anything.  Imagine 2 or these guys wearing these uniforms sliding around together and eventually shooting their Australian loads into their suits.....

Not a very happy lot considering they are "forced" to wear these silky nylon tricot outfits to work--at least on special occasions like today.  These seem to have lost the modesty skirt, but many times these one piece suits had a front liner that would slide under the outer layer making rapid ejaculation efficient if not mandatory.

How did these renegades get in here?  I do have another blog post planned with more of them but the photo quality is not the best.

A second question about these suits now that the modesty panels are gone.  Do they have some sort of built in brief?  If they were just just wearing a regular Speedo nylon suit under them, the waistband wouldn't be that high up.  The fact that almost all of their waistbands are at the same height, it makes me think they have an inner brief.  Was this a full brief like Ocean Champion's "full circumferential supporter" or just some sort of front panel.  Of course the big question is, did they slide over each other?  My guess they would have to keep the nylon from bunching up--not unlike wearing a nylon slip over your nylon panty.  These guys are a much happier bunch so I'm sure they're enjoying that sliding nylon tricot.

Looks like some of the same bunch and clearly showing their similar height waistbands on their nylon inner something.  Looks like more conventional Speedos with a regular tank top behind them.

More of the same with the suit 2nd from the left looking extra silky.  Sometimes when these suits were being mass assembled, one might accidentally sew the nylon in a slightly different manner that would make them super silky--or it could also just be that batch of nylon.  Of the several undred nylon Speedo suits I am fortunate to own, maybe only 3 or 4 were ever sewn with the front panel reversed from it's normal non-sliding side out to being able to slide 2 layers of nylon over my cock without any other additional suits or briefs.

This group looks even silkier than the last.  They are definitely dry, too, so that may account for their silkiness.  Wet nylon does not slide--but after you make it wet and sticky inside, it's ok--and it will dry fast for another deposit soon.  There is something going on with a waistband inside those suits and I'd really like to know what it is!

The guy 3rd from the left really needs to go first.....

So not the best quality photo and not even the best looking bunch, but remember, nylon tricot is the great equalizer when it comes to looks.  It's all about the silkiness and getting off inside of it and making your cock happy to explode in it.
I sure hope this guy is gay or his days are numbered looking that hot wearing those silky shorts.....

Nice of him to clearly show off his inner nylon panty inside his green silkies like that.  Well, actually he didn't have much to do with it but those silkies are cooperating.

I was never into that show "The Batchelor", but I could certainly get into Andy Baldwin with him wearing 2 nylon tricot suits like that (as soon as they dried off and started sliding again).  Why would he need to wear 2 suits under his wet suit anyway?  He's just looking to find another guy to silk him off inside his 2 suits.  He was stationed here in Hawaii but I never got the chance to help him out.

Something you almost never see--a guy wearing a slightly too large Speedo like this.  At first I thought it was maybe a lycra suit that had lost its stretch, but I think this really is a nylon tricot suit.  Plenty of room to get him off inside of it, too.

YAY, JW, the studly Texan who normally only wears nylon tricot panties and is proud of it, finally got his pair of Mormon nylon bottoms.  So here is a little tip, because the Church puts in a cotton panel (clearly visible) inside the fly area, please feel free to violate one of their rules about not wearing anything under your sacred garment.  Your cock is even more sacred and does not deserve to come into contact with cotton while wearing an otherwise perfectly silky pair of sacred underwear.  Since JW has an ample supply of silky nylon tricot panties, feel free to wear a pair underneath your g's to protect your manhood from the evils of  cotton.  I'm sure God won't mind.  Someday I would like to take out the cotton pieces out of mine and replace it with a nylon one, but truthfully, it's just easier to wear the already provided 2 sliding layers of nylon tricot in the onesie garment and enjoy the added attraction of the double nylon butt flap in the rear.

This is more of a social commentary photo than a sexual one.  There are about 50 panties here that would be referred to as nylon tricot panties or even 100% nylon tricot panties.  Yet, each and every one has a cotton crotch or at least something other than nylon.  How can something be 100% something, "except" for the part (a VERY important part) that isn't?  Second, this is an example of one of the other nylon polluting issues besides lycra.  Antron nylon can actually be thicker and silky, but it has come to mean thin, cheesy, and shiny.  Yesm you could put on 2 or 3 of these and get off inside them or slide another one over your cock in them, but when compared to how good the vintage nylon (40 denier thickness) was, you could take the approximately $150 spent on these contemporary nylon panties (depending on how good your Macy's coupon was) and buy 2 or 3 (or even just 1) super silky nylon tricot vintage panties on eBay.  

He posted a picture of a new pair he just bought.  Not shiny and could be worn to the gym except for the small little lace inserts on each side.  If any dude ever asks you about them, just say they are the ventilation ports in your sport briefs.

This is a picture of a water polo family.  I can't even tell if there is a dad in there, but I can't help but wonder how many nylon suits exist between those 4 nylon tricot wearing guys?  12, 20, 30 or more?  Wearing 2 nylon suits at a time would require quite a few.  Maybe they need a housesitter for a month or so?  I'd have their suits all standing up with so many loads in them to welcome them back.  Ha, ha, you know me, they'd never see their suits again......

This is my idea of successful visual merchandising!  While they do refer to them as silk boxers, we do know that they are all actually polyester but they sure can slide and are completely compatible with nylon tricot if you care to mix and match and shoot.  Yes, your cock can be fooled sometimes......  I guess if you're going to wear a boxer, at least be able to wear more than one pair and get off inside them.  Must have been fun putting these all on for the photo.  Wonder which one(s) got his load after?

I think he has excellent taste.....

The guy is either going to fuck him or kill him, but at least they will be wearing some nylon.  These always seem to be German men who get off with these--but mostly they have shredded them and had sex without them anyway so why bother?

Funny, hot as this white lycra covered ass is, all I could wonder is why Nike felt the need for so many labels on the waistband?  How much information do you really need to know about them and in how many languages?