Wednesday, September 30, 2015

More Nylon Tricot -- Fewer Words

The following blog post from last night has a lot of words explaining things so I will make this one less wordy.  As someone who has worn nylon tricot 24/7 for my entire adult life, I am never without it and so it is my normal.  I realize that this is now extremely rare and, in my  opinion, even sad that the bulk of maledom today has no idea of what they are missing.  The photos on this blog of guys wearing various forms of nylon tricot, are just that--wearing.  At the end of the photo session or day and certainly before sex, their nylon tricot is removed and, in most cases, their cotton underwear is eventually put back on.  Those of you who read this blog with any regularity know I find this practice unfortunate and perplexing as to why anyone who has felt nylon tricot on their body, and particularly their male parts, would not want to continue wearing it.  Further, once they experience what nylon tricot can do for them sexually (when properly used), there should be no reason why they shouldn't continue to enjoy wearing and using it.  Why men allow public opinion or even the Cotton Lobby to dictate what they wear under their clothes for underwear or do with it has always been a mystery.....

Funny that nylon tricot Aussiebums are considered "loose" or even baggy.  I guess by comparison to skin tight lycra they appear loose.  The point is that these look comfortable, provide enough room to get hard in and hopefully enough to get off in.  I suspect the model left them behind along with his hoodie when the photo shoot was over and put his sexless baggy boxer shorts back on and went home.....

Looking just as good in black and white.  It would be a shame if no one ever got to slide this silky suit up and down their shaft.

These ice blue nylon tricot Aussiebums are my favorites--although white ones are also hard to beat....

I've never seen or felt a nylon tricot Aussiebum tank / vest but I'll bet it slides over his nylon panel suit when it is down.

Nothing to do with nylon, but I've seen more and more pics with guys not wearing a cup or jock under their football pants. He is wearing some compression shorts.

More lycra "Battle of the Network Stars" which was sort of like a lycra suit wearing posing experience.

Good technique as long as he lets the nylon slide and do its work--assuming there is some nylon happening.

How could the Adidas guy avoid that tent pole on the red shiny shorts?  Sure hope they kept their shorts on...

Wonder what is up with this?  
When guys stick their fingers up your hole during wrestling, they call it "Checking the oil."  Wonder what they call it when they grab the front?  If you can't find someone to grab your crotch wearing (sometimes silky) lycra wrestling singlet.....

you can always grab your own even if it shocks your teammate watching.

Haven't seen anyone wearing a pair of nylon tricot silkies for awhile.  Wonder if he worked out in these or if he just changed into them as underwear?

Vintage photo of a guy enjoying his double layered nylon tricot Ocean Champion suit.

I guess there's nothing funnier than putting on a red nylon panty in your mid-century modern living room in front of your friends....

Yes, red with envy.  I always think that you are halfway there if the guy is already wearing shiny basketball shorts like this.  You just need to get rid of the boring cotton boxer shorts these guys invariably have on just because some gangster rap guys wore these on MTV long enough to sway everyone under 30 to wear them.

As soon as these guys' suits dry off, they need to get some nylon sliding over their obvious problems and show off their DNA stains top and center...

This wardrobe malfunction would never have happened if he had been wearing nylon underneath instead of scratchy / course cotton.  I don't know why these guys behind him look so shocked--they've never seen a bare ass on a guy before?  Would they be even more shocked if he was wearing some silky nylon tricot?

Nothing like a full package in nylon....

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Yungerdaddy and his Twinkz in nylon tricot A Men in Nylon Exclusive!

One of the problems of this almost 6 year old blog is knowing when to preach about the virtues of nylon tricot, when to educate about the history and use, and when to just shut the fuck up and let you get off on the photos.  

I have virtually no contact with any of my 142 followers.  Do the guys who have 14,000 followers have a relationship with theirs?  Occasionally there are some who correspond for awhile and then we fade away like (apparently) all cyberspace contacts eventually do.  It's just the way it is.....  I've been online since 1998, it ended a 13 year relationship (cyber-divorce?) and we all seem to have our own personal feelings about my lifelong (well, since age 5) fetish (there, I said it) for nylon tricot whatever.  What I have discovered is that almost everyone who has expressed an interest in nylon tricot....(shirts, shorts, briefs, swimwear, panties, underwear, etc.) and who knows that nylon tricot is NOT lycra, has their own personal relationship and in their own personal involvement with nylon tricot beyond what I post on this blog.

Given all this preface, yungerdaddy, is an artistic, gifted,  professional photographer of "yunger" guys.  He seems to have absorbed enough information that I continue to spew regarding the virtues of nylon tricot--in his case, particularly regarding nylon tricot swim wear and its potential for ejaculation.

I have perfected (for me) various combinations of nylon tricot garments (swimwear, underwear, etc.) that slide in an amazing manner and result in major ejaculations due to the silkiness on my shaft and head.  Because I have a personal fetish for the nylon tricot items, it only adds visually to the feeling that the nylon produces while it's doing its job.

Ok, none of this is going to cure cancer, or end all wars, but that's one of the realities
of the internet is the ability  to express a personal interest /fetish in detail no matter how obscure....    So, to get to the point, I have been enjoying an online friendship with yungerdaddy (who is not well liked by spellcheck), but is well-liked by a number of young men because of his excellent, artistic photography of their young bodies that we may or may not have had at some point in our lives.  He has been reading, absorbing, and experimenting with various nylon tricot suits and encouraging some of his subjects to experiment with various combinations and layers of nylon tricot.  While I can't be there to give them the benefit of my (almost) lifelong experience with this this silky fabric, it is alternately exhilarating and frustrating.  That said, the following are some of the photos that daddy has sent to me of his son's experimentation using various nylon tricot suits.  It's hot to think that this blog has actually resulted in someone trying some of my "suggestions" regarding the use and enjoyment of silky nylon.....

Also, keep in mind, yungerdaddy had his blog suspended by some bogus claims by others and is currently posting through his son. I'm sure he would appreciate your viewing and following of his site. 

Of course we know that wet nylon is not silky nylon, but with some modification, I'm sure the 4 layers of nylon tricot that are currently covering his head can somehow be put to advantage and result in the desired effect--do you need to know what that is?

Incase you don't know, he is rubbing a 100% nylon tricot white Aussiebum on his nylon suit.  Unfortunately there are no photos of what happens when you (some someone close ) do this.

Friday, September 25, 2015

A Discovery, A Return, and Hot Guys in Nylon Tricot

It's been a very long time since I've run across some nylon that I'd buy or even recommend.  I already have enough original nylon tricot from the good days, and it's pretty rare when something new comes out worth talking about.  A few years ago I did order a couple of those gold Truwest suits that I kept seeing in photos.  Even though they are technically polyester (a slightly more durable but not always as silky as nylon), the suits were pretty amazing.  A little thick and course (they are water polo suits, after all), virtually any nylon suit or brief placed over it would instantly turn super silky (or as it is now referred to by yungerdaddy, "lubier than lube").  Having bought 2 of them, I didn't feel the need to buy 200 more--unlike the past me.  I have developed a good online discussion with yungerdaddy and his "discovery"  of nylon tricot (BTW using important techniques learned on this blog) with some of his subjects.  He told me about a Speedo suit called the "Avenger" (not to be confused about one called "Destroyer" and had to be returned).  This is also a polyester suit, but much softer and silkier than the Truwest suits.  One of the joys of masturbating into nylon is the constant discovery or rediscovery of which combinations work the best (aka silkiest) bringing the inevitable earth shaking orgasm--of yourself or another.  Placing it inside of various other nylon suits I have (specially ones that really didn't do anything) was amazing. is a really good seller and does allow returns as I did with the Destroyer suit, a terrible Waterpro suit and a free (or accidental) lycra jammer.  Truwest wanted over $30 in postage to send one suit to Hawaii so they are off my list for good.  Swimoutlet no longer seems to carry Truwest, but with the Avenger suit, who cares?  Just a reminder, the sizing on these suits is not normal.  If you have a 32 inch waist, you would need at least a 36 if you are planning on wearing them.  If you are planning on using them for my intended purposes, getting the largest 38-40 sizes will make your male member even happier.

Yungerdaddy, responsible for doubling the views of this blog when he would occasionally reference something I've said or shown on this blog, is in a dispute with his web host.  He is using a surrogate source to post his incredible photographs and promote nylon tricot.  With more than 100 times more members than this blog's 142 (not complaining!), he is reaching out to a much bigger audience.

Otherwise, here are some more random photos of guys wearing nylon tricot--accidentally or on purpose.....

At the peak (and ultimately end) of the Great Nylon Era at the end of the 70's was the classic disco, Angel's Flight pants with open nylon tricot shirt look.  Maybe not the best look to go out with, but the availability of nylon ranged from nylon shirts (including nylon tanks / vests. t-shirts), briefs, boxers, pajamas, panties, Speedos, and shorts all being produced by every major manufacturer of men's clothing.  Mid-decade early signs of the end came with the introduction of lycra and cotton crotch liners and the emergence of the Cotton Lobby determined to make cotton the fabric of our lives.

Not absolutely sure if this is a 30's photo of men in silk suits or a 60's photo with men in nylon, but the size of these suits may not be appealing to many of you, but if these 2 guys wanted to get each other off inside theirs, they couldn't be more perfect.  Need to see some DNA stains top and center.

A momentary gesture now destined to repeat for eternity on the web (or however long that is).  Sadly, a minor adjustment in a lycra suit with no possibility of a happy ending.....

So what is this grabber doing wrong to the grabee?  Of course you want to feel a guy's cock when he is wearing nylon shorts like this. but you don't have to choke the life out of it.  That circumcised head and shaft wants to feel the silly nylon (or sometimes polyester) sliding up and down, not being strangled.  Like I keep saying,  "Let the nylon do the work."

Good luck ever getting network "stars" into lycra suits again on national television--even on the gay channel.  "American Ninja Warrior" would have an even bigger audience if they did, but what well-built guys do nowadays to hide their male bulges with compression shorts under baggy top shorts is ridiculous.

With nylon tricot Aussiebums our only millennial  suits (too small as they may be), it's impossible to look bad in them.  And even if you did look bad in them, they could be laid on top of your cock and given you the orgasm of your new millennium.

Why can't we just run down to our local Macy's or Target and buy a nylon tricot tank like this?

There's something to be said for having a big bush like this even though the trend is now to shave your pubes.

Not sure why I am putting this on my nylon blog since nylon tricot wouldn't even rate a 1% on a worldwide survey these days.  Well, at least 10% of us own 50 to 500 (or more) pairs of our favorite underwear.

Classic 1970's 100% nylon tricot Speedo with a center panel.  Using this one suit (or adding another one inside of it) and laying it or folding it on your waiting hard on, just slide this silky up and down your shaft and get ready for a big load in your suit....

German youth waiting for nylon Speedos to be invented.  Wonder how many of these guys ever made it to wear a nylon pair?

Imagine one of these landing on your balcony looking for more nylon to feel?
I've seen bits and pieces of this series for years, but never the entire series (ok, I did eliminate one that was virtually identical) all on one site.  This is a standard, lined water polo suit that probably started out as a medium blue suit.  Even though nylon tricot suits last 10 times longer in chlorine than lycra suits, even the nylon will fade after awhile.

Hard to imagine that this is 2 layers of silky nylon tricot, but how it ever got buried by nylon-lycra is a true mystery.  You can see the beginning of the end with the hole on his suit.

If you were to take this suit (after it dried, of course) and put a SpeedoAvenger suit under (inside) of it and laid it on your cock and began to let it slide up and down your shaft, you would be adding the first of many DNA stains on to the front of it as it quickly becomes your favorite jerk-off suit.

Sad to think that this 100% nylon tricot suit will probably spend its entire life without ever bringing any sexual pleasure to the owner who is probably unaware of how to use his treasure for it's potential sexual pleasure.  That's why you must never feel guilty when you have the opportunity to "rescue" a nylon suit from an unaware owner who is soon going to toss the silky potential of this Speedo into the trash can and never think of it again.  There ought to be a law......

You know he is pulling out the front of this suit to adjust his cock.....

Can't quite grab the waistband for pulling it up.

Yeah, great body and all that, but ultimately it's that nylon tricot suit that's going to get him (and you) off.
Yes, there is something better than a guy in a nylon tricot suit and that is 2 guys wearing them--only to be improved on when they slowly begin to rub their nylon covered dick heads against each others--after they are dry--wet nylon isn't silky.  But when it is, that drawer full of boring black boxer briefs will go into the rag bag.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Close.....but Sometimes Guys Need a Little Nylon Tricot Push

It must be that time of the year because I'm feeling the need to expound on my greatest mystery of life:  Why aren't all men wearing nylon tricot for underwear?  (ok, and for pajamas, shorts, shirts, and swimwear).  Besides my obvious personal prejudice for the silky fabric, there are also purely practical reasons....  Men have exposed sexual organs and some of ours are more exposed than others (circumcised or even supersized).  That most sacred and sensitive organ of a man's body deserves to be supported by smooth and silky100% nylon tricot 24/7 (preferably 2 or more layers that slide).  How did your manly goods wind up in scratchy cotton?  Yes, I know the evil Cotton Lobby has spent billions to have us believe it is the "fabric of our life" but how could anyone feel nylon tricot and not realize the conspiracy?  They are even now convincing us that not having a label on cotton underwear is an improvement when it is obviously just another cost cutting move.  Well, you 142 regulars (as opposed to 14,200 on cotton blogs) know my rant by now.....

Nylon (or sometimes certain kinds of very silky polyester) is out there in a few brands and styles of items (shorts, pajamas, briefs, LDS garments).  eBay and other sites sell original (and still the best) nylon tricot items, but it's best you know what you are buying when a nylon Speedo can cost over $200 and some nylon tricot briefs (panties) over $300 to the serious collector.  There are still amazing items for under $20 when you know what to look for.  Of course, for the majority of gay and straight guys, pulling up your cotton boxer briefs is a daily ritual just as removing them for sex is as well.  You have no idea of the joy wearing and sleeping and ultimately ejaculating into your nylon tricot can bring to you and/or your partner.  Since my traveling around the country (or world) giving instructions and demonstrating on lucky audience members (except in my dreams) is not currently an option, this blog is about all there is out there -- promoting its advantages, virtues, and ultimately the resulting best ejaculation of your life.....
What happens when a nylon shorts and shirt wearing soccer player is exposed in front of thousands of cheering fans and reveal he is wearing an Australian Speedo slang suit called a "Budgy Smuggler."  I've checked out their site and they don't seem to be nylon and hard to tell if they are really silky or not--but this guy is at least close to wearing nylon (if he isn't normally in them already).  Sometimes it doesn't take much for a little push to get him into nylon tricot--especially if it involves sliding it up and down his shaft and just lightly over his head until he totally blows his entire load into the silky nylon.
I've never seen these for sale on eBay or in a thrift store in the 30 years since they made them.  I suspect that anyone who ever had a pair either could never part with them and was probably buried in them.  These were designed for mainstream surfers and during the time when shorts were this length and could be worn to the supermarket without any stares.  What they aren't tell you is that the 2 layers of nylon tricot that made up these shorts were the silkiest, slipperiest feeling shorts ever made.  Since they did not have any support inside, your cock was either free to roam about the 2 sliding layers, or by wearing a nylon Speedo or nylon brief under them, should probably have been illegal in most States.....  Luckily I still have several pairs and that nylon is still as slippery as ever.  Funny about all of the positive statements without any of them mentioning their best qualities......
A repeat posting of what I keep posting about the vintage Ocean Champion and Dolfin double nylon suits with the 2 silky layers that slid over each other.  I have to say slid as opposed to slide as they stopped lining up the nylon to do that 20 or more years ago.  Must have been too many complaints from swim coaches about the erections they caused in their swimmers which caused too much drag in the water and their losses to other teams who wore the non-sliding Speedos.

Not only did these early suits have an inner and outer layer of nylon that slid over each other (with your cockhead  bearing the bulk of this sliding activity with ejaculation directly into the nylon tricot being the only relief), but they were also large enough to hold your erect manhood under those layers until the last drop had been shot into them.

Contrary to the current trend of "smaller is better" these vintage suits provided a large, silky surface for sliding, rubbing, and feeling your erections alone or with another wearer until you both shot your loads inside.  Wearing a tiny, little suit today doesn't really matter since they are non-sliding lycra and are immediately removed as soon as your erection outgrows them.  Funny how they still refer to this activity as "Speedo sex" when they are neither  a Speedo, silky, and are removed 30 seconds into the "Speedo Action"--which is actually just the same old suck, fuck, and money-shot action of every other porn video......

I do make a special allowance for the Mormon Church who did update the fabric choices of their garments to include lycra for "sports".  Since they still make incredibly silky nylon tricot (which they used to call Corban) garments to be worn 24/7, thinly curiosity is why is this guy not wearing a nylon top?  They do make 2 piece nylon garments as well as an unbelievable one pice that I have raved about in many other posts.

You can see the silkiness factor of these lycra garments and, yes, those 2 layers in front do slide over each other--although not as well as the nylon tricot garments do.  I do own a token pair and can tell you they are really silky, but I still prefer the 100% nylon ones (especially the onesies) but they are sadly not for sale to the general public.

While I do enjoy seeing what a guy has between his legs when it's not enjoying his nylon tricot underwear (and might even enjoy feeling it in my mouth for a bit), I much prefer giving it pleasure while covered with 2 or more layers of silky nylon tricot until he blows his entire load inside--usually about the same time I am doing the same.  Trading loads when we switch whatever we are wearing is also a good idea before falling asleep in each other's arms and with each other's loads in place.

One of the few swim coaches (MIT) who consistently posed wearing his 100% nylon suit when posing with the rest of his team.  Coaches tended to wear their nylon tricot suits to practice without actually getting them wet with the chlorine that slowly destroyed nylon suits (or very quickly destroys lycra--which deserves to be destroyed...).  A a result of wearing their silky double nylon each day for a few hours, their suits tended to get silkier and silkier--at least until I would rescue them and put them to much better use sliding up and down my (or some other lucky guy's) shaft.  No, they still didn't get wet, except for the time it took a big load of sperm to dry inside them--not long at all!

Happened to notice what an unusually large package in this MIT's swimmer's crotch.  The ultimate sliding action is between one or more of the team's nylon tricot suits along with the coach's suit all inside of each other sliding up and down your shaft until all of them are soaked with your load.

This is one of two photos that I posted years ago and just came across this one.  The two larger  nylon suits have an inside liner that is shearer than I've ever seen on others whereas the guy on the right (who really needs to release his load rage soon) is wearing another nylon suit under his outer one.  The good news is that his cock has 4 layers of nylon tricot on it, the bad news is that none of them slide over each other.  In any case, wet nylon needs to be dry before you shoot your load into it again....

Now why would he want to pull down that silky nylon tricot Speedo--I can't even see a load in it.

I know, no nylon visible, but there is a sexy pose on each of these guys who feel the need to strut their masculinity.  I don't think it would take much to get them into some form of a couple of sliding layers of nylon tricot and they would feel the need to resume their posing.....

Two guys enjoying their double sliding layers of nylon tricot before unloading each other into them....

Lifeguards used to wear nylon suits, then they wore nylon shorts over their nylon suits.  Sometimes even now on the beach here, a lifeguard will hang up his Speedo to dry outside the lifeguard stand.  Sadly they are usually lycra, but it might not take much to get them back into nylon.  Many surf shorts today have this lump of velcro that can scratch and even injure your male member so they still will wear some form of Speedo style brief under them.  No sliding action, though.

Double, sliding nylon on the left and probably just front liner on the right--but still possible to get them both off inside their suits...I'm a professional.

Not sure what is going on here with those Ohio State nylon suits, but sure would life to find out.....

I can recognize this checkered water polo suit under his wrestling singlet.  He's getting some action in his suit on the mat as well as well as under water.  The singlet doesn't look all that silky (even for lycra) and his opponent should have his grip reversed.  Hard to "check his oil" with the backside of his hand.

That Weigh In site has some great photos.  UnderArmour is my personal choice to re-introduce nylon tricot to the male world, but so far we have to settle for shiny lycra.