Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Clearing Out My Nylon Tricot Green Silkies and Ranger Panties Photo Closet--something to fit everyone

Not too much more to say on the wearing of 100% nylon tricot green silkies that I don't say in the next blog post so this sermon will be mercifully short.  The first few pictures are screen grabs from some of the amazing amateur videos that straight military guys have posted about the wearing (and obvious enjoyment of) their green silkies and Ranger Panties on youtube.  Considering they didn't have a professional nylon director or camera operator, they will still manage to get you hard--particularly when 2 guys start grinding their nylon tricot covered asses together.  It's almost like they are only stopping because they are enjoying it too much and it's not really funny anymore.  I'll give you a few links, but mostly you can just  search on your own or maybe stumble into some on your own.
Sorry, looks like you will have to copy and paste.....

This is from another Ranger Panties dance routine--just do a search for LA Recon.  If you do a green silkies search you will find more videos about little fluffy chicks than you may be interested in.

And if this doesn't get you to go to the Ranger Up youtube video, I don't know what will

The guns really aren't necessary for the first and fourth Ranger Panty wearing soldiers because I would give you the ejaculation of your life inside your shorts without any problems.  You may need the gun to keep me from leaving with your silky shorts and sperm, however....

Another screen grab from the Ranger Up video.  They will tell you how to create those bulged inside your ranger panties, but something tells me you won't have a problem getting a bulge inside your silky nylon Ranger Panties.

Good review for those who still think that just because a pair of shorts say they are made out of green nylon (Supplex) that they are the same as a nylon tricot green silky.  You can see through the outer shorts of the guy on the left and know that his male parts are comfortably stored inside a silky nylon panty, whereas the guy on the right might as well have on his cotton boxer briefs and some cotton shorts over them.  A real friend would tell his cotton feeling friend to ditch the scratchies and get with the silkies.  Loan him a pair of yours--but don't expect to ever see them again.

I'm glad the cockhead bulge in his nylon silkies confirms this angel faced cutie does confirm he is of the male military sex.  How else would his sweet little male parts ever find themselves surrounded by silky nylon tricot?  Now he may already know what to do inside his shorts or maybe he needs someone more experienced and wiser to show hi?.

I'm not sure how many years (10-20?) that some wise and practical person got rid of jock straps and cotton shorts for all military PT and forced these young men to ditch their cotton underwear and slip into (for some) their first experience with 100% silky nylon tricot.  Perhaps they'd had an earlier experience in their sister's panty drawer, the swim coach handing them a nylon tricot Speedo, or maybe had the good fortune to buy some nylon tricot underwear for a trip because it dried fast--and also gave them a raging boner than needed to shoot inside the nylon twice a day?

Whatever the exposure or the source, these nylon green silkies became engrained in USMC culture and continues long after the requirement to wear them has ended.  Now it is related more to the DESIRE to want to wear them--and for just about everything 24/7 except the PT from which they are now banned.  Interesting to see how many of the now "too young to have worn green silkies originally" have discovered them while wearing them on the green silkies and Ranger Panties marches.  Unfortunately, many of them are in just "shorts" that have nothing more to do with nylon than their required 100% cotton Hanes boxer briefs, but some seem to have made the connection to silky nylon tricot.

The original military joke was that if your silkies fit, down down a size so they would be really (painfully) tight.  That never made sense to me.  In fact, I think that if they fit, go up a size or 2 because your cock needs room to grow inside them and your friendly silker needs room to slide and get you off in them.  I would have no trouble making the guy on the right extremely happy in those big, beautiful silkies he has on--with no DNA showing (yet).

That look on his face is saying "Waiting and Wanting" and I hope those shorts got what they are waiting for.

I'm glad that some guys have been able to deal with PTSD by growing beards or getting tattoos even they do nothing for me, but wearing their silky nylon Ranger Panties does work for both of us....

Sky, Surf, Sand, Sun, Sea and Silkies, some order or other.

Ranger Panties, Green Silkies and Hooter Shorts--they're all 100% nylon tricot and will treat your man parts with respect and ejaculation.... 
Two captions....anyone who doesn't think a man's ass would look good in 100% nylon tricot panties (or whatever you need to call them) is obviously mistaken as shown by his Military issued Ranger Panties.....or would you know what to do to revive a man laying in the street with his panties showing like this?  Only by releasing his DNA directly into the nylon tricot can you expect him to make a complete recovery and spend the rest of his life with you.

I wouldn't want anyone to think  that I was promoting heterosexual marriage on this blog, but the idea of the entire wedding party wearing nylon tricot green silkies does make for some nice fantasizing.....even if it's just the groom and best man in a final silking in their silkies....

Just say YES to the silkies.....

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A repeat, but his indifference needs to be addressed and his DNA release into that nylon ASAP

Remember gym class when you got to pair up with another guy for some close contact for sit-ups.  Somehow the jockstrap and cotton shorts didn't do it for me.  But having another guy with his manly parts inside his nylon tricot silkies holding on to me tight would have....

Shame he had to stop feeling his silkies to take a selfie, but I'm sure he went right back to enjoying them....

I guess wearing his silkies feels so good he doesn't notice he's laying on rocky gravel?

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Men Wearing Their Silkies in Summer--and year round, too.

Here we are in another Pride month so I guess talking about prejudice is sort of appropriate.  Only I'm not talking about prejudice against the LGBTQ community, I'm talking about (what else) "nylon tricot prejudice", of course.  There is no larger group I can think of who are wearing, flaunting, or otherwise showing off wearing their silky nylon tricots in public than the U.S. Marine Corps.  Yes, it's a "Marine thing" as this cartoon states, but they are also aware of it perceiving the wearing of them as a gay thing, too.  The irony is that no gay man would go our in public wearing a pair of nylon tricot shorts--except maybe a diehard runner, but then, they'd probably be straight.  I don't think of the USMC as being in any way supportive of the gay community and one could say there is still a major prejudice against gays in general whether it's legal or not within their ranks.  As we know, some of the biggest gay haters are, in fact, covering up their own gay tendencies (in or out of the closet).  Yes, there is a sort of playful tongue in cheek reference to these men wearing their silkies in public--almost in defiance since the organization that made them wear them in the first place (USMC), has since rescinded that requirement.  And yet,  Marines consider their silkies to be "beloved" and continue to wear them for underwear or whatever other practical or sexual purposes that silky nylon tricot still holds over them.

Sorry, you aren't in nylon tricot or green silkies and those ARE "Marine things".  But you are kind of cute and I bet I could convert you once you get rid of that cotton you're wearing.....

With nylon tricot underwear for men a thing of the past (or at least not in any stores where a guy might "accidentally" buy a pair) and nylon Speedos equally banished (both nylon and lycra from the public by ridicule and nylon by swimmers except for "drag" suits, that only leaves the next largest segment worn, nylon tricot Mormon underwear--which is not available to the general public at all.  Glad to see guys are finding it out there on the internet--where all things are available to those who look enough.  While there is certainly less prejudice with "nylon made for men" (difficult as it may be to acquire), it has, I think, lost much of the association with women's underwear that it used to have.  This is partly due to the fact the most women no longer wear nylon tricot for underwear for some of the same reasons as men (availability) as well as the lingering Cotton Lobby's well placed  prejudice into peoples' minds regarding heat rashes, yeast infections, sweaty balls, etc.  The nylon industry does seem to be fighting back now by not calling the material nylon, hailing the "dries fast" properties, and my favorite, "wicks away moisture" which means your sweaty balls dry out sooner in nylon than in the required cotton boxer briefs.  Now, if they could only get back to the PRIMARY #1 quality of nylon and that is that the properly made nylon tricot will silk your cock into the biggest ejaculation you will ever have and provide hours of playful silking before and after that earthshaking event either alone or with a partner
So, tonight's sermon on prejudice is directed as much (or more) at anyone who is against the wearing, feeling, ejaculating, and otherwise use of silky nylon tricot for whatever preconceived  ideas they may have--gay or straight.  With the proper, silky nylon tricot doing what it does best on your body along with the proper techniques of using it, there is no reason why every man (and every boy) doesn't have a drawer full of it.  If saying, "If it's good enough for the USMC, it's good enough for me" isn't good enough for you, then you either need to get better nylon tricot or start paying more attention to this blog and worry less about what others are telling you.

Trust me, it's not just a "Marine thing" to those of us who know.

You want to argue with these dudes wearing nothing but their 100% nylon tricot green silkies?

Just so you know I do know the difference.....THIS IS GAY!  However, when you are wearing your nylon green silkies and you want to know what it feels like to rub and slide your butt against another guy who is also wearing them, this is the best way to satisfy that curiosity.  And, yes, it really does feel fantastic!  Unfortunately for these guys, it's taken a full trash bucket of beer bottles to get this far with their experimenting.

Speaking of gay, I don't know, seeing how far down your throat you can ram a banana doesn't seem to have any other practical reasons that I can think of.....

I don't think I've ever mentioned this before (or maybe I'm just coming out), but I really think I am an ass man.  Silky and nylon tricot covered as his is (BTW, I'm not seeing his panty line), I would only consider this a snack sized ass and would prefer more of a meal sized one.

If flaunting their nylon tricot green silkies isn't enough for you, the black versions being called "Ranger Panties" does seem to harken back to the days when women wore the nylon (on what?) whereas men had to cover their exterior, sensitive manly parts with scratchy cotton.  Unfortunately no one ever asked me, but I was able to discover this pleasurable fact by age 5.

I only occasionally show a repeat on purpose, but I don't really have any way of knowing and I doubt anyone can remember anyway.

Something I never had the courage to do back when guys could wear these to the supermarket (but something I wanted to do many times) is to just walk up to a guy and feel what kind of liner he had on inside his nylon shorts.  At one time, they all either had an equally silky nylon liner that looked like a panty or they had 2 layers of nylon front and back and no liner--with the concept that men would wear their own support.  I remember talking once with a clerk at the Running Room here who casually admitted that he liked to use a nylon panty under his jogging shorts--you know, just for practical reasons.....   Later, some companies started using creepy liners for their otherwise silky nylon shorts, so it makes perfect sense for one guy to reach into another's silky shorts to see what's holding in his goods.  Well, it does on this blog, anyway.....

I know, I know, but it does demonstrate why both guys would be much happier wearing their nylon tricot shorts (or whatevers).  Being able to slide their manhood across each other wearing silky nylon and then being able to feel each other's nylon covered asses (or shirts) is way more erotic than sticking to each other's skin.  Also, don't go just sticking your finger up a guy's hole like this too soon but I'll save my etiquette lecture for another time.

He's been in other pictures (how can you miss him) but wearing the biggest pair of green silkies and having enough room for all the fun I'm going to have with him wearing them, almost makes up for having that poor, dead animal on his head.

Absolutely cop a feel off that silky lycra shirt he's wearing since it's a pretty good indicator he's got on some nylon green silkies under his BDU pants.  If he doesn't, I'm sure he'd be glad to put on a pair of yours and get the silking going....

Sometimes companies add a stencil to their Soffee made green silkies and raise the price.  Your cock really doesn't care about the logo.

Another big pair for some big fun.  Don't fall for the "If they fit, get a size smaller" because you can risk damage to your male parts getting hard and you need some room to play and ejaculate inside them.  He's got the room.....

Just a regular marine hanging out and sticking out of his BDUs--oh yeah, check out the underwear--just happens to be the no longer issued but still bought and enjoyed Soffee nylon tricot green silkies.

Yeah, now we're talking some serious dinner.  Those shorts also look extra silky.  As a special feature of nylon tricot covering a guys private parts, is his own private scent that the nylon captures and continues to release until he does.....

Something I've never seen before...anywhere.  My first question would be, are those silkies able to slide over the panty hose he is wearing?  Is he expecting to find another guy who is also wearing them?  Well, I'd sure give it a try and see what happens.....

I know this is a repeat, but if his face looks like that just getting sunscreen put on his back, imagine what it will look like when his cock is getting ready to release the biggest load his nylon covered balls have ever produced top and center inside those super silkies he's wearing.  Great bunch of nylon green silkies on them.  

Possible repeat and the first guy is only wearing green colored shorts and not silkies, but this photo did remind me of opening a "Silkies Only" bar.  Of course they would also be available to purchase because the dress code would be strictly enforced.

Don't get to see too many green silkies crotches.  Unfortunately snacking between those thighs would be difficult on his kayak.

Big guys, big silkies, big loads.....  It's what nylon tricot is all about.

100% Marine wearing his 100% nylon tricot green silkies.  Would like to drain his tank down to 0% inside those shorts on him.

I haven't really come up with a punishment for guys who wear lycra (or worse, cotton) under their green silkies.  Being that mean to your male parts deserves something equally mean.  Maybe being forced to watch what happens to other guys who are smart enough to just wear their manhood inside their nylon silkies would be punishment enough?

The guys not wearing nylon tricot green silkies can go off with the Rot and I'll dine with the ones who are looking so good in their nylon silkies.  I would start out underneath that Pepsi holding guy's crotch first.....looks like he's ready for me.

Unusually large and curved bulge on the guy with the green silkies in front.  You don't usually get that big a bulge shape like that because the inner panty keeps things in place more.  You can see he has the liner inside is intact.  The guy behind him looks like he is wearing some lycra Under Armour briefs (WHY??!!) and has maybe tucked his green silkies into the back of them?  Although if the size of his boots is any indication, he may have a legitimate reason to restrain his beast inside his silkies.

Friday, May 19, 2017

All Sorts of Different Men Who Enjoy Different Kinds of Nylon and For Different Reasons--Are You One of Them?

I know I've touched on this before and it has to do not only with the depth or interest some men have in nylon, but what kind of nylon item and where did this exposure come from?  Yeah, here I go with the "Mysteries of the Nylon Universe" plot again.

One of the more obscure nylon uses was for shirts--particularly work shirts, school shirts, and dress shirts.  Once nylon was released for public use after being reserved for wartime use after appearing on the markiet briefly in 1939, it found a huge audience ready for modern living and particularly through chemistry.  "Organic cotton" and bamboo clothing were decades off.  This was all about new, modern, convenient and practical.  No one embraced this modern fabric more than the UK and it's commonwealth provinces of Canada and especially Australia. In some cases, both policemen, firemen, and other government workers who might hold some fascination for pre-pubic boys seeing them wearing silky nylon shirts.  We're not talking thin nylon, but manly, slightly sheer and slightly shiny and certainly sexy.  While these kinds of more uniform function shirts were somewhat off limits (unless found in the wash from their policeman fathers), boys schools also employed these silky shirts as a "practical" way to keep their boys looking crisp and sharp--and undoubtedly sexy as hell to a 12 year old boy at the time.  This was the introduction to more than one boy raised in this environment and explained to me over the years.  Their nylon introduction sometimes was limited to just these shirts and sometimes it expanded into other nylon like briefs or maybe underwear.  These shirts were not necessarily "fashionable" as practical--although nylon dress shirts were also becoming popular during this period.  Many of us think of nylon shirts, and for good reason, as being s relatively short lived fad from the 70's.  Coincidently, when disco died in 1979, so did nylon shirts--I know, I was there (and so were many of you!)  America experienced nylon or nylon acetate combinations on a more sensual sensation.  Less practically motivated, we also had the exposure to being able to wear nylon tricot under our nylon shirts or even parachute pants for the more adventuresome and trendy (like me!)  Having a great body and being able to flaunt it with layers of nylon while being trendy out in public was a time I doubt the cotton lobby will ever allow us to see again.

Sometimes the lighter color shirts were made out of Terylene which is a completely compatible with nylon.

I'm sure eating out a double nylon panty crotch is probably not on too many gay guy's agenda--but it should be as long as there are some manly parts and a manly scent being contained inside that silky nylon tricot.  As you know, I'm a firm believer of keeping those man parts inside whatever nylon anyone is wearing, but for those of you who want more direct access to them, the thin elastic that surrounds the nylon makes tongue or other entry very easy.

Hey dude, get your hands out of my silky panties--although it does look like he's into feeling the nylon which is a good sig that he will be feeling my load when it starts to shoot through the silky nylon he's silking.

You see why I'm not big on "the smaller the better" attitude with any form of nylon.  You really want your manhood to be able to stand at full attention (straight up), still be covered by the silky fabric, and have room to be able to shoot your manload into the nylon.  Sliding whatever form of nylon tricot you are wearing over another guy's whatever he is wearing is about the best feeling there is.

Perfect body deserves to be wearing this perfect nylon.  Does he even know it is nylon?  Does he care?  Who knows if it's his suit or some stylist just handed it to him 2 minutes before.  So this could be "deliberate" wearing of nylon tricot or maybe "accidental."  Now is the time to let him feel why it should become "permanent!"

Yeah, this looks pretty deliberate.  This is not a "everything was in the wash and the only left was a pair of panty hose" kind of thing.  As you know, nylon panty hose is also a lycra product but is compatible with other nylon tricot.  Do you think the men who invented and created them both would not make them slide over each other?  They knew what they were doing!  And as I've said before, that cock is only interested in the sliding, silky feeling that led up to its ejaculation into the silky pantyhose.

Father and son wrestling duo.  It kind of looks like maybe junior on the right might be wearing a 100% nylon O.C. of Dolfin suit for his wrestling trunks.  In fact, I often wonder how many of the wrestlers from that era wore those silky suits.  "Hey son, you mind if I borrow your suit to wear to bed tonight?"  "Sure dad, just make sure your load has dried inside before you give it back to me"

Someone knows how to silk a guy in his nylon garment bottom and avoid the cotton panel the Mormon Church puts inside for some unknown reason.  Considering the Church puts 2 full sized overlapping sliding nylon tricot pieces large enough to cover your erect manhood, the cotton panel is really a mystery--and an annoyance.

I came across this photo and immediately recognized the silky 100% nylon tricot (probabbly O.C. or maybe Dolfin) suit.  You can tell by that sort of "vertical" waistband and the inner nylon suit that supports and shows off your manhood sliding around underneath the outer suit.  Let's hope the clueless guy in the center is just too modest to show off what sort of nylon tricot suit he is wearing.

What bored Australian lifeguards used to do in 1973 while wearing some of the silkiest nylon tricot ever created.  Just be feeling your silky tricot with one hand and then hitting your opponent with a pillow--ooooh, so violent!  Loser gets to be silked off by the other guy and the winner gets to keep his sperm soaked suit--at least for awhile....

Possibly a repeat, but considering the silker is wearing cotton CK bb's between him and his nylon shirts, he seems to know how to get a guy off inside his Adidas nylons.  Pretty good technique there, cotton boy!

Can't top his statement with one of mine, just agree with him....  Maybe a little clarification is needed, however.  He needs to make sure we know they are 100% nylon tricot panties (with a double nylon crotch).  Can you believe there are guys out there who would wear panties and not care if they were cotton?  And these guys are straight!  Can it get any worse??

An entire team wearing orange nylon suits--these Truwest suits are easily capable of ejaculating every one of them.  Can hardly even see the DNA stains, either.

This is not just a twink wearing a silky nylon suit waiting to get off in it, but someone with a Daddy who is willing to share his nylon knowledge to enhance the experience.

Randy let someone with what looks like a Polaroid take a picture of him wearing some sort of really silky looking (brown?) nylon tricot.  Hey Randy, since it's a Polaroid, where's the "after" photo with your big load leaking through that silky nylon tricot??

Haven't run into this photo for awhile, but just seeing how casual this ginger is wearing his big double nylon tricot crotch with his Jockey briefs is so hot.  You can just see the edge of the flap they added to help keep the goods inside the nylon.  Shouldn't that be a clue guys?

While nylon suits last 10 times longer than the lycra they are wearing underneath, even the nylon will become a little sheer--which is not a bad thing and most likely will still slide over the inner lycra suit.

I don't think I've seen this kind of mesh garment before.  It almost looks like the kind of ribbed nylon they make Jockey tank tops out of, but it also looks like it might be a silky version of nylon mesh.  Most nylon mesh fabrics are better suited to getting burned food off your pots and pans than getting your cock to ejaculate into it.

My earliest use of nylon tricot at age 5 (well, already established by then) involved folding the double nylon crotch (especially on the best nylon used by Van Raalte) in such a way that it slid up and down my 5 year old cock.  I didn't really have need of all that other nylon and certainly not the scratchy lace, but that silky nylon crotch would really do the job.  Many time this particular brand layered the nylon so that the 2 layers slid over each other.  My theory is that the men who designed these panties and created this nylon did this so that it was possible to just slide the head of their cock over those silky layers and ejaculate into them without having to bother with all the fucking mess, or the fucking mess.

Thanks for display your cut cock, but let's keep the merchandise where it belongs inside those silky shorts.  There is the chance that those white shorts are 2 layers of nylon that may even slide over each other.  In any case, he'd better stock up on Oxyclean because it's the only way he's going to keep his DNA stains from building up on that white nylon.  It doesn't bother me--battle scars are just reminders of past fun times.