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Nylon Tricot Underwear in Various Forms and What You Can Do in you need to be told?

In the beginning there was only scratchy cotton or scratchy wool for underwear.  Silk was available for both men and women but it was very expensive and while smooth, it was not "Silky" in the way that we refer to nylon.  Since it was primarily straight men who decided who wore what and what it looked like, it seems likely that they decided women should have the softest and "prettiest" underwear with the ulterior motive of increasing their (male) pleasure in being taunted, teased, and tortured by the object of their affection.  Well, that's my theory, anyway.  So when nylon tricot finally appeared on the market once again after WWII (having been invented in 1939 but being used almost exclusively for military use in WWII), the primary use, once again, was for women.  The fact that women have internal sex organs (so I've read) while men have external, there was some nylon made available for men that mimicked their cotton counterparts, but cotton still seemed to rule--if for no other reason, it always had.  I suppose for the masses not having an underwear fetish, cotton or wool or rayon or nylon underwear was not really of much interest anyway--it was just underwear that didn't really matter much to them.

This is  what the average male wears--well, not so much anymore, but they did when I was acquiring my nylon fetish.  White cotton briefs with those big fly openings (which I still call prick holes), thick elastic and by which your masculinity was determined.  Guys who wore shorts were either dads or snooty kids and were laughed at in the locker room.  Of course the complete opposite now exists and any male millennial must wear pattered baggy cotton shorts or, if older, black cotton boxer briefs.  Just seeing that cut, exposed, most sensitive male member being forced to spend its lifetime against scratchy cotton is unbelievable (and unnecessary.)
To further enhance the male prick hole requirement, fashion even enhances them with contrasting colors.  In the old catalogs, these were referred to as "taped fly-fronts" in various configurations depending on brand from horizontal, inverted, vertical and variations that defined Male Underwear.  Men with openings in their underwear so they could take their members out and pee or jerk off or even fuck using their prick hole openings.  Strangely the waistband was limited to dashes or lines except for Jockey and then eventually Munsingwear and now, virtually every brand that number in the hundreds.  By 4th grade I was already keeping track of what kind of underwear other boys wore in school even if I didn't always know the actual brand name on their label. By 11 or 12, I had become skilled at stealing underwear from the public changing room at the local lake beach.  It was so hot to see a hot guy walk in, remember what clothes he had been wearing, and then go in with my towel and exit with his briefs inside of it.  Seeing him on the beach walking around in his suit knowing that I now possessed his most intimate male garment.  Later, using nylon tricot to masturbate with, (the only time I would use one hand) I would feel his cotton briefs while I silked in my nylon.  

These briefs came from a Y-fronts blog.  Hundreds of guys wearing their cotton briefs and this one accidental pair of nylon tricot briefs showing.  No mention or reference to them being nylon.  Probably didn't even know they were nylon since the fetish in this case was about the underwear brand and the shape of the fly opening--not really a prick hole on these.  Funny, because for me, the only interest in Jockey underwear was in the nylon tricot material.

The earlier Jockey briefs, of course, simply substituted the excellent quality nylon tricot of the time (extra silky, opaque, and not shiny) for the scratchy cotton.  Because they also made them in white, even a less daring guy could wear his Jockey nylon briefs in white or be more daring and in a color, but keep his male parts happy in nylon tricot.  There was always the "great for travel" and " dry fast" excuses instead of the actual reasons for wearing and ejaculating into nylon tricot without any nod towards femininity.   OF course, it was always a mystery to me that so many guys continued to use their hand on their cock to masturbate instead of using silky nylon tricot.  Truthfully, the wide, thick waistband on men's nylon underwear is a lot more in the way than the thin elastic on a nylon panty.
So for the average male, wearing men's cotton briefs was also about their (and other's) "maleness" whether it was JCP dash lines or blue and gold stripes, it was also about big prick holes (seldom, if ever, used) and the cotton material.  Needless to say there are hundreds of men's cotton brief sites with thousands of members out there that mostly seem to circulate each other's photos, but that's because they have linked wearing cotton underwear with being men.  Then there's my blog, Meninnylon with all 108 of you blessed followers!

There are, of course, as many stories and reasons why some guys have chosen to wear 100% nylon tricot which range from "occasionally" to 24/7.  My desire seldom went beyond just panties.  Some might actually wear it only because it does dry fast and is easy to travel with (REALLY??) and have never explored all of the great things you can do with it.  Some don't even know what nylon tricot is and think that lycra is the same thing.  Since there weren't too many parents who would have purchased nylon tricot boys underwear for their kids (it did exist sometimes in the catalogs), and even fewer who would have indulged their boys with their own nylon tricot panty drawer so they wouldn't have to keep sneaking their sisters' and risk the traumatic beating after dad came home from work (which, of course, did absolutely nothing discourage me for very long).  It was almost an unthinkable fantasy until fairly recently that next to my required JCP red and blue dash line briefs, there could have been a dozen (preferably more) Lorraine, Munsingwear, or the very expensive Van Raalte super-silky panties in my same drawer.  No questions asked.  The nylon panties (2 or 3 at a time) could easily have been worn under my boy's briefs and made my otherwise relatively happy childhood, a MUCH happier one!  They could have even used the theory that if they gave me the nylon I craved by age 5, I would "outgrow" the desire to wear it later and become "normal".   Yeah, too bad they didn't try it and discovered the only thing it would have lead to was larger sizes and more of them especially after I started producing ejaculate at 12!

So while nylon pantyhose are not actually nylon tricot, nor do I have much experience or even desire to wear them, seeing this picture of a guy wearing them, hard, and offering a pair to another guy made me kind of wonder.....would I wear them "to please" another guy?  Hell, yes!  And when you see the following photos, you can understand why.  Besides, if I did this for him, he would be obligated to let me get him into some nylon tricot and I have complete confidence the next time, we would be including both in our nylon sex.....     Truthfully, they are kind of creepy until they get on your body, but some of them seem to look a lot silkier than others.  I'm afraid I would need someone with more experience with them before I could make any statement about ejaculating into them.....

I'm not sure how frotting would feel in this kind of nylon?  I know from many years of experience with nylon tricot frotting what it feels like and (sometimes too easily and quickly) can result in.  Plus I love the sound that nylon makes when rubbing with other nylon--particularly in a dryer climate. 

I'm guessing the more experienced guy is on the left and seems to be getting off on feeling the other guy in his....

Cupping a guy's balls in nylon is always great because it's like all part of one make organ and you know where all those swimmers are coming from between his legs.....

These look like they would keep your cock relatively in place and still allow enough movement and coverage for a really good ejaculation into them....  I'm guessing other nylon tricot over them would also slide and assist in shooting your load if necessary.  Think of all the fun you'd have determining that very issue--although you both might explode before any conclusion is reached.  Oh well, there's always next time.....

Again, no idea what solo action would feel's obviously working for him.  Seems to be enough stretch to be able to grab your cock--which might also work if you had some other 100% nylon tricot sliding, too?

So here is the works!

Works just as well in these double layered Speedos in nylon tricot.....  develop your own method as to what works for you or your partner.  Remember, no matter how well your technique works, there's always room for improvement!  And, as I always say, "let the nylon do the work!"  That means that the silky nylon layers should be sliding up and down your shaft and over your head as much as you can take and let the silky nylon tricot ejaculate you better than any lube or tongue can.....

Works just as well in nylon tricot panties.  Sometimes you just need your hand to gently slide up and down the silky fabric to make this big a mess in your panties,  sometimes it might take a few more either being worn or being held by you or your partner to result in this same kind of load.....   Don't be surprised it it winds up being a much bigger load than you're used to.  Also, don't be surprised if your partner asks you to sway whatever nylon your just came in with his.  Falling asleep and waking up with another guy's load in your nylon is the best.  That way when you each shoot another load on top, you can trade back and leave with both your loads in your briefs.  I guarantee that when you are alone and want to add yet another load into both of your deposits- it will be massive!

Funny, both of these GIFFs were listed as him wearing a Speedo.  First that would be a lycra Speedo and second, these are obviously panties.  Whatever, look at the load they produced!  Also, you can put nylon tricot over lycra (like a pair of Dolfin shorts without the kind that had a liner) over your lycra Speedo and see what happens.....  Although, you know me and lycra.

Like the way he is short of fucking the fabric....a good way to ejaculate every last drop--although there's always some that dribbles out on the way down.

So hot to see a guy wearing his 100% nylon tricot Aussiebum.  Looks like enough room to get him off inside them.....

Absolutely no difference between this guy wearing a nylon tricot panty and the guy above in his Aussiebum--except this panty guy has plenty or room , for sure, to shoot bis big load into--with your expert help sliding another nylon panty or Speedo up and down that shaft.

Nothing like seeing an erect cock inside a pair of sheet panties.  This guy is all primed and ready to shoot--although the nylon is looking a little coarse this close up.

This is commonly referred to as a "panty mound".  To the straight guy, it's a double nylon tricot frame to that empty hole he is attracted to (and I never got it), but to me, it's the source of a manly scent that has built up (along with the silkiness) during the day under his jeans.  For the aficionados, these crotch seams are called "inverted seams" which means that there is no ridge inside them.  Only Lorraine managed to do both top and bottom inverted seams which is important since if they only did one, it was the bottom one and the top (upper) seam can irritate your cockhead if it happens to come into contact with it.

This "mushroom crotch" is a sign of vintage quality in a panty.  To a horny gay man, it is a target for him to aim for.  With some brands, like Van Raalte, they made the 2 layer nylon crotch slide over itself.  I'm sure this was so that a guy could easily slide the head of his cock against the silky and sliding nylon tricot fabric--and we know what happens next, don't we?  Imagine feeling your partner's cock exploding inside your silky crotch while knocking at your door?  Very good chance that you will be following his ejaculation with your own soon after on the front side of your panty.

Get over your hang-ups if you have any, but a man's ass never looks better than when it's inside some sheer nylon like this.....

Hey dude, are you feeling your silky nylon tricot panty and getting off on it?  No, you're feeling your double layered 100% nylon tricot Aussiebum suit.  Same nylon and same results--except I'm not seeing any DNA evidence to substantiate that claim.  Maybe he already knows Oxy-clean will get out his DNA and leave the nylon silky for next time.

You can imagine the scorn if these 2 guys went out wearing silky double nylon tricot panties likes this, and yet they are in their double nylon tricot Auassiebums and getting raves instead....

So I haven't completely made up my mind yet about these.  These are 2 layers of nylon tricot that slide over each other and are joined at the waist and legs.  They were designed to slide over each other and do a very good job of it.  While the nylon is not quote what was used, it's is an amazingly silky new nylon tricot and they are super silky.  These allow you to put anything over them (like your favorite coach's nylon suit turned inside out so you can shoot your load right where his cock used to be before stealing them out of his office).  If anything, they are almost TOO silky and require maybe a couple of extra layers of nylon (on, no!) to slow them down a bit when sliding the layers.  If you wanted to be really mean to your cock, you could actually put a pair of cotton briefs over these sliding briefs and they would even silk you off--of course, so would sandpaper.   The fault I have in them is that first of all, the person sewed the top elastic on backwards.  I guess if you didn't want anyone to see your panty elastic this would be a good thing, but that doesn't bother me--in fact I kind of like it.  Then, next, there are the LARGEST seams I've ever seen inside any nylon brief--including a nylon water polo Speedo.  And yet, even with this industrial joiner, part of the nylon is already pulling out from it during the first (and only) night I wore them to bed.  No, I was alone or I might have had an excuse.  However, these have been "present" for almost every ejaculation I've had since they arrived and have not yet had ny DNA delivered into them.  I don't intend to wash them and risk losing any of their silkiness--but I also don't want to wear them again and risk them falling apart.  So I have put far more loads into coach's inner Speedos than ever before since virtually anything you put over these silkies will slide.  Imagine putting them on under a pair of green silkies--you would have no trouble getting yourself or another guy off in them.  Maybe you could dye them army green, remove the existing non-sliding liner in your USMC labelled silkies and sew these into them instead.  Your partner would NEVER take them off, but they would soon be able to stand up on their own.  IF there ever was a pair of "training panties", these are it!

Classic male bulge being felt inside a pair of vintage Van Raalte panties--makers of the best and silkiest ever made.

This double Van Raalte nylon tricot crotch was made so the 2 layers slide over each other.  The only reason I can imagine as to why they did this on purpose was to allow a male cock to slide in that silkiness until the inevitable happened--either from the front or from the rear, those silky layers of nylon are capable of extracting every swimming sperm cell from those balls that hung down into that silky nylon creating them.

Sometimes a guy has to do what a guy has to do if he doesn't want to sperm his good panties and use an auxiliary pair to accomplish his silking--or several pairs for even better silking so they slide up and down his shaft and over his head as much as he can take until it's loaded with his sperm.... 

A proud man wearing the ultimate nylon tricot underwear ever made.  If you have a spare $300-350 for a pair on eBay, you might get one.  Obviously they are still out there at estate sales or old inventories, but there are also people who know their value and what some guys are willing to pay for them.  I would like to think that they are mostly going to gay guys who share, but somehow, I think these are going into straight mens' collections.  Maybe I will go to one of their estate sales one day and be able to purchase them for their original $1.50 or $2.00 price tag?

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Men in nylon tricot shorts, silkies, and Ranger Panties....

This is a collection of guys wearing nylon tricot shorts--some of them green silkies both military and non.  Not a whole lot to say after last night's post about Adolph Kiefer and his suits and their influence on the world of swimming and my world of nylon.

I know I've posted a whole series of "Bearded Boy" pictures.  This Canadian sex on a stick stud has enhanced everything from Mormon nylon garments to green silkies.  There was a sort of "progression" of kinkiness within the photos, the PA in his beautiful cockhead, and some other later photos of him that went a bit off my charts.....   Porn, like drugs, and some other joys of life, require an increase in dose to keep the same level of joy originally enjoyed by less stimulus.  This escalation can sometimes result in increased intake ane eventual destruction of body, mind, or both.  Sometimes it takes an intervention, sometimes it just takes waking up and sometimes meeting the right guy.    Seems like bearded boy has found something better to do with his hot body and look that doesn't involve increasing his "actions."  Good for him and we will continue to enjoy what photos remain of his cut cock in nylon--and occasional lycra....

He never seems to have any problem with shooting his substantial load into whatever silky gear he has on

Always hot to see his DNA on his silky nylon tricot gear.  Not so sure about the PA, kinky to look at, I guess, but not very practical with sliding nylon tricot up and down his shaft.

Here's the goods, nice, now put it back where it belongs.....

He sure makes his USMC red nylon panty / liner look good with his cock in them.  Can guys take their PA's out or is this before he got it?  The comment on his site was something like "These feel real good."  Yeah, they do.....

How come we've never seen a picture of a silkies crotch like this before?  Even better with red nylon tricot.

Really great photo but even better wearing and touching his nylon tricot green silkies

Pretty boy who knows it and looking even better wearing his military issued nylon tricot underwear

I'd sure like to get some of these lawn ornaments for my front yard--especially the red one

Always grab from the bottom to lift the goods up and then determine the cock head and shaft.  Don't forget to have a smile on your face.  Seems like his technique is working.....

These Adidas shorts look like the good nylon tricot shorts and not the other kind of nylon.  So easy to get a guy off inside these... 
These jarheads are looking really cute in their nylon green silkies.  Assuming they're not related, maybe they can unload their DNA and exchange shorts after?

Something I don't think I've brought up before....Yes, it is ok to feel your own nylon when getting another guy off--especially when you are not using nylon to do it.  I love the feel, look, smell, and results of wearing silky nylon tricot--on myself and on a partner.  Ideally when with another guy wearing nylon tricot, hopefully you will both get off in it and enjoy the sensation no matter if it's the first time or 1,000th time.  In the event that the other guy pulls his off, a pretty good sign that he's not into nylon and you still feel obligated to get him off by other "normal" means, yes, you are allowed to feel your own nylon to maintain your erection.  If you can snag the nylon he was wearing and feel it, it will also help maintain your firmness.  After you get him off, you can always hope he will use his or your nylon to get you off--if not, just get it over with and don't ask for his number....

Technically they are both wearing nylon.  The tactel / supplex nylon on the left is better suited to car upholstery or maybe a recycled grocery bag.  The nylon shorts on the right are, of course, silky nylon tricot silkies and they are better suited for ejaculating into, wearing for underwear, or just hanging out in like this guy.

He thinks it's all about him, his body, his hard work at the gym but it's really all about his black nylon tricot Ranger Panties and that big dick head outline in them.  When you begin kissing him and lightly feeling the nylon over his ass while slowly moving your own nylon covered cock head over his, you are going to want to give a little tug on his waistband in the UPwards direction (contrary to ALL nylon shorts sex porn that requires you pull them down and off).  He's going to need a little more room when his cock starts to move upwards and you want his erection straight up.  It also lets him know that the shorts are staying ON until he gets OFF in them.  Then you can slip his off, slip yours off and exchange.  Slipping his on, falling asleep in his arms feeling his load in his silky shorts on your cock will give you both sweet dreams.

Here is the same guy in his nylon tricot green silkies.  I like the way he is pinching his nylon....

A very rare GIF of a pretty good technique for feeling another guy in his nylon green silkies.  I didn't bother posting the other 2 where they come off...  Because the out shorts don't slide over the inner nylon panty, don't grab too hard or pinch.  If he's uncut, you'll probably be able to use his skin to get him off.  Either lighten up your grab or use another silky nylon article to slide.  If you want him to do you easily in yours, you can take a nylon panty, turn it inside out, and it will slide over the inner panty of your silkies.  He might be a little suspicious why yours slide so well and his didn't--but you can keep him guessing until the next time.

Possibly a repeat, but he has obviously been wearing his silkies a lot and his DNA stains seem to have been washed off.

Not a very large photo, but he's so cute and his shorts look so silky.  Love wacthing guys grabbing their nylon shorts even if to just show off his legs...

Friday, July 14, 2017

The Birth of the Nylon Tricot Suit in America and the Death of the Man Who Created Them (revised)

For those of us who thought the first nylon suits were created in Australia by Speedo--guess again.  Right here in Chicago in 1948 by one of the most famous swimmers in history.  Adolph Kiefer just died in May at the age of 98.  His swimming accomplishments are legendary, but I will concentrate on his greatest invention, the nylon tricot swim suit.  Here is the actual story in his own words.  I think he is a little confused in talking about the different nylon fabrics available at the time since neither the stretch girdle fabric nor the nylon stocking fabric was the eventual winner--it was, what else, 100% nylon tricot--the same material being used for panties after nylon's availability after WWII.  He even describes the fabric as only being available in white, but he was able to have it dyed into different team colors.

The Adolph Kiefer swimsuit was never a #1 hit (well, maybe at the beginning when nothing else was available).  Their suits were always a little "dowdy"--although of excellent nylon tricot.  Perhaps he discovered early and avoided it on purpose, that putting 2 layers of silky nylon tricot next to each other would slide and very easily stimulate the manhood of the wearer and ultimately reduce his streamlined appearance with the resulting large bulge between his legs.  Anyway, in the many Adolph Kiefer suits I have acquired and ejaculated into over the years (including the vintage one I am wearing right now from the swim coach of the University of Minnesota), these suits always needed additional nylon over or under them to silk with and ejaculate into.  

Two other companies, however, may have noticed this deficiency on the non-sliding layers (the inner brief under the outer brief) and made sure their suits did have this incredible feeling feature.  Both the early Dolfin and particularly the Ocean Champion suits would literally start sliding right in your hands and between your fingers as they came out of the box when brand new.  How many boys (who hadn't already discovered what the other female members of their family got to wear for underwear each day with their nylon tricot panties) got their first nylon tricot induced boner wearing a pair of these?  It would be impossible for any boy or man to pick up one of these suits and not notice the sliding nylon even before they pulled down their white cotton briefs to put their nylon suit on.  Guys automatically always want to adjust their goods when they first put them on--almost as if to make sure their manhood knows what's going on with that silky, sliding nylon.  The longer they could go without getting them wet, the silkier they would feel.  That's always why being able to acquire a coaches suit that might be worn for several hours a day and never get wet was the ultimate prize.

My actual tribute and gratitude to the inventor of this suit may seem a bit unconventional, it is, nonetheless, genuine and authentic.  These nylon suits represented the first "legitimate" nylon tricot a boy could wear and not get the crap beat out of him for wearing the exact same material found in my sister's dresser drawer.  From that time until now, these suits (and their Speedo cousins) have played an important part in my life--ok, more on dry land than in the water lately!

INVENTING THE NYLON SWIMSUIT described by the creator:

Here is an early ad for the best and silkiest nylon suit ever made..and $36 a DOZEN?!    You can pay $36 for one non-silky boxer brief at Macy's.  I doubt the Macy's brief will still be around in 50 years doing....anything unlike the 50+ year old Ocean Champion briefs that still turn up occasionally still in their original box and ready and willing to take your full load(s) with a minimum of effort.  Remember my saying, "Let the nylon do the work."  It will.....

Amazing what you can find on Facebook when going through photos of former swimmers.....  This photo is from 1960 and you are looking at 13 pre and post-pubic developed boys and a swim coach (I am sure under his cotton shorts) who are all wearing Ocean Champion suits from an era when they almost slid out of your hands when you first took them out of the box the coach handed to you--luckily a little larger than was good for your racing times, but more enjoyable when you were alone with them in a private space.  Everyone of these guys pulled down their JCP or FTL or Hanes cotton briefs, hung them up in their locker and pulled out their silky nylon suit while it slid through their fingers from its own weight.
It's always a little difficult to tell what color the vintage suits are in black and white, but the lightest color they made (besides the very rare white) was the gold color.  Most of the other color values read darker in black and white.  Feeling your head through the 2 silky, sliding layers of nylon is one of the first things any guy does regardless of his age.

In this case, as suspected, it is the lighter gold color.  From the era when both layers of Ocean Champion nylon slid over each other (which, sadly, ended during the 70's when all nylon wearing declined).  A little difficult to see, but there is an inner brief slightly smaller than the outer one that moves / slides with just about every breath taken--even more when you are sliding the layers up and down your erection

Adolph Kiefer nylon suits did not have a seam on the inner brief that ran down the front of the suit and therefore right over your uncut cock head.  For some reason Dolfin, Ocean Champion, and other makers of the silky, sliding suits did have that seam.

This has to be just about my most all time favorite nylon tricot double nylon suit ass ever taken.  I won't even bother to count the reasons just is.

Probably seen in previous lifeguard nylon suit postings, the modern double nylon suits no longer slide and will require some sort of extra layer(s) of nylon to get off into.

A repeat, but it clearly shows the inner sliding liner on the far right (although most panel suits didn't slide for some reason), I can guarantee you those other guys had no problem sliding their silky layers and shooting their loads into their suits.

For sure the guy on the left (who can't keep his hands from sliding the nylon layers together) has one on, not entirely sure what the nylon wearing guy on the right has on.

You can clearly see the silky layers of the nylon suits about to get wet and therefore require drying out before ejaculation can begin.....

Always common to see guys with their hands on their hips when wearing these suits--if at all possible.  The slightest movement of their fingers will slide that silky nylon tricot and feel so good.

Sadly, all of these now deceased basketball players are wearing a jock strap under their basketball shorts, but love the pose where the guys each (somewhat awkwardly) have their hands on the trunks of the guy in front of them.  Just imagine if they were all wearing nylon tricot Ocean Champion and doing this?

Another repeat that clearly shows these guys are both wearing super silky nylon sliding suits.  I'm guessing they are both red nylon.

Entire teams of guys wearing nothing but 2 sliding layers of silky nylon tricot.  Way better self-control than I had.....  Still can't get over $36 a dozen!  I've paid for 2 dozen and gotten 1 on eBay!

Funny how guys instinctively protect their crotch areas--from both physical harm as well as visual harm from a camera.  Once in awhile you find some guys who spread those legs and let us see their manhood right inside those double nylon crotches.  On the single layer striped suit with panel, his balls rest right above the crotch seam with his hole approximately 2 inches further down--ask me how I know.....

A silky double nylon suit for every size--those 2 are definitely feeling those silky layers slide--impossible not to.

They must have made those starting blocks in shop class.  Going to get a splinter in their ass sitting down--better to just stand up and let your fingers rest on that silky, sliding nylon tricot you are wearing.....Hard to believe they would go back to the locker room and take those suits off, hang them up inside their locker, and then step into and pull up their 100% cotton briefs and leave their silky nylon hanging there--unless, of course, I came along with my wire coat hanger and snagged a few (or a dozen) of them for me to enjoy 24/7 for decades to come.

Love to see that inner panty / brief confirmation that he's wearing one of those silky, sliding nylon tricot suits.  Unfortunately he will have to wait until it dries (must wash out the chlorine, too) before he can silk a load into it.

Whenever I see a guy with his hands in front of his crotch wearing these double nylon silky suits, I figure he's either gently sliding the silky nylon over his cockhead or he's hiding the boner that all of these guys have had at one time or other.  Still, embarrassing when it happens, but hardly unusual.  What do they expect when 2 layers of nylon tricot start moving over your man parts?  Of course, the smart ones finish the job, shoot their loads into their suits, and shower off the evidence and get back to swimming.

A repeat of a 50's Italian film star who obviously gets the whole Ocean Champion double nylon suit thing with his hands completely on the silky, sliding material.

Proud of their trophies won wearing their nylon suits.  Proud to show off the inner nylon tricot suit they get to enjoy.  "Mom, I don't want to wear cotton briefs anymore, I just want to wear my swim suit."   "Of course, son, they're only $36 a dozen, how many dozen would you like?"

Leave it to Yale to have these suits less than 5 years after they were invented.  Not sure how long it took Ocean Champion to come up with their own version, but obviously they did and became much bigger sellers than the Adolph Kiefer suit--do you think it was the 2 layers of sliding, silky nylon that did it?  Guess we'll never know.....
Funny how they never quite get it right, yes there was a silk shortage for parachutes, but nylon was also only used for wartime as well.  Rayon was the only real synthetic fabric left for the public and even that was not that abundant.  Funny how they avoid the word, "panty" and say "nylon girdles" instead.  Would love to have been there that weekend they experimented on some of their swim team wearing one and then 2 nylon panties trying to figure out how to sew the first nylon tricot swim suit.  It's probably then that A.K. decided not to face the nylon layers so they slid over each other because the models kept getting hard.  I just bought what may have been the remains of their last nylon suits from their website.  They probably only kept making them while their founder was still alive.  Interesting to see the evolution from some Kiefer nylon suits that are probably 50 or more years old with the last ones they've made.  Interesting they still used this little tag of nylon in the crotch to keep the inner liner / panty suit in place and not turn inside out.  This actually does come in handy when using other layers of nylon over or under the suit when masturbating into it--ha, ha something they probably weren't thinking about then.  No disrespect meant giving this amazing man credit on a nylon porn (I mean history) site, but if the nylon fits, wear it.....