Sunday, May 24, 2015

Better than the usual porn.....

There are some free videos that aren't too bad on this site.  Stick with this one because after he does take off his silky surf shorts and shirt and gets naked, someone throws him some shorts that he uses for awhile..

There's one with 2 "straight guys" who ultimately jerk off together, but one has on some shiny, silky bb that he feels up a lot--of course, they always come off before they get off.

Elvis Has Left His (Nylon Tricot) Briefs.....

A mini-post after yesterday's dissertation.....  What is really amazing about these briefs is not that they were Elvis' or that they framed them and sold them for thousands of dollars, but that No where in the article do they mention that they are 100% nylon tricot!  They even mention that they were made by Munsingwear but no mention that they were nylon.  We know it's not because nylon underwear is so common that it is it because it is shameful for Elvis to have been wearing nylon tricot briefs while singing "Hunka Hunka Burnin' Love?"  Nylon briefs (and sheets, and pajamas, etc.) cost 2 to 3 times what the "normal" cotton articles cost.  They were new and hip and exclusive and even colored as opposed to the regular white cotton briefs that all other guys were forced to wear.

Funny that they even mention that the briefs were "unwashed" but not that they were nylon.  One thing I know from personal experience is that DNA stains of any kind tend to darken with age--especially in nylon tricot.  So these briefs may not have been quite so stained as they appear now.   I think I remember reading an article that referred to Elvis wearing nylon pajamas so he at least knew about and wore it.  One reason that it may not be so obvious that these are nylon tricot is that the fabric back then (particularly before Antron Nylon came along in the 70's) is that the nylon was slightly heavier, opaque, super silky and soft and had a dull finish unlike the shiny, thinner, sleazier nylon that came later.  As I've said before, Munsingwear's "Tricolon" nylon tricot was about the best ever--and made in my former home State of Minnesota.

What all guys used to have to wear.  I was already keeping a log of what brand of cotton briefs that guys wore while I was still in grade school.  I had been sliding nylon panties on my little (then) dick since 5 and have this sort of "reverse fetish" for white cotton briefs to this day.  Not that I would wear them, but it's a kind of "I get to wear nylon tricot and you have to wear cotton" sort of thing.  Unfortunately I got to have the crap beaten out of me for wearing nylon tricot (then) so I guess it was all beaten into me for good!  Elvis is wearing a brand called Healthknit that had that strange sort of oval fly opening.  Guessing the middle guy looks like he is in JCP Towncraft with the dash line waistband (a super turn on).  You can also see the flat seams that they used on the first pair.

It's kind of sad to think he may only have chosen them so he wouldn't have any VPLs under his white jumpsuit.  I would think you would still be able to see a slight outline even with these briefs.  I'd like to think he chose them because they were silky nylon tricot.

I wonder how many framed nylon briefs there are out there in the world anyway?  I certainly wouldn't want them under glass and unavailable. for use that way.  I could see having some "In Case of Emergency, Break Glass" ones (for a desperate desire to have to jerk off into some nylon immediately) but then you'd have to worry about glass splinters in the nylon after breaking the glass so better just to keep a couple of pair in your glove compartment for those "emergency" needs.  Better yet, just keep your tank drained into nylon tricot and avoid those kinds of situations in the first place.  (that would be ha, ha in case you don't get my humor....)

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Do Men Even Know When They Are Wearing Nylon Tricot?

Very interesting questions--even if I do say so myself.  I suppose there are varying degrees of awareness, but if it is a yes or no question, I'd probably say, in general, no.  Unless you are one of us lucky guys who already know about nylon tricot and who has an "unnatural yet healthy" addiction to it, many guys would notice that it "feels silky" but they also might say the same thing about a $30 cotton boxer brief with a high thread count.  After all, even though I haven't worn cotton underwear in decades, it is still the norm for  most men, sad as it is to say that.  Here we are with exposed sex organs with the bulk putting them into scratchy cotton when silky nylon tricot is available if you look.  It's not a scientifically proven fact, but when I wear a vintage 100% nylon tricot Hawaiian shirt over a vintage (usually Munsingwear "Tricolon" tank or t, I get more straight guys hugging me and rubbing my back--as the 2 silky nylon layers slide.  I love it when they something like "silky!"--as in duh.

The next category would be men who notice the nylon, might actually really like the way it feels, but don't act on it.  These guys are also the ones who wear the Nike brand and a few other lined basketball shorts that have 2 layers (actually silky polyester) that slide.  They can't miss 2 layers of silky fabric when it runs from their waist to their knees but invariably, you will see they are wearing some form of cotton between their silky shorts and their bodies.  This group would also include those guys who were given a nylon suit by their swim coach, red, green, blue or black silkies / Ranger Panties by their military service, or even a Mormon guy who thought he'd try a Corban (nylon tricot) garment--probably after seeing or feeling one that another LDS had been wearing.  So these guys are at least aware of it, know the difference, but have an indifference to it or maybe have allowed some social stigma against nylon (perpetrated by the evil Cotton Lobby) as in "too feminine,"  "too hot," "not natural," etc.

Moving on to the guys who are aware of nylon tricot and do prefer the feel, but still don't entirely understand the full practical / sexual nature of wearing nylon tricot.  These would be all the straight / married military guys who post on FB about their "silky induced boners" and profess their "love of the silk" and brag about wearing them for underwear, lamenting the fact that they can no longer wear them for PT.  Guys who prefer Aussiebums but actually prefer the fact they are (now, were) made out of 100% nylon tricot and looked and felt better than their tight, short-lived, lycra/spandex counter parts.  It might include the "practical" guys who use the fact their nylon tricot briefs dry fast when they are traveling or the ones who can still wear their retro nylon shirts and pass them off as "permanent-press, no ironing needed" or in my personal case, retro Hawaiian shirts that are sliding over my nylon undershirt--so much so that I'm constantly checking my cell phone because it feels like it's vibrating when it is just sliding in my nylon shirt pocket over my nylon tank top covered nipple!

The final group of nylon tricot wearing guys can be split into two groups.  Those who "tolerate" wearing it or have a "pretend indifference" to it, but who just can't express it. These guys really like getting off in their nylon tricot whatevers and don't mind reciprocating in yours.  Sometimes these guys just need to be told to put on their nylon--without referring to it as being nylon.  Sometimes I would have to say to a partner, "Here, put these on" or "we'll slide around better."  It might also take a gentle hand removal when, after sliding some silky layers of nylon up and down my shaft, their need to remove the nylon or reach inside for their hand directly on my cock, I place it back on the nylon and shoot the biggest load they've ever felt.  Sometimes it was in my best interest to gift a guy some nylon briefs or Speedo.  It would be so much hotter when we'd get together to reach inside their pants and feel the nylon tricot already on than have to get into foreplay while they had on their cotton underwear, and then make my nylon request.

I did manage to make it through to the "finals" with some guys who got the whole nylon tricot thing.  Maybe they didn't have the same innate fetish I do, maybe it was just to please me, but they no longer needed to be told, they knew how good it felt sliding up and down their shaft, they knew the "practical" applications of sliding our nylon covered cocks and bodies together, and the incredible, sometimes spastic shock wave that occurs just before a major nylon tricot ejaculation.  Even the being able to trade (temporarily or sometimes permanently) each other's sperm soaked nylon underwear was a sweet yet super-sexy token of our great nylon tricot sex together.....

P.S.  Thank you Follower #140--someone knew actually found this blog!

Here's a great start to some nylon sex.  I'm the blond guy on the left showing my partner how good those double layered nylon tricot Dolfin shorts feel (especially if he happened to have on some other nylon briefs under them).

Unfortunately, it's not me (even though I have his hair color) because those shorts would have stayed on until we had both shot into them.  And since I like his yellow shorts better, I would have offered to trade and thrown in an extra pair of nylon briefs to wear under them for next time....

What to do when you are in nylon tricot and your partner is in what he thinks are sexy cotton briefs?  Dump him?  No, you can sometimes just slide his briefs off and ALWAYS be prepared with a nearby pair of nylon something to slide him into.  He'll be already horny and when you start to slide that nylon (either make sure he has on 2 layers or grab another pair in your hand) tricot up and down his shaft, he will not be complaining.  In fact, be prepared for him to "forget" his cotton briefs when he leaves with your nylon briefs on.  HINT:  make sure they are not a $300 vintage pair you bought on eBay.
Is he aware that he is wearing a 100% nylon tricot Aussiebum or is it just another swim suit?

Here is a nice, silky 100% nylon tricot (although it could be mesh or slightly pixilated nylon) garment top.  Imagine your church encouraging you to wear such silky feeling underwear 24/7?

This was originally in "Awkward Photographs" but I don't see anything awkward about dad and his 3 boys all wearing 2 layers of silky nylon tricot on their manhood--or boyhood.  I would be the youngest who had already discovered that if I took my two older brothers' suits and put one inside the other, that the nylon would really slide up and down until I climaxed--unfortunately not producing sperm until I was 12-1/2.

Another Happy Mormon showing off what happens inside his nylon tricot garment bottoms.  The one piece (onesie) garments have an already erection sized, double sliding nylon layer that is perfectly designed for keeping your garment on through ejaculation.  We wouldn't want to have to take off our nylon tricot garments for sex, would we?

Looks like Mr. Nike has on a nylon drag suit under his Nike lycra jammers under yet another suit.  If these were all 100% nylon, I would be impressed, but so many guys have this "bulge fear" that they wear multiple layers to smash / hide their manhood.  I don't get it?  Check out the double suit guy on the left and the ripped suit guy in the back....

I'd hate to think that some photographer just handed these two guys their nylon tricot Aussiebum suits.  Then they pulled down their required cotton boxer briefs, slipped into their silky suits, actually got to feel what 2 double nylon tricot covered cocks feel like when touching for a few seconds, and then had to take them off, put their cottons back on and leave without ever having experienced nylon sex.  Sadly, if this was a prelude photo to an actual so-called "Speedo Sex" vid, they would have their nylon suits off in the first minute anyway.......

When you see a really great single photo (especially a vintage one) on the internet, you seldom ever see the others you know must have been taken in that series.  This is another in a series of this guy wearing his (I'm guessing red) 100% nylon tricot Ocean Champion (although it could be a Dolfin) suit.  Just loose enough and large enough (and vintage enough) for those 2 silky layers of nylon to slide up and down (and they do from this era) and put a huge sticky stain right below his treasure trail.

These suits were so amazingly silky with their inner nylon liner and the slightly larger outer suit.  All of the early ones had the nylon face so they slid over each other and for some reason stopped doing that in the later suits.  Who could possibly complain about their 2 silky layers of nylon rubbing over their cock head being a problem.  Sadly their white cotton briefs would be waiting for them in the locker room after their much too short pleasure in their nylon suit....except for me, of course!

One nice benefit of wearing 2 suits, which came out of a movement or theory that if you caused more drag in the water during practice that you would swim faster for one for the race.  Of course the one suit would be lycra.  At least this gave a longer life to a suit when it would eventually succumb to the ravages of chlorine.  Many a ripped or worn nylon suit became even silkier and provided many years longer for me after a swim team locker room raid than if it had been disposed of because it was damaged.

These almost look like what various companies tried out as "dual purpose" swim / under wear during the nylon golden years.  Nice, thin elastic won't get in the way, no flys or seams in the front, and looks like some silky nylon.  Just add a nice cut cock--oh, it's already there and waiting....

Oh, sorry dude, I accidentally had to put my hand on your nylon tricot suit.  I think he could have lifted him even higher if he used both of his hands on his suit.....

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Military Vid You Won't Believe.....

Pretty unbelievable that this ever happened--more so since somebody made a video of it and posted it....  I guess they went a little crazy when their green silkies were taken away

Monday, May 11, 2015

Mini-Post....but good (I think)

No nylon agenda or axe to grind today....just some pics of guys in silky nylon tricot

I do have the two bottom lower suits but have never seen the plaid nylon one.  The ad is kind of erotic--at least to us nylon Speedo guys.  It's more like getting heat on when you put a nylon tricot Speedo on.  The UK's "Bri" (British) nylon was/is super silky and still feels good today but we're only supposed to notice that it's lightweight and feels like wearing nothing at all--they forgot dries fast.  You almost never seem them use the word "tricot" when describing sports gear, but this is 1969 and Australia.  Most of these guys didn't have to strip to get into their Speedo--they were already wearing them for underwear, of course.  Can you imagine paying under $3 for a 100% nylon tricot Speedo?

Great WP picture with every guy wearing his 100% nylon tricot suit except for the guy who is feeling his super, silky triple layer Terylene white suit.  Actually, I do see an Arena suit in there.  Wish this picture was a larger file

I'm pretty proud of myself on finding this one.....  It was just another picture of a guy in a pair of "Kangaroo Pouch" briefs on a vintage underwear website.  I immediately recognized them as a pair of Munsingwear "Tricolon" nylon tricot briefs.  No need for this guy to take off anymore....   As incredible as the nylon that went into these briefs was, the wide elastic, those two vertical seams, the horizontal seam, and no double, sliding nylon, these were not the easiest briefs to get off (or to get someone else off) in.  Munsingwear made about the best nylon tricot for men and thankfully their t-shirts, pajamas, and robes all made up for these seam covered briefs.  A better option were the briefs they made under Vassarette that had thin nylon elastic, no seams or holes with a smooth front, and a double nylon crotch and VERY easy to get off into.

One nylon tricot holdout wearing his silky green silkies on the lower right.  There's a good chance the other guys in their BDU pants are also wearing their green silkies for underwear--the most frequent use of their shorts now.  The other shorts are made out of the technically nylon tactile/supplex material that might as well be cotton.

It's so hot the way these military guys joke about the "problems" they have while wearing their silky nylon tricot shorts.  I'm sure it didn't take very long to get rid of his "silky-induced" boner by using another one of their quaint terms with a "silky-pop" or shooting his load into his nylon shorts.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Sagging Silky Shorts

Interesting thing about having a nylon tricot fetish is observing other guys who might appear to have a similar one or maybe just into a look instead.  I was able to download these from silkyboys but it is a pay site and I just can't bring myself to pay for disappointment.  Not sure if these guys are really just into the baggy boxer short look or the whole sagging thing or actually like the silky feel of these shorts--which, I believe, are a silky polyester.  In any case, they seem to like multiple layers of them so they are obviously aware that they slide over each other--and you know what that leads to.....

I remember a couple of my nephews wearing these in the 90's and I can't say I've seen anyone wearing them much after that.  So enjoy what could be straight guys enjoying their sagger look and being bad.....not really.

3 layers of anything silky is a good thing.  Just don't let me see a pair of cotton boxers on underneath all this silkiness or you also better have a spanking fetish because that's what you're going to get.....

Too bad wearing something silky on top wasn't part of the look, too.

These all might be just one guy showing off his collection but it's a good look for not being nylon tricot.  Love the little DNA swimmers on his shorts.

Those shorts look like they could actually be silk or some sort of combination.

Interesting that wearing 2 layers of silky shorts isn't part of the look but wearing multiple athletic shorts or pants is.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

How Did Guys Wind Up Wearing Nylon Tricot Anyway?

Wish the title could be "How Do..." rather than "How Did.." since it would mean that there is nylon tricot out there that regular guys might accidentally come across and would check it out--either from curiosity or maybe as a gift from their boyfriend or girlfriend who wanted to see them in them, maybe from their coach, maybe from their LDS church, or even accidentally when they just grabbed that package of briefs and didn't notice it said NYLON on them.  

I was just thinking the other day how long it's been since I've seen a guy bend over or his shirt ride up and catch a glimpse of some kind of nylon underwear.  There are occasional glimpses of LDS guys wearing a nylon garment, very rarely an Aussiebum nylon suit, and more commonly the "dazzle" shorts (actually a silky polyester) that almost always have a pair of cotton briefs between the wearer and his silky shorts.

Back when nylon was still available, if a guy wanted to look sexy and wear a Speedo (or Dolfin, Arena,  or any of the dozen other silky nylon tricot brands available that looked similar), they could go to any sporting good store or even many large department stores--although they often had some off brand.  Whether it was fashion motivation or sexy looking or even speed in the water, some guys would take the initiative to go out and find one to buy.  Some might even have found an excuse to wear them as underwear with excuses like "I haven't done laundry in 2 weeks," "I might hit the beach after work," or "I use them instead of a jock under my shorts."

Being part of a team where "all the guys wear them."  Nothing like male bonding in nylon.  Maybe a coach handed them to wear.  They pulled down their cotton briefs in the locker room and held that silky nylon tricot for the first time (and noticed how silky it felt between their fingers) and slipped them on pulling them up into place.  If you've never seen a guy slip into nylon for the first time, it takes about 5 seconds before they grab their goods over the silky nylon and say something like "Silky!" or "Feels good!"

Of course some guys aren't lucky enough to get handed their first nylon tricot--for some it's nylon/lycra.  Heavier duty lycra for things like wrestling which involve direct body contact wearing the same thing and being able to legitimately feel (grab) the other guy's singlet is pretty hot.  This guy has some pretty obvious briefs on underneath.

Imagine getting to puberty and discovering you have a choice on what kind of material your underwear is made out of that your church wants you to wear 24/7?  Of course if you are an LDS, you have probably already checked out your dad's or brother's or uncle's garments and already knew that silky nylon tricot (which the church called Corban to avoid any connection to what girls wore as nylon panties).  You wouldn't even need an excuse or have to hide the fact that you were a teenager in nylon tricot.

I've never actually seen the ribbed version of Jockey nylon briefs--only their tank/athletic/vest shirts.  Early nylon underwear had the same wide exposed waistband as cotton briefs with Jockey being the only brand that had their name posted.  All the others had lines or dashes (like JCP or Sears).  Since most men or boys relied on their wives or mothers to buy their underwear, their probably wasn't much chance that they would buy their man/boys underwear that was made out of the same silky nylon material that they got to wear as panties, slips that slid over them or nightgowns to sleep in--and turn on their husbands who enjoyed feel them while giving the sausage.

Maybe a few mothers might have fallen for the claims in the ads about nylon not shrinking or drying fast or being a new wonder material, but the reality is that any boy caught wearing nylon tricot briefs--even if they were made for their sex, had a regular waistband and even fly openings, would probably have been really ridiculed.  It was very uncool to have your underwear seen and your buddies seeing you in nylon underwear would have really been a problem.

Some jobs required that you wore a nylon suit like being a lifeguard.  Imagine having to spend 10 hours a day in a nylon suit?  Wouldn't take long to decide that there really wasn't much point in wearing your cotton briefs to work and changing into your nylon suit--might as well just wear them from the time you got up.  Of course you'd need more than 2 or 3 pairs since you were wearing them everyday.  Wonder how long it took them to notice that the longer you wear nylon tricot like that, the silkier they get?

Some guys didn't need to be told how good they felt or even cared about what anyone else thought.  This guy is actually feeling a pair of nylon tricot Ocean Champions but they are the later version that didn't have the sliding layers like the older styles did.

Have you guys ever seen the Mossy Oak line in hunting or sporting good stores?  When they first came out, it was really silky and sometimes even a silky lycra version that wasn't too bad.  I don't know if these are the really silky kind or not--or if there is a double layer that slides or not.  I'm not sure why hunters would need to wear silky nylon came underwear other than to pleasure themselves while waiting.

Not that I have anything against mouths and cocks but when your body is covered in a silky nylon tricot LDS garment, I would sure take advantage of that for the eventual ejaculation of your man juice.

I have these in red and these 100% nylon tricot Speedos are still in great shape from the 70's.

It's a no brainer if you are from Australia that you wore a nylon Speedo for surfing, swimming, sunning, and underwear.  Interesting to note that the guys from Australia (who were often on the UH swim team) also wore their nylon suits for underwear as well--no excuses necessary since they were Aussies.  If they did wear cotton underwear, it was always a bikini style similar to their nylon Speedo.  I don't think I ever saw them wear an American style cotton brief.

Funny how when the US military stopped issuing or even allowing their men to wear their beloved green silkies for PT, they were so in love with their nylon by then that it forced them to acknowledge their desire.  Now they are worn more exclusively as underwear even if they are worn under other nylon shorts.  Of course they would never think of wearing a single nylon tricot panty, but they do here as long as it's called a "liner" and it's hidden under a larger nylon tricot short over them.  The only sad thing is that they never seemed to ever (even accidentally) happen sew the liner in reversed which would cause it to slide under the over short.  If guys get hard wearing these green silkies as is, imagine what would happen if those 2 layers of nylon tricot slid over each other.

Always wonder about those frat parties or other male groups who come up with a theme that involves that they dress up like women.  Yeah, they were so drunk, etc. etc.  Always wondered how far their "authenticity" went with their dressing up?  Did they just put on their dress or skirt or did they go "all the way" and put on some sort of silky lingerie and panties, too?  I think in many cases that if they did, there always seemed to be a picture of them "showing off."  And what was up with those panty raids?  Of course now, who would want some tiny thong or lycra/lace thing?  Real men want a full size, 100% nylon tricot panty with plenty of room for some action in them.  In fact, if you're going on a raid, you wouldn't have stopped with 1 or 2 so of course you would want to wear more than 2 or 3 as well.