Saturday, December 5, 2020

New Green Silkies Fresh From Homo Depot Plus More

 I'm pretty smart.  Got tired of my first intended posts here showing up at the end instead of the beginning when putting "AAA" in front of each title used to accomplish that.  This time I put "ZZZ" and even though they listed at the end of the order, they have posted first!

In my adult life, the 2 greatest nylon sightings for me have both been at our in-town Home Depot--aka Homo Depot for a reason.  The first was 10-12 years ago when a really cute guy in his 20's bent over and revealed his entire backside of his Corban / nylon tricot one-piece Mormon garment.  The other was last week when I saw my first, in public view of a hot guy casually wearing his Ranger Panties.  Even though my 20/16 vision detected he was wearing a cotton boxer brief under them, it was still enough for me to try for a few photos and a posting here.  Thought I should throw in a few more and make a night of it!

He is obviously too young to have worn his Ranger Panties when they were still considered "legitimate / required" PT wear, but young enough not to remember the social ban on wearing nylon tricot shorts in public and showing his....knees!  Unfortunately, he decided to wear some of his normal, boring, scratchy, cotton boxer briefs under them lest he shows any sort of male bulge or (heaven forbid) circumcised  cock head.

I'm guessing these Ranger Panties are new because they show no wear at all--but they certainly show off his legs which he obviously works on daily.  Just sad to think how close his cock is to enjoying the silky nylon tricot but isn't.  Well, WE are!

I had an eye test last week and the doc asked me to read the 2nd to the last line, which I did.  She said, "Very good, you have 2020 vision!"  So I asked her if she'd like me to read the last line--which I did with each eye.  I guess 2016 is better than 2020.  It certainly was in years, too....  So I could see that little bit of black showing and immediately knew it wasn't the edge of his silk panties showing.  Poor clueless guy....

Personally, I think his ass could use a little more...ass.  Wouldn't stop me from burying my face into his nylon tricot covered ass crack, but more would be better in this case.

With sightings like this happening only every 15-20 years (I doubt I even had a camera on my cell phone for the Corban garment view for the previous view), I'm not exactly skilled at fast and clandestine shooting.  Of course, I wish I had taken twice as many.  Had he been alone, I might have tried my old tactic of being friendly and asking, "Hey, I like your shorts.  Where did you buy them?" and engage him in conversation.

The only direct ass view, and, I'm sorry, this is more of a Lean Cuisine than a full Man-Size meal.

He wears glasses, too!  Can it get any better?

I will probably never see him again, but it made for a nice fantasy and that I have lived long enough to see nylon tricot shorts (now called Ranger Panties by the military, no less!) return to their former habitat in Homo Depot where they were once common and even predictable!

This guy fell out of the last posting but seeing his manhood enjoying his silky nylon tricot shorts and his face in the same shot, I hope his silky pop in his shorts was a good one.

I have always maintained that ANY male ass no matter how big or how small looks better and sexier wearing 100% nylon tricot.  Here is (reasonable) proof of that theory.  I'm sure it has nothing to do with my nylon fetish, but a scientific fact.

This is the kind of cute and clueless guy I would like to say, "Dude, it really turns me on to see your nylon panties right through your sheer shorts like that!"  Of course right after that I drop my jeans and he sees I'm wearing the same kind and we immediately begin grinding our nylon tricot covered cocks together until we fill up our shorts with sticky white man sperm.  Sorry, time to wake up.....

So after we left Home Depot, I went back to his hotel room with him....  Well, i thought this would look better blown up, but, at least he's wearing his Ranger Panties for underwear.

So the guy with the cell phone says, "Let's compare our abs.  They both open their BDUs and pull up their t-shirts to reveal what they are also wearing for underwear.  One in his boring, scratchy, Hanes cotton boxer briefs.  The other wearing his 100% nylon tricot Ranger Panties.  Both now acceptable as underwear in the military.  Of all the flimsy excuses to see what kind of underwear another man is wearing.  Must be a military thing--those silky Ranger Panties sure are.

Perfect for your Christmas card this year....Here I am about to walk my guard dog.  He's necessary because I'm wearing my 100% nylon tricot green silkies and I risk attack from other horny and jealous guys who are still wearing scratchy cotton underwear they buy at Walmart and Target.  Some guys just don't care about their cocks....

Didn't turn out all that well, but 5 guys all wearing nylon tricot Ranger Panties will have a much better time back in their room.

The guy on the left looks about done, but imagine standing in front of the guy on the right when that bulging, silky, nylon tricot cock head goes right by your face.  Wonder how long he could hold that position?

I almost cut the guy on the left out of the picture, but I will assume that the thin edge of the waistband showing is actually from an old 100% nylon Speedo or reversed nylon panty to slide under his green silkies and NOT a cotton brief or jock.  Meanwhile the guy the right can't seem to grab enough of his super silky nylon tricot silkies.  Hope his right hand is pressing up against his buddies Ranger Panties for a quick feel.

Thursday, December 3, 2020

Back to Your Favorite Nylon Tricot

No real excuses for the 2 month pause other than 2020 in general.   Very little motivation--and when nylon tricot doesn't motivate me, you know it's a bad year!  Well, technically it does motivate me to ejaculate into it daily and sometimes twice.  Not bad since the chance of seeing another guy is normally 0--but once again, that last great viewing location of nylon tricot, HOMO DEPOT, came through last week.  I actually saw a hot military guy wearing his nylon tricot black ranger panties with a friend buying a bunch of weed wackers.  I took several pictures, even though my hands were trembling!  It's probably been 20 years since I've seen another guy out in public (or anywhere for that matter) wearing his silkies.  The only reason I wasn't arrested for nylon molestation in Aisle 5 is because I would see his stretch cotton black boxer briefs showing just below his nylon shorts.

Once again, the age-old question of why would a man prefer scratchy cotton on his cock to the silky nylon he is already wearing comes up.  In his (pathetic) defense, he could be worrying about "floppage" or the movement of his large cock moving too much in his silky undies and causing an even bigger problem.  As long as he normally wears his silky nylon tricot shorts for underwear, to bed, and ejaculates into them with a "silky pop" before they hit the wash, then all can be forgiven.

In general today, the acceptance that all men must wear cotton underwear (mostly boxer briefs) is totally unacceptable.  Two guys meeting for the first time, getting hard feeling each other, pants coming down, and both are wearing either Hanes or FOTL black or dark blue cotton briefs.  Of course they have to come off before sex--who wants to have sex with scratchy cotton on covering all their good parts.  Even gay guys will spend $30 on a "sexy" pair of cotton boxer briefs that are no better than a $3 Hanes and also must be discarded before sexual activity can begin.  Pulled off or kicked off across the room never to be seen again until post-sex dressing happens.  The concept of underwear and sex is no longer a viable, pleasurable experience.

One glimmer of hope is if a guy is wearing a Pair of Thieves boxer brief that sometimes has 2 layers of reasonably sliding material and could be gotten off into.  Of course, any other sort of 100% nylon tricot swimwear or other shorts have possibilities for nylonsex but there better be someone who knows what they are doing and can be doing with the nylon, or it's going to wind up tossed to the other side of the room, too.  Too bad I can't create some do-it-yourself vids on nylon sex! 

Once again, my planned narrative with pictures has been reversed so I'm rethinking my lecture now in reverse.  Does it really matter?

Can't quite make out the brand here, but the size of the suit and the quality of the nylon both insure that I could make this guy really happy in it and make sure he ejaculated every last drop of mansperm into them.  If not the first time, then definitely the 2nd time.  This nylon tricot suit was made for sex!

Apparently "checking your oil" is not just for wrestlers anymore.  If one of your teammates bends over and exposes his anal area, it is your duty to feel his hole with 2 or 3 fingers.  Those thousands of rectal nerve ending will thank you when stimulated and even better if sliding some (seen or unseen) nylon tricot over his sensitive hole also occurs.  With any luck, he will soon accept your tongue as a suitable replacement for stimulation.

I realize there is probably some lycra involved with his otherwise mostly nylon silky shorts that are covering his monster cock.  I'm sure with very little problem, a suitable arrangement of his monster inside his silkiness can be arranged to allow for a really hot ejaculation.  Not too many seams to get in the way, either.

YES!  Uncle Sam wants YOU to wear your 100% nylon tricot Green Silkies and Ranger Panties 24/7!  He can't take his hand off his silkiness as it rests right over his inner nylon panty visible inside his shorts.

No question here about the silkiness and sheerness of his nylon tricot green silkies.  I love it when you can actually see through the sheer shorts likes this.  

This is what all Soffee silkies wearers get to experience inside their shorts.  A real nylon tricot panty inside their Ranger Panties.  I like their honesty in actually call their shorts this name since they actually are wearing one inside and proud of it.  Ok, so their balls aren't resting inside a silky, double nylon crotch, but otherwise the thin leg elastic and wider waist elastic and certainly the nylon tricot silkiness are all the same.  Plenty of unobstructed playroom for their cock before, during, and after a "silky pop" right inside their nylon shorts.  Too bad they don't reverse either the shorts or the inner panty so the 2 layers of nylon would slide over your cock and make it more of a "silky explosion" than a "pop."  You can easily remedy that situation by taking a nylon tricot panty and putting it on inside out under your green silkies or ranger panties and get an idea of what I'm talking about.

These look like an extra-silky pair with a nice bulge that would appreciate some frotting followed by ejaculation with another guy wearing his as well.  It's also ok to swap shorts after you have each shot your own load in yours.  Wearing another guy's nylon silkies with his load in them is about as hot as you can get--until you add your own load to his when you return them.  If you return them.

I like to refer to this shape in his shorts as a "log."  It's already well defined and maybe even a semi.  He looks old enough to have worn his green silkies for PT (their original use) and now enjoying them around the house, for underwear, sleepwear, and certainly sexwear.

Obviously a newer picture because of the mask.  Nice wide stance with a big pair of shorts with plenty of playroom to get him off in.  I appreciate when they sort of tuck their shirt in--just enough to reveal the full front of their nylon tricot shorts material but not stuck down inside their shorts all lumpy.  This guy knows what he's packin' and how to package it!

It is kind of frustrating when we can't make out their panty liner through their shorts.  Sometimes the shorts aren't quite tight enough and sometimes the nylon seems too thick to see much of an outline through the shorts.  That's why seeing into a pair of shorts to just their nylon tricot panty and how happy it's making their manhood is a good idea.  Of course you would expect a little leakage from his cockhead, but nothing like a full-on ejaculation that will occur with the 2 layers of nylon panty and nylon shorts.

Possibly a repeat but any time you see a picture of a full hand feel of a guy in his nylon tricot shorts, it's worth it!

Even though I did watch another documentary on the harm of circumcision, you really can't fault the look of a cut cockhead showing through 2 layers of silky nylon tricot like this one.  At least the silky nylon isn't harming his cockhead like the scratchy cotton Hanes of FOTL boxer briefs are doing when he pulls his silkies down and puts on his required men's underwear.  Who requires it, anyway?

Meanwhile, Mormons are still wearing and getting off in their silky Corban (nylon tricot) garments.  I was able to get a last order out of the Mormon Distribution Center for more Corban one-piece garments--apparently the last now that they have foolishly decided to stop making them.   They will keep making these 2 piece g's and I will continue to replace the cotton panel with nylon tricot.

This is Joel.  Joel is hot.  Joel wears his Corban one-piece most of the time.  Joel works for Mormon Boyz.  Mormon Boyz seem required to remove their clothes and their garments within 3 or 4 minutes of their videos.  Now they are just like every other naked porn video and I click it off.  If you can't have sex in your silky Corban nylon tricot garment like a real Mormon does, I'm not going to watch.

This is all I need to know about Joel.  He's feeling his nylon garment and he has a beautiful big cock.  Now put your cock back in your garment, Joel, and I'll take care of the rest for you.  Maybe need to go up a size on your garment, too.  Play room and being able to slide those 2 silky layers of nylon in the crotch over your cock is very important.  Joel is looking a little stressed in these pictures.  I think he'd probably like to keep his garment on until ejaculation, but maybe they won't let him.  I'll let you, Joel.  Then we will switch garments so I can feel your warm load inside your silky nylon garment against my body.  Joel Juice sounds good to me!

Joel looks so good in his all-white temple clothing especially knowing he has on his garments underneath--although we should be seeing his leg seam a little better through the white pants just above his knees.  Yeah, I know where to look!  Actually, I think Joel needs a little nap, too.

Because the garments worn are actually worn as reminders of covenants you make with God, the actual choice of what kind of garment to wear is your own.  This style is always cotton (used to also have poly-cotton) and is sort of the equivalent of Hanes.  They also make a new stretch cotton (cotton and lycra with a ventilated crotch area), but you're not going to be having mutual sex in those.  I think a gentleman should always offer a cotton wearer a guest pair of Corbans.  They will probably forget all about their cottons when you are done ejaculating them in the silky nylon crotch.

They do a lot of reaching into garments--guess what they find?  That's right, naked cocks!  Once you get to feel and see inside their clothes and discover they are wearing a silky nylon Corban garment, that's all the farther I need to go.  I will get their Corban Covering to take care of their ejaculation.  Plenty of time later for naked sex--after a year or 2 of corban squirting.  Looks like a fairly rare cotton one-piece with zipper.

Aussiebum has a sale last month of 50% off almost everything.  I bought 2 of their nylon tricot tank tops that at $20 each wasn't bad, but $40 each was ridiculous.  So I bought 2 more at their sale this month, but they were out of almost everything except small.  Aussiebums run small to begin with so I didn't have a lot of choice.  My only complaint about their suits is that they are cut small and do not have playtime or ejaculation in mind when they make them.  There are several videos of guys (mainly one guy) who manages to jerk off inside his silky nylon tricot suit--usually with a lot of his hand grabbing his cock directly to almost get him off before he thankfully goes back to his hand on the nylon over his cock.

Of course a guy wearing his 100% nylon tricot Aussiebum is going to have to feel the nylon over another guy's cock who is also wearing one.  I suspect the photographer gave them each the pair to put on and their cotton briefs are laying just out of camera range.  Hope they got to wear their nylon suits home and get off in them.  Looks like the 2 vids I uploaded (each of the nylon tricot tanks has a video of the model feeling his silky shirt and suit).  Well, you're probably tired of reading all this anyway--although some of you have written to say you like it.  It's not  like I get to write about nylon tricot ejaculation anywhere else but here!  Hopefully posting more soon--I have SO MANY pics right now.

Sunday, October 4, 2020

BAD NEWS and MORE BAD NEWS (Welcome to 2020!) It's OK, your nylon tricot will make it all better!

 The primary source for the photos on this blog (90+%),  have all come from a tumblr. blog I had.  Guys post some amazing things on it even though there is supposedly a "code" that is supposed to prevent overly explicit pictures.  However, guys getting fisted up to an elbow or getting fucked by 2 guys are common.  I didn't post very much but occasionally I would since most Mormons are somewhat shy about posting garment photos.  Should a photo, even a pg one get removed and a warning sent, they had an "appeal" button which usually returned it back to the blog.  I would see a lot of foaming, frothing at the mouth with hatred posts from guys who had been "wronged" or had their blog removed but I figured they were just complainers.  Really, tumblr. isn't obligated to host anyone's pictures any more than this google based one it.  I had been having technical problems with my tumblr. blog where it would quit after about 10 minutes, then after 5 minutes, and finally down to about 3 minutes last week until finally YOUR BLOG HAS BEEN TERMINATED appeared this week.  No warning, no explanation, no appeal--not even The End--just gone like it never existed.  There was a link to find out why but after 3 submissions and not hearing anything back, I gave up.  They don't owe me anything. I'll miss some occasional chats with other Mormon garment guys, but the reality is I was spending WAY too much time looking for nylon pictures of interest for this blog.  I have dozens if not hundreds in files that I can continue to post here for the rest of the year without tumblr.  Mixed feelings about ever opening another blog there.  The term "porn addiction" is real and even walking near my computer required "just a check" that could last for hours.  I had downloaded most photos that were of any "importance" and ones of me (always faceless!) will continue to orbit on tumblr. until it is also deleted someday.

The second bit of bad news is that my favorite all-time underwear (the Corban one piece garment) has also been terminated!  I know this won't affect most of you.  The 2 piece separates are still available (with that stupid cotton shield that can be removed and covered).  I also have a better source for you if interested and cheaper than the other one. 

Ha ha, once again my planned sermon based on the order of photos is also not going to happen as after all my efforts to select their order, it is once again reversed....Oh well, no one reads all this stuff anyway!  Right?

Cute wrestler, hot body, shiny blue (obviously some lycra at work here) trunks.  Is that enough?  No, he's here because you can clearly see his inner liner brief inside his suit.  It looks very much like the inner suit on an Ocean Champion or other retro all nylon suit.  Many of the professional wrestlers use custom-made suits / trunks but there are obviously some ready-made ones out there.  Doubtful there is any sliding action and getting him off inside his would probably require a lot of effort--but you'd probably have fun trying!  So would he....

I wonder how long the yellow singlet bulge has been there?  It's sure not going to go down anytime soon with his butt crack sliding over the cock bulge of the red singlet.  It's what I like about wrestling photos.  These erotic poses really only existed for a couple of seconds (or less) but here they are forever for our enjoyment.

I don't remember seeing this wrestling hold growing up watching it on TV.  Of course, they didn't have lycra suits growing up.  Those would have been 100% nylon tricot and he wouldn't have stopped after just one grab either.  He wouldn't have stopped until that red was completely soaked with white sperm--hopefully not during a commercial break.

This was actually part of a series of gif's but this was the only one that seemed hopeful.  His trunks look suspiciously like a nylon Ocean Champion suit.  He would be much better off staying on the outside of that double nylon sliding suit than inside with his hand directly on hi cock.  I know, that's the way you're supposed to do it, but if you've never felt the joy of a guy sliding 2 (or more) layers of silky nylon on your cock--well....your loss.

Who wouldn't want to earn their living wearing this to work each day?  Oh sure, you'd have to take the occasional folding chair to the head, but it might be worth it having other similarly dressed co-workers rubbing their silky suits against yours.  That and having an audience full of men cheering you on while you do it.

I probably should have saved him for a post on nylon Speedos but he was so cute I stuck him in with the wrestlers who I'm sure would welcome him and make him feel right at home in his silky suit.

This Section Brought to You By The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Wearing Their Corban Garments  (not supposed to say "Mormons" or LDS, but people still do....

For all the homoerotic overtones, this is probably a legitimate photo between an Elder and his comp or maybe from a host family.  Either that or it's the Elder's last night before he has to go back to Utah and they may never see each other again in the morning when they both wake up hard in their garments.

I met these guys on tumblr. and they are very open about their enjoyment of their one-piece Corban (nylon tricot) garments.  Looks like one of them is trying to visit the other inside his garment.  He would have no trouble getting off inside of it because those 2 layers of silky nylon over his entrance opening are sliding layers of nylon.  Just waiting for an errant cock to come by and try and enter before the sliding action begins and the intruder is forced to shoot his entire load inside the garment.  For a more traditional entry point, the entire lower backside opens up with direct access to the lower regions of pleasure.

Another angle of the visitation experience.  The guy on the left prefers the one-piece while the guy on the right with the 2 piece corban sometimes wears a one-piece, too.  It would be very possible for both of them to unload in the same crotch.

Never run into a guy wearing nothing but 100% nylon tricot green silkies in the woods before but I'm sure he wouldn't mind a "silky pop" as he's definitely in semi-mode.

Something really rare here--the nylon tricot tank top.  These used to be as common as the nylon shorts they are wearing.  They were available both in athletic wear as well as in the nylon tricot underwear department of your local department store.  You can see that they have discovered what happens when their bodies start sliding against each other.  Even though the changes aren't as apparent when the shorts start frotting and grinding against each other, the sliding action of their upper bodies still feels incredible.  As a friend has described it, "Dry lube!"

Nice of you to want to show us your "ass-ets" but this is a nylon tricot blog and we will just have you stay in your silky shorts until we have drained your entire load into the shorts--and maybe one more than you thought you had in you.  In my younger days, I once unloaded 5 times but mainly because my BF was also wearing his nylon and knew what he was doing--thanks to extensive training by me!  This continued for 8 happy, nylon years until one night he said those prophetic words "I think you are more interested in my underwear than you are in me!"  What could I say?  It was true and had been for years.  Sadly his punishment was to wear (gasp!) NO underwear!  Hard to imagine the relationship went down from there (how low could it go?) and we eventually parted ways.  I still have the blue nylon suit he was wearing the day we met.  I had decided to meet him and show him what else could be done with that nylon suit and continued the training for many years after.  His loss.....

Whoa Big Boy!  I actually think he may have tried to slip into a pair of green silkies or Ranger Panties and at some point while traveling up those incredible legs, it simply exploded into nylon pieces!  It may be why he seems to be wearing some more industrial-strength nylon shorts.  I'm glad to see he didn't give up on the silky nylon part because I'll bet there is a cock inside them that deserves to be silked into  shooting a massive load into them.  I'd be willing to show him how...first one's always on me!  ha ha

I like it when they know we can see the head of their circumcised cock and are proud to show us.  Looks like he's been sliced and diced a couple of times, poor guy.  Well, being rewarded with a pair of nylon tricot green silkies and a body like that is a good thing to have.  Hope some of the other guys showed him what a silky pop is--or maybe he showed them?

One of the advantages of being a really big guy is that you have to wear really big Ranger Panties.  Really Big Ranger Panties give you a larger playground for your boys hanging around inside all that silky nylon tricot and also makes it easier for a buddy to help you out getting them off inside.  Your cock may be a little smaller than average, but that nylon will make it feel 10" longer when you blast your load into them.

This repeat is part of a series with these guys posted earlier on this blog.  I ran into this picture and had to post it again.  Yup, that's his buddies hand feeling his silky nylon tricot shorts.  He's looking for that full erection to jerk off and show the other guys what a silky pop is.  They're all wearing their silkies and waiting to learn the proper technique to insure a big load.  Normally any guy would flinch if someone came up behind him and put their full hand on their nylon shorts like that, but this guy is READY!.

It's hot enough just watching his big cock throbbing inside his nylon tricot shorts, but when he grabs the silky nylon and tugs it over his cock head like that, well, that should cause some reaction in your silkies or maybe you're on the wrong blog?  Moving that outer nylon over his cock trapped inside that inner panty feels so good.  You can see his veins right through his nylon but I'd rather see his big sperm load in the nylon instead.

Hey Mr. Rogers, I can see the head of your cock in your nylon tricot green silkies.  He looks so nice and friendly, I'd sure like to give him a hand.  Wish I could watch those silkies traveling up those long legs into place holding his manhood all nice and silky between his legs.  That always puts a smile on your face.

Another repeat, but I believe this one is from the very first Silkies March held in San Diego a few years ago.  These marches did a lot to promote and encourage the wearing of these once required military PT shorts.  Imagine being forced to pull down your white scratchy cotton briefs and slip into a pair of these silky nylon tricot shorts?  Yeah, must have been tragic when the military banned them for PT in favor of these scratchy, cotton-like (technically nylon) Supplex (Tactel) shorts.  These memorial silkies marches not only helped revive their use, but introduced them into a whole new generation that had never seen or felt nylon tricot before.  Not a big surprise they are a BIG success and still making a lot of money for the Soffee company--the original and still the best makers of nylon tricot shorts.

I haven't seen any guy wear these to the gym in many years, but when you look like this guy and like the feel of your nylon tricot on your private parts, who is going to argue with that?

He's what I call a "feeler".  All 10 of his finger are resting on hi silky nylon tricot shorts.  He can handle the silkiness without getting a hard-on which not all guys are able to do. 


You can always tell a first-time nylon tricot shorts wearer.  They can't believe how good they feel and always grab their crotches just like that while looking down.  Of course, this doesn't show you what happens when they can't believe how good that silky nylon feels and aren't prepared for the growing cock inside the silky inner panty.  Not a lot o places to hide it either.  If they have on a shirt, they can tuck it under their waistband.  That look on his know that he enjoyed his shorts and probably added many more pairs.  The more you play and experiment with nylon clothing and the interaction of the sliding layers--well, it's been happening for me since age 5 and I still enjoy experimenting!

This was a borderline "too small" picture.  Something about these guys wearing and all feeling their satin shorts but for some reason don't look too happy about it.  Their scratchy black and gray FOTL and Hanes boxer briefs are laying nearby as they were obviously forced to wear these silky shorts.  Hope they have something silky under them and can enjoy some sliding action, too.  Well, I hope they eventually enjoyed their silky experience.

This guy is a real shiny short wearer.  There were several of these guys on tumblr. (many selling on eBay).  Many Euros--especially Germans are into these shiny shorts.  That's great until I see their cotton CK boxer briefs sticking out above them.  What's the point?  I guess because they are all uncut so their cocks don't really know if they are inside sandpaper or inside silkiness.  The REAL shiny shorts guys (and probably have exposed cock heads) will wear "silk shorts" which are actually polyester but who cares when they're that silky?  Most of them even know to wear 2 pairs of their silk boxers under a pair of shiny shorts--you know they have happy cocks!  Silky on the outside and silky on the inside!  Truthfully, shiny shorts (again,  most are polyester and not nylon) feel nice, but aren't actually silky as in sliding or "useable" to get off in.  Experiment!

Probably would faint if I ever saw this on the street somewhere.  I guess maybe there might be some neighborhood basketball game with a couple of guys from the "hood" wearing something like this (probably not matching), but now,  shorts only if that.  Another thing I can tell you for sure, if you were to wear this for, say, Halloween, you would think there was a sign on your back that said "Please feel free to feel my silky, shiny outfit" because people do that!  I've had it happen with far less obvious silky outfits, but this was is SO inviting.  Of course with covid, maybe you don't want strangers rubbing their hands over your silky body--with or without a mask.

Not sure if these are technically shiny shorts or satin shorts, but who wouldn't want to slide their hand down this silky looking ass?  Again, not knowing what he's got on under, he may not reap any particular benefits other than feeling a hand on his ass.  If he had on something compatible under the shorts, he'd enjoy it more with sliding particularly when your hand moved around to the front to begin feeling his growing manhood and eventual ejaculation into all that silkiness.

Finally, THE BEGINNING at last! (these loaded in reverse order)  Already forgotten what I was going to say....  Maybe that I really like these shorts (I have some) and that it's a good Fall color even if we don't have fall here where I live.  I like it when guys who say they are into something actually are--like wearing more shiny, silky on top, or seeing they have on some sort of silky, sliding underwear on under their shiny shorts or actually feel what they are wearing.  Nothing worse than watching a video of some guy sliding something silky up and down his shaft and you can tell he's getting ready to blow and then he takes it out and just shoots his load all over...nothing.  WHAT?  How can you do that to your cock that was doing so well when you were silking it and getting ready to fill the nylon and you rip it out from the silkiness with your bare hand and force it to blow naked?  Well, there are probably only a few people who agree with me.  I mean I don't mind seeing a guy wailing away on his boner and shoot a money shot across the room,when I'm not expecting anything else.

Ok, I guess you could say that I'm "running on empty" without tumblr., but after 11 years next month, somehow life will go on with or without it.