Friday, May 27, 2016

More Men Enjoying Their Nylon Tricot Garments--kind of hard not to

Not much more I can say about these Mormon heavenly silky garments that I haven't already said in the following text.  Hated by "exmos," reasonably disliked by younger Mormons who prefer the separate piece 2 piece garments that can almost pass for "normal" underwear (cotton boxer briefs and t-shirt), but loved by and enjoyed by anyone who enjoys nylon tricot.  My own personal theory is that the Mormon Church designed them to be so pleasurable that the wearer would never want to (or have to) take them off. Works for me. Sadly they are difficult to find available and they are even banned on eBay.  See the next post for a possible source--although they don't seem to sell nylon garments.

Maybe not the most sensual photo--a handful of nylon tricot and not skin tight with no throbbing bulge.  Well, take my word for it, these are about the most sensual, sexual, incredible nylon garment ever created.  The only reason it's listed as #4 is because of the difficulty in obtaining them.  They are really worth it if you can.

So before you know it, that handful of nylon tricot quickly turns into a double nylon cover that will silk your cock into pumping a huge load--either by yourself or with some help. 

Sitting on a cold, hard sink counter isn't the most romantic spot for a fuck, but this garment has such easy access and his boy wants to pump a load into him.

I don't think I've ever seen such a waiting hole--it's almost like it's reaching out to kiss that perfect sized cock waiting to enter
Feeling his silky covered body with that cock deep inside him sure looks hot---he should keep his own covered inside his double nylon crotch, though.  If I was that daddy, I'd pick up that cute ass son, nail him up against the wall and pump a return load into him--but the rest of the time we'd be emptying our loads into each other's garments.

If there is a little more oral activity needed on his ass (and there would be if I was involved), these garments offer extra easy access for anything you have in mind....

Kind of sad to deprive that juicy cock from feeling that silky nylon garment.  Just because he isn't cut doesn't mean he wouldn't enjoy that silky nylon tricot garment.....

Yeah, he's starting to enjoy it for sure

Perfect lighting to show off a happy cockhead inside (where it belongs) his perfect silky nylon tricot garment.

So hard to figure out why they put in that cotton inner panel on the right side of the fly opening on the separate piece garment bottoms.  They don't do that on the onesie, one piece garment.  Hot to see that silky nylon up close.  It's not the cheap, shiny nylon that invaded the marketplace in the late 70's and is still with us today in most full-sized panties.

Almost impossible to slip into a onesie (though the neck) and not have your cock already getting hard by the time that double layered silky crotch makes it up into position.

This sex-on-a stick dude goes by "Bearded Boy" and he got himself some LDS garments--and he's b-a-d.

I'm not a big fan of the nylon mesh garments (unless I had some really burned on food that needed scrubbing).  They are fairly sheer looking from a distance and can drape a little like nylon, but trust me, your cock WILL know the difference. 

You're not going to see this pose in any Mormon Missionary calendar, but wearing his slightly too tight nylon tricot garment, he looks ready to make someone very happy...although they may not be walking too well the next day.

In case you didn't know he wasn't a real Mormon (or care), this is what he looks like un UA--no garment under these.

Monday, May 23, 2016

#4 Best Nylon Garment is......A Nylon Garment!

First off, there will be at least 1 or 2 more posts with these LDS nylon garments due to a surplus of new photos.  Second, their #4 designation is due primarily to the lack of ease in acquiring these by the general public or they would be more like #2.  Of course, the other difficulty is actually getting to see another guy wearing his nylon garment (or any garment, for that matter).  Part of their eroticism is to check out the neckline of anyone you might suspect of being a Mormon and see if you can see a rounded scoop neck.  It doesn't mean that 100% they are nylon tricot since some nylon mesh are also rounded, but they are never a V-neck or crew-neck in nylon.  The Church was calling the 100% nylon garments (or g's) "corban" which I'm guessing was their way of not having to use the other "n" word for the nylon fabric.  The labels do say 100% nylon but they still use corban on their fabric descriptions. offers "real" Mormon Underwear (no, it's not "magical" and that's very offensive to them--unless that is your intent.  Unfortunately this site does not offer the nylon garments.  Beware, the mesh garments may be made out of nylon (but so is a pot scrubber) and from a distance might appear sheer, but they are nothing like nylon tricot.  Ok, enough of the disclaimers.....

There have been dozens of past postings about these incredible church-designed garments intended for 24/7 use.  As I have said many times, if someone wanted to design perfect nylon fetish underwear, it could hardly be better than the one piece (onesie) garment.  A tall, double nylon crotch that slides over your erection, a back-flap butt entrance for things that want to go out or for things that want to go in--really no reason to ever take them off since you can easily shower in them and they will dry quickly.

Nothing like a nice, clean-cut, fresh-faced Mormon boy with a big smile.  But wait, what's that large scooped undershirt showing through his white shirt--almost like a smily face?  It's not a tank top because you can't see any straps showing......
However, no real Mormon missionary would wear an unironed, wrinkled shirt like this one.
There it is again more looks kind of silky...maybe even nylon tricot?  What kind of church would make such underwear for its members and then require them to wear them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?

The Church offers their nylon garments in both separate tops and bottoms.  There are sacred markings over each nipple which feel incredibly erotic when felt  or pinched.  Amazing how they always seem to be right over your nipples like they know right where to go.  They are made from very silky nylon--it also went to a thinner type in the 70's from their more opaque, silkier nylon like everyone else did.  Unlike everyone else, however, they didn't fall into the sleazy, shiny nylon and kept up the quality which is about as good as any nylon being made today. Just another observation that this site is all posed, he obviously just put this nylon garment on (his scratchy black cotton boxer briefs are probably on the floor just out of range) because there's no way this silky nylon could remain this wrinkled if it had been worn for any length of time.  Maybe the other guy is trying to smooth out the wrinkles for him?

It is very difficult for another guy to keep his hands off your silky nylon garment as you can see here.  There are some advantages to the separate g's, but the least appealing is that for some reason, one panel of the fly opening is made out of cotton.  Just one.  So there is a 50-50 chance your male member could be forced to endure cotton even while wearing an otherwise nylon tricot top and bottom.  No idea what the reasoning behind that could be, but there it is.  It is also necessary, as with "normal" boxer briefs, to pull them down from your body to sit on the toilet or to allow someone any sort of access to your ass or into your ass.  Not very desirable in the nylon fetish world.....

However, The Church more than makes up for it with their one piece garment.  Two silky layers of nylon tricot will easily slide over your erection to allow very easy jerking off or frottage  No seams, waistbands or other obstructions to get in the way for solo fun, shared fun, or sliding around over nylon tricot sheets fun.  My personal favorite is to wear them under a just slightly sheer nylon tricot t-shirt (or even a Nike mesh shirt).  Also fun to let a little of your shorts peek out from below your shorts--especially when around other Mormons and watch their eyes darting from your neckline to your shorts bottom.

Normally your erection remains in the double nylon crotch area and, even if too tall, well within the sliding nylon tricot range for easy ejaculation(s).  Even though the double nylon crotch does has an opening (and it's easy to use) it really doesn't interfere with anything else. 

When not in use, those 2 layers of silky nylon provide a silky home for your male parts and even better under your clothes.  You can see the silkiness of the nylon in the close-up here.  Any other nylon you decide to wear over these garments, you will find they will easily slide and provide even more nylon fun.

If for some reason you feel the need to take your manhood out of your garment, it's very easy and non restrictive.  However, the only reason I could imagine your needing to do this would be to insert it into the equally accessible rear opening of another guy who is also wearing a nylon onesie.....

Just found these pictures today....garments provide some lift and display support if they are slightly smaller.   Imagine starting to make out with this buy and not knowing what's under those slightly bulging pants....

There's no mistaking what he's wearing even with this little glimpse of his underwear showing.

Another couple of buttons and your suspicions are confirmed--this dude is wearing a nylon tricot Mormon garment.....

Imagine slipping your hands inside his outer clothing and feeling that silky nylon tricot covering his body.  Feeling the waistband on his bottoms and the double butt seams tells you he is wearing a two piece garment.  Now all you have to worry about is he devout enough to know not to take off his garment--well, at least leave it on because it feels so good.

Meanwhile, you are ready in your seamless, one piece nylon garment and you are sliding all over the dude while trying not to blow too early because it feels so good.....

Yeah, these really deserve a higher rating than #4....especially since they are still being made--just not for everyone.  The label does say they are only for "endowed members."  But it doesn't even say that your member has to be well-endowed, so I think if you can get a few pairs, your member will be VERY happy.......

Saturday, May 21, 2016

More Men Wearing Nylon Tricot Green Silkies (a few repeats)

Thought this would be a good lead in to the #1 rated nylon made in my posting from last night.  Like I say in that post, it hasn't been made for 40 years, but the nylon tricot that Soffee used in their green silkies is pretty damn good.Wearing their little panty sewn in under them is even better.

Normally I would suggest that a guy use his hand on the outside of his green silkies when conducting a "silky pop" into his shorts.  It's a naturally occurring event that guys who wear these shorts often mention this as a result of wearing them).  Unfortunately they never make these shorts so that the panty liner slides under the outer short.  Of course it would be different if a guy actually wore a nylon tricot panty under a pair of nylon shorts.  Most nylon shorts that were made without a liner were made of 2 layers of nylon and so wearing a nylon brief under them would slide over each other.  Circumcised guys wouldn't have any problems rubbing the nylon shorts over their cock because the foreskin is doing the work anyway.  So hot seeing his creamy manload soaking right through his silky shorts.

We can always hope their friend in the middle has his shorts on underneath.  Who'd want to run with all that clothing on when all you need is a pair of nylon tricot green silkies?

You won't see too many cotton briefs on this site, but this one represents the alternative military issue that guys were forced to wear until they slipped into their nylon tricot PT shorts for the first time.  I suspect this guy is thinking about his green silkies pt shorts here and what's going to happen when he puts them on.  Guys are still wearing their silkies for underwear even if they have to "pop" before they put them on for wearing in public.

Another cautionary note, these are the new PT shorts the military issues.  Technically they are made out of a type of nylon, but it is much closer to his cotton boxer briefs the top guy is wearing than silky nylon tricot.  Imagine if these two guys were both wearing their green silkies and trying to do this?  Yeah.....

This is what I would call a "breakfast, lunch, and dinner" nylon covered ass--I could eat it out for 3 meals a day and never get tired.  Can barely see his inner panty but it's where those drape lines appear and then end.

If you ever need some roadside help, just put on your nylon green silkies and see what happens....

Besides tucking up his shorts into his panty liner to enhance his big bulge, I love it when you can see through the outer shorts like the guy on his left.

Also love seeing a peek at the inner liner brief on these green silkies.  It's not that I don't know that they're under the outer short, but it's still hot to catch a view of them directly besides being the VPL when they move in them

I think this is one of the repeats, but when I see silkies this large, I can only imagine what I could do to get him off inside them.  Maybe even send my guy inside at the same time to do some investigating before we both shoot our loads.  Normally I prefer that we shoot our loads separates in our own shorts.  That way we can exchange shorts and enjoy each other's loads before doing it again.

Green silkies can come in different color greens or even change colors after awhile, but they are all equally silky.  The joke with these guys is that if they fit, go down 2 sizes more, but I wouldn't advise it since that inner panty can become a little too tight and you need that room for your "silky pop."

Taking a little pause in their silkies and looking good....

What's the one thing this party has going for it.....

Looks like these have been washed a few too many times but he's still looking good in them....

If he tucked his shirt in, those hands would be resting on those silky shorts instead.

Nice shot through the sheer fabric on his shorts....

The only thing that would make this picture slightly comfortable would be to think that they are all wearing their nylon tricot green silkies for underwear.  Yeah, they are......

Dreams are sweeter in green silkies....

Yeah, real men do wear nylon tricot.....

#1 Rated Silkiest Nylon in History -- Requires Explanation and Justification for Some Guys (maybe).....

Sorry for the long break in posting.  They will pick up again soon.  Not posting doesn't mean I haven't still been collecting new pics.  A word of caution to you, however.  Many sites are now infected with ad-ware and I assume, even ransom-ware.  I've had my computer frozen and all sorts of dire warnings if I didn't call a certain number or click on a link.  I managed to get out from under their control but it's left me very paranoid and is restricting my collecting new photos on many sites.  I don't really want to have to take in my computer to Apple when the last thing I was trying to download had to do with male ejaculation into nylon tricot--but they've probably seen a lot worse, I'd guess.

I've thought a lot of how to present my #1 rated nylon to my viewership--small as it may be.  In the first place, the nylon hasn't been made in 40 years and was only made for 25-30 years prior to that.  It is technically still available on eBay and other sites, but expect to pay at least $40-50.00 and up to $300 for the nylon connoisseur.  Considering this mark-up is anywhere from 50 to 300 times the original cost, it takes a guy who really likes extra silky nylon to get off into and fantasize about being able to go back in time on a more practical  level besides buying Xerox or Apple stock.  

Man created nylon in 1939 and ultimately it was mostly delayed from public use by WWII industrial uses until the late 1940's when man starting using it for more sensual and ultimately sexual domestic purposes.  Man designed nylon-ware for the object of his sexual desire....women.  Investing in  the the use of nylon for men's wearing pleasure was rather limited until the 1960's when it really took off.  While they did make nylon underwear for men,  it was usually ribbed and not all that silky or sensual.  Ironically actual silk is not all that silky compared to the sliding ability of nylon tricot.  Women, on the other hand, greatly benefitted from what men were designing for them:  nylon tricot panties, slips, nightgowns, etc.  Yes, they were being designed for women to wear in layer upon silky layer, but for men's pleasure.  Their objects of desire were all wrapped up with multiple layers  of the silkiest nylon ever created--each one to be felt and enjoyed by a man.  That whole 50's, Betty Paige look of women wearing nylons, garter belts, panties with double layers framing their pussy was a huge and immediate success for decades.  As silky and sensual as the nylon tricot was, it was only for men to feel and enjoy as part of their sex act (if not fantasize about) and not for men to ever wear or enjoy directly on their own--that was strictly off limits and taboo.  Not being able to have or use it on their own, made it all the more desirable to enjoy on their women--and they did.  Who knows how many masculine men had their own secret, "forbidden" stash of silky panties as reminders or souvenirs of their previous female conquests to look, feel, sniff between their next nylon clad encounter. How many men shot their loads into the silky nylon being worn by their women before they even made it into that slimy hole between their legs (sorry, no interest in any parts of women's anatomy even with nylon tricot on it).

Well, this all may be just my justification, but it was also my first encounter with nylon tricot at age 5.  It had really nothing to do with its feminine connection or any desire on my part to dress up in mommy's high heels and wear make-up as is so often the case.  Not being judgmental to those who did, but for my 5 year old penis, it was all about feeling that silky nylon do its thing on my thing--and it sure did!  Of course no all-American dad wants to hear about his first born son wanting to wear and masturbate into silky nylon panties and I suffered (more than once) accordingly for almost 10 years until I discovered other boys got to wear nylon tricot Speedos and didn't get beaten.  I've often wondered if my parents had been more "modern" and given me my own nylon tricot panty drawer and didn't make a big deal about it.  Of course, today it would be assumed I was probably transgendered and they might have gone beyond my needs with their reasoning.  Trust me, all I was interested in were those incredible feeling white, 100% nylon tricot panties--preferably 2 to 3 to wear at a time and 5 to slide on my (then) little dick.  Discovering later that they were the same material as men's Speedos, shorts, shirts, etc., they still remain a part of my nylon masturbation repertoire.  Sadly, by the mid-70's, the nylon formula changed.  It became more sheer, sleezy, shiny and less silky.   If that wasn't enough, they starting mixing it with lycra and spandex and further debasing the original.  That formerly super silky double panty crotch became cotton lined like some sort of voo-doo witch doctor remedy  for yeast infections as part of the cotton lobby's ad campaign against the evils of nylon--sadly their evil campaign worked and still is with us today.

I realize that for many of you, whatever attraction to nylon tricot you may have is probably tied to the  male group for which it was designed.  Nylon tricot Speedos for male swimmers (sadly now, many don't even know the difference between nylon suits and lycra), nylon tricot  green silkies on hot military guys, hunky soccer players wearing their almost-but-not-quite-nylon-tricot shorts that still slide, or the nylon tricot shirts worn by all the boys in their childhood boarding school.  So for most of you guys, any contact with women's nylon tricot panties is pretty disgusting, and I understand.  However, on a purely analytical level, that 1947-1977 nylon tricot was the silkiest, sliding nylon ever made regardless for whom it was intended. 

Here's JW, a good ol' Texas boy who likes his jeans -and also his 100% nylon tricot panties under them.

He tends to wear mostly Vanity Fair nylon panties which are probably the closest thing to the original, but always with the cotton crotch removed.  I'm not big on lace appliqu├ęs (lace hurts like sandpaper when it moves out of place sliding on your erect manhood), but the ones on Vanity Fair are kind of out of the way.  Also notice, no seams, holes, and other necessary impediments between sliding that silky nylon nylon around your manhood.

Not sure what I would do if I ever saw a guy bend over and instead of seeing the required cotton baggy shorts or black boxer briefs( if over 30) under his jeans along with that wide elastic waistband, I would see some nylon tricot and a thin bit of elastic on his panties like this.

There are so many ways to accomplish this sperming process--too many to name here, but if you like to ejaculate your manhood into nylon tricot, you already know many of them.

These panties look like they may be the vintage, "good" nylon tricot so this guy probably had no trouble at all creating that sticky mess inside and now outside his briefs--interesting note:  most people are apparently turned off by the name "panty" or "panties" and prefer "briefs."  I grew up hearing them called "silk panties" even though they were nylon tricot.

Probably the best nylon tricot ever made was by the Van Raalte company.  These regularly sell in the $250.00 to $300.00 range.  The quality of the nylon (relatively opaque) and one of the few manufacturers who regularly had the largest made, 2 layered crotch (gusset) to slide over each other (I'm thinking many a cockhead exploded prematurely into them as designed by man) may be one of the reasons.  Amazing how strong that thin elastic was and how long it lasts.

So many ways to unload that sperm using one hand, two hands, inside or outside--just let your nylon panty be your guide....ha, ha

The original double nylon tricot panty crotch was a special area--especially on a man.  Wearing more than one pair often means additional sliding while holding the basis of your manhood on place and sometimes when the crotch is big enough, the head of your cock as well.  When chosen correctly, every inch of the outer brief will slide over the inner one.  You will feel it continuously all day under your outer clothing and definitely whenever you chose to ejaculate into them. 

Unlike modern panties today, especially by those who wear the for feminine reasons and like them very tiny, the original cut was large enough to accommodate a lot of activity inside and outside while sliding multiple layers over your manhood.  Fingering your prostate or further back over the double nylon crotch is incredible.

There is an amazing video on X-tube that shows what My8kitso did to produce this big load inside these nylon panties that had previously been spermed  in by JW from Texas.  Really no feminine aspects at all to his enjoyment--just his cock enjoying the sensation and the end result of being silked in them.

Using anywhere from 5 to 7 vintage layers of nylon (chosen based on whichever brand slides best over the one next to it) these 40 to 50 year old panties will slide silkier than any lube or other method to produce the largest sperm load you ever thought you could produce.

As if creating the best nylon and putting it into a brief wasn't enough, man also created a looser top garment to go over it with the only purpose to "slip" and ultimately slide and feel silky.  Kind of wasted on an empty, wet hole but not when a cock is somehow involved.

So the next time you want to put down some guy for liking to get off inside some nylon panties that you think are only for women, at least reserve your judgement and think about other masculine men who enjoy wearing them in one form or another.  They don't call them "Ranger Panties" for nothing.  Would you put down this fireman for still wearing his green silkies for his underwear?  He's got a perfectly good nylon panty sewn into those shorts--sadly they don't slide over each other.

As I said, I'm not a big fan of lace, but from a purely practical use on these briefs, they actually will ventilate and allow his ejaculated sperm to dry faster once they have been spermed into.

Yeah, really no difference between this guy wearing a Speedo under his nylon or polyester soccer kit and doing a major sperm job using his made-for-male clothing choice, but may have produced an even bigger load if the nylon had been a little thinner and silkier.  Just think about it and don't be too judgmental........

So those are the top 3 based nylon tricot made items since nylon began--and yes there is a number 4 rating.  But first you will have to see some incredible green silkies pics which I will be posting next.