Thursday, April 2, 2015

More Time....More Guys in Nylon Tricot

Plenty of pictures of one of the sexiest nylon wearing guys (Murray Rose) in the center, but his buddy Konrad is looking good in his silky 100% nylon tricot Speedo--you can just see the vintage cloth tag on his suit.  Laying that suit on top your cock, grabbing those 3 layers of nylon and some stroking would produce an unbelievable ejaculation into the suit.

Won't take long for these nylon suits to dry and then they'll be ready for action.  Never knew why, but after the pool and after a good rinse in the shower, wearing a nylon suit around until it dried--and even longer would make that nylon extra, super silky.  If the swimmer on the right were to put his nylon suit inside the guy on the left's suit and fold those silky layers of nylon over his cock, he'd have a load in them faster than he could imagine.  In all fairness, after one pumped his load in, it would only be right for him to loan the suits to the other guy so he could pump his load in as well.
Love to see a guy resting his hands feeling his nylon suit even if it's wet--it will dry soon enough and be ready for action.

Really hot bulge and deserving of nylon, but I think his suit may be part lycra and that makes it a lycra suit.

Not a huge fan of lycra, but leave it to the LDS Church to get it right when they make lycra garment bottoms.  Those 2 overlapping layers are almost as silky as their 100% nylon tricot ones.

I appreciate creativity, but when women try to pander to guys who like nylon, you wind up with things like this....neither panty, Speedo or brief.  The nylon is the cheap, shiny kind, no elastic showing in waist or legs and unless that droopy pouch has 2 layers of sliding nylon, it's useless.  Oh well, they tried.....

Too bad these guys aren't wearing some nylon as silky under their shorts

Remember when guys used to worry about "support?"  We had to wear jock straps under our gym shorts and there was always talk about support and protection and keeping things tight.  Nowadays guys just have baggy cotton boxers under their  (sometimes nylon) shorts and I guess everything just hangs down loose and unsupported and unprotected.  I was never a fan of jocks (sorry) but I kind of like my manhood supported in at least 2 layers of some kind of nylon tricot.

This was off an MTV site, but I assume you recognize his 100% nylon tricot Aussiebum suit.

I love the way his white ass looks inside these nylons--almost like it's being lit from within.

Never really had much experience with nylons or pantyhose, but I'd sure be willing to join these guys.....

I might actually become a football fan if they wore uniforms like this--of course the lycra suits would have to go.  I have 2 vintage Purdue nylon suits from a swim coach that are still incredibly silky.

Not sure why this look doesn't catch on--like the way his hand is resting on the double nylon part--you can be sure it slides

I'm sure the guy in Iowa who was selling his old nylon suit was surprised.  He has another one on eBay right now, but it won't get this high a price.

Not a huge fan of super sheer nylon since it's not always that silky but it does LOOK really great.

If you have to take your nylon underwear off for sex then you need to reassess your priorities:  You wear it and you get off in it.  Is that too difficult to understand?  It's why we wear it.

Sadly "Nylon Guys, not for girls" is a great concept, but I doubt that this has anything to do with nylon tricot or guys wearing it.  "245 Style Essentials" and I'd bet none of them are nylon tricot.  Isn't this false advertising?

Monday, March 30, 2015

Unexpected Time Means Expect Nylon Tricot Blog Post

Project starting a bit later than expected so thought I'd squeeze in one more nylon blog post before April so maybe you can squeeze one more off inside your nylon tricots.....

99% of this guys blog posts have been cotton briefs but somehow he slipped into some 100% nylon tricot Jockey briefs.  I guess I'll have to forgive the cotton t-shirt since at least he has the important parts covered with silky nylon tricot.  Jockey was the last to make good nylon tricot briefs for me.  Relatively opaque, not shiny, super silky and could easily pass as cotton in the locker room since no one else would be expecting them and good for the guy who was looking at your briefs enough to notice they were nylon.  You can see the edge of the "no gap fly" through the center of the pouch

The one advantage Jockey nylon briefs have over nylon panties is that all of your mangoods are resting in 2 layers of silky nylon tricot (and many of them had the kind where the 2 layers were sliding over your cockhead) as opposed to nylon panties where you are lucky if your balls are in the crotch and even luckier if you have a pre-1975 double nylon panty crotch in the first place.  Of course when man wearing 100% nylon tricot briefs meets man wearing 100% nylon tricot briefs, you can be sure their goods are going to grow upwards and beyond their double nylon rest home.

I'm not big on posed, photographer's studio pictures, but this guy has on some super silky Adidas nylon tricot shorts that he definitely does not need to be pulling down at all.  He will want them pulled up when that magic ejaculation moment happens and he shoots his manload into them front and center.

Haven't run into this pic for awhile and since the green silkies Facebook page is gone now, it doesn't hurt to reflect on our USMC men who wear these for underwear--along with many others.....and why.

Again, not all that excited by his planned, well-lit, studio pose with his cotton boxer briefs probably on the floor just out of sight.  Nylons or at least nylon panty hose are not made out of nylon tricot but they are still family.  If I was making out with a guy and got into his jeans and found he was wearing nylon tricot underwear, it would suggest he was really into nylon if he had on this additional, silky covering.

Why do I think there is absolutely no mention of nylon tricot or any photos of guys wearing it inside this magazine?  It's probably like buying a video or porn magazine with a cover full of guys wearing what look like they might be nylon tricot Speedos on the cover and then finding out they come off in the first 10 seconds like they were in the way or something and then becomes a standards suck/fuck porn flick.

Speaking of nylons, it seems to be a mostly German thing.  Here are 2 guys grinding one out man to man.

Not to ever be critical about anyone's nylon ejaculation technique, BUT, the way he is sort of rubbing and feeling in a counter-clockwise motion hopefully suggests that the guy has on another pair of silkier something underneath and that's what is actually sliding.  This is good enough to get him hard, but he's going to have to eventually switch to a little more up and down direction and make sure the silky layers are sliding over the guys cockhead even if his fingers aren't.

Just kind of imagining what sort of nylon suit the coach has on under his khakis with this nice crotch shot?

These Truest suits are probably made out of silky polyester that reacts and feels almost as good as 100% nylon tricot.  My only complaint is that the suits aren't high enough to accommodate what each of them has when fully erect and about to ejaculate fully into their suits.

I cropped these from some slides that are for sale on eBay right now and tried to just get the nylon suits.  You can see the label sticking above his suit in the back which began in the later 80's and continued until Speedo stopped making this kind of nylon tricot suit.

Sadly, I think both of these suits  (especially the black one) are probably lycra, but I'm sure I could talk them into nylon when we were alone later and they were too tired to prevent me from doing it.

Maybe lycra foreground but his blond hair on his tan body (which I always had in my beach years) is just in front of a nylon tricot pair of Dolfin shorts.  I happen to know from personal experience (because of this guy in the Navy I dated for awhile) would wear his yellow Dolfin nylon shorts over his lycra Speedo.  It was hard for me to complain too much about the lycra suit when I discovered how easily and silkily his Dolfin nylon shorts slid over the lycra and the inevitable results would occur.

The nylon suit really stand out because it has lasted long enough to fade and bleach a bit but still remains silky.  Those lycra suits will long since stretch out to nothing before that ever happened to them--not that they were ever silky anyway.

You can always tell the nylon suit because of the way the nylon tricot drapes front and back.  Lycra just smashes it all in.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Good Nylon Mix--Something for Everyone (who loves nylon tricot anyway)

The Facebook Silkies site was finally shut down I'm guessing since it's vanished.  They hadn't had much for awhile or at least it was more verbal and less visual.  I think they had ventured too far out of USMC Semper Fi theme and were getting a little too obvious about their real intent--which was either to sell their own brand of green silkies or just too obviously gay.  Anyway, here is the last of what I was able to pull off of that site.

Expect another lull because of a combination of not much out there and getting busy again with another project.

So this was written by a straight, married marine…..or not  Of course there isn't a single photo of him wearing any of his nylon tricot silkies on his Facebook page.

I like my beef wrapped in nylon

Typical straight civilian reaction when first encountering a marine wearing his nylon tricot silkies….his tongue is not out because of the beer

At least the lower half of his body was having a Happy St. Patrick's Day

Guessing 70's Australian.  Don't recognize the pattern but I'll bet he did a lot of working out wearing nothing but 100% nylon tricot

Another Australian import a very close copy of a striped Speedo but made by Aussiebum.  With Speedo, the white stripes were terylene (super silky polyester) and the blue was nylon tricot.

Once upon a time I could wear these to the supermarket and not risk arrest.  When I was asking questions of a clerk who worked at The Running Room here and asked what was inside the Dolfin brand shorts, he told me that some guys preferred to wear their own liners which often were nylon panties or other nylon briefs.  Like I had to be told that, but it was hot to hear another guy tell me that he did.  I used to go to great pains to have just a little bit of my nylon brief and elastic show in the side vent.

The caption was wearing his new LDS onesie garment--I guess he forgot to mention it was 100% nylon tricot.  These are impossible to step into without your cock growing to fill that double nylon sliding crotch area.

Not sure if I showed this before, but someone knows how to use his nylon shorts the way they were intended--at least in my world.

Even though I prefer my garments to be silky Corban / nylon tricot, you can see how scratchy the regular cotton is but he is wearing the lycra sports bottom garment

Every once in awhile there is a perfect erection photo that you just have to hope is awaiting slipping into some nylon tricot something…..

Not sure why this guy isn't blowing a big load into his silky nylon garment.

Even though there is no way to get hard and ejaculate in their too small suits, wearing2 suits like that is such a turn on….that and knowing that their cocks have 4 layers of nylon or silky polyester over them.

Not familiar with the pattern the guys have on but they are big enough to shoot into.  It was so much easier when ALL Speedos were 100% nylon tricot and they were all so easy to slide / rub up and down to shoot into.

Hard to believe this guy hasn't figured out that he is wearing Sub 4 nylon tricot shorts that were made of super silky nylon tricot.  

Another guy who can't keep his hands off his silky nylon or polyester suit

Many of these water polo suits are still nylon or a really silky polyester.  Lycra water polo suits wouldn't last one game…..

No losers--they are all winners in their silky water polo suits

I think this would make a wonderful painting--very romantic and dramatic with lots of passion.  I hope they were able to finish each other off inside their lycra singlets after the match.