Thursday, November 19, 2015

Green Silkies on the March....Vets in Nylon Tricot

Unlike the LDS nylon tricot garments in the next posting that aren't available to the general public, these nylon tricot green silkies are available from Soffee--beware cheap imitators and the Tactel or Supplex "nylon" which are actually scratchier than cotton.  Vets have been marching in their green silkies all over the country.  It's for a worthy cause and the additional fringe benefit is that we get to see their former PT shorts (and now underwear) once again.  While there is a sort of mocking, tongue-in-cheek attitude, the reality is that these guys LOVE their green silkies--and we know why.  
Well, just keep your eyes on that big head inside his nylon liner under his nylon shorts and all that room you have to get him off inside those big shorts.....

A fine bunch of soldiers bonded in their nylon tricot silkies--what better bond is there?

 Nice of that fireman to show us that he wears nylon tricot silkies for underwear.....  Wish more guys would show us theirs.

 Looking hot in their silkies--especially the guy with the big pair with all that room to get off inside.....they call them silky pops.

Good view of his inner panty / liner under his nylon tricot shorts

Love that double layered nylon tricot ass and I guess we can figure what's under that kilt

The original picture was a large file so I've been able to enlarge that nylon ass.....

Easy to see the edge of his liner inside those shorts--would sure like to see what the front is like.......

Not sure why some guys turn their waistband over like that, but you can see the Soffee label clearly on his shorts while his buddies are peeing in the bushes

Proud and strutting their stuff in their silkies....

Wearing their silky nylon around all day in front of other hot, boot stomping guys makes some of them have to get off inside them.  Glad to see they aren't discriminating and allow Ranger Panties at a Green Silkies march.

Could these guys be any cuter in their nylon tricot shorts?

Like seeing his manhood so happy inside those silky USMC shorts...... 

Not sure why anyone would want anything to come between them and their nylon green silkies, but considering what else he has going on, it's hot that he is able to participate in his silkies and his Under Armour.

This movement started in San Diego and I think this picture may have been part of that original post I did earlier about their silkies march.

I love the look on his face as he's getting touched by another guy--imagine the look if he was being masturbated inside those nylon shorts instead?

Don't you love that look of anticipation on his face at the thought of slipping into those nylon shorts with their inner nylon brief?  The truth is that he's probably already wearing a pair now for his underwear, but he still can't wait to feel them on his man parts.....

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Wearing Church Sponsored Nylon Tricot Underwear--The Good News Part Anyway

I guess you know I referring to The Mormon Church garment that, among other fabric choices, can be had in silky 100% nylon tricot which they sometimes also call "corban."   Putting aside personal opinions about their religious beliefs (which aren't exactly pro-gay), they happen to make one of the best feeling, most erotic, "designed for sex" (in my opinion), silkiest nylon tricot underwear out there.  Adding to the fact that they require their members to wear their garments / underwear 24/7 and do not encourage them to talk with anyone about them, makes them even more mysterious--and frustrating since you basically have to be a Mormon in good standing (with a Temple Recommend Card) to obtain them at one of their church sponsored store locations or online.  Nothing I can do about that, but I can tell you that I've been wearing them for many years and feel very fortunate.  Please don't contact me and ask me to sell or give you one, but try and find a sympathetic LDS contact to help you out.  Warning, Mormons take their garments very seriously and even talking to a non-Mormon about them will probably not go well.  

Today I am wearing a onesie nylon garment with a 2nd Mormon nylon t-shirt top over it and a "whoops, too short" pair of double sliding nylon shorts over the bottoms--the legs are sticking way below the shorts.  Luckily this time of year it begins to cool off enough and with lower humidity to start wearing more nylon layers.  You mainland people should really take advantage of that--wish I could!  I had to jerk off before I could even wear the additional nylon over the onesie I slept in last night.  It becomes almost too distracting to either feel that nylon sliding with everything I do or even looking at it.  Of course, who knows what could happen if I take a short afternoon nap?

I've been on a project lately that puts me in contact with up to 12 Mormon missionaries between 18 and 21.  I have made sure they have seen both the scoop neck (a sure sign through a shirt) and the leg marking on my right knee.  Our project allows them to wear their own casual clothes--shorts and t-shirts, mostly.  They are comfortable with me now and don't try to hide their garments when a little leg is showing or when I can look up their shorts and see a lot more.  Unfortunately, I haven't seen any of them wearing any nylon, although a few will wear mesh.  I had a couple of them wearing lycra bottoms and nylon shorts over them.  We know what happens with that situation--those nylon shorts will slide right up the legs of the smooth lycra and show a lot.  I wound up giving them some Oxyclean for their lycra g's because they got muddy and they really appreciated it--which led to a discussion about synthetic fabrics and it was hot!  I make sure they see my nylon g's when I bend over, at the bottom of my nylon shorts (one day I wore jeans, but there just happened to be holes in my knees that allowed a good view at the bottoms seams of my g*s--which are always nylon tricot).  I especially like my big scoop that can be seen either through or under my shirt--and I know they are looking at mine because I catch them all the time.  As to spending 2 years with their male companion, they are making them get new ones every 3-6 months,  Guess that's to discourage any "fraternizing" and keep them on their missionary focus.  They have different districts and they aren't allowed to even leave their district once they transfer.  The trend seems to be towards "normality" with most of them wearing what would be considered regular t-shirts (except for the 3 temple markings) and maybe slightly longer boxer briefs with the right knee marking.  I've only seen 2 lycra and maybe 2 or 3 mesh.  One of the hottest one wearing lycra bottoms and white nylon shorts over them, rubbed his cock much longer than a normal "male adjustment" feel would take where only I could see him do it.  Sometimes I wonder how naive these guys really are?

I know I've posted a lot in the past on these LDS nylon garments, but I think all these pictures are new.  Most of "Mormon Boyz" seem to use mesh garments and for some stupid reason, they take them all off.  What's the point of Mormon sex if they take off their garments??  Well, seems to be the same mindset as "Speedo sex" and "Underwear sex" basically being naked, conventional, boring sex.....  Anyway, you enter this one piece silky garment through the neck and pull it up your body.  Feeling that silky nylon all the way up from your toes to your shoulders is a great way to start out an underwear experience with them.

One of the many amazing things about these garments is that they seemed to be designed for an awareness that the male wearer is going to have an erection in them.  They provide an ample, curved mound top double crotch with 2 layers of nylon tricot that slide over each other.  The additional (and slightly obvious sexual use) is that unlike the conventional fly opening with the outer fly opening and the inner fly opening which leaves very little double sliding nylon for your cock to enjoy, this curved crotch creation is a fully covered double layer that extends the full length of your cock.  Could they make it any more obvious or easy to slide that double silky nylon and ejaculate into them?  Obviously this guy has figured that out.  There are openings to the crotch on the side, but it still provides plenty of silky nylon to wrap around and slide up and down your shaft. Definitely no reason to take these off for sex!

For some strange reason, the same manufacturer of these silky nylon garments that gives you a full 2 layered crotch in the one piece (onesie) garment, only gives you half a nylon fly opening in the separate nylon garment.  You can see that the outer fly opening section is made out of cotton, but the "doctor" is smart enough to be grabbing his patients cock through the nylon portion (sadly, a single layer of nylon)

I think Mormon Boyz have gotten a little more accurate in their garment use.  I don't think they would have argyle socks like that, but it would be nice to think they everything else they are doing is accurate (at least in my fantasy).

The reality is that these 18-20 years old kids are from rural areas, very naive, and VERY closely watched by their Church with extreme restrictions while on their missions.  At the same time, they are at the peak of their hormonal desires and living in a not too different than prison environment.  And we know what can happen in prison.....

Sometimes it's a little hard to tell if they are wearing the nylon mesh (not silky) or the very silky nylon tricot because they both tend to drape about the same.  These do look like nylon, however, and not just because I want them to be.  Sure wish one of my missionaries would wear some.....

Showing this guys scoop neckline so you can see the difference with the cotton/poly type of garment with the more v-neck shape.  It has a wider edge to it and not as rounded, scooped, or "smily-face" look to it.

A better example of what could be the shape of a nylon garment underneath his white shirt--could also be mesh.  You know that it's a subtle way of saying to the world (or just another LDS who knows what to look for) that "I am a Mormon" way of advertising.  I'd like to think it also says, I'm wearing an incredibly silky nylon tricot garment.....

I don't think he made this mistake more than  once--everyone was all over him for showing off his "magic underwear"--which really is not how LDS would ever refer to it.

Some lycra bottoms being worn with a nylon tricot top--very good combination.  No, they don't make a lycra top.....Mormon Spanx?  ha ha

The more conventional, popular, "normal" garment look now being worn out of unusually looking scratchy cotton.  You are given the choice, wear nylon!!

Well, at least they left their bottoms on, but adding the silky top garment would slide really well over each other.

Found something rare, a guy wearing a pair of female garment bottoms.  They don't really look like silky nylon, but probably this other fabric they call "drysylk" or something like that.  For women, any other undergarment they wear has to be put on OVER their LDS garment.  Yes, that means that bras have to be worn over their top garment--which is apparently universally disliked.  Not that I'll ever see one.....

It's true, a guy would probably have to resort to doing this to get off in these women's garments--so why would you want to wear them?  Ugh, look at that big cotton crotch.  At least the men got all the good stuff in their garments!

Ugh, the thought of having my many sperm producers hanging down in a cotton crotch like that is pretty disgusting.  At least when 2 Mormon men get together in their one piece nylon garment, they can really have some fun.  There are plenty of pictures shown in earlier blog posts.....

Who would have to be told to wear this underwear 24 hours a day anyway?  Even with that little cotton crotch on these nylon separates, this clearly beats what the average cotton boxer brief guy is forced to wear.  As you know, the one piece garments have that amazing "rear entry" design which allows for even more possibilities without removing them.  The only reason I could think to remove one would be after sex and each guy having deposited their big sperm loads into their double nylon crotches, would be to exchange garments with each other.  That way you can fall asleep wearing each other's cum loads while you snuggle together and feel that silky nylon slide as you drift off..... 

Monday, November 16, 2015

Another Post All About Nylon Tricot Briefs and the Men who Enjoy Them.....

I pretty much say it all about Jockey nylon tricot briefs in my previous posting which appears after this one...

In the next blog posting from earlier today, I admit I've never seen or heard of these longer nylon or acetate jockey underwear.  I mean, more nylon on your body is always a good thing and having these sliding around your pans and legs would be really great.  The closest to this now are LDS nylon onesie garments--and they feel really good under your pants.

So here is an ad for these silky long nylon--not sure what to call them?  You can't always tell from an ad what they really look (or feel) like, though.

Well, if this is any indication of what they look like, I'll bet they feel fantastic.  i think they were marketed in Sweden so maybe it's cold enough there for enough of the year to wear these--but I'd wear them here in Hawaii if I had them.  I'll be putting them on over a pair of my nylon tricot Mormon garments would really be incredible.

That crotch looks a little stuffed, but I'd sure like to slide around on these wearing my own

Here is an expanded version of the "bad boy" ad in my previous / next blog posting.  Looks like the bad boys like their silky nylon underwear, too--especially the one on the right who is feeling them with both of his hands.

This is an example of the other end of the quality--or non-quality of the men's nylon briefs other companies made.  These look like Sears.  Do other men have a body shape that would fit these?  Not enough room to get off in them, sleezy nylon and way too many seams.

Some of the many colors.  Always thought it was funny how they had to justify the nylon by saying it was "quick drying fabric" or "perfect for travel" when they really just needed to say, "Great for getting off in."  Also, as far as sizing goes, these were usually cut smaller so you would always wear a size or 2 larger than cotton briefs--besides, you need some movement inside them to get off in them.

Just a regular guy getting dressed with his male parts inside his double nylon crotch.  Looks like he forgot to put on a nylon t-shirt first....

As pricey as these briefs were, guys are paying $25-30 for boring cotton and lycra boxer briefs.

Read my description in the next blog posting about starting with a guys balls inside the sometimes sliding double crotch.

Just happened to notice that these briefs were made out of nylon...I assume the guy wearing them is aware of that?  Not seeing any DNA stains that would indicate that, however.  I also love those thin side seams on these briefs.

Not a recommended procedure unless you have to pee.  You circumcised cock head is much happier inside that double nylon crotch--especially if that double nylon crotch slides around.

Looking down into the silky nylon that is waiting to be ejaculated into.  That's a serious hedge he's got growing down there.....

Not sure what's up with that condom thing, but you can see that the quality of Jockey nylon tricot remained high and never fell into that shiny Antron sort of nylon.

Not sure what this means...are these still available in Sweden?

Another kind of Jockey nylon underwear that never really caught on were called DP's or Dual Purpose briefs made for underwear and swimming--sadly they weren't really good for either.  The biggest problem was their sizing.  If you had a 32 inch waist and bought these in a size 32, you would have wound up in the hospital because of lost of blood circulation.  A 32 would need at least a 36 or 38.  Luckily they made them up to 40 or 42, I think.  The nylon was excellent and super silky.  They slid the same way a nylon Speedo did with the inner liner sliding against the inside back of the brief but these had no drawstring.

I've never seen this pattern, but they sure look super silky....

.....and that would have to mean they were made out of nylon tricot, then.  No wonder he is smiling....

I used to have a friend who looked exactly like him.  Imagine unzipping his pants and sliding them down and feeling these silky 100% nylon tricot Jockey briefs.  You can see the extra flap of extra nylon across his crotch to make sure things stayed put--of course they never did once you starting sliding your nylon against his.  i like that he's just a regular guy in a suit who has taken his pants down or off and--hey, I just happened to notice he's wearing a men's silky 100% nylon tricot Jockey brief.