Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Quick Nylon Tricot Grab

Wasn't expecting to have any time this month for any more blog posts, but just to show my dedication (and horniness) here are a few more pics.  I only ran a few of them through photoshop to crop, enlarge, and color correct, but they are mostly all wearing nylon tricot except for a few lycra wearing wrestlers who can get a special dispensation from me since their coach made them wear the lycra singlet in the first place.  Love this time of year when the humidity and temperatures fall a bit and allow for more nylon tricot wearing.  I doubt anyone at the dog park even noticed I had on a nylon tank under my nylon t-shirt and wearing nylon tricot briefs under my super sliding A&F shorts.

So what are the odds of a nylon tricot green silkies wearing father loaning his son a pair and taking his picture?  Ok, just jealous because when I was that kid's age, my father was beating the nylon out of me for wearing my sister's nylon tricot panties instead of my required white cotton briefs.  If he only knew he was permanently sealing my nylon tricot fetish for life.  Sometimes I wonder if I had been given my own nylon underwear drawer at age 5 and allowed to wear whatever I wanted if I would've lost interest?  Yeah, dumb question.  Who loses interest in nylon tricot?  Certainly not these guys who profess their love for it everyday on their Facebook page with over 40,000 likes!

This is supposedly the guy who runs the Facebook green silkies page.  He keeps getting accused of being too gay and then feels obligated to post some pictures of women wearing them but they get more support from the guys who wear them mainly from other guys.
Just a break for a super silky looking nylon tricot Aussiebum Portsea suit.  This one looked extra silky and that yellow front will help hide the DNA stains I would be pumping into this suit after I emptied this guys cock into them first.  Multiple male DNA mixes very well in silky nylon tricot--it's a proven scientific fact that needs more research…..

These silkies looked particularly silky and just enough room to get him off in them easily.  He doesn't have very good form for his golf swing, but he has a particularly good form in those green silkies…..

So what sort of caption goes here?  The suit actually looks like it's nylon and the main reason I can tell is because his cock also senses that it is and can hardly wait to get off in it.  Unfortunately, wet nylon doesn't feel silky and he will have to wait for it to dry before soaking it again with his sticky load.  Meanwhile his audience doesn't seem to be at all interested.

Would prefer seeing some nylon briefs under his lycra singlet than that jock, but at least he has the good sense to go exploring with his other hand…..

Too bad he isn't wearing nylon tricot shorts because that sheer tank would slide over them really well.  He technically might be wearing shorts made out of tactel or supplex nylon, but they might as well be cotton for how un-silky they are.

This seems to be mostly a German thing, but I think this is a better look than lycra tights on a guy.  If he meets another guy dressed similarly, they could both be sliding around until they pump their loads into them.

I don't know what it is about those Ohio Buckeyes, but there are more pictures of them in silky, sheer wrestling singlets on the net than any other team, I think.

I may have posted this or something similar before, but Paris nylon tricot underwear for men was some of the silkiest every made--only Munsingwear Tricolon rivaled it for silkiness made for men.  For some reason Paris marketed it to mostly African Americans as part of their "super fly" image.  Trust me, any cock of any color would appreciate that silky nylon tricot they're wearing.

So dude (more like dud), you obviously know about how good silky nylon feels, so what's up with those cotton briefs?  Are you punishing your cock or what?

Looking hot in his nylon tricot green silkies, for sure, but lets get that cotton shirt up a bit and be resting your fingers on that silky nylon--or are you afraid of the inevitable results and don't want to be embarrassed at the gym?

I know it might get boring wearing your nylon tricot green silkies around everyday for underwear but trying to create new looks and shapes with them for something different isn't really working.  So just let them fall the way nature intended and be happy that you know about wearing nylon and have the support of all the other marines smart enough to wear them 24/7.

Speaking of wearing nylon tricot 24/7, maybe not enough to convert for, but imagine a religion that requires you to wear their sacred underwear and gives you the option of them being silky nylon tricot.

Ok, what's wrong with this picture?  You like nylon well enough to wear those sheer black nylon socks, but you would rather sit on a cold, stainless steel table bareassed than wearing a couple of sliding layers of silky nylon tricot over your beautiful male parts?  Hint, in doing so, it will make it much easier to get between those legs and get you off inside them. 

I still buy the occasional nylon tricot or nylon acetate shirt off ebay.  It's nice when you can see the seller actually wearing it, but something tells me that the tank he is wearing under isn't nylon tricot.  I'm actually wearing a nylon tricot tank under a nylon t-shirt under a super silky shirt right now.  We are finally getting cooler temps and lower humidity--but still high enough to make the rest of the country jealous.

You average mostly lycra suited water polo team.  There are a few of the guys wearing 2 nylon or silky polyester suits like the one guy who is actually feeling his.

Looks like this jolly green giant is going to grow up to be big and tall…..

Friday, November 7, 2014

Men Wearing Some Silky Nylon Tricot

Getting into another busy period so it may be awhile again.  I know there are a few of you out there who like nylon tricot so please enjoy these photos….

Not sure if this was supposed to be a porn picture of someone just happened to take a really big picture of a guy wearing a double sliding nylon Ocean Champion suit?  The slightest movement of the outer nylon layer over the inner nylon layer would have slid over that cocked.  Plenty of room for him to get hard and slide those layers until he shoots.

File was so big it allowed for a close-up of just his suit.  I'm guessing this guy isn't cut or we would be seeing more of his cockhead.

I like the way he is grabbing his entire manhood through some silky nylon

Silky wearer carrying a silky wearer.  

Wish they had included all of them, but you can see these super silky nylon looking green silkies pretty good in this picture.  Each one of them took off his cotton boxer briefs and slipped into their little nylon tricot shorts.

This hot guy emailed me this picture of him in his daily pair of Vanity Fair nylon tricot panties that he wears under his work clothes each day.  He loves his nylon silky panties each day.  There is really no difference between his nylon panties and the nylon panty inside the green silkies on those guys above.  The main difference is this guy doesn't bother wearing scratchy cotton boxer briefs at all.

I did mention how much better 2 layers of silky nylon is than one and he sent this of him sliding the 2 layers of nylon over his cock--something that you can't resist doing when you have on 2 layers of silky nylon tricot.

Yeah, just keep those nylon shorts on until you both shoot your loads into them.

Imagine an entire team of guys wearing really silky nylon tricot suits with plenty of room to shoot in….here they are.

Just keep sliding that nylon covered ass up and down over that nylon covered cock and see what happens…..

Most of these shiny dazzle shorts are made out of a silky polyester…and your cock won't know or care when it explodes your man juice into them.

Another vintage nylon tricot suit with plenty of room to play and shoot in--looks like he might just need all of that room to do it, too.

Not sure why I've always found what they call "shadow stripe" nylon to hot, but I do.  Even hotter when there is a nice big stain up and center showing that he knows what to do inside these shorts.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Silky Nylon Tricot Military Shorts Part 2

Here's the slightly late 2nd half of the silkies I promised.  Really busy again so it may be awhile….

Don't forget to take advantage of the once a year chance to anonymously wear some nylon tricot out in public on Halloween.  Be it your green silkies, nylon panties, or your LDS nylon garments, enjoy yourself in nylon out in public--the way it should be all the time.

You see quite a few guys who like to air themselves out or is it just to show off their silky nylon tricot shorts?  His ranger panties seem to be what they always say:  if they fit go 2 sizes smaller.

Nice closeup of some well-filled silkies

The way you want to see some green silkies filled out.

Too bad we don't get to see more red silkies.

Not sure these are really silkies since there is no liner.  As you know, I like to see guys keep their male parts inside their silky nylon tricot, but this guy seems to be enjoying himself even if everyone else is ignoring him.

Looking good in his black nylon tricot ranger panties…..

Looks like nylon attracts…his nylon silkies sort of look like they are inside out or maybe he just wants to pretend he is wearing nylon tricot panties while he snuggles up against this guy's nylon sleeping bag.

Hard not to look good in his nylon tricot silkies

Downing a few beers before they start playing in their green silkies

Love their term "silky pop" for what this guy is about to do inside his silky shorts

Looks like the whole group is out enjoying their nylon tricot silkies..except for a couple

Looks like he got a little overheated and it shows

Possible repeat or maybe I've just been looking at this so long…..

Those shorts look extra silky so I'm sure he'll be putting it back where it belongs

Wish they'd make more statues like this.

…especially cotton boxer briefs that get sweaty and stay wet all day but their nylon silkies feel good all day and dry fast

Wearing a little glow belt over his nylon tricot shorts

The only thing that could have brought on this kiss is that he promised to give him the silkies he is wearing under his uniform later tonight

Like it when they're feeling their silky nylon tricot

All set for work wearing his silky nylon shorts