Friday, April 17, 2020

Mixed Bag of Nylon Tricot on Men -- You know what you like

This blog post is a case of having too many pics rather than not enough.  So I've split them up without any particular theme or nylon sermon--but I'm sure I can come up with one!  In fact, I just have.....  I know I've brought this up before under "The Great Nylon Tricot Mysteries of Life That I Don't Understand" category--sort of 2 parts this time around.  The first part involves the definition of the term "fetish."  Besides not liking that word because it just sounds creepy and clinical, there are so many different kinds out there.  I would get stuck with the most obscure--I mean toe sucking is WAY more popular, for instance, than nylon tricot.  However, I make the basic assumption that a fetish is usually based on some sort of visual stimulation of something maybe not always associated directly with sex.  Of course basic sex is technically just 2 (or more) naked people having sex using their sex parts to do it.  I guess that applies to solo sex, too.  Hand on penis (yours or other's / others'), a body opening with penis in it (usually other's) and either mutually or singly ejaculating.  The End.  Boring.  With a fetish there is some sort of enhanced pleasure from some additional object(s) or even the anticipation of said object(s) to enhance, prolong, or otherwise provide direct contact or just visual pleasure.  Unbuckling a guy's jeans, slipping your hands inside and discovering he's wearing a couple layers of silky nylon tricot and your hand is already sliding on his ass.  BOING!  The anticipation of what is to come rubbing your nylon covered cock on his, feeling his body sliding under / over yours and knowing he is into nylon enough so that you will both eventually be ejaculating into it sometime during the future nylon-play.  Wow, that's almost as good as it gets.  Seeing his nylon whatevers, feeling them slide around, knowing that you are also stimulating him, well, that's really hot!  Of course feeling his cotton boxer briefs instead of silky nylon isn't the end of the world as you can maybe "educate" him about nylon tricot and introduce him since he is probably not aware of it at all.  It's your duty!  Of course, it can also result in, "I hate that fuckin' plastic shit, let's get naked!"  At which point you can remember you left the oven on at home or just get through it and ghost him later.  Been there and done that more than once.

The 2nd part of this question is that if he does happen to be the "normal, regular" cotton wearing kinda guy who never thought or cared about what kind of underwear he had on (are there guys like that ??!!), well then this is your chance to do something about that.  I'd like to think I was a pretty good nylon tricot salesman in my day and maybe even had a lot of converts thanks to my planning and preparation ahead of time.  Your partner is not going to wait around for you to go rummaging around looking for that super silky Speedo you've been saving.  However, if you're gym bag just happens to have it partially on display.....   Of course, a possible help may have been the common availability of nylon tricot for men in the form of underwear, swimwear, shirts, shorts, and other items before even thinking about the even bigger availability (but more controversial) use of women's nylon tricot.  I actually never got further than nylon panties with another guy who may or may not have even known what was silking him off into ecstasy at the time or what I happened to be wearing in the dark that he was sliding up and down my shaft before I did the same to him. Sometimes it might have even been a nylon panty over a nylon Speedo--whatever works best!   Well, maybe I just read too much into availability because most guys (gay or straight) might just sum up the whole intro to silkiness with with a simple "feels silky" or even just "silky!"  By the time you were actually sliding that silkiness up and down their shaft and maybe over their head, they might not be able to get out more than an "mmmmmmm" or an "oooooooo" before they shot the biggest load of their life into whatever you were using on their manhood.  Once you reached that important milestone, the next time would be easier ("Let's get into something silky") or maybe no words would be even needed.....  Those cotton briefs just went flying and you helped slide up the nylon.  If it was something like a pair of shorts that slid over the attached liner (as were available in the 80's--sometimes 90's) it was even easier.  Once they got used to the sensation--more liked ADDICTED to it--taking them down the nylon road would just get easier.  Throw in an occasional blow job or fuck and it might just provide enough of a reminder that they weren't missing anything and the 2 of you could just remain in nylon tricot heaven forever.  I wish.   So, when forever comes to an end, how do they ever go back to their scratchy cotton boxer briefs?  Or even, how do they put their cotton briefs back on after a night full of nylon tricot pleasure?  By now you have gifted them some of their very own nylon tricot briefs or shorts or Speedos so it's not like they have to wait for you.  But nylon conversion, full conversion, does not seem to always remain past your relationship.  Staying friends with ex-boyfriends seldom yielded any nylon in their underwear drawer when checked (Of course I'd check, so would you!).  Was it to please their new boyfriend?  Was it they were never really into it with you?  Was it just TOO stimulating to continue with?  Did they hide all their nylon tricot where you couldn't find it when snooping? ha ha  Well, I guess all we can do is remember the good nylon times and maintain our own high standards of nylon tricot use with our own lives--and any others we might sometime get a chance to influence!  Keep the  nylon faith!

My first big sexual crush was with my friend Billy Joe.  By the time I was 14 and he was 15, he had suggested during a sleepover that we try to have sex.  Works for me.  Prepared as I always was even at the age, I had brought over a couple of 100% nylon tricot Ocean Champion suits to "try out" even though i already know how good silking was for the past 9 years!  Well, it turned out to be the ultimate disappointing one night stand of my life.  Not only did we ultimately not consummate  any sexual experience that night, he turned onto a MAJOR prick tease towards me and was always flaunting his incredible body and doing things just like this guy is doing.  He'd ram his elbow into my crotch like this and get me hard (in 30 seconds) and push on my boner and let me do the same to him--but would never allow anything further.  Once camping, he "allowed" me to feel his ass for like an hour through the silky, sliding sleeping bag but when I attempted to go for his goods, he rolled over and punched me in the face--hard!

This reminds me of things he would do to me knowing that I was watching his crotch.  He was fully aware of what he was doing to me and enjoyed being sadistic to  me.

My only revenge would be to sneak into his house on Sunday mornings when he and his family would be at their (Baptist, of course) church and I would steal a pair of his JCP dash line briefs he'd worn or maybe add a little of my sperm to his clean ones in his drawer.  He almost always made sure he'd bend over and flash his waistband for me so sometimes I knew if he was wearing my sperm or not.  All of this at 14!

He would wear jeans a little lighter than these and show off his big bulge to drive me crazy.  I eventually got over him--but that was after he'd move away in our senior year.  Fucker.

All that silky nylon holding up that huge cock head.  If there was ever a need for a silky pop into a pair of green silkies, I'd say now would be the time with him and his nylon tricot shorts

David Archuletta as a Mormon missionary at right.  Who knew?  More interested in Elder Knowles on the left and that really deep scoop Celestial Smile garment he's wearing.  Is it too much to hope for silky Corban?  Not in my fantasies, it's not!

Sadly not a GIF or even nylon, but feeling and stroking your lycra bulge is a good start.

Finding GIFFs now that aren't google web pages is very rare now.  Google webpage docs do not unload--just a blank.  I'd sure like to help this guy out or even buy him one size larger so he might be more comfortable when I ejaculate him on the other side.

Sorry dude,  you're hot, but that super silky nylon tricot Aussiebum suit is way HOTTER!  I'd sure like to unload him into those 2 layers of silky nylon covering his manhood.  Sadly most of these guys remove the liner so they have to wear a nylon tricot panty to make up for the nylon loss.

Haven't seen this for awhile, but one of the best Corban garment reveals ever!  Oh those missionaries, always screwing around.  This time resulting in his shirt sliding up over his silky nylon tricot /corban garment and showing us.  I sure home his buddy lowered his hands at some point and enjoyed an extremely rare feel of the garment.  Sightings are extremely rare but copping a feel of one--unheard of!  They make such a cute couple....

Maybe not the best looking pair or maybe not even all nylon tricot, but I love the look on his face!  Falls into the first time wearing of "Wow, these are silky" (duh!).  Hope things progressed from here.....

I thought I had published this before--but Pair of Thieves is a Target brand.  They feel almost like nylon and the 2 center panels above his cock opening do slide over each other.  Yes, with some practice, you would be able to get this guy off in his silky briefs.  They have mots better patterns.  The only silky briefs being sold in any major chair today that I'm aware of.  I love the brand name, I sure would have welcomed another pair of hands during my teenage underwear thief years!  I know I've said this before, but imagine being a horny 12 year old, laying on your public beach at a lake on your towel.  Watching for a super cute guy to walk into the big change house with one big room for men,  Remembering what he was wearing after he came out in his swim suit, grabbing a towel and going into the room when empty--or even if there was someone in their.  Finding his clothes (NO lockers!).  Usually a t-shirt on top covering their white briefs.  Grabbing his white briefs into my towel and just walking back out to my towel.  Wow, he must have dropped his briefs somewhere or maybe just left his suit on to wear home.  So hot having seen the guy whose briefs I now owned and would jerk off to later using my nylon.

He says that a friend of his gave him this Corban garment!  Wow, that's a really great friend and I hope you both got together each wearing your own.  Not sure how / why it would be this wrinkled.  He must have just put it on to take this picture, but even new out of the package they aren't this wrinkled.  Oh well, lucky him!

An appropriate pose for this time of year, but that big bulge inside his 100% nylon tricot panty and shorts is appropriate any time.  Another "ready for a silky pop" guy so what is he waiting for.  Let's get that ejaculation underway and that sperm on display!

Many of these silkies are posted by straight guys under the guise of showing their workout progress.  Yeah, whatever.....    However, the comments can sometimes be interesting since they're not fooling anyone.  Mostly straight comments on other straight guy's nylon tricot bulges in their panties.  Doesn't get too much better than that!

These could just as well be a pair of blue nylon Speedos with white panels.  The only difference is that the double nylon crotch would extend all the way to the waistband so that his erection would have 2 layers of nylon instead of one.  Unfortunately the 2 layers of nylon in a Speedo almost never (as in maybe 2 or 3 in the many, many hundreds I have felt up) slid over each other.  However, adding a 2nd pair of nylon panties under (or over) these, would undoubtedly be able to make this guy fill these up in just a matter of minutes--or preferably hours if I'm doing the silking on this perfect cock.   I think he could take it....

Monday, April 6, 2020

GREEN SILKIES (the magic title) And Variations Thereof...

Quarantine Greetings!  Wearing all this nylon everyday has been great!  Not much chance of anyone stopping by unannounced (not that anyone does anyway) so whatever I'm in the mood to wear and how many of them I decide to wear isn't a problem.  Not that I'm not looking forward to getting back to normal, about to start my 4th week in nylon solitude and not really complaining.  You shouldn't either since you are getting more nylon pics that you would otherwise.  In fact, last weekend I stumbled across about 150 new silkies pics--many of which are here.  I jad to do a screen grab on each one and will run them though photoshop before posting.  If they are really incredible, I will post them knowing they are a duplicate.  I'm not one of those bloggers who just keep posting the same 14 photos over and over--and there are guys out there who do that.   Feeling pretty good about unloading some nylon thoughts, theories, and turn-ons.  I see we are up to 110 members now.  I'm guessing maybe half aren't really into nylon tricot, know, or care what it is but like the pictures.   I could change that if I could get my nylon hands on you, but that's not going to happen!  It's not like I'm getting paid for how many subscribers I have and this is cheaper than a nylon shrink--although I'd probably make a pretty good one.  There is a counter for this blog and the green silkies posts are the most (and fastest) viewed.  Since I started up again this year, I think we are between 30 and 50 on the views.  I assume they only count unique visits and not each time.  I think the highest total ever is around 350.  

Nice that someone took the time to do a Ranger Panties logo like this.  They are also selling them as their own brand.  As long as they are selling the 100% nylon tricot (REAL) silkies, I don't have a problem.  It's the ones who are selling "short shorts" and calling them silkies that I have a problem with.  Newer or younger wearers who never had to wear the original PT green silkies (same as the Soffee brand today) and who believe men have to wear black or gray cotton boxer briefs to be masculine are the problem.  Their uncut cock heads are really missing out.

This guy looks hot feeling his nylon tricot Ranger Panties like this.  One (or more) of these shorts companies are actually selling access to their photos on their websites showing their models posing in their Ranger Panties.    That's not gay is it?  Far more straight men wear these shorts than gays ever would.  Gays are now so worried about not having their cotton boxer brief waistbands showing.  Well, that's just how it is.

This is a repeat, but a really good one so here it is again.  The guy on the left in the flag shorts is not wearing ANY nylon.  Some sort of cotton / lycra shorts under his flag short shorts, but no nylon tricot.  The other guys all get it and are either in their 100% nylon green silkies or their 100% nylon Ranger Panties under their dress uniforms.  The fact that these shorts were originally issued by the USMC (and are still sold on base).  There may have been some reason they decided to take a picture of them all wearing theirs for underwear.  From what I understand, many of them wear them for underwear on a regular basis anyway.  Always hot to see their hands resting on that silky nylon like that.  Actually, very natural to seek out that silkiness even subconsciously.   Meanwhile inside the silky nylon and inside their silky panty / liner is their manhood in their silky nylon tricot.

Not sure if these are supposed to be some sort of before and after but I'm going with Door #2 and the slightly larger, newer and possibly silkier shorts.  Would sure love to give him a silky pop inside of them and save him the trouble of doing it himself.  Might add a load of my own to his. 

Not sure if these are Soffee or another brand, but his cock doesn't care, I'm sure and looks pretty happy inside there.

Something we seldom see anymore.  We all know what it is.  It's his nylon tricot shorts liner--the same as wearing a nylon tricot panty under his shorts.  Seldom seen now because they will use some sort of nylon mesh or fabric similar to the outer shorts and almost never in white.  So difficult as it might be to get this guy into a pair of nylon panties, here he is wearing a pair by default.  There were a couple of brands back in the 80's when you could still wear these out that were made so the inner panty slid under the outer short.  If there was ever even the slightest chance I might wind up with the guy I was loaning a pair of shorts to (for whatever reason), I would always make sure it was a pair that slid like that.  Feeling silky nylon sliding over your head or up and down your shaft pretty much means there will be no refusal.  If they either would try to remove my or their shorts, a gentle "let's leave them on and see what happens" and a pull back into place never resulted in trying to remove them again.  It was almost like a "courtesy" but they were really thinking "I want to leave them on because it feels so good."  The next time, there was no question they would wear the same brand of shorts.  After we had both shot our loads into our shorts
(if they were really into it), I'd suggest we trade shorts before falling asleep or parting.  Always hot to have another guys load in your silky nylon shorts.

Just to prove my point (although not in white), here is a guy in a 100% nylon tricot panty--a little tight, but you can see his balls in the silky double nylon crotch.  If these were worn inside out, they would almost certainly slide under the outer pair of shorts.

Difficult to see his liner under his green silkies, but it's there--holding his bits together as the Brits would say.

Have you ever dared to wear a nylon panty on the beach?  Would you think these were underwear or a swim suit?  Probably before you would think they were a panty.

This was supposed to go into the next blog post that covered men's nylon underwear.  Silky enough, but with all those seams and openings, not very good for the intended use of silking a guy off in his nylon.  Really just that little bot of space between the openings where the nylon is doubled and sliding is all you really have to use.  These look pretty good, but you might want to have some other auxiliary silky nylon standing by to do the job.  Funny, these are made by a company named "Woolies." 

I will occasionally post a photo like this that includes the comments that people make upon seeing the very clear outline of a guys circumcised head.  Mostly from guys (gay or straight) but there is no way not to notice it.  Interesting how many slang terms there are for this--not just "his religion" any more.

I think there is something erotic about a guy wearing nylon and cutting another guy's hair--more so if they are both wearing it.  I have a series somewhere in the past 10 years that shows nylon Speedo wearing swimmers cutting their beautiful blond hair off before a meet and everyone has nothing on their body but a silky nylon Speedo.

The best thing about guys wearing tattoos is when you spot the same tattoo again.  I don't think I would have recognized this guy on my own, but here he is again.  His buddy on the left wearing tactel or supplex cotton type (technically still a form of nylon not unlike your auto upholstery) shorts that replaced the silky nylon.  You see a lot of guys wearing these on silkies hikes because they are the new, "approved" PT shorts now being used.  Other than their color, they have absolutely nothing to do with the original silkies.  In fact, if you tried a "silky pop" in one of them, you would probably damage your man parts for life.

Here are 4 happy guys even happier because they have stripped down to their underwear which happens to be 100% nylon tricot green silkies.  I wonder if they even know how much fun the 4 of them could actually be having in them right now?

A sight we're not likely to see for awhile since The Church sent all their missionaries home.  But here are 3 (the 4th would be taking the picture) and there is always 1 who goes a little too far.  Personally i think he's feeling for the hem of his garment through his pants. I've talked to guys who do things like that.  Looking as hard as I can, I'm not seeing any clearly defined seams through their pants but we know each guy is wearing a pair.  The reality is they are either #1. cotton, #2 mesh, and in my dreams, #3 Corban / nylon tricot.  It's amazing how far these guys can go with each other joking around together.  No pent up sexual desire or repressed same sex attraction here--absolutely none!

I guess this is before and after shaving / waxing?  All I care is that he's still got his silkies on under his jeans when I get him home....

Another pair of happy guys wearing another pair of 100% nylon tricot silkies.  That includes 2 very happy cocks that will hopefully soon be shooting their loads into these very silkies via a silky pop or even just good old frottage sliding back and forth grinding their nylon covered cocks over each other's.

I didn't notice until I was blowing this one up but the guy on the right is wearing some cotton boxer briefs under his silkies.  Why would you think your cock would prefer scratchy cotton to silky nylon?  I hope his buddy will teach him a lesson with an ejaculation into the nylon he won't ever forget.

I think a repeat and you can have your money back if it is and bothers you....  This is who nylon tricot is made for and I would happily make sure he has it on 24/7.

Luckily in the dark, all you know is that he is wearing a silky panty under his nylon tricot shorts and that head is going to be pumping his big load into both.  You won't even see the tats with the lights off.

I would pretty much credit this picture to be the best green silkies picture ever taken.  It would be even hotter if we could see the guy who is wearing these obviously for underwear under his uniform, but seeing his card cock pushing against his inner nylon panty is so incredible, I should repeat this every week.  The fact that there is some pilling on his shorts means he is definitely wearing these a LOT under his uniform for underwear.  Good boy!

I think another repeat, but with all that beef and the size of those shorts, I don't expect any complaints.  He almost has a Mona Lisa Silkies smirk on his face.  Of course it would be gone when his legs start to quiver (an auto reaction that happens just before they shoot) and that sperm soaks those shorts right below the waistband keeping all his cum inside that silkiness.

I didn't bother to crop any of this.  Someone put together this nice still life with some silky nylon orange shorts.   Just to show how silky they are in case you didn't already know....

I think his man load is all ready to get going inside those shorts. 

Odd that he has been able to retain such white skin, but he's looking mighty fine in his silkies.  Unfortunately his cropped out friend next to him is wearing some scratchy new tactel / supplex shorts that is not going to get him any action tonight--especially from me.  He's got another buddy behind him that gets it--and will get it right between his silky thighs....

He is from the period where they used to say "If they fit, go down 2 sizes."  They obviously didn't know how good a silky pop feels shooting into them and you need a little bit of nylon to move that cock around inside.  Doesn't look like there's going to be a lot of room for his manhood to do much moving, but I'm sure he won't have any problem popping out a load into his silkies.  He looks like he knows what he is going.

The only reason why this picture made it is because at least 2 of the 4 get it.  We've got one guy in lycra and 1 in tactel car upholstery, but the other 2 are in 100% nylon tricot and ready to go.  I'd love to see the 2 outer guys try rubbing that paint off their chests together.  I suspect in only a few seconds their cocks would discover how compatible sliding their nylon over each other feels and grow straight and tall.  Before long the "A" and the "Y" would be history along with millions of little swimmers in their silky Speedo drag suits.

First time I have ever seen anything like this.  I suspect there was a lot more of this going on.  This is probably early 50's / Korean War era because there weren't any nylon tricot panties during WWII.  This was also the inside of a guy's wooden trunk or footlocker.  Looks like he was able to resist feeling and sliding that silkiness on his cock, but maybe didn't have a lot of privacy.  Wonder if he ever tried wearing them and getting off in them that way while the other guys were snoring in their bunks?  Anyway, just hot to see a straight guy using a pair of 100% nylon tricot nylon panties the way that panty manufacturers intended--to turn men on.

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Fourth and Final Category of Nylon for Men: Nylon For Men

Not being cutesy or clever with the title--it's really about nylon tricot underwear for men.  As I have stated before, at some point the men who invented nylon and the men who designed underwear decided the best use of nylon underwear was on women.  Not that they would necessarily enjoy it with their internal sex organs, but the men who were enjoying the women would enjoy the nylon they were wrapped up in and enhanced by and the rest if history (unfortunately).  However, men were thrown a token bone (I doubt it would even have made a boner) with a sort of afterthought nylon underwear with the usual attributes of drying fast, not wrinkling, and the ever popular long-lasting and durable.  However, there were usually made out of ribbed nylon:  thin raised edges designed to keep them from sliding around too much and being silky--like their female counterparts were enjoying sliding all over the place.  They were usually listed at the end and at the bottom of the page after 27 pages of various cotton and wool scratchy underwear designed to make men feel like they had a real choice between scratchy, super scratchy, and sandpaper for their private male parts which must have made feeling their girl's silky nylon tricot even more appealing.  All this at a time when males were mutilated shortly after birth by cutting off their foreskin which removed tens of thousands of pleasuring nerve endings and exposing the most sensitive part of their body to said sandpaper underwear.  While the common reason given was to be able to keep the male organ clean and "prevent disease", the more widely held was to reduce the more pleasurable aspects of sliding their foreskin over their heads and having fun instead of having babies.  Who needs a woman when you have foreskin?  Real men wear cotton underwear and women wear nylon tricot was born.

Once upon a time all underwear was white and all underwear had some sort of stripe or dash on the waistband.  All underwear had "taped fly fronts" according to catalog descriptions with "fly openings" which I, early on, just referred to as prick holes.  Every catalog company had their own brand and design for the waistband and virtually the same brief cut.  Baggy shorts were around for Dads to wear, long underwear for winter.  That was about it.  Briefs would just periodically appear in my dresser's underwear drawer 2nd from the top and in my younger brothers dresser in a smaller size as well, too.  There was ever any requests taken or inquiries made.  Moms just bought and placed periodically.  Worn ones wound up in the rag bag.  Almost no one wore Jockey brand (the only brief that had their name on the waistband until BVD started much later) because they were more expensive and they were "different."  The only good thing about being exposed to naked swimming at age 12 was not the naked part for me, it was seeing (finally) what brand / kind underwear the other guys wore.  I had already been keeping a chart of guys and what brand of underwear I had seen them wearing based on (usually fast) glimpses of their waistbands above their pants bending over.  This intimate knowledge to an 8 year old (me) was very important to know--who cares about their cock.  We all had those.  I would secretly wear and masturbate into my silky nylon panties thinking about what they had to wear and how lucky I was to have my silk panties to play with--at least until I got caught.  That reminds me, for some reason they were always called (when they were seldom called at all) "silk panties" or "silk underwear."  Never called nylon panties.  In fact never called nylon tricot as the labels all stated.  I always read that word to be "try-cot" and not the French "tree-coe" meaning "knit" I later learned.  It was always a turn on to see 100% Nylon Tricot (exclusive of decoration) than 100% Combed Cotton which was what boys were forced to wear.  I shouldn't even say "forced to wear" since there was no knowledge or choice of anything else out there they could have been wearing--except for me, of course.  And as it turns out, thousands of other little boys all over the world I didn't know about.  My interest in nylon tricot never progressed farther than the panty and what it could do for my little boy cock.  Never got into the heels, bras or other "dressing up" I occasionally read about.  Later I learned that those who liked to dress up, were more concerned about the panty's feminine association whether cotton, rayon, or polyester" and I was really just into that silky nylon--especially that double nylon tricot crotch.  Funny how specific our tastes could be so early on in life.

So, while wearing a half dozen pairs of cotton briefs would have had no practical applications for me, wearing that many nylon panties all sliding over my little boy bump would have.  My sub-fetish with briefs did (and does) continue--which is good since 99% of the pictures of guys wearing panties don't do anything for me.  JCP dash lines were always my favorites.  The double dash line replaced the single in the early 60's but coincided for many years.

The significance of this series of photos is that it is the biggest group of nylon pics I've ever seen and the fact that he doesn't mention that he even knows or cares about the fact that he is wearing 100% nylon tricot Jockey men's underwear.  These, however, represent an important aspect of nylon tricot underwear for men:  The Novelty Effect  In this case, obviously, it is the Valentine theme and obviously given to a male more as a joke than as an introduction to a life-changing underwear event.  Of course, you have to start somewhere when you don't already come pre-programed with a nylon tricot fetish.  Every year, these would appear in stores around Valentine's Day.  And every year, they would show up at the Salvation Army and/or Goodwill or Savers--many times unopened. Sad.  Sometimes, when the opportunity presented itself to search a guy's underwear drawer, there might be a pair of these at the bottom of the drawer buried under everything else--all cotton, of course.

These actually look like they were worn as they are a bit faded.  Of course that could also mean they got tossed in with the regular cotton briefs and were either washed with hot water and or chlorine bleach--both of which are BIG no-no's with nylon tricot--of high heat as long as I'm plugging nylon care.  So, maybe this guy was just being "festive and funny" on Valentine's and decided to post a pic for us to see and was back in his acceptable gray cotton cotton boxer briefs that night.

Jockey actually was the longest maker of men's nylon tricot underwear of any of the brands.  Certainly going back to the 60's if not earlier and lasting past the millennial having moved their manufacturing to Mexico.  These are definitely vintage because of the exposed elastic waistband.  I think this disappeared in the 70's and became nylon covered elastic.  Nothing wrong with that, but I always thought the exposed elastic was sexier.  Maybe because they looked like REAL men's briefs--and that was probably Jockey's reason for doing that as well.  Interesting, the guy is wearing a Munsingwear (yay Minneapolis) shirt which happened to make the BEST nylon used in underwear and pajamas called Tri-co-lon.  Wonder how they got that name?

Jockey was always a good standby and introduction for (what I always called "training) a guy to be introduced to nylon underwear.  You always had to be careful on these introductions.  Very casual.  Maybe, even, "Oh, are they nylon?  I hadn't noticed".  I did a lot of introducing over the years and it was always funny about the suspicion and sometimes even hostility I would face.  Nylon tricot was never part of a Communist plot that I was aware of.  There was something so solid and traditional about a Man and his Cotton Underwear that didn't need fixing.  The important thing to remember is to first make the introduction early on and then introduce it into nylon sex to get him hooked.  If you get off on the wrong foot, it can completely deflate the whole plot and you will have twice as hard a time re-introducing it later.

That all important information:  100% Nylon Tricot  Also, they are sexy to begin with so don't error on the side of too small.  Think of it as more room to play if slightly larger.  Hopefully he will "Grow Into" them each time he puts them on.  

The Jockey pouch does present some problems but also some solutions depending on what you are trying to do.  The later briefs (before they shut down) had the double nylon crotch arranged so the 2 layers slid over each other.  The advantage of that should be obvious.  Assuming his manhood is all contained within the pouch and starting from Parade Rest position, gently sliding the nylon over his balls and/or if you are lucky enough to have his cock head exposed to the sliding nylon, that as well.  You don't want to over do it at first--just leave him wanting you to do more of that--but don't, and I'll tell you why later.  Assuming you aren't starting sex by grinding your crotches together and getting all hot and bothered for some wham / bam. just gently massaging the nylon is going to get things going.  Even sliding your finger down between his legs.  Don't forget, that sliding nylon crotch extends almost all the way to his hole.  Jockey usually has the biggest crotch of any men's underwear (a little known fact, you're welcome).  As the ten pole rises, you do have to make a decision.  Of all the annoyances of men's underwear, the fucking seam is one of them.  At least with Jockey there is only 1.  So decide is his cock going to be happier on the left or on the right.  Make sure it fits inside the waistband and isn't pushing too hard against it.  If necessary, pull up the waistband a bit to give yourself more room to play--see why bigger is better?  Now, you can keep going with this and ultimately torture his cock until just sliding your hand up and down the single layer of nylon will get him off--just don't squeeze (or rub) too hard.  However, a better (PROVEN) method is to "just happen to have" some other nylon within reach.  For early on, your gym bag is nearby and oh, there are a couple of nylon Speedos lying on top.  Later in the relationship (or a dark enough room) it could even be an extra silky panty that he will think is a Speedo.  I usually recommend using a Speedo a few times to get him used to it and then he will assume it always is.  Anyway, make sure the drawstring isn't going to get in the way and you might even want to tie it up or even remove it if necessary.  Anyway, you're going to turn the Speedo (usually 90 degrees) to his shaft.  Don't give him time to ask "What's that??" or get spooked.  Maybe be kissing him so he can't ask anything.  Then, when you can tell it's in "sliding position" (and you will know this because it will almost do it by itself) you can start gently moving it up and down his shaft.  Very gently because the sensation is almost electrical and you don't want to start with 220 volts--that can cum later, ha ha.  You should hear, "mmmmm, that feels so good."  If you have to ask, you're not doing so well.  If you are sliding correctly, then the entire shaft and head should be getting the benefit of your nylon moving.  You should be able to even slide it over his balls and down his crack a bit if his legs are spread right--so spread them if not right.  If everything is going well, try even moving it off his cock to either side.  That way when you move it back into position, it will feel good again.  If he happens to be wearing a nylon tank or t-shirt, feel free to let your traveling nylon move up into his stomach and chest.  you may have to readjust the position of your nylon piece because it may not rub the same as the Jockey briefs.  Anyway, you should be able to tell how much he wants it and you don't want to prolong it.  When you get back to his shaft, gently slide your nylon covered thumb behind the head of his cock that is hopefully not too tightly pushed up against his stomach.  You want there to be at least 2 sliding layers of nylon doing this work.  You can get him off with just the single layer of the Jockey nylon brief, but the 2 sliding layers always works best.  Make sure you are not being interfered  with by that fucking seam or the waistband.  Angle the whole erection to more of an angle if necessary and remember to use a large pair of briefs next time.  Anyway, he should be getting hot and bothered by now.  He may attempt to slip his hand into the waistband and pull his briefs down and want to take over getting himself off.  That's fucking rude, but seems to have become common.  Always used to work to gently move his hand away and keep sliding and say something like, "let me finish you off in these briefs so I can wear them to bed later (or work tomorrow).  If that still doesn't work and he starts to move his waistband down, let him.  While he's busy with that, you take the nylon Speedo in your hand and get it into position with the back on his cock and the top against your hand.  The front of the Speedo will slide against the back--in fact you can even hold his cock up and away from his body as you silk his shaft and even go over his head with it.  By then, he will be so ready he's not going to do anything but shoot a big load.  You can decide if you want it to go into the Speedo or onto the wall behind you.

This is the Munsingwear version of their nylon tricot (Tricolon) brief.  Again, just a nylon version of their cotton brief and now with 2 seams and that giant edge on its "Kangaroo Pouch."  I never had much interest in getting a kangaroo off in its pouch and the same goes for these briefs.  It does make for a hot presentation, but it's a lot more difficult to get off in.  To make matters worse, they have a perfect opportunity to use 2 sliding layers of nylon between those 2 upright seams but they don't--just single ply.  Same with that pouch--which is considerably smaller and cup-like than the Jockey crotch.  Your choice....good luck.

I think Players have also shut down recently.  JCP was still selling them and they are around on eBay.  They were always "ok" but not great.  The good news is that if you are going to introduce a brief wearing guy to nylon, these will look pretty much exactly like his briefs--except for the covered waistband and, of course they are 100% nylon tricot.  They make the prick hole really large in these (consistently), but that means the double nylon space between the 2 (inner / outer) openings is limited.  That's really all the space you have to jerk a guy off in.  Otherwise his head is going to be hitting one of the seams or be all the way over into the single ply area.  If you get them big enough--maybe they will work, but I think I would just use these more to be seen in at the gym, rather than trying to get a guy off in.  I mean, they make good advertising:  See me, I'm wearing my regular masculine, manly briefs and oh, I guess they're made out of some other kind of material.  If a guys says anything, just say they "wick away moisture" and dry fast--that always shuts them up and makes you look hip.

The outer hole can gap a little, but fallout is rare--unless you want it to, of course.  Also, fairly easy access if you're not using the nylon for its intended purpose.  They look normal and may intrigue a guy to want to find out more about them--and you.  You can always do the old "switcheroo" once you get him horizontal.

Once again, the male ass in nylon tricot is the absolute best.  Single ply, just slightly sheer, and silky.  You can definitely walk around in these.

Not sure why I included these.  These really fall under "old man" underwear.  The industrial strength pouch is some sort of cotton or "breathable" material.  Why don't they just install a fan and be done with it?  This was Munsingwear's version of the "vertical fly" which might go back into the 40's or certainly 50's.  Did they even have people back then?  Just to be extra mean, this is the heaviest and silkiest nylon tricot ever made and they put it into a brief with enough seams in the way just to torture us nylon guys.  Save your money for their pajamas and t-shirts instead.  They come up occasionally.  Their female version is under Hollywood Vassarette or just Vassarette.  New stuff ins shiny Antron junk.
How can this ass look so good and silky and ready to pluck and the front is like a train wreck of seams....

Another version but in white.  Seams on seams with seams....

This is John.  John has the best nylon Jockey jerk-off videos on X-tube.  John deserves a spanking in the ones where he panders to the majority and takes his cock out of the fly and jerks it off like he's wearing cotton or something.  I'm not a fan of reaching inside to jerk either, but at least he's grabbing his nylon tricot for the money shot and that's what really matters.  At least John owned some Nylon tricot.  I would totally do John.  In nylon tricot, of course.

This guy is a major underwear collector--mostly cotton.  He does have a really good collection and especially of patterned Jockey briefs.  These have always been rare and collectible,, but truthfully, your cock doesn't know and doesn't care.  He is wearing a Jockey ribbed tank which nicely coordinates with his briefs.  I've never been a fan of ribbed nylon.  You can slide another regular nylon tricot t-shirt over it, but it does feel "bumpy".  This is the kind of early men's nylon underwear that was made in the 50's (maybe even late 40's) but I don't think it was ever popular.  I am fortunate to own probably every color Jockey made their regular t-shirts in.  The nylon is not shiny at all, but slightly sheer and super silky.  I love to wear one over my corban / nylon garment--back in the days when I left the house--ha ha.  It was kind of like, "Oh, is my Mormon one piece Corban garment showing through my silky nylon t-shirt?  I guess I hadn't noticed!"  Yeah, I noticed.....and so did a lot of other guys.  Unfortunately none of them were cute missionaries who wanted to show me theirs.  Wonder what they're up to these days with social distancing?

Just a little bit of shine on this silky crotch with a flash.  Wonder if those 2 crotch layers slide?  I'm guessing not since that was a later thing.

A hot guy posts this (thank you!) and doesn't even mention they're nylon.  Be glad my nylon eagle eyes are on the job!

Ads for Players nylon tricot underwear are not very large.  Are they afraid someone is going to blow them up and post it on a porn site?  You can tell the model got handed these and was told to put them on and isn't really into them.  I wouldn't mind trying to convert him, but I think he would be more interested in taking payment in dollars instead of silky underwear.

I TOTALLY don't get this at all.  This would get you and your cotton briefs and jock strap thrown out if I ever found you would wear this under a Jockey nylon brief.  I can tell by the slightly narrower seams and the slightly rounded vertical seam that these were the last of the nylon Jockeys made in Mexico.  It probably means that the double nylon crotch slides over itself--not that this guy will ever know with an industrial strength UA jock under them.

More Players nylon underwear.  I like the idea of playing in nylon, but these are more for show than for playing, I'm afraid.

These are selling on eBay in the $30 range (up to $100 for idiots).  These are later after Antron nylon was added and they lost that dull look and came out with this shiny, almost sparkly, cheaper nylon look.  Yeah, don't try using these to introduce your guy to nylon.  I'd probably even say no--just kidding!

It could just be the flash, but as hot as red nylon usually is, hot red shiny nylon...not so much.  It's ok, I'll still empty your tank into them.  I have a couple of black pairs that I did just that to a really cute guy in.  Even though sperm has a tendency to disappear on its own over the years  (ok, 2 decades), his DNA stains are still very evident on the back side of waistband where it had nowhere else to go.  Another great mystery, how I can coax a guy out of his cotton briefs (I don't even remember which brand but I think FOTL--the worst), get him into nylon tricot (twice) and get him off and then he puts his FOTL on after.  It's not like I don't have hundreds of pairs of nylon..

Either late 50's or early 60's.  Another, "Here, put these on and sit down and spread your legs and don't smile" picture, but still hot.  If that double nylon crotch could only talk....

Of course, they couldn't just leave well enough alone and let the nylon do what nylon does best--BE SILKY.  If this didn't help to kill nylon (and disco), I don't know what did.

The ribbed white nylon actually looks pretty good here.  Of course he's wearing his vertical seams like prison bars, but you can see how silky that tricolon nylon is.

That is one happy ass--not that I couldn't make it even happier!