Tuesday, October 7, 2014

It's Green Silkies Time Again…….

It's been a while since I posted any nylon tricot green silkies.  They've been piling up and I have enough for another blog post--not sure I will have the time.  Thanks to their Facebook page, there is a steady stream of guys posting pictures of themselves wearing them--well, not the ones with their cocks out.  There is an underlying element of humor and joking around with these guys wearing their silkies, but underneath it all (pun intended) they really love the way the nylon tricot feels and continue to wear them for underwear and hanging out in.  Oh yeah, and for sex…..

Just a regular guy hanging out in his nylon tricot silkies.  This picture looks real to me--he probably has several pairs, occasionally wears them for underwear and someone took his picture.

Realyl makes me wonder what these guys are up to.  Sticking a gun barrel up your buddies' ass while he's dropped his nylon ranger panties is a little strange.

I know I'm supposed to be turned on by this guy showing off his cock, but I'm way more turned on by the fact that he is wearing his nylon tricot green silkies for underwear.  Really no reason to leave his cock out now that I've seen it because when I make him ejaculate it will be into his nylon shorts.

Those extra silky looking nylon tricot shorts are being worn (and felt) by someone who looks worthy of them.

We will never know but in my fantasy, that bulge is being housed inside a pair of his USMC issued nylon tricot green silkies.  He also would not want them to come off until after I make him shoot his load into them before he gives them to me…..and he takes mine

Always like to see guys feeling the nylon tricot they are wearing.  They eventually all do, of course, and some will eventually get off inside them.

These guys do not need to be trying to be sexy when they are already dripping in it wearing their silkies.  I wonder if they learned to do this when they were in Hell?

I guess those hand signs must refer to what kind of underwear they are wearing.  The two wide spaced fingers refers to his wearing nylon tricot silkies for underwear.  The 3 fingers refers to wearing scratchy cotton boxer briefs and is not recommended. 

Interesting that this guy felt the need to show us his inner nylon panty / liner while pulling up his outer green silkies.  Yeah, we know that your silkies have this inner panty and you like to feel the way it holds up your male parts.

I love it when you can see through the silky shorts which means his inner panty is doing its job holding up his goods.

So casual, so normal, and so sexy in his nylon tricot silkies

Hot ass shot in his green silkies.

Nothing like a little silkies bondage.  When photos are staged like this I always wonder if this guy just put on all this gear in their hotel room just for taking some pictures and then he goes back to his street clothes after?  Oh well, they could have chosen boring cotton shorts and instead he's in nylon silkies.  You can just see the edge of the elastic on his inner nylon panty / liner on the right.

Those shorts are looking pretty silky in this picture.

Not sure if this is kind of sad and pathetic or hot and sexy?  I like the way those shorts are pulled up so high.  No problem getting him off inside these shorts.

I posted another similar picture of a guy sitting with his silkies down like this but these really show that silky panty / liner that he pulled up over his male parts.

Not sure why guys tuck in their waistbands like this, but I shouldn't be looking at that and concentrate on his wearing these silky nylon tricot shorts.

Some green silkies just look silkier than others…..

I cropped out the other guys wearing their modern tactel / supplex green shorts that some people are green silkies because they are technically made out of a kind of nylon--but they feel like cotton.

Looking good and happy wearing and feeling his nylon green silkies

Monday, October 6, 2014

Just a bunch of random nylon tricot on some random guys…..

Not so chatty tonight after my last post.  Just be good boys and wear your nylon tricot whatevers…..

Wish they were also wearing the same nylon on their bottom half as they are on their uppers…..

Got on his double nylon tricot Ocean Champion suit…..

Those skinny striped nylon suits are still a major turn on...

I know UA means lycra, but this is till a sexy photo

Plenty of room for some activity in this double nylon suit that probably slides…..

I remembered seeing Italian guys doing this a lot as a form of greeting….sure is better than the "knuckle bump"

Maybe it's catching on and no one told me?  Anyone want to try it the next time you meet a hot guy?

I'm not so sure about this site or these guys…did the photographer hand these guys their blue nylon pantyhose or did they just happen to be wearing some and thought they'd pose?

I probably wouldn't wear these unless someone wanted me to, but then I wouldn't make the other guy take his off either…..

I don't think this will catch on any time soon, but he looks kinda hot….

Gee, do you think this is a real photo?

If I were to say, "What's wrong with this picture?" most people would say "Dude's wearing nylon panties--that's really wrong!!"  No, there's nothing wrong with a guy who is smart enough to know that the sensitive head of his cock is going to be much happier in silky nylon tricot than scratchy cotton.  What's wrong is that the thin elastic has been removed from the leg and there is way too little nylon covering his manhood to allow for anything to happen.

Sure wish I'd had the option of wearing a double sliding nylon tricot suit instead of naked swimming

One of the things that happens to lycra when it starts to wear out…..

…..and no one told him.

I don't think these are even worn out.  These suits look more like "swimming lingerie" than for racing.

Wonder if these "Sun Briefs" ever made it past this pair.  Looks like a couple of layers of silky nylon back when they made the really good stuff.

Yeah, it's hot that this guy is using both of his hands to feel his buddies nylon shorts, but what makes it more real is that the other guy is feeling his shorts as well.  That would be the normal thing to do…..

A whole team full of nylon striped suits--and a couple of them wearing another suit under.  Not sure what the brand is but they look really good.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Problems When Working In Nylon………Not really

Doing some mindless painting outside today without my iPod.  Wearing a nylon tricot onesie (LDS garment that already has paint on it) and this Hind green nylon tank over it.  No, no one can see me, at least I don't think so.  So my mind, of course, is thinking about nylon…..  It really can be distracting when I am working wearing nothing else.  Besides thinking about it, I am also feeling it and seeing it so it doesn't take too long and I have to come in and take a break….aka shoot a load into some nylon tricot to relieve myself.  So as long as I'm horny and the paint has to dry before another coat, thought I might also blog.  Good thing I'm not paying myself by the hour or I would get fired for being so distracted…..but since I'm also the boss, I would understand.

When Woolworth's went out of business, I bought up a huge supply of these nylon tricot Hind tank tops.  A couple have found their way into my paint clothes so I don't have to feel guilty about getting any more paint on them and also don't have to go without wearing nylon (never!).  This guy still sells them on eBay--for a lot more than Woolies did.
Nylon Mesh vs. Nylon Tricot…..who will win?  Go Tricot!  Wearing only a nylon tricot onesie (LDS one piece garment) outside to paint in today with the above tank over the top. No wonder I'm in need of shooting a load.

I do get turned on when I can see the scoop neck (aka "Happy Face") of a garment under a guy's shirt.  I'd like to always think they are wearing nylon tricot (what the church called corban), but they do make those necklines in a couple of other fabrics.  I'm always amazed that the LDS would make their required garment underwear out of such silky nylon tricot material.  I mean, they aren't exactly a liberal religion (or cult--depending on your views).  Requiring members to wear their garments and then offering nylon tricot one piece g's as the ultimate sexual attire is really an amazing coincidence.  Of course, if I was straight and turned on by working outside in my nylon tricot garment, I'd want to come in and reproduce right away!  lol  Maybe that was their rationale?

My mind wandered into the nostalgic area of how long it's been since I've run into a guy wearing nylon tricot--especially as underwear.  Other than confirmed sightings of Mormons at Home Depot bending over and catching a glimpse of their nylon garment (unfortunately usually large Samoans and not very appreciative of my stares), it's been years since I've seen a live marine in a green silky or even a guy on the beach in a nylon tricot Aussiebum.  Every time I see this blue palm print Speedo, I remember the time I was a volunteer helping set up for an event.  A guy names Steve F. was wearing a pair of short white cotton shorts, but I could see this Speedo through the fabric.  I knew all my Speedo patterns and knew they didn't make this in lycra.  The fact that he was obviously wearing his nylon suit as underwear was such a major turn on.  I eventually called him (as I used to do anonymously telling guys who I knew wore them that our club was selling them for $5 or whatever).  When they almost always showed interest, I would casually ask if they ever wore them for underwear….amazing how many would eagerly say YES and want to order several pairs.  By then I was silently ejaculating the biggest loads ever into a couple of nylon Speedos that had ben sliding up and down my shaft the whole time.  If the conversation went well, I could usually call back with more information (checking sizes, colors, etc.) and get another big load off.  On very rare occasions, I would actually send a suit or 2 to the most interested guys.  A few times they tried on their nylon suits while I was still on the phone with them and I would ask them how they felt, etc.  I was amazed that my body could possibly produce such major loads…..

So not sure what the occasion is for this guy to be wearing some nylon pantyhose under his nylon shorts, but I wouldn't mind being invited to the party…..  Nice nylon sports jersey on his wall, too.

Those crazy green silkies guys have been at it on their Facebook page again.  It's gayer than gay, but they put in a few female comments or add a few "This is for the ladies" like a guy couldn't possibly understand how sexy their little nylon tricot shorts are.  So here are 2, presumably straight, guys sliding their silky nylon butts against each other.  This can, of course, lead to sliding their growing dicks together and ultimately having a "silky pop" right in their shorts.

Some technical confusion with today's nylon suits.  Yes, they are out there in one form or another.  The good old days of nylon Speedos where every one had a known silkiness factor are long gone.  Virtually all of the double nylon water polo or "drag suits" today have the nylon lined up so there is no sliding at all.  Sometimes putting a vintage nylon suit inside or a nylon brief on the outside will produce some silky sliding.  These mesh drag suits can sometimes be pretty good.  Not in love with the outer mesh, but it's still pretty silky nylon.  The inner liner is usually lined up so that it slides under the outer mesh suit.  If the suit is big enough (or if you are small enough), it's pretty easy to get off wearing one of these.

I recently bought a couple of very large 100% nylon Dolfin suits.  The nylon is almost sort of course and kind of flimsy.  If the inner suit was careful cut out and resewn back in, but turned inside out, you would have a double nylon suit where the 2 layers of nylon would slide really well.  Originally all Ocean Champion and Dolfin suits featured this incredible pleasure, but today they are just 2 pieces of nylon reversed in a way that doesn't allow any movement.

Probably pulling his nylon (technically 50% nylon, 50% polyester but who cares) suit out of his butt crack.  Australian lifeguards would (some still do) pull their suits up their butt cracks to avoid chaffing and stick to the seat better--it wouldn't possibly be to look even sexier or make their nylon bulges even bigger, of course.

Imagine being a kid and walking into the bathroom (in the days when everyone didn't have their own) and seeing your dad shaving like this instead of wearing baggy boxer shorts?  I would have had a much better childhood for sure!

…..and if dad did have to wear baggy boxers shorts, couldn't they have looked like these?

This should have been about the time when Speedo came out with 100% nylon suits.  What's up with the Buck Rogers briefs on the left?  Come on 100% Nylon Speedos…...

This ad was in some car magazine back in the 70's.  Imagine the legitimacy it gave to guys who were reading about carburetors and hemi-engines that it was ok to wear silky nylon tricot Speedos and shirts.  Even better if they wore them under some nylon shorts for underwear.

Also was thinking about the biggest mystery in life….why guys who would wear silky nylon tricot Speedos (even 2-3 pairs at the same time) would then inevitably pull them down and put on their cotton briefs like this poor guy is contemplating.  Holding on to those thick elastic, scratchy cotton briefs after pulling down his silky (ok, they were probably lycra) suit is really a shame.

While most nylon seems to last almost forever (especially when you have the kind of quantity that I do), that is not always the case.  This is a photo from Under Freek who sometimes wears silky nylon briefs and panties when not in cotton.  Not everyone washes their silkies in Woolite apparently.  These vintage briefs (you can always tell by the really flat seams they used to call "taped fly fronts" in the catalogs) are almost ready for nylon heaven.  I really don't know what to do with some of mine--although none have suffered as much as these.  Usually it's the elastic that goes.  Luckily with a Speedo, you don't really need the elastic to still enjoy wearing them or masturbating with them because the nylon stays the same.  I may actually have some suits that are close to 50 years old that still slide really well.

Yes, this ad does need some modification.  Luckily they did eventually make a silky nylon tricot briefs that were also "for a MAN!"

Not all nylon briefs were nylon tricot.  These were probably some sort of stretch nylon bikinis.  He's looking good in them which is more than I can say for his cigarette or the sofa pattern.