Saturday, January 24, 2015

More Guys in Their Silky Nylon Tricot

There are plenty of pictures of Arnold wearing 100% nylon Speedos, but her he is wearing a silky nylon shirt--hope he has on some nylon under, too.  I don't think it's my imagination, but whenever I wear a vintage nylon shirt (always over a vintage nylon undershirt), I seem to get touched more like Arnold is here in this picture.

Ready for some action in these nylon tricot panties that are able to contain his entire manhood.  Just hope they have a double nylon crotch--don't want your lower manhood parts hanging in cotton.

Many of these guys seem to be kind of posed, but seeing this guy throbbing inside his "manny hose" and touching the other guy is still pretty hot.

I have no idea how many times I jerked off to this magazine cover back in the mid 70's.  This guy is wearing his 100% nylon tricot Speedos with a coordinating tank.  There is also an article about him getting into a fight wearing his Speedo underwear, I remember.  Of course he was referring to wearing something like this.  A lot of guys wore nylon tricot Speedos for underwear back then--there was a lot of nylon underwear and Speedos to choose from.

This photo wasn't about his nylon (probably) Aussiebum, but it's pretty obvious what nylon does to a guy's manhood on display.

Love it when guys wear 2 nylon suits and also when they grab themselves in them--both on display here.

So many Euros like to wear silky nylon shorts and jackets.  The jacket is 2 layers of nylon that slide around.  Sure hope he's got something silky on under those shorts.  None of that needs to come off to get him off…..

Not sure what kind of nylon shorts these are, but looks like 2 layers and you can see how much his cock likes them.

Cute guy rubbing his nylon covered foot on his buddy's face.  Great way to start out the action.

Hot seeing a masculine guy wearing and feeling his nylon tricots…..

Most of these silky polyester (feel like nylon) shorts that have inner liners will slide around underneath the nylon mesh.  So easy to masturbate a guy off into them.

Both of these guys posted these pictures this past week on the silkies Facebook page.  Really hot seeing the lower guy wearing his double layered nylon tricot Green Silkies for underwear inside his nylon mesh shorts.  I think the saying is something like you can't be too rich, too thin, or have too many layers of nylon tricot on your manhood.

Looks like a portrait of him wearing nothing but a silky icy blue 100% nylon tricot Aussiebum suit.  Sure would like to put a few DNA stains in it--his and mine.

Sorry sir, you will have to wait another decade or so before they invent nylon tricot and then another decade after that for WWII to be over and allow you to wear it instead of your silk tank suit.

No doubt about what this guy has and where it is in his lycra singlet.

Another nylon tricot Speedo gathering on the beach.  There isn't one of those suits that couldn't get each of those guys off in them.

Thanks for showing off what you have inside your 100% nylon tricot Aussiebum.  Now put it back where it belongs and let your manhood enjoy its silky covering.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Random guys wearing some random nylon tricot

Cleaning my computer house with some unexpected time due to a project delay.  Came across some new pics here.  My 3rd post in as many days…anyone out there looking at these?

Beach Panty Bingo!   You'd hardly know with these except that it looks like they may have some lace appliqué on the back side?  I once wore a pair of nylon panties under my nylon Speedo on the beach (well, maybe a couple of times) and I stayed semi-hard the whole time.  I probably would have stayed harder but I was worried my panty might be showing…why?

3 parts cotton to one part polyester does not make lingerie….sorry.  He needs to get with 100% nylon tricot to really find out.  When this ad came out, he could still go into any decent department store and buy some of the silkiest nylon tricot ever made--and it would not have included ANY cotton at all.

Nothing like a silky wrapped hard cock--unless it's dripping the remains of his big male load into the silky fabric.

…like this one is.

I don't see as many guys wearing their silky shorts for underwear any more.

Is it possible not to look hot wearing "dazzle" shorts?

The only thing that kills it for me is when you see the waistband (or more) of their cotton boxer briefs or shorts sticking out of them.  Why would you deprive your cock of feeling that silky nylon or polyester in favor of scratchy cotton?

Another right idea going well…..

Sadly this future coach is probably pushing 90, if not daisies, but he did know about wearing 100% nylon tricot double suits back then.  Wonder how many other guys he introduced to wearing silky nylon tricot in his career?

Yeah, this is what a lot of guys got to wear as nylon Speedos while I was still stuck in my boy's cotton briefs.

So tell us, sir, are you really all wearing another guy's nylon Aussiebum suit after he pumped his load into his?

Very rare candid photo of two nylonmen mating in nature.  Notice the dominant one's firm grip on his nylon jacked as their nylon covered bodies are sliding their silky nylon.

All that nylon just waiting to be ejaculated into after much sliding and rubbing together…..

What a regular man's Munsingwear Kangaroo pouch looks like when it is made out of 100% silky nylon tricot.  Truthfully, all those seams and pouches really just get in the way once you get going in them, but for being seen at the gym, guys will accept the "proper" look better--and can find out about the silky nylon tricot later.

Not quite sure what he's got on here, but it obviously involved enjoying something silky on his cock and the intended result has occurred. 

Not exactly what he is bulging out in here.  Early white suits were made out of a sort of stiff, satin material and used for diving.  These don't appear to be briefs.  They may be an early white nylon (or polyester Terylene) suit.  Whatever they are, I'm sure his cock is happy in them and either he has not ejaculated into them yet, or the stains are not showing up in this over-exposed photo.  It would be a shame to deny that bulge the pleasure of experience the silky materials sliding up and down its shaft until ejaculation--and even after…..

Sunday, January 4, 2015

New Year….Nylon Tricot In Review

It always amazes me that there are so many guys out there who really don't know much about 100% nylon tricot or why men wear it much less use it for sex.  I'd like to try and explain it in words, but enjoying the feel of 100% nylon tricot against your skin is not something you write or even talk about (although for some of us it's a pretty good start….)  You pretty much have to experience it for yourself or preferably with someone else so you can both enjoy it.  

HOME SWEET HOME - This is where it all began…..  It be be nice to turn this factory into lofts or a hotel where us nylon guys could meet for hot nylon sex.  Sadly, it might be more practical to turn it into a nylon assisted living home for senior men who never got enough during their younger lives?  ha ha

Well there are some younger men, USMC guys to be exact, who are in love with their silky nylon tricot.  They may not know the history or it or who or where it came from,  but they do know how silky it feels.  Funny, if they only knew what would happen if their inner liner / panty was turned inside out and those 2 layers slide over each other.  Yes, as good as nylon tricot feels in one layer, sliding 2 layers over one another (once it's lined up correctly) and you will experience the real joys of 100% nylon tricot.

There is a marine named Ryan T. who loves his silkies and wears his nylon shorts everyday.  Real silkies will have the Soffee label inside.  Black silkies are called "Ranger Panties."

Marines no longer wear their Green Silkies for PT, but many of them wear them for underwear, sleeping, beach and for sex--called "silky pops."  Do you know what it's like to drop a guy's jeans why slipping your hands into them and discovering a nylon covered ass like this?  Any idea what happens when you drop your jeans and start moving your nylon covered cocks together?  With that inner nylon tricot panty or liner under the nylon shorts, you will both be filling yours soon after the sliding starts.

These represent the "Anti-Christ" of Green Silkies--do not be fooled by their evil counterpart.  They are technically made out of nylon called supplex or tactel.  They even dry quickly and may say that they are 100% nylon--but they might as well say 100% cotton because that is what they resemble.  These are what replaced the Green Silky for PT, but you will not find anyone wearing them for underwear and certainly not for sex!  Maybe for polishing your car…no, they might scratch the finish!

Here is Ryan T. wearing his silkies again--he says he wears them every day.

What happens when Ryan wears his silkies when drinking.  His buddy notices that his cotton boxers don't feel very good compared to his buddies nylon tricot silkies.  Since Ryan wears his every day, he is bound to have some extras for his buddy to try on….and the rest will be history.

Classic USMC nylon tricot green silkies…..

Drill Instructors not only got to wear nylon tricot green silkies, but they also got to wear nylon shirts as well.  I could give him just as good a workout that would involve using the nylon he is wearing and a very long, and prolonged ejaculation process into it.

Some of the best nylon tricot ever made went to guys on the swim team in the form of Ocean Champion swim suits (some made by Dolfin weren't too bad either.)  All the early suits had an inner brief liner that slide very easily under the slightly larger outer suit.  It would have been possible to have gone up to each of these swimmers standing here and masturbate each one of them by just sliding your hand up and down over their double nylon covered bulges.  The only differences would be that some suits might have been slightly silkier than others and, of course, the time it would take each one of them to pump their load into their suit.  Which one would you start with?

With these guys, you'd have to wait for their nylon suits to dry--doesn't take long with nylon.  These don't appear to be the full double liner nylon type but would have an inner front liner that would still slide against the back of the suit.  So either they would just have to rub their nylon covered cocks against each other until they shot, grab another team mate's suit and slide that one over  the suit they are wearing, or each remove their suit and lay it on the other guy's cock and jerk him off unto it.  You do have a few choices with this method, you can take off your own suit, jerk the other guy into it and them have him use your cum soaked suit on your own cock so you shoot your own sperm on top of his, or your each use your own suit on each other so you wind up with each other's load in your own suit.  Truthfully, once you get to feeling that silky nylon on your cock, you probably won't wait to figure all this out anyway…...

The only good nylon suit that has been made in the past 10 years, but even they have switched to mixing their sliding nylon tricot with lycra for a flat, stretching, boring result.

Let's not forget the Mormon Church who offers their "endowed" members the option of wearing 100% nylon tricot 24/7 and the ease of being jerked off by a willing partner in their double nylon tricot sliding crotch that will cover your entire erection.  My kind of heaven…..

There are still some lifeguards who wear "classic" nylon tricot double suits.

This guy sells a lot of silky 100% nylon tricot Nik Nik shirts on ebay.  The only thing missing is his wearing a 100% nylon tricot tank or t-shirt underneath.

Imagine sliding against this kind of nylon and knowing that he is also wearing some underneath for underwear...

Another group of swimmers waiting around to be jerked off into their double nylon tricot Ocean Champion suits...

You can always resort to wearing some silky nylon tricot vintage briefs from ebay…..

Here is Sam Elliot wearing his striped Speedo in "Lifeguard"  Technically the stripes were 50% nylon and 50% polyester but were always 100% silky whereas his fellow lifeguard extras are all in their classic 100% nylon tricot Speedos.
So what is Sam doing in what look like a pair of white lycra Speedos--which technically didn't hit the market for another year.  Maybe they are 100% nylon (actually the white suits had 2 layers all over and 3 layers in the front of Terylene which was the most super silky fabric ever made.  He's not only hunky, he's smart.