Wednesday, March 21, 2018

No Lecture Today (Spring Break) just enjoy these lucky guys wearing their silky nylon tricot

Wow, 2 big nylon therapy sessions in a row and way more fun than paying some disinterested shrink to listen to  my nylon babble while sitting there in his cotton boxer briefs totally clueless and bored with what I'm talking about.  I've got a couple more rants that still want to get expressed to my very limited viewing audience (unlike the blogs that have 40,000 members) but also dozens of new pics of guys in nylon--mostly green silkies which seem to be the only consistent ones posted thanks to so many memorial walks and guys finally coming about how much they are in love with their nylon tricot green silkies and ranger panties--who wouldn't be?

I hope you all took advantage of yet another holiday theme to wear some nylon tricot out in public?  I was really surprised at my response.  Went to a straight (I need more gay friends) "Wearin' o' the green" party on Saturday.  Of course I would be wearing green nylon tricot (outer Paris nylon t-shirt and inner green Hind tank).  Wearing sliding nylon tricot to a straight party based on drinking Irish whiskey was a GREAT idea!  One guy, in particular, took every chance he got when I was within 2 feet of him (which I greatly encouraged) to just keep sliding my nylon.  I really wish I'd worn 2 nylon t-shirts since when his hands would get to my shoulders with only the straps from the tank underneath, there was less sliding to do--and he really liked his sliding my silky nylon.  Kind of like it was almost expected of him to do it.  I have noticed than when I'd wear a shirt that maybe didn't look nylon and a guy would hug me (we hug a lot in Hawaii), they always would slide my shirt up and down my back.  Once in awhile a guy would say "silky!" (duh) or some other comment.  Anyway, I sure got felt up a lot that night!

He really shouldn't be in such a bad mood while having just slept in his silky nylon shorts and about to wear them all day for underwear beneath his uniform.  I've never seen this color before.  Nylon doesn't bleach well, but has anyone ever seen green silkies this color before?  I kind of like them.  Maybe only sold in Qatar to feral fucks?

Ever wonder why those cute Mormon missionaries have such a big smile?  In this case, 2 smiles?  (the other being what they call the "celestial smile" or the scoop neck of his garment visible under his white shirt--it's sort of a Mormon recognition thing like "I'm 1 R U?"

Well, not all celestial smiles are created equal (some can me mesh, cotton or polycotton).  However on this blog, they are all either nylon tricot / corban separates or preferably a onesie as seen here under his jeans.

Already visible is his double nylon sliding crotch which will hold enough of most hard cocks to get you off faster than you might even like to be gotten off.  Then, that's it.  Your load stays in them to dry again for another round later or you exchange your garment with your partner who you have just gotten off as well.  Would could be sexier or gayer or more pleasurable.  Sadly exmo's ditch the garments first thing when there is a whole. big world out there who would greatly appreciate wearing them and taking advantage of this amazing property of the nylon onesie.  The label may say "for endowed members only" but it doesn't say how well-endowed you have to be so I think that means all males.

Really hard to keep your hands off this nylon and can't imagine how 2 closeted missionaries could possibly resist if they both happened to wear them.  Unfortunately, the younger guys prefer to wear the more "normal" cotton separate garments which are not terribly unlike a t-shirt and boxer briefs--what's the point of going to Mormon Heaven if you're wearing cotton?

Here is an example of what happens when you wake up hard or when you just want to get off.  Thee are 2 layers of silky nylon tricot waiting for you 24/7 placed right over your cock and waiting to get you off.  Sometimes they can start to get you off when you aren't always ready for it by moving over your conveniently placed cock head sliding under the nylon layers.  More than 1 load has been lost in a restroom stall.  The nylon will contain your load, dry it quickly, and be ready for another session whenever you like.

Unlike the separate 2 piece garments that use a piece of cotton to prevent your sexual pleasure, they make up for it with the one piece by having 2 complete layers that slide over your manhood.  With the trap door behind, they never need to be removed for any reason.  Showering or bathing in them saves on laundry and you are always ready for nylon sex day or night.  Do I need to even tell you what wearing 2 one piece garments would do to you?  I can't imagine flying anywhere without 2 of them on--ideally with at least one of them being new.  Putting your hand into that plastic bag and feeling a brand new nylon garment is unbelievable!  In fact, the plastic bag is already sliding over the silky nylon inside.  The Church may not have gotten everything "right" but they sure got the one piece nylon tricot garment down.

Not in the mood for wearing that much nylon (what's wrong with you??), wearing a simple nylon brief can accomplish the same, inevitable effect.  Wearing 2 will accomplish it even faster.....   Nothing to get in the way--just hard cock and silky nylon.  Too bad they stopped with allowing your manhood to rest in a double nylon crotch, but the cotton is easily removable.  Someone want to open a nylon crotch replacement service?

Speaking of sliding nylon, not too many people will recognize these gold Truwest nylon suits.  ANY form of ANY nylon worn or placed over one of these suits will practically take off on their own.  He is wearing 2 of them....get the picture?  However, nylon does have to be dry to really silk well so you might have to talk to him for a bit before getting him off in them.

Since straight men first created silky lingerie for their women to wear as a turn on for themselves, why not just cut to the chase and wear some yourself?  In this case, both men wearing some silky nylon tricot and knowing what to do with it makes perfect sense to me.

Not able to wear a nylon panty and slip combo at work, no problem.  The only difference between these green silkies and the former is that Soffee  makes the inner liner (aka panty) installation backwards so that the nylon doesn't slide under the outer shorts.  You can only imagine what would happen if thousands of marines were forced to wear sliding nylon tricot under their BDU's all day.  We'd never win another war again.....  The outcast on the left is wearing what replaced the nylon tricot silky as the official PT shorts for the military.  Technically made out of "nylon" they are  a "tactel" or "Supplex" brand form that is much more like cotton.  Ironically Jockey also makes panties out of this material while making much silkier microfiber for men.

While 2 (or more) layers of nylon tricot are best, sometimes a guy just has to take what's available and fill up whatever he's got on.  Nice to have someone else help--or he could just be waiting to wear that load home himself.

Once upon a time in the 80's, Hind made these nylon tricot shorts.  They came in many colors and resembled other nylon shorts of the time.  They had a thinner waistband and had a draw string so they could be worn for swimming or running--if you even needed an excuse other to wear them to bed and/or underwear.  The difference with these Hind suits is that ALL slid over the inner liner / panty inside--REALLY well!  Imagine a lifeguard sitting around in this sliding combination all day--in case you didn't know, this makes nylon tricot even silkier.  Then imagine them also wearing a nylon tricot Speedo under the suit, too.  In this case you would have the inner liner sliding over the front and back of the speedo as well as the shorts sliding over the liner.  3 sliding layers mean practically any movement less than breathing means your ass and cock are feeling sliding nylon all day.  Arriving home with all this slidable nylon must have resulted in hundreds of gallons of sperm being pumped into these layers nightly all over the world--at least in my world.   My favorite yellow pair from, where else, the U of M coaches locker inside his office came in handy once when I needed to stay over night at someone's house and just happened to be wearing them for underwear to bed.  One of the owners came into my room in the morning, saw me sleeping in them and wasted no time in getting me off in them.  There was no attempt to remove them once he felt how silky the nylon was and the effect they quickly had on me.  Thanks coach!  I doubt you would have ever put them to such good use.

A little closer on the 4 layers of nylon covering his cock--3 of which would slide at the slightest touch.
Sorry, this was meant to go under the last of the one piece garment loads....The 2 thinner layers of nylon tricot that are so willing to get you off are no match for a coaches Adolph Kiefer suit over another silky Speedo and can easily get the job done while you are still enjoying your onesie.  Sometimes if you want to preserve the integrity of the nylon suits from getting too many loads in them (which can reduce the silkiness after awhile and washing them would reduce the silkiness as well) simply add 1 or 2 nylon briefs (aka panties) over the target and pump away.  The briefs can be washed and all they will do is slide over the coaches nylon as they are all the same material.

Another scene from the past--although I am seeing more and more jogging short shorts lately, they only have non silky liners in them.  The longer dork shorts still prevail, but those who don't want all that fabric on can always opt for something like this.  I remember talking to a store clerk at The Running Room here years ago who admitted that he and fellow runners often wore panties under their jogging shorts "for support."  Many shorts (especially Dolphin and others) only had 2 layers of nylon for the shorts and no liner.  I supposed some guys would wear a jock strap or a Speedo, but there was really nothing different with wearing a nylon panty as opposed to wearing a pair of shorts with a nylon liner.  However, 90% of those shorts with the built in liner would not slide under the outer shorts (as with green silkies) but wearing a nylon tricot panty would--guaranteed.  As me how I know?

This is actually another guy than the one wearing these UA lycra boxer briefs working way too hard to get this other guy off in then.  He dumped on a ton of oil or lube first which just makes a big mess and requires showering after.  He could just use some other nylon to accomplish the same thing only the nylon would do the work easier.  That poor cock is getting beat up and it doesn't need to be to get off.

Here he is doing a little shopping wearing his nylon tricot silkies....

Here he is in a stall unable to contain his load which has built up significantly and needs to be ejaculated ASAP into his silkies.  Yeah, that can be a real problem sometimes.  He'd better hurry--looks like he might go insane.

Memo to self, when posing with fellow silky wearers and you happen to be in the middle, always keep your arms and hands below their shoulders and around their waists.  Get a little feel of their silkies that way and a little pat on their nylon covered ass would not arouse suspicions.   If it does any arousing, you can offer to take care of that problem as well.  Don't forget what shoots into their silkies, stays in their silkies.

Sometimes your underwear can make it just too easy.....

If these pictures hadn't been published together, I wouldn't have recognized them being the same guy.  Here he is in some longer, shiny and silky BB shorts....

....and here he is again wearing some green silkies.  I hope his underwear drawer is a cotton free zone.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Why Do Some Men Wear Nylon Tricot -- Part Two

I suppose some of you think I'm doing too much thinking and not enough posting--and you're probably right.  Considering this appears to be the only resource on the planet that combines men with wearing nylon tricot and does not specialize in women's underwear (which is no longer made of nylon tricot for the most part), does not specialize in lycra (which is a whole other animal), but does cover the wearing and ejaculating into it (as in having sex). I'm afraid you're going to have to take some words along with the pictures.  Whether anyone reads them or not, I don't really know or care.  I'm just putting it out there on the internet to document what was and maybe someday will be again. 

Prior to 1939, this was the primary material for all men's underwear.  Various attempts to "soften" it by calling it "combed cotton" or "Egyptian Cotton" or attempts at blending it with other materials did little to make this material softer.  About all you could say about cotton is that it absorbed.  That it does:  sweat, piss, and semen.  It gets wet, chafes, stays wet, and generally seems to be the last kind of fabric anyone would want on their most sensitive parts.  After nylon made its more official return after WWII and to the general public, the general use seemed to be primarily by lingerie makers.  These were primarily men marketing the fabric to women which they, in turn, were turned on by.  The whole theme of "looking sexy for your man" involved wearing multiple layers of silky nylon tricot that slid over each other and ultimately leading down to a double layer of nylon tricot crotch covering their goal.  The one variation occurred in 1948 when Adolph Kiefer actually used a lingerie designer and cutter to use nylon tricot to create the first nylon suit.

The whole design of a 100% cotton brief or boxer brief seemed to be utilitarian with little emphasis put on the sensual.  The wide elastic waistband to offer "support", the fly opening, the wide leg bands, and scratchy material all would indicate these garments were meant to be worn only for "practical" purposes and then removed as quickly as possible before feeling and engaging the object of your affection who was wrapped in silky layers of nylon tricot.  For the male (and his member), he was basically out of luck.  There were some early attempts at manufacturing men's nylon tricot underwear, but to differentiate it from the smoother, silkier women's style, it was a slightly courser, ribbed material.  If by age 5 I had figured out that nylon tricot panties felt better than by JCP boy's briefs, I suspect more than a few husbands had discovered this as well.  More than one load, I'm sure, was pumped into a pair of his wife's silky nylon tricot panties without her knowing about it.

So this is what it's all about.  Ejaculation.  Male orgasm.  Shooting your load.  Getting off.  Who doesn't like to see a fountain like this?  Then it's over.  Then it gets cold and sticky and gets wiped up and flushed or thrown away.  Time for sex to be over and get cleaned up--along with whatever lube that may have been used to induce the ejaculation.  One of my favorite advantages of ejaculating into nylon is that it completely eliminates all the "after" needs.  You blow your load by yourself into whatever sliding nylon you have been using or wearing and that is it.  Fall asleep.  Happy nylon tricot dreams.....    Ejaculating with someone else (together or separately) presents more possibilities.  Depending on what method you used to ejaculate while you were wearing it (shorts, panties, Speedos, Mormon garment, etc.) swapping the item where you shot your load with your partner and you each wearing each other's spermed soaked item is amazing.  Whether you spend the night together and then shoot another load in the morning or leave afterwards wearing a souvenir or trophy of nylon sex together, I guarantee you will be shooting your own load onto his shortly after--or maybe just keep that crunchy tricot as a memento.  My friend who describes nylon tricot as a "dry lube" has a good way of putting it.

Amazing as it is to me, there will always be those clueless guys who still feel the need to wear cotton underwear (particularly if they are waistband name trendies) under even silky, shiny shorts.  Even though most of them were made of a silky polyester, they were mostly compatible and worked the same as nylon in getting you off.  I say "were" since in case you haven't gone shopping lately, they have all but  disappeared from the market.

This guy is working so hard to get this guy off in his cotton.  I hope the guy is uncut since he might actually have a chance to  get off and, if not, destroyed the sensitivity of his manhood forever.  If those were 2 (or more) layers of sliding nylon tricot, those briefs would be soaked by now.

Of course manufacturers were aware of the whole male cliché of "like father like son" and that included their underwear.  This is just one of virtually every underwear maker's ad to market to the male market.  Truthfully, none of these "innovations" or different shaped fly opening or size of it or position of it really made up for the fact that they were all made out of cotton.  They got sweaty and stayed sweaty.  They also had to be removed for sex and certainly could not have been used for having sex in or with.  All that talk about support and pouches and protection were basically meaningless.  A couple of silky nylon tricot panties would have accomplished all of the same purposes but added the addition of comfort, silkiness and ultimately sexuality for the man or boy from this time.

Historically speaking, this would have been one of the big taboos of a man wearing nylon panties.  But if it was his wife who got him off in them, well, that was their little secret.  One of the biggest myths that exist out there is that men who wear nylon panties are either gay or want to be women.  As I have said many times, most gay men WANT other men.  The last thing most gay men would be caught dead in would be nylon panties.  When I look through a men in panties site, they are mostly straight men and they are wearing everything from cotton to lace or lycra materials.  It has nothing to do with the material, it's the feminine  connection that is the attraction.  The sex aspects are all connected and tied to having sex with another woman as a man dressed as a woman.  These same men might be some of the most homophobic people you could meet.  They like the idea of dressing as a woman, being dominated by a woman, even being fucked by a woman with a strap on and treated like a whore, but it does not involve anything to do with a man.  Therefore it does not have any interest to me, but I mention it here more as yet another variation that makes up human sexuality that concerns nylon tricot.

In a far more modern, practical, and almost comical look at men's and women's underwear today, being completely devoid of any silky, nylon tricot material, who cares who wears what?  I have absolutely no attraction to anything they are wearing or holding.  However, there are sites on the internet that literally feature thousands of men wearing variations of these stretchy, creepy things and they are all turned on because of the feminine connection.

One of the few gay men out there who "gets it" in my world is JW.  An all male Texan, he has no problem wearing a pair or 2 of silky nylon tricot panties under his work clothes each day.  He knows how to jerk of in them and has had some success in talking other guys into trying them.

I'm quire sure he does not want to be a woman or wear dresses or make-up, but if he did, that's his business and not mine.  He enjoys and likes wearing nylon tricot underwear, having sex in them and that's what this blog is all about.

I found this photo of a vintage Munsingwear men's brief.  The person who posted it probably didn't even know these are made out of nylon tricot (in particular, Munsingwear's own brand of nylon they called "trico-lon" that is incredibly silky.  The brief mirrors all of the attributes of their cotton brief.  The wide waistband, the horizontal pouch, the seams, and all the inhibitions and obstructions in design.  If the upper center panel had at least been double sliding nylon tricot, that would have helped.  If a man really wanted to wear nylon underwear and especially if it would be seen by other men at the club or gym, then this was for him.

Periodically someone comes out with some sort of "compromise" underwear that acknowledge the feminine connection with materials and color and then find some well build models to wear them and attempt to give them some sort of desirability if not sensuality.  Boring.  Wrong.  They're not feminine enough for guys who want them to be and not masculine enough for most straight guys to wear.  However, they got one thing right:  THE SILKY!

These formerly issued military PT shorts have returned in greater popularity than they ever had as a required uniform for working out.  I have published enough passionate declarations from straight military users.  Yes, some of it tongue in cheek, but more than a level of true sensual enjoyment of wearing these 100% nylon tricot shorts with a built in panty.  Even calling the black versions Ranger Panties.

Not sure if these are the original Soffee brand of Ranger Panties or some other version.  If someone would only make them with the inner liner / panty reverses, the outer short would slide on the inner and they would be difficult to wear without a semi at all times.

Unfortunately this is as large as I could make this little group of nylon tricot wearing marines appear.  The guy bending over on the left is showing what wearing these silkies is all about with his extremely visible panty line and undoubtedly his equally visible penis line o the other side.  The boots, the socks and then nothing else but silky nylon on those bodies is about as hot as it gets.  The resurgence of them (even though now banned for their original use as PT shorts) is one of the few triumphs of nylon tricot in the 21st Century. 

If you're still a little shy about using the term "panty" when referring to anything that a man would wear, get over it.  This USMC is very proud of not only showing his manhood, but what's supporting it.

There's another photo of this guy wearing some of his other colors of silkies.  There are some guys who really do like the way these feel and anything else they might like or use them for in private, I guess you'll just have to find out.

Speaking of falling in love and wearing nylon, can't end this posting without mentioning the thousands of lifeguards who still enjoy wearing their nylon suits which also contain an inner liner / panty as well.

There is nothing that feels better than stroking your manhood parts through some silky nylon tricot--except maybe another layer or 2 sliding as well especially if your eventual intent is to shoot your load into them.  No seams to get in the way, no wide elastic to prevent entry or exit, and plenty of unrestricted play room for your pleasure.

Imagine a church that makes you spent 2 years living with other guys under 20 with the option of wearing nylon tricot underwear 24/7?  Well, that's not all entirely true or that it ever works out the way we would like it to happen, but they sure make some incredible nylon tricot underwear.  In particular, their one piece (onesie) are some of the finest nylon sex attire.

For some annoying reason, in the 2 piece nylon garments, they have inserted a cotton panel to prevent the 2 overlapping pieces of fabric from sliding.  However, they make up for it with the one piece and allow an oversized, erection holding, double layers that can take care of any morning wood--or any other wood any other time of day.

About the closest thing out there today comes from the last good maker of men's nylon tricot underwear.  Unfortunately what they make is more for show since it's microfiber or lycra and not nylon tricot.

Very annoying that American Apparel actually advertises these (and others) as "Nylon Tricot" and they will show up in searches as being so.  However, once you actually go to the item and read the fine print, they do mention they are actually lycra.  These are,  therefore, NOT nylon tricot.  You could probably still get this guy off in these if you were to slide some actual nylon tricot something over these.

So who do you think is having the better time?  The poor cotton guy really looks like he is suffering.   Meanwhile, the 2 guys above frotting in their silky nylon tricot are probably on their 3rd load and still going strong.

Love to see them wearing their nylon tricot silkies for underwear like this.

Oh no, not a gay man wearing a 100% nylon tricot panty under his 501's!  Sadly, this is a very rare example--and a fast one at that!

Another proud marine showing off his silky nylon tricot underwear.

Some guys like to wear nylon under their nylon under their nylon....good boy!