Sunday, October 4, 2020

BAD NEWS and MORE BAD NEWS (Welcome to 2020!) It's OK, your nylon tricot will make it all better!

 The primary source for the photos on this blog (90+%),  have all come from a tumblr. blog I had.  Guys post some amazing things on it even though there is supposedly a "code" that is supposed to prevent overly explicit pictures.  However, guys getting fisted up to an elbow or getting fucked by 2 guys are common.  I didn't post very much but occasionally I would since most Mormons are somewhat shy about posting garment photos.  Should a photo, even a pg one get removed and a warning sent, they had an "appeal" button which usually returned it back to the blog.  I would see a lot of foaming, frothing at the mouth with hatred posts from guys who had been "wronged" or had their blog removed but I figured they were just complainers.  Really, tumblr. isn't obligated to host anyone's pictures any more than this google based one it.  I had been having technical problems with my tumblr. blog where it would quit after about 10 minutes, then after 5 minutes, and finally down to about 3 minutes last week until finally YOUR BLOG HAS BEEN TERMINATED appeared this week.  No warning, no explanation, no appeal--not even The End--just gone like it never existed.  There was a link to find out why but after 3 submissions and not hearing anything back, I gave up.  They don't owe me anything. I'll miss some occasional chats with other Mormon garment guys, but the reality is I was spending WAY too much time looking for nylon pictures of interest for this blog.  I have dozens if not hundreds in files that I can continue to post here for the rest of the year without tumblr.  Mixed feelings about ever opening another blog there.  The term "porn addiction" is real and even walking near my computer required "just a check" that could last for hours.  I had downloaded most photos that were of any "importance" and ones of me (always faceless!) will continue to orbit on tumblr. until it is also deleted someday.

The second bit of bad news is that my favorite all-time underwear (the Corban one piece garment) has also been terminated!  I know this won't affect most of you.  The 2 piece separates are still available (with that stupid cotton shield that can be removed and covered).  I also have a better source for you if interested and cheaper than the other one. 

Ha ha, once again my planned sermon based on the order of photos is also not going to happen as after all my efforts to select their order, it is once again reversed....Oh well, no one reads all this stuff anyway!  Right?

Cute wrestler, hot body, shiny blue (obviously some lycra at work here) trunks.  Is that enough?  No, he's here because you can clearly see his inner liner brief inside his suit.  It looks very much like the inner suit on an Ocean Champion or other retro all nylon suit.  Many of the professional wrestlers use custom-made suits / trunks but there are obviously some ready-made ones out there.  Doubtful there is any sliding action and getting him off inside his would probably require a lot of effort--but you'd probably have fun trying!  So would he....

I wonder how long the yellow singlet bulge has been there?  It's sure not going to go down anytime soon with his butt crack sliding over the cock bulge of the red singlet.  It's what I like about wrestling photos.  These erotic poses really only existed for a couple of seconds (or less) but here they are forever for our enjoyment.

I don't remember seeing this wrestling hold growing up watching it on TV.  Of course, they didn't have lycra suits growing up.  Those would have been 100% nylon tricot and he wouldn't have stopped after just one grab either.  He wouldn't have stopped until that red was completely soaked with white sperm--hopefully not during a commercial break.

This was actually part of a series of gif's but this was the only one that seemed hopeful.  His trunks look suspiciously like a nylon Ocean Champion suit.  He would be much better off staying on the outside of that double nylon sliding suit than inside with his hand directly on hi cock.  I know, that's the way you're supposed to do it, but if you've never felt the joy of a guy sliding 2 (or more) layers of silky nylon on your cock--well....your loss.

Who wouldn't want to earn their living wearing this to work each day?  Oh sure, you'd have to take the occasional folding chair to the head, but it might be worth it having other similarly dressed co-workers rubbing their silky suits against yours.  That and having an audience full of men cheering you on while you do it.

I probably should have saved him for a post on nylon Speedos but he was so cute I stuck him in with the wrestlers who I'm sure would welcome him and make him feel right at home in his silky suit.

This Section Brought to You By The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Wearing Their Corban Garments  (not supposed to say "Mormons" or LDS, but people still do....

For all the homoerotic overtones, this is probably a legitimate photo between an Elder and his comp or maybe from a host family.  Either that or it's the Elder's last night before he has to go back to Utah and they may never see each other again in the morning when they both wake up hard in their garments.

I met these guys on tumblr. and they are very open about their enjoyment of their one-piece Corban (nylon tricot) garments.  Looks like one of them is trying to visit the other inside his garment.  He would have no trouble getting off inside of it because those 2 layers of silky nylon over his entrance opening are sliding layers of nylon.  Just waiting for an errant cock to come by and try and enter before the sliding action begins and the intruder is forced to shoot his entire load inside the garment.  For a more traditional entry point, the entire lower backside opens up with direct access to the lower regions of pleasure.

Another angle of the visitation experience.  The guy on the left prefers the one-piece while the guy on the right with the 2 piece corban sometimes wears a one-piece, too.  It would be very possible for both of them to unload in the same crotch.

Never run into a guy wearing nothing but 100% nylon tricot green silkies in the woods before but I'm sure he wouldn't mind a "silky pop" as he's definitely in semi-mode.

Something really rare here--the nylon tricot tank top.  These used to be as common as the nylon shorts they are wearing.  They were available both in athletic wear as well as in the nylon tricot underwear department of your local department store.  You can see that they have discovered what happens when their bodies start sliding against each other.  Even though the changes aren't as apparent when the shorts start frotting and grinding against each other, the sliding action of their upper bodies still feels incredible.  As a friend has described it, "Dry lube!"

Nice of you to want to show us your "ass-ets" but this is a nylon tricot blog and we will just have you stay in your silky shorts until we have drained your entire load into the shorts--and maybe one more than you thought you had in you.  In my younger days, I once unloaded 5 times but mainly because my BF was also wearing his nylon and knew what he was doing--thanks to extensive training by me!  This continued for 8 happy, nylon years until one night he said those prophetic words "I think you are more interested in my underwear than you are in me!"  What could I say?  It was true and had been for years.  Sadly his punishment was to wear (gasp!) NO underwear!  Hard to imagine the relationship went down from there (how low could it go?) and we eventually parted ways.  I still have the blue nylon suit he was wearing the day we met.  I had decided to meet him and show him what else could be done with that nylon suit and continued the training for many years after.  His loss.....

Whoa Big Boy!  I actually think he may have tried to slip into a pair of green silkies or Ranger Panties and at some point while traveling up those incredible legs, it simply exploded into nylon pieces!  It may be why he seems to be wearing some more industrial-strength nylon shorts.  I'm glad to see he didn't give up on the silky nylon part because I'll bet there is a cock inside them that deserves to be silked into  shooting a massive load into them.  I'd be willing to show him how...first one's always on me!  ha ha

I like it when they know we can see the head of their circumcised cock and are proud to show us.  Looks like he's been sliced and diced a couple of times, poor guy.  Well, being rewarded with a pair of nylon tricot green silkies and a body like that is a good thing to have.  Hope some of the other guys showed him what a silky pop is--or maybe he showed them?

One of the advantages of being a really big guy is that you have to wear really big Ranger Panties.  Really Big Ranger Panties give you a larger playground for your boys hanging around inside all that silky nylon tricot and also makes it easier for a buddy to help you out getting them off inside.  Your cock may be a little smaller than average, but that nylon will make it feel 10" longer when you blast your load into them.

This repeat is part of a series with these guys posted earlier on this blog.  I ran into this picture and had to post it again.  Yup, that's his buddies hand feeling his silky nylon tricot shorts.  He's looking for that full erection to jerk off and show the other guys what a silky pop is.  They're all wearing their silkies and waiting to learn the proper technique to insure a big load.  Normally any guy would flinch if someone came up behind him and put their full hand on their nylon shorts like that, but this guy is READY!.

It's hot enough just watching his big cock throbbing inside his nylon tricot shorts, but when he grabs the silky nylon and tugs it over his cock head like that, well, that should cause some reaction in your silkies or maybe you're on the wrong blog?  Moving that outer nylon over his cock trapped inside that inner panty feels so good.  You can see his veins right through his nylon but I'd rather see his big sperm load in the nylon instead.

Hey Mr. Rogers, I can see the head of your cock in your nylon tricot green silkies.  He looks so nice and friendly, I'd sure like to give him a hand.  Wish I could watch those silkies traveling up those long legs into place holding his manhood all nice and silky between his legs.  That always puts a smile on your face.

Another repeat, but I believe this one is from the very first Silkies March held in San Diego a few years ago.  These marches did a lot to promote and encourage the wearing of these once required military PT shorts.  Imagine being forced to pull down your white scratchy cotton briefs and slip into a pair of these silky nylon tricot shorts?  Yeah, must have been tragic when the military banned them for PT in favor of these scratchy, cotton-like (technically nylon) Supplex (Tactel) shorts.  These memorial silkies marches not only helped revive their use, but introduced them into a whole new generation that had never seen or felt nylon tricot before.  Not a big surprise they are a BIG success and still making a lot of money for the Soffee company--the original and still the best makers of nylon tricot shorts.

I haven't seen any guy wear these to the gym in many years, but when you look like this guy and like the feel of your nylon tricot on your private parts, who is going to argue with that?

He's what I call a "feeler".  All 10 of his finger are resting on hi silky nylon tricot shorts.  He can handle the silkiness without getting a hard-on which not all guys are able to do. 


You can always tell a first-time nylon tricot shorts wearer.  They can't believe how good they feel and always grab their crotches just like that while looking down.  Of course, this doesn't show you what happens when they can't believe how good that silky nylon feels and aren't prepared for the growing cock inside the silky inner panty.  Not a lot o places to hide it either.  If they have on a shirt, they can tuck it under their waistband.  That look on his know that he enjoyed his shorts and probably added many more pairs.  The more you play and experiment with nylon clothing and the interaction of the sliding layers--well, it's been happening for me since age 5 and I still enjoy experimenting!

This was a borderline "too small" picture.  Something about these guys wearing and all feeling their satin shorts but for some reason don't look too happy about it.  Their scratchy black and gray FOTL and Hanes boxer briefs are laying nearby as they were obviously forced to wear these silky shorts.  Hope they have something silky under them and can enjoy some sliding action, too.  Well, I hope they eventually enjoyed their silky experience.

This guy is a real shiny short wearer.  There were several of these guys on tumblr. (many selling on eBay).  Many Euros--especially Germans are into these shiny shorts.  That's great until I see their cotton CK boxer briefs sticking out above them.  What's the point?  I guess because they are all uncut so their cocks don't really know if they are inside sandpaper or inside silkiness.  The REAL shiny shorts guys (and probably have exposed cock heads) will wear "silk shorts" which are actually polyester but who cares when they're that silky?  Most of them even know to wear 2 pairs of their silk boxers under a pair of shiny shorts--you know they have happy cocks!  Silky on the outside and silky on the inside!  Truthfully, shiny shorts (again,  most are polyester and not nylon) feel nice, but aren't actually silky as in sliding or "useable" to get off in.  Experiment!

Probably would faint if I ever saw this on the street somewhere.  I guess maybe there might be some neighborhood basketball game with a couple of guys from the "hood" wearing something like this (probably not matching), but now,  shorts only if that.  Another thing I can tell you for sure, if you were to wear this for, say, Halloween, you would think there was a sign on your back that said "Please feel free to feel my silky, shiny outfit" because people do that!  I've had it happen with far less obvious silky outfits, but this was is SO inviting.  Of course with covid, maybe you don't want strangers rubbing their hands over your silky body--with or without a mask.

Not sure if these are technically shiny shorts or satin shorts, but who wouldn't want to slide their hand down this silky looking ass?  Again, not knowing what he's got on under, he may not reap any particular benefits other than feeling a hand on his ass.  If he had on something compatible under the shorts, he'd enjoy it more with sliding particularly when your hand moved around to the front to begin feeling his growing manhood and eventual ejaculation into all that silkiness.

Finally, THE BEGINNING at last! (these loaded in reverse order)  Already forgotten what I was going to say....  Maybe that I really like these shorts (I have some) and that it's a good Fall color even if we don't have fall here where I live.  I like it when guys who say they are into something actually are--like wearing more shiny, silky on top, or seeing they have on some sort of silky, sliding underwear on under their shiny shorts or actually feel what they are wearing.  Nothing worse than watching a video of some guy sliding something silky up and down his shaft and you can tell he's getting ready to blow and then he takes it out and just shoots his load all over...nothing.  WHAT?  How can you do that to your cock that was doing so well when you were silking it and getting ready to fill the nylon and you rip it out from the silkiness with your bare hand and force it to blow naked?  Well, there are probably only a few people who agree with me.  I mean I don't mind seeing a guy wailing away on his boner and shoot a money shot across the room,when I'm not expecting anything else.

Ok, I guess you could say that I'm "running on empty" without tumblr., but after 11 years next month, somehow life will go on with or without it.  

Monday, September 28, 2020

AUSSIEBUM II: More Men Wearing Their 100% Nylon Tricot Suits

 Normally pictures load alphabetically.  That way I can organize them by just adding A's or B's in front of the picture name and have them show up in the order I'd planned.  This is the 2nd time they have uploaded backwards.  Does anyone out there care?  Didn't think so....    I managed to drag a couple all the way up anyway.

I know I've mentioned this before but this is another angle....Once upon a time when every major manufacturer of men's underwear made their own line of 100% nylon tricot underwear for men, it was possible to occasionally see nylon underwear on men in various places.  I trailed a guy on my bike once (he was about 18) who had a pair of red nylon Jockey briefs sticking above his jeans while riding hid bike.  I was probably 24 or 25 at the time and probably looked younger than him anyway.  Maybe my balls were bigger then or something, but within 2 hours, I owned those red nylon briefs!  When we stopped at a light, I mentioned his red briefs showing above his waistband and asked him where he got them (like I didn't know).  He was a military brat and he told me.  Light change, start riding our bikes and talking about nylon underwear.  I told him I wore them, too, but had even more nylon Speedos.  Told him he could have a couple if he was interested.  Wound up riding over to my apartment a few miles away.  I showed him some of my collection and he liked the silky Speedos.  I asked him if he wouldn't mind trading for his red nylon Jockey briefs no longer visible since he'd put his shirt on.  He didn't even act surprised or shocked, just "Sure!"  I gave him a couple of University of Minnesota swim team suits to try on (I had tons in those days from my frequent raids on their hopelessly inadequate security).  I think he probably went into the bathroom to try on the suits, picked out a couple, and gave me his briefs when he came out.  I don't think there was any sex with this encounter.  I guess I probably didn't want to risk not getting his underwear vs. him rejecting me for the come-on.  I don't remember ever seeing him again, but I've still got his nylon briefs--just happen to be in the collection sitting on my bed right now which prompted this memory.  They're still really silky.  There are actually quite a few experiences like this.

Anyway, what I was getting at, is that running into nylon underwear or even nylon Speedos (the only kind they made) as underwear, wasn't all that uncommon.  Guys would often buy a pair or 2 (maybe even "accidentally") or their girlfriends did (with mock protesting, "these are just like my chic's panties!!")  Whatever the reasons for the acquisition, they existed just about everywhere and were worn.  All of that ended 1975-80 during The Great Nylon Purge when the cotton lobby convinced everyone that nylon was unhealthy (ironically for the same reasons why it's considered healthy--drying fast and "wicking moisture" away from your body").  It's connection to Disco sealed its fate and it was off the market for 30 plus years is almost all forms.  So I guess it's not a huge surprise that a company that began reproducing the classic nylon tricot suits of the 60's and 70's would also enter the underwear market.  Missing their chance at nylon tricot, they went straight to cotton as shown below.  Australia has a long history of their men wearing the bikini brief.  Their underwear seems to be a compromise but certainly way less than boxer briefs or even regular briefs--some of which are referred to as "tighty whities" although I have also seen "tidy whities"!  

If for no other reason cotton underwear for men (and many women) has become the default material for all underwear and "sexy men's underwear" is based more on the color or waistband pattern / name, they are always 100% cotton.  Most have the required (what I call) prick hole, often too small to even be considered useful, some just a package holder with some intended bulge enhancement.  Again, cotton.  I did look up Aussiebum's other underwear and they do have some they are calling 90% nylon and 10% lycra.  Don't bother looking, it falls under the tactel / supplex kind which is like wearing underwear made from car upholstery.  You will not be getting off (nor is there room) in any of their briefs.  Still, gotta give them credit for at least getting these nylon suits out there.

Some regular guys in their regular cotton briefs.  Obviously, they know the Aussiebum brand name and want to look trendy and sexy for their girlfriend / boyfriend / or both in their 100% cotton underwear.  You know like all normal, regular guys do.

I'm guessing that all of these pictures of guys in their 100% nylon tricot Aussiebums required them to pull down some form of cotton underwear to put these suits on.  Some did it because they were on a wardrobe rack and they were going to be photographed modeling these suits.  Perhaps a few noticed they were nylon, some might have said "Oh, these are silky" to no one in particular, but the bulk of them just noticed they made their bulge look good and fit fairly well, if that.  The concept of wearing them for underwear, sleeping in them or having sex in or with them would not have occurred to them.  They're just another swimsuit.  Next.....

I have known models who would wear their nylon suits as underwear to a photoshoot since it would not require them to change in a booth or be naked in front of others.  Unless they were wearing white shorts or pants or their bulge was too large, no one would care or even comment on what they had on.

FYI, yes he has looked down and maybe fluffed his goods up a bit and is aware of his display of manhood is doing.  Then he puts on the "No, I'm not aware of my giant bulge and almost sheer suit because it's still wet, at all."  I doubt that he knows he will have to wait for his nylon tricot suit to dry before it will be silky enough to slide and put his big load right into that suit.  They don't teach you those important lessons in modeling class.

Not sure if this is supposed to be a father / son or daddy / boy picture, but daddy is looking good!  Boy needs to learn that you look sexier not trying to show off what you haven't really got.  Those 2 suits frotting together ought to really produce some excellent little swimmers once they shoot out into that silky nylon.

My real attraction to white suits doesn't really exist anymore.  Most of the makers of white nylon or polyester suits used to include an extra layer of fabric since the white could sometimes be sheerer than the colored or patterned nylon were.  Speedo actually used a polyester called Terylene.  It was a little heavier than normal nylon tricot but OMG, could it ever be silky.  Because most 100% nylon Speedo suits were not technically "sliding or silky" while being worn like, say, Ocean Champion suits were, the Terylene suits were because of the extra fabric.  Intended for Water Polo (and extreme ejaculation) they were amazing!  At the height of my Speedo Insanity, I once paid $300 for one on eBay in a bidding war.  Of course, for the next 10 years, sellers would start their white Speedo (even size 28) at $300 and hope for another bidding war like I engaged in.  Well, it was a one time deal and never happened again.  Aussiebum, however, uses nylon tricot and just sort of lets Mother Nature takes her course in what you can see...or not.  They aren't necessarily any silkier, but they will show your DNA faster in time.

Yes, a suit can be too small.  No matter how small their dicks might be, it would be very difficult to get these guys off in them.  I would suggest just using them around the house for decoration and letting them pose in doorways or seductively by the pool but to expect to add some additional nylon tricot when you finally get down to business.  You can tell these are old pictures because any millennial would be horrified to see pubic hair showing like this.  Much better to have the pre-pubic, plucked chicken look with all the raised pores than anything masculine or manly.  Why, no, of course I don't have any hair on my balls, but maybe someday....

I always thought this was about the sexiest of their nylon suits.  I think this is the Portsea if I'm not mistaken.  I mean if you can't hear this cock begging to shoot its load into this 100% nylon tricot silky suit, please turn in your nylon card.   Why do I think these models are really thinking about what they're going to serve for lunch today?

Almost large by Aussiebum standards, I can't believe guys don't notice how much better, natural, AND larger their manhood looks in nylon than being smashed or deformed by lycra.  Yeah, we actually know men have bulges between their legs, it's ok guys!

This guy is completely clueless that he is not wearing cotton and is wearing some 100% silky nylon tricot.  His gray FOTL boxer briefs are hanging on a hook behind this black background and he's hoping his 6-pack definition is looking good.  End of thought.  Click.  Next.

This guy is real.  I had to crop out a lot of his paintings / water colors behind him but he looks like he practices what he preaches.  I wonder if he'd mind if I unloaded the contents of his balls right into his silky suit right there in his studio?

Like we needed that treasure trail to find his treasure.  Might be more trouble than it's worth to get him off inside that too small nylon suit, but where there is a will there is a way....Oh, his name IS Will?  There are many ways, Will, and I'm going to teach you every one of them.  I brought plenty more silky nylon suits for the lots of ways.  Is it just me or is that about as good as a body can get?

Not seeing their outside labels but if these aren't nylon Aussiebums, I'll take the blond one home with me.

I'd call this more of a "pose" than an actual "feel" of his silky nylon suit.  If most of his fingers are on his skin and only his thumb on the nylon, we need to have a talk.  You're not going to sell nylon tricot suits by feeling your own body and not the suit.  Where do they find these guys?  Spoiler alert:  I wouldn't be expecting too many pubes down inside that suit if I were you.

There's a lot of man and a lot of nylon tricot suit.  As soon as they both dry, I can't wait to find out how much there is of both and do something with both!

Interesting the way they cut these nylon suits.  Normally a guy like that and with a gut that big, wearing a small suit like this would make him look even bigger.  Right now that suit looks really good on him and I would totally drain every drop of his manhood into it and make it look even better.

I'm really not one of those people (who I don't understand anyway) that will say they like nylon and then say the less there is of it, the better he looks?  How is that possible.  I'd walk away thinking not worth trying to keep his cock in that suit and shooting his load in it. I like seeing the start of his bush, I loke seeing the edge of his inner nylon liner on the left and he does have a nice body--but I need more nylon!  Sounds like some hissy fit, I NEED MORE NYLON!  SOMEONE GET ME MORE NYLON, NOW!!!  ha ha

This must either be a low budget shoot or maybe it's a selfie?  I remember my mother saying "You look like a bag tied in the middle!"  That's exactly what this guy looks like.  First, he doesn't seem to have enough man material to push out the fabric in his crotch to take up some of those wrinkles.  Second, he needs to slide that nylon along his tie to spread it out so it'snot so gathered.  He's hot and so is the nylon suit, but this guy needs some help here....

I don't think I've ever had the chance to examine a suit with the same stenciled on it like this.  I'm guessing the ink is going to interfere with the sliding action I have in mind for this over-shaved guy.  I mean, besides good advertising and letting everyone know you are wearing a 100% nylon tricot Aussiebum suit, although, given a choice, I'd rather the suit read "100% silky nylon tricot" instead.

Another super silky looking nylon tricot suit being wasted on another clueless pretty boy--sorry if I'm so opinionated.  He looks pretty scared, for one thing.  He's probably not shaved below but definitely trimmed, which I don't mind.  Less chance of hair stuck in your teeth, but no problems if you just silk him off in his suit.

I don't know why sold suits always seem to be silkier than panels (#2) or patterns (#3) in nylon tricot, but I bet this guy would really like to have his nylon Aussiebum wrapped around his cock and being stroked up and down his shaft.  Not quite sure what he's doing with his hands but he doesn't seem to be that interested in his suit.  I think if I was marketing these nylon suits, seeing a hot guy resting all 10 of his fingers on the silky nylon is sending at least a subliminal message that he's enjoying his suit!  Of course, I could sell even more if I did a video showing how to REALLY enjoy his nylon suit and why he should probably buy 2 or 3 more at the same time.

As a former swimmer, this kind of effect happens sometimes with nylon suits.  Your cock head, especially if it's moist for any reason, can sometimes stick to the front of your suit.  It's not that you're hard or even semi, but it sure looks good.  You're actually aware of it because you can feel the pull on your cock head, but rather than adjust your goods, you put on a concerned look or I'm interested in something out there somewhere, or just a plain, dumb innocent look and show off your giant bulge until your cock falls back down into the nylon suit. Make sure you don't look down or acknowledge because that ruins it--you know about it.   You pretty much have to stand still because if you walk it's going to move your dickhead and ruin your giant bulge--fake as it might be.  So, just enjoy it when it happens and reward it when it eventually falls down by grabbing your goods and giving it a good thank you silky feel.  Careful, though, a real semi is a whole other problem.....

Aussiebum has generally done an excellent job of marketing to their demographic both in Australia and the USA.  They have done MTV style underwear exchanges, fashion show kind of things, and of course always using hot guys so that you associate their sexy, silky suits with sexy guys--just like yourself.  Of course, if they could introduce cotton underwear, they could also introduce lycra and none silky suits--none of which will be seen on this blog.  They also managed to get their brand seen on major Australian beaches and with actual lifeguards wearing them.  Possibly product placement at no cost to the lucky wearer or as great shots like the one above with signage and logos.  Very appealing marketing.

Unfortunately, this fashion trend doesn't seem to have caught on.  Maybe if he was wearing it over his nose and mouth?  Instead of wearing one sticking out of your back jeans pocket, wearing one around your next to indicate "likes to have sex in silky nylon tricot" is a trend I could get behind.  Probably the smallest, shortest trend in history with all 111 of my followers.  The only problem with this trend, that suit isn't really going to be doing anyone any good around his neck.  It's ok to advertise, but we need nylon down where it will do some good for you and maybe your partner.  

He must have been late for the shoot and got stuck wearing the cotton instead of all the silky nylon the other guys got to wear.  Well, being last and least stuck in cotton, he will also be the last one out of the wardrobe tent.  Maybe grabbing a handful of still warm, recently worn silky nylon Aussiebums to shove in his bag on his way out will make up for having to torture his cock with 100% scratchy cotton while all the other guys got to have on silky nylon tricot.  Go back to his hotel, grab some grub and brewski and start playing with his new silky suits.