Friday, February 27, 2015

Google Reverses Porn Ban….So go have another happy ending.

I never really considered my blog to be porn, but I also never really cared what other people thought about it.  Unfortunately, if the Supreme Goggle determines it must go, it's gone.  They can also now "allow" it to live….whatever.  The larger issue is that you either get nylon tricot or you don't.  It's a little late to try for converts and even harder to sustain them with so little nylon tricot out there.  All this blog is trying to do is document and perpetuate what once was,  that some of us experienced, and even fewer continue to experience.

The inevitable result of enjoying nylon tricot to its ultimate conclusion is of a pleasurable and often sexual nature.  This raises it to the level of a fetish in that both the material and most items made of it can cause sexual excitement beyond that of the obvious use of physical stimulation.  Hmmmm, when I put it that way, it doesn't sound very pornographic.

For those 138 of you who care enough to follow, yes, there will be more men in nylon on view here!  I suspect the majority of you may either not know, care, or might even misunderstand what nylon tricot is, but you still enjoy the pictures and that works for me, too.  Yes, I'm jealous of the blogs with 3,000 and 5,000 or 10,000 followers, but really, I'm catering to a select group of people who have had some experience or pleasure from nylon tricot on their male parts so thanks for viewing--getting close to that 1,000,000th view!  I should come up with a pretty good prize for the winner….I guess it probably should involve some nylon tricot, yeah?

So in case you thought you weren't going to see any more cocks ejaculating into their silky nylon tricot covering, please thank Google for allowing me to continue……or maybe not,

He said in his post, "These beauties are 12 years old and still fit like a glove"  Looks like he still enjoys feeling the nylon, too.

The photo is from 1966 which means that huge cut cock head is enjoying the 2 layers of nylon tricot.  This suit could still be around today and making another (or even this) cock have a happy ending.

When they used the cotton brief model for nylon tricot, about the only thing that worked was the 2 layers of nylon that slid in the center between fly openings.  At least their cotton brief form made them "legitimate" for men to wear.  I never understood why when cotton briefs were under $1.oo that nylon had to cost more than double.  Of course the pleasure factor of wearing nylon tricot over cotton was at least triple so it all worked out in the end--or more specifically, the center near the top by the waistband.

More men's nylon tricot briefs.

What happens when 2 guys are both wearing silky nylon shorts….at least on this blog.

Yeah, it is possible to get off inside nylon / lycra but you can he sure that nylon tricot was involved

Not sure why Jockey made their nylon tank tops out of this ribbed nylon.  Their briefs were good as were there 100% nylon tricot t-shirts, but this ribbed nylon does slide over the nylon briefs, but not on itself.  I think that really early men's nylon briefs were made out of this ribbed nylon--just not sure what the point was.

Nice to see nylon tricot on 18 or over high school guys

This is one of those WTF photos but the only important thing is that this guy is wearing a 100% nylon tricot Speedo (or similar) for underwear even though something much more interesting seems to be going on somewhere else in the room.

Yeah, I'm sure this photo of guys wearing nylon shorts for underwear and needing to feel them is legitimate, right?

Ok guys, get back in the box under the tree and wait…..

Probably not nylon tricot but that strange early stretch nylon they came out with, but the bulge in them would be the same in either.  Well, maybe a little larger in nylon tricot

I wasn't sure if this would animate or not, but this guy really knows how to work his nylon shorts to full advantage.  They are obviously those 2 layer kind where they slide over each other.  LikeI always say, "let the nylon do the work" and I'll bet he filled his fuller and faster than the guy who can only grab at his cotton covered cock.

If these are the double nylon or polyester kind with the 2 layers sliding, he would totally be able to shoot inside them.  What would be better is if his partner was also wearing some nylon, too.

Looks like his silky nylon speedo is bleaching out a bit but it's still a wearable, silky suit.  If it had been a lycra suit, it would have been in the trash weeks before and another $30 spent on behalf of Speedo.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Can 920,000 Page Views Be Wrong? Neither Can Mormons in Nylon Garments…..

Thanks for those of you who have expressed your appreciation for my blog over the years.  I think you are less than 1% of the almost million viewers who have looked at it over the years.  I think shutting this down is a sad loss for the history (and enjoyment) of men wearing nylon from its inception in 1939 to the present--however dwindling that actually is.  I would much rather move it all to Tumblr. which seems to have a much more liberal view.  For those of you who have seen "Avenue Q", you know what the real purpose of the internet is…..  At least mine has some historical significance.
One reader has written in:
damn! Sorry to hear that. I had planned to take up the charge and start posting my vast collection of hotties in nylon speedos, silkies, and the like. Guess I'll be looking for a place to post. Nylon cannot go away like that again ..... I have my stuff from 35 years ago and frequently use it to jack off into. Almost better than sex :) 

What you you mean "almost better"?  If you use nylon tricot for and with sex, it does make it better!  Thanks for your support.

Another reason that I would like to move it someplace where it is more "appreciated" is that I spent much of my life "apologizing" for my nylon fetish or needing to explain or feel like there was something wrong with me.  
Yeah, there IS something wrong….. with YOU if you don't get it!  I'm about to enter into another big career change (upward, thankfully) that is going to make my limited time even more so.  Is there some easy way to transfer 270 blog postings to Tumblr?

In the meantime, here is a censored, PG-18 post on LDS garments.  Even though the mesh is made out of nylon, it's not particularly silky but would scrub the baked on lasagna off your favorite pot….  The lycra is pretty much "girdle" strength more than something sensual and I've unfortunately ever seen the "DriSilque" (please!).

Never really understood why they felt they had to rename Nylon Tricot as "Corban" and then refer to it as nylon anyway?  I suspect it is to make it more "masculine" so guys can talk about how good their Corban feels and how much they like it because they would be too embarrassed to say "nylon."  One condition I don't always follow is to always wear any additional underwear OVER your garment.  Much better feeling to wear any additional nylon tricot underwear underneath it since the garment nylon is SO silky and having your body covered by a one piece "onesie" is amazing.  It does make things a little more complicated when going to the bathroom, however…..    I do love the way they say that is almost "frictionless under your clothing."  I think that is in reference to how silky it feels sliding around under your clothing--and if you wear 2 garments at once, well, you well REALLY feel a lot of "frictionless" moving under your clothing!

I guess if you are going to require your followers to wear your underwear 24/7 as part of their religious beliefs, you might as well offer a wide choice of fabric--although why anyone would want anything other than Corban / Nylon is beyond me.

I love the way it says to pull it away from your body and see how quickly it becomes comfortable again….duh.  You should feel how much better it feels when you shoot your load into the double nylon tricot crotch area!  I just finished a job where one of the workers had NO problem showing off his mesh garments every day.  He would lift up his t-shirt and reveal his mesh garment top and every time he bent over would flash half of his nylon mesh covered ass.  It was really hot to walk by him for a daily shot of his nylon mesh garments.  I would happily have posed with him for the last picture on this posting…..

Most guys are more careful than to let their nylon show below their shorts--but it happens.  Even catching just a little view or even seeing the seam outline through their shorts of pants is a turn on.

This cutie had pulled off his nylon shorts he'd had on over his nylon two piece garment.  Of course, here we go again with a guy taking out his dick instead of letting the silky nylon he is wearing do the work for him…..    What work?

This photograph is only to display the difference between the nylon mesh garment fabric on the left and the silky nylon tricot Corban onesie garment fabric and is not intended to cause any form of sexual arousal or prurient interest in the viewer.

Monday, February 23, 2015

The End of My Blog Next Month

Got a notice from google that they will be terminating all sexually explicit blogs next month.  There is some way I can download everything and store it (probably on google for money), but I don't know that it's worth my time to do it.  Truthfully, I have spent way too much time looking for what I have posted--bordering on addiction or obsession and that concerns me.  I don't think it's worth my time to go back and delete anything that I might think google would find "sexually explicit."  So in spite of whatever value I might place on "The largest collection on the internet,"   it looks like the last repository of nylon tricot is about to fade away just like nylon has…..    Download while you can!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Vintage Ocean Champion and Other Early 100% Nylon Suits

Once in awhile I come across photos of something that is a personal favorite of mine and for others…not so much.  Big, oversized suits, not much bulge, no lycra contamination, and no personal knowledge by the detractors, this is a case of you really don't know what you are missing.  One thing is for sure, some of these suits are 40-60 years old, but have survived and can still get you off faster than 2 squirts of Lube ever could.  Oversized suits mean plenty of room to slide the nylon over your fully erect cock, not a lot of bulge because of the "free-floating" inner nylon liner that is sliding around under the outer suit, some of the best and silkiest nylon ever made, and the good ones haven't been made in about 40 years.  Dolfin and Ocean Champion may still be in business, but the suits they make today do not have the nylon quality or sewn so the 2 suits slide over each other.

Virtually everyone of these guys had a pair of white cotton briefs hanging in their locker, was given a suit (or more when they "lost" theirs). and may or may not have been aware that there was little difference between wearing 2 nylon tricot panties and their double nylon suits at that time.  The irony of which is not lost on me for having been beaten when caught wearing 2 (ok, 5) pairs of my sister's nylon tricot panties when only a few blocks away the swim coach was handing out double nylon suits to other guys older than me.  Here they are, proudly displaying their manhood in 2 silky layers of nylon tricot.  As I've said before, these suits did not always stay in their lockers over the weekend or got turned in at the end of the season.  Some of them are still being worn and sliding on my cock today!

You can see the inner liner outline easily on the suit on the guy on the left.  A little hard to tell the color of these suits in black and white, but I would guess they are probably red or possibly royal blue.

Besides swim teams, Red Cross lifesaving classes also wore these nylon suits.  Most of these don't appear to be the thicker waistband that denotes the Ocean Champion or Dolfin brands.  Adolph Kiefer also made a suit with an inner liner but sadly, they were sewn so the nylon didn't slide under the outer suit.  I think the coach and the guy in back touching his suit (of course!) are wearing O.C.

Demonstrating one of the holds used to bring swimmers ashore.  Too bad the big brute doing the holding isn't wearing one of these suits.

One of the clearest views of the inner suit on this guy, but it's probably an Adolph Kiefer suit because of the thinner waistband and therefore his double nylon covered bulge isn't getting to enjoy the sliding action.  Remember, this is all pre-Speedo time in the USA although they were being worn in Australia and New Zealand.

Guys weren't as modest as they are now.  I always tell people that because we had naked swimming classes, wearing a Speedo WAS being modest!  Maybe the guys had taken their silky suits home for extra curricular activity and had forgotten them or maybe they are so used to wearing them for underwear, they have them on under their cotton shorts?

Not sure if there were ever 4 cuter guys deserving of a hand just gently moving over the front of their suits to start that nylon sliding.  A little more pressure and a little faster nylon sliding and those suits would be soaking wet from the inside out.  It would be hard to imagine that each one of them never tried it.

I think I may have posted a few of these before, but sometimes you will see a few guys who hung on to the older double nylon suits when the more modern "speed suits" and Speedos came in during the early to mid 60-s.  Still with excellent silky nylon tricot, they only had a single panel in front (which almost never was installed so it slid against the outer suit).  It was (still is!) possible to simply lay this suit on your cock and feel the nylon slide as the panel rubs against the back of the suit.  Using 2 suits (one inside the other) you will still have the liner sliding against the back of the first suit, but also the back of the inner suit will slide against the outer suit as well.  You can also just place a nylon tricot panty from this period over the suit and have instant sliding front and back.

Add caption

You can always tell the first generation of nylon Speedo suits because they had a cloth logo sewn on the right side.

Nice to know he got to enjoy a silky nylon tricot Speedo when he was young.

Here is the 1960 Air Force Water Polo Team in all their nylon tricot silkiness.  If you look at the waistbands, you can see that a couple of them have on O.C. or Dolfin double nylon suits.  You can also see the huge head on the one guy and his cloth Speedo logo on the far right.

A little closer view.  Each one of those silky nylon tricot suits would have made any cock a very happy one while sliding up and down their shafts.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

More Nylon Photos--Fewer Nylon Words…..

A few worthwhile repeats but not finding that many new, great nylon tricot photos out there in cyber nylon land….

A vintage photo of a guy wearing stretch nylon briefs.  I've never actually seen a pair of these, but other than being thinner and clingier than the white cotton briefs worn at this time, they are not silky  feeling at all and would be difficult to get off in.  What I did like is that his cock is down inside the unusually small double nylon crotch and if these had been 100% nylon tricot, he would have a much happier cock.

Ever wonder what goes on down inside that inner panty liner on a pair of USMC nylon tricot green silkies?  Our roving reporter asks this big head cut cock how he feels about his owner preferring these shorts over conventional, boring cotton boxer briefs worn by 99% of men out there……  "I love how good this silky nylon tricot feels but I wish they would make them with my brief reversed so it would slide around under the outer shorts."  Yes, we agree with you on that.  I don't think I've ever found a pair of Soffee green silkies where the inner brief rubbed against the outer shorts. Other brands did it that way sometimes.  Also, just not into the shaved look--trim is ok, but it either reminds me of a plucked chicken or a pre-pubesent boy and neither turns me on.

This photo really turned me on….The thought that the City would go out and buy these obviously Ocean Champion nylon suits and force their lifeguards to wear them 8-10 hours a day (only before they decided to wear them 24 hours a day) is so hot.  Then to say the Beach Supervisor will also wear the new suit (because why should the lifeguards have all the fun?) is amazing.  Those new suits when first put on would be sliding over their dickheads with the slightest movement.  Just sitting in them all day would mean that every time they had to adjust anything, they would notice how silky the nylon was and how it rubbed together.  They could easily just slide those 2 layers up and down and ejaculate into their suits so easily it would be hard to imagine them not doing it.  The guy who posted the picture (who unfortunately no longer looks like the guy on the right) said that it must have been a slow news day.  The big question is, did he keep his suit?  I guarantee you that the nylon would still slide today and get him off.  Maybe it is….

Do I have a good eye or what?  Spotted this tiny portion of a nylon tricot panty under this guy's thick, scratchy, boring cotton briefs.  Well, at least he got something right.

Repeat of a hot photo….

Repeat of another hot photo.

Selfie in Silky--sorry, not much out there in nylonland these days.

The silkies Facebook page is selling some "custom" nylon silkies (as opposed to "customized").  Like I've said, they have really backed off posting sexy pictures of guys wearing them.  Maybe Facebook was threatening them.  I know they did ask for everyone's email in case that happened.  Of course I was happy to give them my meninnylon g-mail account.

Not a huge fan of pantyhose, but maybe someone could persuade me?  Probably wouldn't take much especially if the guy was wearing something nylon tricot under them.

I think a repeat, but besides the warning label above, here is another example of a straight guy who could not part with his beloved nylon tricot green silkies after leaving the USMC and return to his required scratchy cotton boxer briefs to be a man.

There is a weigh-in site that has guys wearing more kinds of underwear than I've seen anywhere else.  Here's a guy who wasn't afraid to show up in his nylon tricot underwear--only because they were issued to him by the USMC since no guy would wear nylon tricot in public that wasn't.  Too bad.
There has to be more Buckeyes bulges out there than any other team.  All that bulge even with his underwear on underneath.  Something really is up with them…..

I think maybe he is just checking his own oil here…or is that the crankshaft?

I think I'm just pandering to the wrestling / bulge guys out there since this suit looks like some sort of thick, double-knit more suitable for car upholstery than sex / ejaculation.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Nylon Nostalgia….Living in the Past, Living with Nylon

Sounds a little bit like a PhD thesis title.  As those of you who actually read my ramblings know on this only nylon outlet that I have, I think too much.  Not just about nylon, but probably too much in general.  It occurred to me the other day that almost all of my good thoughts and observations about nylon are mostly from the past.  I think I saw a marine actually wearing a pair of green silkies about 8 years ago near the base in Kaneohe.  I saw a guy wearing a "Spank" nylon suit at the Sheraton pool one day a couple of years ago.  Truthfully, I don't think I could even get a decent hard-on thinking about any actual nylon encounters I've had from the past decade.  The nylon just isn't out there on the market for the average guy to stumble across and buy even accidentally and those of us who still wear and collect it all seem to live just far enough apart to keep us from getting together.  And let's face it, we probably don't exactly look like we did 30 years ago when nylon was still hanging in there and certainly not as we did 40 years ago when it was in its prime and plentiful.  I'd like to think that looks would be secondary to the guy actually wearing the nylon tricot, but then, since it hasn't happened--kind of hard to say.  Maybe if the room was dark enough and the nylon silky enough…….?  ha ha

Another observation I've had is the actual use of nylon tricot for sex.  Something I totally don't understand is how guys can call a video "Speedo sex" or even better "nylon sex" or even better "nylon tricot sex" and within the first minute they have taken their cock out of whatever sort of nylon (or even nylon/lycra) gear they are wearing (Speedo, briefs, panty, shorts, whatever…) and then just use their hand like the nylon isn't even there and shoot their load.  WTF guys….how is that nylon anything?  From someone like me who has been sliding nylon tricot on his dick since I was 5 years old, how could anything else possibly feel any better?  Certainly not a dry hand on a dry cock while ignoring a silky 100% nylon Speedo or a few pairs of sliding panties.  Probably the best nylon vids on X-tube are by nylonclad guy:
At least he understands the multiple layers sliding aspect and ultimately enjoying shooting his load into them.  Even he posts a couple where he just uses his hand, but I'm guessing he was just attempting to appeal to the wider audience.

I couldn't get this picture to move to the bottom with the other wrestling photos, but he doesn't look like he's trying verity hard to keep blondie from "checking his oil" as they refer to it in wrestling.
As I've said many times, there are some silky things out there like some of the polyester shorts with liners (Nike seems to make quite a few) that slide over your cock, but it's almost like an afterthought.  Back when the model for men's nylon briefs was the standard white cotton brief (only made out of nylon tricot), the 2 layers in front always slid together and made shooting your load (or someone else's) relatively easy.  Nothing was ever silkier or easier than the double layered Ocean Champion and many early Dolfin suits with the inner liner that slid around under the slightly larger outer layer.  What were they thinking giving those silky nylon suits to boys barely done with puberty and longing to get into their girlfriends' white nylon tricot panties when they were actually wearing the equivalent of 2 pairs themselves?  I know for a fact that most of those suits did not spend the weekends in the swim team locker rooms but went home and got worn and sticky under their pajama bottoms.
So many guys today don't even know what nylon tricot is, how to use it when they do find it or even what to look for.  Well, I guess that's enough nylon nostalgia for one night.  Here are some photos that give a little visibility to what tonight's sermon has been about…..

Not every suit back then was an Ocean Champion double nylon.  You can see the inner front panel of the guy feeling his nylon suit just outside the double (non-sliding) portion of his suit.  The middle guy definitely has on a nylon tricot suit that would have allowed the easiest and fastest orgasm of his life with very little effort on his or his buddies part.

Not only were these double sliding nylon suits incredibly silky, but there was plenty of room for even the largest adolescent cock to be covered by those 2 moving layers until they were filled with their "white stuff" as some guys called it back then.

Not every team or every member wore these double nylon suits.  They came out in the mid-50's and were already passé by the mid-60's, but still around and used by classes.  It's almost like they purposely started reversing the nylon on the inner suit so they would no longer slide and have remained so ever since.  Maybe they got too many complaints that their suits kept disappearing?  I know I had discovered them by age 14 and even through we had naked swimming classes, several of them disappeared when I was around…..

While it may have been more "legitimate" for men to wear 100% nylon tricot MEN's briefs that looked like cotton briefs, the reality was that some brands (like these Sear's brand) were ill-fitting, strangely shaped and cut too low.  The only sliding portion of these briefs was the area around the totally useless fly opening and the crotch which barely covered your balls.

The best fitting, one of the best nylon tricot fabrics (Munsingwear "tri-colon" was the best), and by far the longest maker of nylon tricot briefs was Jockey.  While you may have sometimes gotten a jockey pouch that has its 2 layers of nylon slide, it didn't do you much good when your cock got hard and grew out of it.  The single center seam wasn't too bad and it was possible to jerk a guy off in them even though there was just one single layer of nylon over his cock.  They were really good for rubbing your cock together with another guy--sliding it back and forth and feeling that silky nylon on both of your cocks.  They were also cut full enough so your cock could be mostly erect when ejaculating rather than off on the side or stuck under the waistband.

There were many other brands of nylon suits being made but very few of them had the double sliding nylon suits.  In any case, the nylon used was really incredible and super silky.

I kind of wonder about the green silkies Facebook page.  Maybe they were getting worried that they were too gay or were getting some feedback from all those straight marines who still love to wear them as underwear but didn't want the whole world to know about it.  Very few guys posting pictures of them wearing them and, worse yet, more female photos showing up.

The only recent silky throwback in the past decade has been 100% nylon tricot Aussiebums.  Unfortunately these have also been ruined by adding 12-20% lycra or spandex so no more silkiness.

This guy has more green (and red, and blue, and black) silkies pictures of himself on the silkies Facebook page than anyone.  Not a complaint, just an observation.

I swear, the bigger the butt, the more silky nylon shorts they like to stuff up them.

I guess they got the idea from the lifeguards who had some flimsy excuse about doing this to avoid chafing.  Yeah, whatever…..

Even though satin is not nylon tricot, it's a sexy first cousin and deserves some honorable mention here.  It's not going to get much recognition anywhere else.  I could so totally eat that entire gold covered satin ass and everything my tongue could find inside of it.

Does anyone not know these are ice blue 100% nylon tricot Aussiebums?  

All these Brits with their nylon shorts fetishes.  Again, another first cousin to nylon tricot and there are so many of them that are into them.  God save the Queen and her nylon wearing subjects.
Is this just a coincidence it's San Francisco State or what?  Not to confuse you all since he is wearing lycra and not nylon, but in these days of no nylon sitings, I have to admit to straying…..  We can hope that his briefs are 100% nylon tricot and if they are, that lycra singlet would slide all over them.

Have to make sure your lycra doesn't get too clingy and this is one way to do it.

When they first came out with the double panel compression shorts, the 2 layers of lycra were very silky and slid over each other.  As long as they weren't too "compressing", they would slide enough to get off into.  Can't see for sure, but maybe the guy in white who is having his cock crushed might be feeling some sliding action?  The guy in yellow should have no trouble getting off if the guy in white ever recovers from the workout he's currently getting.