Wednesday, December 13, 2017

PART 2 of Next Blog Post --A Few More "G" Pics. Don't forget to ask Santa for Yours!

These are a few more pics that didn't make it into the next blog post.  Just wanted to include them now since this is a tie for the least viewed of my nylon categories.  This fact reminds me that this is a Nylon Tricot Blog, not shorts that happen to be nylon, or underwear that happens to be nylon.  Like I keep saying, your cock doesn't care what or who it's made for, but it does care if it's silky nylon tricot.   Got yours on now?

"Knock, knock."  Sorry, can't come in if you're scratchy cotton.  Amazing that given the choice of fabrics (nylon tricot / corban, nylon mesh, and nylon lycra) for your 24/7 garment wearing that some guys would choose this scratchy cotton.  The bottom pair is lycra/nylon.  They don't put a cotton panel in lycra like they do in the nylon ones.  Most guys were these too tight to get off in anyway.  They are very smooth and other nylon tricot will slide over them but they have a strange cut to them.

Good boy, keeps his cock away from that cotton panel.  New silky nylon / corban garment bottom.

Better off wearing the nylon tricot one piece garment or "onesie."  Imagine wearing this silky nylon garment all day under your clothes and all night under your sheet!.  Hard when you wake up?  Take advantage of the 2 sliding layers of silky nylon that are covering your erection.  Your garment will make short work of that pesky hard on preventing you from getting out of bed with a little help from your hand(s) or sliding it against your partner's.

With any luck you might catch a glimpse of his nylon bottoms hanging below his shorts when he's not jerking off inside his silky nylon bottoms.

No complaints repeating the sexiest photo of any guy wearing a nylon 2 piece garment.

Not much chance of going to "Mormon Heaven" so this will have to do right her on earth with 3 hot guys all wearing their silky nylon / corban g's and ready for action.  Unlike Mormon Boyz, my version of heaven leaves the silky nylon on until every last drop has been emptied into their (or someone else's) garment.

I wanted these to be nylon but I think these are one of the other synthetic materials made, but he's put such a nice big load on them.

Three different garment fabrics--do you know them?

Cute but even more so wearing his silky nylon garment separates.  Can you believe how perfectly centered his temple markings are?

So hot to see a guy with his dress pants down and revealing some silky nylon / corban garment bottoms on.

Close up on his garment top.  Sometimes nylon mesh garments will slide over body fur but otherwise these corbans will do the job.
New looking nylon tricot / corban garment bottoms down....

Amazing nylon tricot / corban onesie and his manmeat deserves to be enjoying those 2 sliding layers waiting to get him off in them.

Monday, December 11, 2017

The Only USA Manufacturer of NylonTricot Underwear for Men* *(some conditions may apply)

Looks like this is the year of the fewest number of nylon blog posts since I began in 2009.  The reality is, given the low interest in nylon tricot (or understanding of what it is, lack of availability, and the lingering disparity of it by the Cotton Lobby), it's a miracle I have found this many pictures.  Unlike other blogs, I do not repeat the same pics over and over again--maybe an occasional repeat.  In keeping with the subject of fewest blog posts this year, the only nylon subject less popular than nylon Mormon underwear is vintage nylon swim suits.  Given that these two types of nylon for men items are among the best and silkiest nylon uses ever devised for a man's parts to get off into, I would have to blame the lack of availability of both for their lack of popularity.  In the case of nylon Ocean Champion and other vintage nylon suits, they haven't been made for almost half a century (but are still around and still get the job done) but are no longer handed out to unsuspecting boys going through puberty.  The 2 layers of silky /sliding nylon they were expected to wear during swim class or swim team practice and not get hard was cruel--but for many became the basis of their life long love of silky nylon tricot.  In the case of Mormon Underwear, well, it's not exactly advertised in the Sunday paper ads.  I would urge you to put away whatever prejudice or feelings against the Mormon Church and think instead about the only company in the USA that is still making nylon tricot underwear for men and then requiring they must wear it 24/7.  Granted they do offer other choices in cotton, polycotton, mesh, lycra and other synthetics as other underwear manufacturers do, offering 2 different types of silky nylon tricot (which they call "corban") means a relatively high number of men can, at least, accidentally if nothing else, wind up wearing silky nylon tricot underwear and maybe experience the sexual pleasure (besides just wearing it) can bring.  I have seen that other followers have been able to find their nylon garments online and I have published the site that offers them for sale to non-mormons--although they seem to only offer mesh in their ads.

Currently, the Mormon Church offers two forms of underwear:  Separate t-shirt type tops and boxer short style bottoms and the one piece (often referred to as a "onesie).  Garments are also referred to as "g's" for short.  You needn't be concerned about the temple markings sewn into the garments as religious reminders of vows made, but do enjoy the markings over the nipples for purely sexual reasons--always amazes me how they know right where mine are!  Keep in mind this is a blog about Men in nylon tricot and these are all men who are wearing it and enjoying it--so do the same!

One caution when wearing a onesie, this is one type of underwear you do not want to buy too small.  The permanent wedgie that will result in your ass crack will not be pleasant.  However, Oxy-clean will remove any stains with a few squirts before washing.  As for the DNA squirts that you put into the double, sliding nylon crotch on the other side, it works well on those, too.

Nylon / corban garment wearers are not always blond, 20, and offering a free Book of Mormon.  They can be real guys, hot, and even non-mormon.  Sometimes you will be able to see their "Celestial Smile", "Happy Face" or scoop neckline.  This is the only kind of neckline on the nylon garments but don't get your hopes up every time you see one as they also make the same style neckline for mesh, poly-cotton and other materials as well.

Regardless of the person wearing their nylon tricot garment, they will all have one thing in common--not being able to keep their hands off their male parts inside of it.  This guy is doing an excellent job of avoiding the cotton panel they felt the need to sew into the crotch.  Men are not going to get a yeast infection without it, but I think it's just to be mean.  However, they more than make up for it with the double sliding layered crotch in the one piece garment.

Here is a rare example of what I can only guess is a first time, non-Mormon wearing a nylon onesie as they have left their briefs on under the garment.  This is a big no-no in the Mormon Church.  They even make women wear their bras over their garments which is one of the main complaints by women and contributes to their future "ex-mo" status.

Before condemning this infidel for defiling his silky nylon tricot garment with his common cotton briefs, I took a closer look at these and realized I may have been too quick to condemn--or at least justify it with a fantasy of my own.  From what I can tell from the shape and cut of his offending briefs, they appear to be a horizontal fly common to the early Munsingwear nylon tricot briefs (Tricolon brand) and about the silkiest nylon ever made for men.  So I'm hoping that's what he is wearing.  He obviously hasn't learned the real secret of wearing a nylon / corban onsie.  That oversized, tall crotch is actually 2 layers of sliding nylon tricot that should cover most of your hard on and  make it almost too easy to ejaculate into it.

Used to waking up with your morning wood each day?  Imagine still being half asleep and having the Mormon Church provide you with 2 silky and sliding layers of nylon ready and waiting to get you off.  Ideally, you will be sleeping next to another man who is also wearing his and he will take care of the problem for you.  He might even climb on top of you and fire a load of his own inside those silky layers.  Unfortunately, I can only assume that his "nylon convenience" might be too distracting for some people (not me) so the Church has placed a cotton panel over the 2 layered crotch of the separate bottom garment that prevents this sliding action.

Regardless of whatever material is offending briefs might be made of, they are also preventing him from using one of the most practical onesie devices and that is of the "rear" or "barn door" access.  Being able to sit on a toilet completely covered in silky nylon tricot with your hands resting on your nylon covered thighs while doing your business is really an incredible experience.  Other access uses are only limited by your imagination and the determination of your partner for complete and unobstructed rear access with his own body parts.

This silky nylon is neither too sheer or shiny like some cheap nylon tricots are.  They use first rate, super silky fabric with minimal sized seams to not get in the way of your (or others) enjoyment of feeling this silky fabric on your body and allow any sort of additional nylon to be used for sliding and stimulating purposes.

Something hot about seeing a guy's underwear down around his ankles inside his jeans--even if they are cotton.  The labels warn that their garments are only for "endowed members" of their church.  It doesn't say how "well" endowed you need to be so I assume that would refer to any male, right?

Like most nylon tricot, there is something extra special about NEW silky nylon.  These look like they are right out of the plastic bag they are sold in.  The result of this nylon is very obvious and you will notice that most guys don't let that stupid cotton panel get in their way.  I wonder if there could provide a service to replace with nylon the cotton panel for other guys nylon bottom g's?

You just never know what can be causing a guy to show his cut cock through his suit pants.
Of course it makes perfect sense when you discover it is his nylon tricot / corban garment

Although the separate garment bottoms don't allow rear access, they do provide an incredible frame for your ass crack through the sheer nylon tricot material.

This technique used over either a nylon / corban garment or even a nylon mesh pair, would provide significant stimulation for any man and allow him to unload his sperm into them.  Explaining the sticky mess on his pants may be best left for later in the day.....

Another display of the male body relaxing inside some silky nylon corban garments--and a fairly new pair 

I'm sure more than one church-going Mormon wonders what kind of garment the guy sitting next to him is wearing.....

Sometimes he might get lucky and his neighbor will give him a quick peak at his garment.  These g's look like they have had a lot more than viewing.....

Nice to see what he's got but time to move it a few inches over into the ejaculation chamber and start sliding that silky nylon up and down his shaft....

Almost doesn't fit into the chamber, but there is still enough sliding area that will stimulate his manhood to an earth shattering explosion into his waiting garment.

Always nice to see the goods, but time to put it back inside the nylon and let it do its work.....won't take long, I promise.

A real shame if that big cut cockhead of his would ever have to spend time in scratchy cotton.....

Just a little leakage over the double sliding crotch provided, but the real load will soon be pushing through the single silky nylon while the double sliding portions continues to do its magic.....  Are you ready for it?

Friday, November 10, 2017

Thanking the Veterans and the U.S. Military for Giving Us Nylon Tricot Silkies and Their Continued Use

Had the U.S. Military not issued (aka forced) their U.S. Marines to wear 100% nylon tricot green silkies and the U.S. Army issuing their soldiers black Ranger panties, the use of these silky shorts may have died out with the rest of the similar jogging shorts in the later 80's.  As the assault on nylon tricot continued in the 90's and escalated towards virtual extinction, the military branches kept their troops wearing their silky nylon tricot shorts.  When they issued their cease and desist order (see next blog post) it only ended wearing them for regulation PT but not for daily use as underwear under their uniforms or around the base in 118 degree Middle East posts.  Their nylon tricot enjoyment continues today with public displays during silkies marches.  Ironically the one branch that ignored nylon tricot Speedos or shorts was the Navy.  Of any branch that we would expect to embrace nylon tricot, the U.S. Navy chose a poly cotton suit and I'm really not aware of what the Air Force used in spite of spending 13 years with an airman.  What I mostly remember is how easily his blue regulation polyester pants slid over his nylon tricot Jockey briefs--my regulation issue for him to wear.  So thanks military for your service and for your use of nylon and the perpetuation of that use which is now greater than any other organization in the USA.
What do cool military guys wear under their uniforms and fashionable scarves?
Here he is showing us his dick head inside his inner nylon tricot panty brief under his outer nylon tricot shorts.

This guy almost slipped by since the picture was much smaller and darker but there's something about seeing nylon tricot that sets off a visual alarm with me.  When enlarging the picture, I also noticed he has a spare pair of silkies hanging on the shower rod to the left of his head.

Always nice to see what a guy is packing inside his silky nylon tricot shorts, but now it's time to put his bad boy back inside and get going with having some fun in his silkies.

Medal of Honor winner bragged that he would be wearing his nylon tricot green silkies when getting his Medal of Honor Ceremony.

Hears what wearing a medal on your silkies looks like

Chilling with your bros in their silkies

Proper technique for silking a guy wearing Under Armour.  Many of the older fabrics were silky enough to get a guy off inside.  

Cheering others on during a Silkies March--everyone wearing their nylon tricot out in public where it belongs.

Repeat of a guy feeling front and back of his nylon tricot Ranger Panties--with a little peek of his inner panty.

Getting down to business inside his Ranger Panties.  He'll be silking a big load inside them soon.

Wouldn't mind an invitation from this dude.  Hope it's for a couple of weeks so I can pump our loads into each pair.

Men, boots, wearing only nylon tricot green silkies and probably some alcohol......."Dude, how did I wake up wearing your silkies with a big load inside them?"

A little too posed and pretty for my taste, but the silkies look incredible.  I hope his wardrobe stylist let him keep them.

A nice photo submission and now it's time for him to submit to my getting him off inside them

You can tell this is an older picture because there is only 1 of the 3 on his cell phone.  All 3 would be now.  I'd go right down the line and get each one off in their silkies and the others can either watch or stay on Facebook.

"Put your weapon away, sir, and I'll be happy to discharge it into your silkies."

Looking tough and hot wearing his sheer nylon tricot Ranger Panties.  His cock doesn't care what they're called because feeling that nylon tricot move up and down its shaft and resulting explosion is the best way to ejaculate.

The military has adapted some lingerie techniques to use with their own uniforms.  Tuck your shirt into your nylon tricot shorts to keep the shirt straight and then attach your garters to keep your socks up nice and tight.

This is a photo of a friend of a friend re-enlisting at the Arizona Memorial.  The white pants that the Navy issues have satin "privacy shields" built in so it's very difficult to determine what sort of underwear they have on--almost never briefs.  So between the edge of the shield, edge of the pockets and edge of their shirt, it's really difficult to tell.  They also make garters to hold their shirts down into their pants and that does seem to be visible here.