Thursday, October 20, 2016

Nylon Tricot Silkies, Ranger Panties, Briefs, Panties, Shorts, Mormon Garments, and Swim Suits All Require Different Silking Methods.....

If you haven't noticed or wondered why I write so much and not just post pics of men wearing nylon tricot, writing is my nylon therapy portion of this blog.  You obviously don't have to read it (although I think I do give some pretty good technical advice on getting off in your nylon or even the history of it), but since nylon tricot has been such an important part of my sex life since age 5 and I have never really had anyone physically close I could talk to about it, I do now!  Coming up on 7 years of my blogging thousands of pics and spouting dozens of observations and theories, stories, or advice on wearing and getting off in nylon tricot, it continues. ......

While enjoying the wearing of sliding layers of nylon tricot is a 24/7 ongoing pleasure, the actual ejaculation into it (silking) usually only takes place once or twice a day now since I am no longer in my 20's or 30's when 3 to 5 times was more common--especially if I was sharing this pleasure with someone else who was also getting off in it.  What's interesting is the different methods that I use to get off in the nylon I am wearing.  Conventional sex that involves just being naked, feeling, sucking, fucking, etc. seems sort of common, predictable and ordinary without the use of silky nylon that provides both an enhanced pleasure of being attracted by it (fetish), but also the different levels of enjoyment from the quality and type of nylon being used.  Hmmmm, sounding kind of technical, but you real nylon tricot guys know exactly what I'm talking about.....

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For many guys, their first encounter with nylon tricot (and ultimately with ejaculating into it) was compliments of their local swim team.  It was pretty simple and easy back then.  You pulled down your white cotton briefs that you had been wearing your whole life since diaper days and hung them up in your locker.  While noticing that all the other boys were wearing slightly different brands based on their waistbands, they were all white and all cotton.  Then the coach hands you a box with a swim suit inside.  Opening the end flap, your fingers touch something you've never felt before (unless you had already discovered what your sister's had in their underwear drawer made out of the same material).  Before you even had the suit out of the box, you could already feel those layers of silky nylon tricot sliding between your fingers.  It was almost like the nylon was sliding all by itself. Just that slippery sensation seemed to almost instantly cause a little tingling in your boyhood parts.  Finally taking it out of the box and holding it up, looking inside and figuring out the drawstring went in the front, you were looking at a double layered swim suit made out of the silkiest material you had ever felt.  Deciding you'd better put it on before anyone else noticed the now bigger swelling between your legs, you slipped it on and pulled it up just like you did every day with your cotton briefs--but with a major difference......     These 2 layers of silky nylon were sliding over each other.  Even tying the drawstring as tight as you could, the outer layer of the suit was made a little larger for the sole purpose of sliding over the inner brief.  The only choice was to grab a towel and hold it in front your your boy-bulge because that swelling was not about to retreat without a full-scale rubdown and blowout.  Maybe you noticed that a lot of other guys were holding their towel in front of them and the too few toilets were suddenly all full as well with the doors closed and locked.  Some guys who weren't circumsised didn't seem to notice anything with the suit. Other guys just made cracks about wearing "silk undies" but maybe you were already thinking of not leaving your suit in your locker tonight when you left and taking it home for some exploratory investigation in bed?  That was only the beginning.....

The poor guy in the middle is wearing a more conventional, non-nylon suit, but the guy on the right is showing off his "silk undies" and the inner nylon panty-like liner that was sliding under his outer suit.

Funny how the largest male consumers of women's nylon tricot panties are straight men, then TG's or CD's, and finally way at the bottom are masculine gay men who like the look and feel of a silky panty.  After all, the silkiest nylon tricot ever made went into women's nylon tricot panties from the 50's to the mid-70's and were designed by men to be felt by men on the women they had sex with.  With some gay men already feeling slightly marginalized about their masculinity, I've always thought it takes a real man to enjoy getting off in a a pair (or more) of sliding nylon panties.  Trust me, your cock couldn't care less who they were intended for.....

I got a laugh (no offense) on this one as a sort of insider joke.  The Mormon Church requires that their garment be worn next to the skin and that any other clothing (including other undergarments for women like bras) be worn OVER their garments.  So what's a guy with a leather fetish to do?  Well, if he is a good Mormon boy, he's going to wear his leather chaps over his garment, of course.  The fact that he has chosen to wear a one piece (onesie) g would make perfect sense to the average leather fetish Mormon!  Of course for me, it's all about the nylon tricot garment he is wearing--but I'm sure we could work something out!  I've always thought more about leather in terms of a "look" rather than any short of practical way to have sex in.  The hyper-masculinity that is associated with leather (and the hair, muscles, etc. that go with it) has enough of a following to have national competitions for Mr. Leather and bars and clubs to promote and enjoy it.  Imagine a Mr. Nylon Tricot or a nylon bar (no lycra allowed, of course).  Well, this is the only nylon tricot blog in the world and how many hundreds of leather bars and contests are there?  So get your nylon tricot outfit ready for the one night of the year (HALLOWEEN) you can go out in it.  Don't forget to say when asked, "Oh, I don't know, I think it's some kind of microfiber...."   ha ha

I suppose one might wear this leather jock strap under the leather chaps which would still leave one access point open for someone to take advantage of.  However, this guy is wearing one of the best designed sex outfits ever created and it would be a real shame not to take advantage of the 2 (erection sized) sliding layers of nylon over his cock just waiting for "Rex" or "Slim" (of both!) to start sliding them.

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During the 80's and even into the 90's when a guy could wear his nylon tricot shorts to the grocery store because it was no big deal, he had the choice of wearing his own nylon briefs under a double layer of nylon tricot or a pair of shorts that had their own built in brief.  An amazing number of manufacturers occasionally (or accidentally) made some of their shorts with liners that slid under the outer shorts or even in some cases, liner-less shorts that had both outer layers that slid over each other.  It's really just a matter of how the shorts were sewn together.  Obviously I would always search for a pair that slid over each other thus making the meeting of another guy have a much easier time of getting me off inside mine. Any attempt to remove my cock from my shorts for more conventional sex would result in a gentle removal of his had from my cock, replacing it on the outside of my shorts over my "throbbing member" and a slight movement up and down of his hand while moaning "Oh, yeah......" which worked 99.9% of the time and almost always wanting him to enjoy the same.

Normally that load would be top and center, but the fact that it is still inside his shorts and one hopes that his hand was stroking the nylon over it (unlike the practice of guys reaching inside their shorts to jerk off in them--not silking in my book.  Spermed nylon shorts are so hot.  Drying quickly and ready for more after a short nap, or easily exchanged with your partner who shot his load into his.

Yeah, he's looking good in his nylon tricot green silkies and dog tags, but I just can't help but feel that his black cotton boxer briefs are laying on a chair just out of sight and the photographer handed the model a pair of silkies he had never worn before and took this picture.  The wrinkles on the shorts kind of suggest that is the case although it's nice to see he's wearing the inner nylon tricot liner through them.

I have nothing against seeing a guys cock sticking out from whatever nylon tricot he's wearing.  Maybe even sucking on it for awhile and tasting the goods, but then it's time to go back inside and let the sliding nylon tricot do its job and get him off inside.  In the case of green silkies, the 2 layers of nylon don't slide over each other.  Sometimes you can find shorts that will, but they were never actually made that way for the military by Soffee.  Guys get off in them just fine ("silky pops") but if those 2 silky layers were sliding around all day when they wear them for underwear (like many do now even though they are banned for their original PT purpose), they wouldn't be able to defend our country because there would be more shooting into their shorts than on the battlefield.  Another form of nylon (another pair of silkies, nylon briefs, nylon panties or speedo) can be turned 90 degrees and slid over the outer shorts and get them off just fine.  For many, just a hand rubbing up and down their nylon is good enough for their silk-starved cocks.

Yeah, dude, very nice cock, would fit into either of by body openings just fine, but this is a nylon tricot blog so back inside you go and get ready for the explosion of your life inside your green silkies.....

Sorry, wrong direction----the shorts and your cock want to both go up together to get off....

Good boy!

I don't know what it was about Jockey nylon briefs, but considering there is only 1 layer of nylon tricot over your cock, they are amazingly easy to get a guy (or yourself as in this case) off into. Jockey always used silky and heavier nylon in their briefs (which they have now stopped making).  It was smooth and silky and even though only one layer, thick enough to let your hand, (holding more nylon or empty) or even rubbing against (frotting) against another nylon wearing guy and really easy to shoot into--sometimes way too fast.  Also, many of their briefs that that 2 layered nylon crotch slide over your balls.  Depending on your position and dexterity, feeling his balls or prostate with the sliding nylon of his crotch and then the rubbing of the nylon over his erection......BLAM, those briefs could be as full as these in no time.  You can see what happens here, with the sperm shooting out of the head of his cock and continuing to silk him, the load is distributed up and down his shaft.

Jockey made so many dozens and dozens of different patterns and colors of their nylon tricot briefs both in American and in other UK branches.  The earlier ones used the exposed regular elastic waistband of their cotton briefs.  For years Jockey was the only manufacturer (that I am aware of) to actually put their name on their waistband--which now is just about everyone that does.  Imagine all those porn movies of the 80's where EVERY single guy only wore Calvin Klein white cotton briefs--for at least 30 seconds until they came off for the usual).  I still like these original bare elastic kind (more "masculine") and have a large collection still in their original package.  Truthfully, wide elastic waistbands on briefs tend to get in the way more than are necessary.

There is a huge following of guys (mostly in Europe and certainly none here in Hawaii!) who like to get off in nylon down jackets.  I have to admit to buying a couple of nylon vests on sale at Macy's here that I can wear over a nylon shirt and nylon t-shirt at least on the plane on the way back to Minnesota in the winter.  I really like the fact that this guy is also wearing some silky Adidas pants (which he is feeling) which tells me he is into the whole silkiness feeling thing and not just the down jacket alone.  I would love to totally indulge a guy in his silky nylon fetish even if it was slightly different than mine.  Make me your nylon slave!  ha ha, it could happen......

Here's a case of "more for show than for blow" on these sheer shorts from probably the 60's.  These are so thin and so sheer as to be almost not practical to wear and certainly not to get off in.  I'm sure it's all about the look and they look really hot--but not really very practical--although I'd be willing to try my best with him.
Another observation as well as indication is seeing a guy actually feeling his nylon with both of his hands as with these Ranger Panties.    Why would you be grabbing the cotton sheet or wooden headboard when some guy was working your cock covered in nylon?  At the least be feeling the rest of the nylon you are already wearing or, preferably, the nylon that your partner is also wearing while taking care of you.  It's something I've noticed a lot and maybe because so many of these posed nylon shots just have the guy putting his hand on his cock right where the photographer told him put it.  In this picture, I kind get the feeling that this dude likes what he is feeling and has placed his other hand feeling even more nylon.  You can just see his nylon panty covered balls inside his shorts here, too.

Not sure if his cock is actually pointing up or down here, but you can see the nylon panty inside his Ranger Panty.
Ok, nice cock, but an even nicer nylon tricot big Ranger Panty liner waiting for it inside.  Always frustrating is when they might call something "Ranger Panty Nylon Sex" or "See these hot soldiers getting of in their silky nylon" and then discover they do that for approximately 45 seconds at the beginning and then they disappear with the money shot being shot from their hand covered cocks instead of nylon covered.

You sometimes need to work fast with guys who have been drinking and who are accidentally showing their nylon shorts while displaying their primed manhood.  Pretty easy to pull up those silky shorts (and hopefully the  kind that slide over each other) and pull down the jeans and start working that waiting manhood.  Unfortunately it doesn't look like it will take him very long when he feels how silky those shorts can be sliding up and down his shaft.

This might be a repeat and he might be a grower so those shorts may not be able to take his load, but it's always a good idea to have another pair of something you can slide over his cock in case of emergency and it needs to come out over or from under to make sure he gets off in nylon.  Trust me, if he is wearing shorts like that on his own, he knows about how good they feel.

Sorry, this should have been at the beginning with a swimmer's nylon tricot discovery, but it would be nice to think that every once in awhile, that same coach who gave a guy his first pair of silky nylon tricot, might also be the one who took his hand and showed him (preferably not in public) how to slide those 2 silky layers over his cock.  Truthfully, the swimmer would have had to have spent way too much time underwater not to have discovered this himself 20 seconds after opening the box the nylon suit came in....

Not to belittle "war is hell" or all the sacrifices our men have made on our behalf, but being able to spend days (and nights) with other men all wearing nothing but silky nylon tricot green silkies and boots must have put a little pleasure into the hell part.....

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Throwing You a Lycra Bone(r): Men wrestling, sagging, and riding in their, at least, 80% nylon and 20% lycra--better than no nylon at all.

Most of you regular followers (are there any?) know about my rants about lycra--or polluted nylon as I usually think of it.  Silky nylon tricot was doing just fine for decades until Speedo (and then the others) decided to add 20% stretchy / non-sliding lycra to their formerly 100% silky nylon fabric.  They convinced swimmers they would swim faster (marginally) but would also be buying the more expensive lycra suits every few months instead of every few years as with nylon.    Of course there are hundreds of blogs and sites devoted to lycra bulges and there is one (mine) devoted to nylon tricot so my rants will never make even a small dent in that market.  Traditionally, whenever I do pander to the lycra side, there is a surge in viewership so maybe I will attract some new followers?  However,  reading about and looking at nylon tricot is not the same as feeling it sliding on your body or ejaculating (silking) you into that nylon netherworld of ecstasy.....  At least guys who do wear lycra are about 80% already there and are more likely candidates for nylon conversion than men who wear scratchy cotton boxer briefs because they are too worried about what others might think instead of their own pleasure.

P.S.  You should be putting together what sort of nylon tricot outfit you are going to be wearing for Halloween this year.  Remember, this is the one time of year you can legitimately go out in public wearing and feeling some silky nylon tricot.  A few years ago I went as a LDS Alien and wore a green lycra (sorry) zentai that was only $10 at a drugstore and wore a full, nylon tricot onesie over it. I even made a little name tag that identified me as a Space Elder.  The reality was that almost no one knew what I was wearing and definitely didn't know the garment was sliding all over my lycra suit.  Of course that was technically against the Church policy of having your garment against your skin and any other clothing on over it, but since my "skin" was supposed to be BE my skin, I figured it would be ok.  You can also put on your silkiest nylon tricot and then just buy a large piece of white nylon tricot from the fabric store (make sure you wear it so the "sliding" side is against your nylon), and just be a ghost or ghoul.  Be sure to get a lot of hugs or wear to a crowded bar where people will have to rub up against you.  Hey, we have to take it when and where (wear!) we can get it.......  May your "treat" be a "trick" who gets you off in your nylon.

Really nice of this guy to give us his fully formed, perfect ass in these non-transparent lycra tights.  In fact, considering how stretched they are, they remain opaque.

I really love that wrestling term, "checking their oil," when they try to see how many fingers they can get up their opponents ass.  Sounds like a reasonable occurrence when you have 2 hot men sliding around each other wearing lycra singlets.  I'd say this guy is really doing a thorough job.....

Most of these singlet grabs last only a few seconds, if that, yet with the power of repeat, almost make it look like he's getting off in public inside his singlet.  I will say this, the 80% that is nylon in their singlet is very smooth and is very erotic to wear--particularly in front of a crowd and when another man is trying to get his fingers up your ass.

This guy looks like he might be disappointed in being disqualified for having too large a boner to continue the match.  Many of them do wear even tighter wrestling briefs under their singlet to minimize this bulge issue.  Imagine if they were allowed to wrestle in silky nylon tricot.  There would be sperm flying everywhere and causing all sorts of accidents on the mats.

When these guys do adjust themselves, they always seem to have this "you can't see me" invisible cone of privacy come over them while they work it--which of course we are all watching.  

Sometimes while guys are "adjusting" their manhood, there does seem to be a little more action than is necessary.  That last  second squeeze or feel of the silkiness on their cock head.  Maybe they are just checking to see if they really are as hard as they feel without looking down to see.  It's fun to watch the reaction of other guys who notice what (and why) they are adjusting.

Then there are the guys who do it and look around to see if anyone else has noticed or is looking--that would be everyone, dude.  I also wonder, are there always gay photographers at these meets ready to record every crotch grab or are these self-gropes caught on straight tape and posted regardless? 

No, it doesn't say "HOMO" and he may even be some straight guy who is just trying to be cool and show off his Uomo compression shorts.  From past experience, I do know that looser 100% nylon (and sometimes polyester) can be very silky and slide over lycra under-things.  The sliding is enough to get you off in them, but all you can really do is slide the nylon material over the lycra and can't really get ahold of or get your thumb to slide over his cock head which is smashed against his body.  I've never used a vibrator with one of those big heads to get off with or get another guy off with, but always wondered how well that might work since it would be moving the nylon over the lycra much faster than your hand could do it--and not get worn out, either!

It's kind of a stretch (pun-intended) but he could be a clueless, straight dude posing for his girlfriend.

His shorts look the silkiest in this photo...

This guy is really going for a fast oil check here.  I have seen some pics where you can see the guy is wearing a cotton brief under his singlet through the lycra (really wants to keep his cock from getting hard by forcing it up against scratchy, cotton briefs), but these look heavier than that.

Is he really doing a singlet selfie of his crotch?

This guy is actually punching his boner down with his fist while giving a feel to the lycra sliding through his  fingers....

....and that felt so good, he just can't stop doing it.  At least no one is looking at him....

Looks like he's having trouble finding the oil intake location and is going for the full stick-shift adjustment.

Must have had a 2 for 1 coupon....  

Yeah, I don't think there is much of an audience present or that this is a WWF sanctioned event but someone needs to show him the proper way to handle lycra and that "beating off" is not to be taken literally....

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Green Silkies to Green Nylon Tricot Suits All For Men Only (including Mr. White Stitch)

Although I haven't experienced a mainland fall season in decades since my move to Hawaii, it is still ingrained in my seasonal memory clock.  The sadness that summer is over, the crispness that is in the air, the switch to being indoors more than outdoors, the beauty of change even knowing that months of darkness and coldness will only be broken by Thanksgiving and Christmas followed by even more cold and even longer darkness remain with me here and now even with daily temperatures and humidity in the 80's.

Another part of fall locked in to my memory is that transition of being able to wear a nylon Speedo outdoors for 3 months of summer (or less in Minnesota) to wearing (and seeing others) Speedos in the pool.  That smell of fall leaves with their musky odor mixed with the almost erotic scent of pool chlorine residue found in stolen nylon suits from the swim team locker room is still present in my mind even though long since vanishing from their silky suits that still do their job ejaculating me.  This used to be the time of year that thousands of boys were introduced to the feeling of nylon tricot on their still maturing penises for the first time.  To those who had't already sampled the pleasures of nylon tricot from their sisters' or mother's nylon tricot panty collection, they would be handed a silky nylon suit by their coach.  After hanging up their required white cotton briefs in their lockers, they first felt that silky nylon tricot sliding through their fingers almost by itself.  Depending on the decade of their introduction, the earlier boys soon felt the 2 layers of nylon sliding over their dickheads.  Early Ocean Champion and Dolfin suits must have caused many public boners on those virgin dickheads when those 2 layers of nylon started sliding over each other without much provocation.

Eventually the annual fall ritual began to change as the double nylon suits became single layers, but still able to slide, but not while being worn.  Eventually the sliding stopped when lycra began to pollute the formerly 100% nylon suits with its 18-20% pollution of stretch material.  Not only did the lycra material take over the sport permanently, the suits literally grew legs and now resemble automobile upholstery more than the silky, sliding nylon that used to mark the beginning of fall.  Not to be outdone by the swim team's nylon absence, that men created all sorts of silky nylon tricot lingerie for their women to wear and to be felt by them is another permanent loss for all of mankind.

Enjoy these first-ever seen current photos of these East Coast lifeguards who still enjoy wearing their double nylon (but non-sliding) retro-style suits.  These first pics show off Mr. White Stitch before his suit got those threads sewn in the back waistband.  Our photographer has been shooting this guy for a number of years.  Be sure and look at some of the posts before I interrupted the them with the green silkies posts.

One of the few shots of a young Mr. White Stitch from the front.  I know from my own experience how difficult it is to shoot guys from the front wearing nylon tricot suits.  On some level, they are sort of embarrassed to be wearing a short nylon suit when most other guys have their knees covered with their baggy shorts.

This is one of his standard poses.  He is a good nylon "feeler" and always had his thumb on his backside like this.  Check out some of his more current photos already posted--you will notice the same feeling.  He hasn't added the little white stitch to his waistband yet.

Maybe not the most developed body in his early years, it's amazing how much more attractive a guy can be just putting on a nylon tricot suit (make that 100% nylon).  Hey, what's his buddy behind him getting ready to do with his hand?

Hey, that got his attention.  Notice how most of his hand is cupping his balls and feeling those 2 silky layers whether they are sliding or not.  Then he uses his thumb to actually feel his cockhead.  He is definitely using the preferred method.

Good shot of his moving with his manhood having to slide around inside his double nylon suit.

Other lifeguards now wearing their wet suits.  Wet nylon doesn't slide, but these suits will soon be dry and ready for some fun later.

Pretty good feeler.  I think that's a more current  picture of Mr. White Stitch  on the left.

A determined nylon wearing man on a mission.....

I know this is a repeat, but everyone of them is so hot and that shiny blue nylon suit with the clear view of his liner showing on the left is super hot.....

Silky enough ass for you?

Not to worry about the lack of definition of his manhood lost in those layers of nylon.  You want this much silky fabric so that when you get him hard inside them (let me count the ways.....), you will be glad of every inch of room to get him off inside.

I would love to explore every inch of his nylon covered ass using several of my own body parts.....  Can you name at least 4?

Only a small corner of a much larger picture--can't resist those feelers.....

I found this vintage picture on eBay today.  This is from the era when their Dolfin or Ocean Champion nylon suits had an inner liner that slide around under the slightly larger over suit.

Every last one enjoying the sun on their bodies and wearing their 100% double nylon tricot suit.  Would love to interview every one of them about how, when, and where they have worn their suits and what they have done in them.

He really needs a larger suit even though he has shaved off all his hair.

Possibly a repeat....when I think of all the testosterone that is being produced and stored inside those suits, they really need to relive themselves into that silky nylon as a tribute to their silky sexiness.  Do you think that any of them need to be shown how?