Thursday, August 25, 2016

Get Your Silkies On and Get Ready 'Cause This is It.....

All of these pictures (with the exception the giff) are from Facebook posted by military and ex-military pre-millennials who wore their nylon tricot green silkies for better and for worse for years until the military decided to go to the more cotton-like tactel / supplex shorts for PT.  A large number of the wearers were not ready to give them up since they had become part of their culture and wardrobe as well.  Although they were banned from wearing them for PT, they were too far ingrained to be banned outright.  The silky movement has continued with them still being worn as underwear and around the barracks--particularly when deployed in lands that regularly top 110 degrees each day.

Part of this almost playful commitment from these otherwise straight, pussy fucking dudes is their semi-worship of "The Silk" as they refer to this nylon tricot material.  Their naive, homoerotic openness is all the more engaging and endearing as they talk about and allude to all sorts of sexual references and enjoyment of wearing these green silkies or ranger panties--an obvious reference to their feminine counterpart.  All the more ironic is that green silkies / ranger panties only seem be part of the straight military culture and does not seem to be embraced by the gay faction at all.  Just a personal biased observation from someone who already had a nylon tricot fetish by age 5, gay men  seem to have a more traditional view of masculinity and prove it with hyper masculinity attachments to jock straps, cotton underwear, leather, and other gear male-related items and reject nylon tricot because of its feminine associations.  For those of you who are man enough to wear nylon tricot in any form, join these guys in their enjoyment and wearing of green silkies.

These are real guys who enjoy wearing their nylon silkies.  No one gave them a pair to wear for the photograph or took them back afterwards.  It's very rare for these guys to only own one pair.

A small picture of a big guy who has bought into the notion of wearing a pair of silkies that are 2 sizes too small.  Not a problem with that other than blood constriction and a possible lack of space in them to enjoy his ejaculation into them.

This is the prequel to a latter gift where he is bouncing his semi in and out of his silky shorts.

These guys are getting ready to  play in their silkies--you know what that always leads to, don't you?

You can read about Jeff and his extra large nylon tricot shorts on his Facebook posting in the next post.  Betting he could have a major party inside those silkies. 

Here's a good example of a Millennial in his cotton-like Supplex shorts on the left and possibly on the far right.  You can tell the others have been enjoying their nylon tricot shorts for some time and have the playful attitude that goes along with having been wearing them for awhile.

This is a screen grab from a cranky instructor but he seems to be wearing some sort of nylon pants and we could assume some nylon silkies under them.

Defending our country wearing his nylon tricot green silkies 24/7 in his pursuit of justice the American way.

Not quite sure what is going on here, but I'm not seeing his inner panty /liner / brief here or even much evidence of his manhood showing.

Well, it's a look but I'm mainly looking at his dickhead and the VPL of his inner brief and planning on how big a stain he's going to have when I ejaculate him into that nylon tricot......

These guys really like to show off their nylon silkies and the attitude that goes with it.

Nothing wrong with showing off the goods, but he's going to want to have a little more room to get off in.

Gotta love the honesty and their desire to have you know how much they enjoy wearing their nylon tricot shorts.
Great attitude and great silkies

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Wait Till You Read What They Say About Their Nylon Silkies.....

While they haven't posted many new pictures of themselves on Facebook wearing their beloved nylon tricot green silkies (in fact, I have never even seen them ever use the word "nylon" much less "tricot" in their descriptions), they do love to comment and profess their love and devotion to them.  They mention their boners, their balls, and even "twigs and berries" in describing their manhood in their silkies.  This is not great journalism or even good English, but it is amazing how these military and ex-military guys have such a love affair with these silky nylon shorts.  Yeah, there are a few haters, but for the most part, it's fairly over the top, pure, unadulterated love for the silk!  And we love them for it!  I have indicated the best comments I bothered to download instead of doing more important things--but I left hundreds more for you to look at on your own in the privacy of your own space with your own silkies on.....

On some level, they know this is homo-erotic but they love to talk about it in a way most straight guys wouldn't.  Of course most straight guys don't know what they are missing with these nylon tricot silkies.

And yes, there will be more new silkies pics...... 

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Marines Have Landed and They Are All Wearing Nylon Tricot GreenSilkies!

It's been awhile since the last green silkies post, but thanks to a fellow silkies fan, here are some new ones.  Truly, if you have seen one hot guy in nylon silkies, you have NOT seen them all!  I suppose for a lot of guys in these photos and a lot of guys looking at them, it's all about their bodies, or tats, or overdeveloped muscles, but for some of us, it's mostly about them wearing a pair of silky nylon tricot green silkies (or any other color they might prefer). 

Love to see their VPL through the outer short.  That's the part that holds up the goods and the part that gets the load pumped into them when they "pop" in their silkies.  This guy looks more capable of a "blast" than a "pop."

Sometimes a pair of silkies look extra silky....and this is one of those times

Kind of a strange placement of his hands and fingers on his nylon shorts.  Normally it's more about feeling that silky material and spread out.

Yeah, this guy would have had both hands free for feeling his silkies if I had been there to take his picture.  Of course if I had been there, he would have a very large sticky stain at the top of his shorts where he exploded into them and another spot slightly below his where I shot my load into his shorts as well.  After a short nap, we would be ready to fill up my silkies next.

"Yeah, what's your problem, MF?  You never seen a guy wearing nylon tricot with his dick head through 2 layers?"
(or something like that....)

Yeah, nice legs, blah, blah, blah, but possibly the best photo ever taken of an inner brief /liner / panty outline through a silkies outer short.

Sorry, sometimes it's not about accessorizing.....  It's about seeing your cut dickhead through your nylon green silkies.  Wonder if this is where Chanel got the idea?  Love the shoes.

Truly a man who likes the feel of nylon tricot and I could look up to.....

BIG men need BIG Ranger Panties to shoot their BIG loads into. BIG brains, not so much.   I'd sure make a few changes to their exercise routine.

Maybe if I could hear the music, but strangely, I find this non-erotic.  If you want to flop your dick, keep it inside your nylon and let's see the end result of all that flopping in a big, sticky load showing.  Also, if I find out you have cut your inner liner out of those shorts....well, let's just say your tank is going to empty for a very long time.

Anyone see any reason to not call these shorts green silkies or Ranger Panties if they aren't green?  Let's get a nylon t-shirt or tank on him and make sure it's tucked in.

Uncut guys don't always have to layer up the nylon to silk with, they just move their foreskin alone with the nylon or satin.  But if you let the nylon do the sliding for you, it will feel even better and you will see more results showing in the nylon at the end.  In this case, he's using more nylon satin looking Adidas shorts.  Feels good, but nylon tricot feels better.

Someone stole your green silkies while you were in the shower?  Well, that's what happens when you leave them unattended when I'm in the locker room.  The way you are stretching that UA prick hole with your monster dick shows you deserve another chance at nylon tricot happiness.  UA would be the logical company to re-introduce nylon tricot shorts, briefs, boxer briefs for men.  They would not only wick away moister, they will wick away your sperm, too.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Lifeguard Season Almost Over....Still Enjoying Their Summer Nylon Tricot

We don't have an end to our summer like you do on the mainland (or as some idiots say, "Back in the States"--like we aren't one).  We are having our lifeguard competitions this week in Waikiki, but not worth putting on sun screen for to see lifeguards wearing jammers, lycra Speedos or baggy surf shorts since the nylon tricot suits only seemed have survived on the East Coast.

These pictures came from an RV blog that a couple happened to come by in Rehoboth, DE. It must be some sort of strange tradition that I can't imagine makes any sense since it involves wearing scratchy, white cotton briefs under their surf shorts--either of which are not cock friendly and neither involve their usual silky nylon tricot suits.

The concept of wearing either baggy clothing down to your knees to go into the water is so strange since it dates back to Victorian times.  We saw Speedo type suits that were nylon and silky and comfortable for 20-25 years and then smashed in lycra took over.  What guy wants to walk around on the beach looking like a eunuch so the choice became to wear baggy shorts.  Wearing cotton in the water is only useful when doing a lifeguard rescue drill (I used to be one).  Wet clothes in the water are bad enough, but wearing wet cotton around after getting out of the water is even worse.  Cold, chafing, heavy, clammy, can't stand it.  Sadly Speedos became a big joke after they switched to lycra since 90% of guys shouldn't have been wearing them and they weren't able to be used for having sex like the nylon tricot suits were.

You know this has to be some kind of joke since none of these guys would even own or wear a pair white cotton briefs--let alone all of them being Hanes.  Since all of these guys have worn nylon tricot suits, it's hard for me to believe they would even wear any cotton underwear since they could always use the excuse of being called to rescue someone and would want to be ready.  Hey, I've used that excuse although the rescue could also apply to sperm cells needed to be evacuated quickly into the suit.

Then taking their cotton briefs off in the water and throwing them is really polluting the ocean and we need to save the whales.....

Love the ginger part and the nylon suit with the gold panel and his body, but that beard and hair aren't working for me

He could use a little more meat on that ass for my taste.  But I would taste what is there just the same!  There is nothing better than the smell of a nylon tricot suit worn all day--especially if it never gets wet.  It will smell and feel incredible and really easy to silk in.

Once upon a time, these suits were made so the outer suit slid over the inner one ("full circumferential supporter" as they used to say--"nylon panty" as I say).

They use these hose pieces for relay races and also for "beach flag" games where there is one less flag / hose than there are hunky guys diving for them.  Sort of like musical chairs wearing nothing but nylon tricot on your body.

All of these are the same guy, if you haven't noticed.  An amazing lack of DNA staining on that silky suit.

This is a better version detail of a picture that I thinks in the first section. Very rare to see that liner seam running down the front of his suit.  That ass covered in silky nylon is pretty amazing, too.  I would add a few new events to take advantage of them all wearing silky nylon suits if I was in charge.

You don't see many red nylon suits which is strange since they are lifeguards.
Add captionSad to deprive all that manhood any silky nylon tricot like they wear on the East Coast.  Sadly, they may not even know what they are missing and have possibly made it this far in life without wearing any much less shooting their load into some.  Anyone want to form a Forced Ejaculation Squad and take care of this sad situation?
Add captionI had to include a couple of California lifeguard competition pictures to show you the difference.  Absolutely NO nylon tricot in use anywhere, apparently they only hire castrated lifeguards and I'm not sure why a lifeguard would ever carry an umbrella since water and sun kind of go with the job.

If I had been a junior lifeguard, half of those suits would be missing (and under my mattress) before the session was over.

Probably the only place you could be surrounded by that many hunky guys all wearing 100% nylon tricot in the whole world.  I would totally volunteer to fit each one with 2 nylon suits so that they would always have a fresh one while their sperm dried in their other one.  Yeah, I know, not really necessary since nylon dries so fast.....

This was a really huge file and allowed for some better detailing.  Since those suits aren't in chlorine as much as they are sun, that's still a lot of fading going on.

It really is impossible to look unsexy wearing one of those silky nylon tricot suits.  On the other hand, it's very hard to look sexy in baggy shorts down to your knees--or with tits, for that matter.

Yeah, some of you guys are #1 with me.  Also means I could probably get each one off inside their nylon using only one finger to slide that nylon over their cocks.

Come on guys, keep those hands on that silky nylon.

Big nylon tricot suits in a big picture of big guys wearing them.  Yeah, big hard on, right now, too.