Thursday, April 30, 2009

College Nylon Speedo Locker Room Days

Not sure if anyone is reading this except me....I guess this is good therapy or something so I might as well keep rambling on incase somebody does eventually look at it.
     So, moving on with my teenage nylon interest, I had discovered that guys could legitimately wear nylon tricot (2 layers that even slid together) and not get the crap beaten out of them!  Wow!  Wear 2 nylon tricot panties in private and you're a fucking pansy pervert and wear a double nylon Ocean Champion suit in public and you're a swimmer.  Well, I kind of liked both so I became a panty pansy public swimmer--but always in nylon.  A teenager with raging hormones and nylon tricot and forget the every other day former jerk off rule, more like 3 times a day when I was wearing nylon--which stared to be more and more.
     My first major crush was in 10th grade and he was only on the swim team a short while.  Of course I had snagged his suit before he left.  He also wore JCP blue dash briefs (later the blue/gold ones) that always drove me crazy when he bent over.  He was a MAJOR prick tease and knew how to drive me crazy.  We were also in band together and he's sit next to me on bus trips and lean over a lot and push his elbow into my crotch.  I'd be hard in about 30 seconds and no one could see under our baggy uniforms.  He'd push and rub my hard on all the time and sometimes I'd do it to him.  One time we were camping and I was rubbing my hard on against him through our nylon sleeping bags.  When I took my hand out to feel his ass directly through his sleeping bag while we pretended to be asleep, he punched me in the face.  The next day he was rubbing his knee into my hard crotch but I was afraid to say or do anything.  It's like he wanted to be in control of driving me crazy, but I wasn't allowed to follow through or escalate anything.  Fucker.  So I had my own way of getting even.  When his family would go to church on Sunday mornings (and no one locked their back doors), I would sneak into his house.  Both he and his brother wore JCP briefs, but his brother's were much larger so I always knew which ones were his.  I got into a rotation where I would take his worn briefs out of the hamper and sometimes replace them with mine.  I'd even make a little mark on the back elastic seam.  When he'd bend over to flash his briefs at me,  sometimes I'd see my mark and know that I had shot my load into them at some point or they were my briefs.  I know, kind of pathetic, but at 15 it was a big deal.  He moved away by my senior year and I never heard from him again.  Just as well or I might have been driven crazy by him.  Oh yeah, his mom missed a couple of good panties once in awhile, too.

     By the time I got to college and had ventured into being a lifeguard, W.S.I. and even played intramural water polo, I had discovered the sacred holy land of the swim team locker room.  It was more of an alcove area off  a side lobby area of the main, huge locker room.  There were even 2 large pools that shared this same locker room.  EVERY guy wore a nylon Speedo.  There were still a few other brands like Gulbenkian, Adolph Kiefer, Hart, and Ocean Champion, but all of them were 100% nylon tricot and all of them turned me on.  Guys would wear them to workout in or hang out in or lifeguard in.  Just watching the way that nylon moved over their asses when they walked or the way it cupped their balls with their dickhead showing above was amazing.  Anyway, the first time I just happened to walk into the swim team locker area (with my heart beating super fast again), I saw dozens and dozens of nylon suits in their lockers.  The average swimmer must have had 7 or 8 nylon suits hanging there--all of them looking really silky and waiting for a big and frequent load from me.  Of course, people left their houses unlocked, but their Speedos all had a combination lock on them.  The lockers were all made from that diamond shaped expanded steel mesh.  I could see all those silkies hanging there but I couldn't touch them--or could I?  I noticed that a few of the guys had hung their suits by sticking a little of the thin nylon into the metal mesh from the inside.  I thought even if I could get a little feel off them I'd be happy.  So I pulled hard on a suit and I was able to pull the whole suit right through the mesh and into my hand!  It was so silky and had just a hint of chlorine smell.  My heart (and cock) were about to explode so I took the suit home----and you know...
     Well, like with any drug, once tasted you want/need more.  So I went back a few days later and sure enough, there were a few more suits hanging that way.  Probably hadn't missed it or maybe dropped it somewhere?  No I'm the one who dropped it--several loads worth into that silky nylon rubbing on my cock.  So I pulled a few more suits that were available the same way. I don't think gold bars would have made me any happier.  The fear of being caught, the thrill of grabbing a nylon suit, and the excitement of being able to smell, taste, and feel their silky nylon was amazing at age 19 or 20.  Part of my guilt for stealing was that I was "rescuing" them from a sure,  slow death by chlorine, I obviously appreciated them more than they did, and they mostly got them for free anyway.  Well, they must have noticed that someone was taking their suits because towels stuck into the mesh from the inside now protected the view and there more no more suits accessible by simply grabbing.  They were on to me.  Damn
     Not sure how long it took me to figure out my way around this, but I did.  Taking a wire hanger apart and making a small hook at the end of it worked really well!  I could keep it hidden in my towel, check to make sure no one was around, and enter their area.  Keep in mind that the team was large, a couple of times a guy came in and I tried to act natural (while my heart stopped beating) and said hi and walked out instead of running for the door.  Anyway, I never did get caught, but I did learn to use the hanger to push the towel aside and snag a speedo right off the hook inside, pull it towards the mesh, and pull it through.  It took a little more time, but it was always worth the wait.  I didn't do this as much, however, because I was afraid they would take more drastic measures like putting on a door over the room or putting in solid lockers.  I still managed several dozen suits over the years--even the coaches huge double nylon suit from his office.  I was b-a-d!
     Sometimes I knew who the suit belonged to, sometimes they had their name on their locker and I could find out later.  I would always try for the larger suits--what the hell was I going to do with a size 26 or 28 speedo anyway?  I wanted a man sized Speedo to wear, jerk off in, or cover up with a couple of nylon panties and blast away into them all.
     Ultimately I did graduate, left, and moved away.  Visits later I discovered the dreaded lycra plague had spread to their locker room speedos.  I'd still manage to find an occasional 100% nylon suit, but mostly the glory days were gone.  Eventually they built a new swim stadium that required a student ID for entry and I figured the swim team probably had their own locked up area by now.  Their latest security measure was to lock their suits over the combination lock--but OUTSIDE their locker.  By now guys had started wearing 2 and 3 suits at the same time.  Hey, just like me when I'm rubbing them on my cock!  So rather than use a bolt cutter (more on that skill later), I did cut the suits off right at a seam for later repair and tie them together so I'd know which ones were worn together.  It also allowed me to skip those with lycra, or size 28, or ones that were too far gone from the chlorine.  Anyway, that was the very end of my speedo acquisitions from that college.  I'll tell you about graduate school and that swim team later.  Here are some nylon speedo pictures.  I never understood how a guy could wear nylon on his dick all day and then go back to the locker room and put on his cotton briefs?  Well, most on my stolen, I mean rescued, nylon suits are still working today long after those hunky swimmers got their beer bellies and dork shorts and forgotten all about their silky college nylon speedos.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Your Reward For All that Reading - More USMC Nylon Green Silkies

Our USMC has been defending our country in the nylon tricot green silkies pt shorts for many years.  Even though they have officially been replaced with tactel nylon (more like industrial strength fabric), the Soffee comany still makes them and are worn more as underwear by marines--who obviously enjoy wearing the nylon tricot panty under their shorts while under their uniforms.  They use the same old excuses that they are light weight, dry fast, take up less space.  We know the real reasons are that they feel silky, can be worn to bed and as underwear and still be respectable enough to wear around the barracks.  The fact that their male goods are hanging  inside a nylon tricot  panty that is attached to their outer shorts would never be mentioned.  I'll be posting some stories and a lot more pictures of our boys in green silkies in future posts in case anyone does ever look at this blog!

Different tastes for different people - Can't we all just get along? lol

I just emailed some guys I used to correspond with on yahoo about wearing nylon underwear, nylon Speedos, nylon Mormon garments, nylon panties,  nylon shorts etc.  In most cases make those "or" garments but not "and" garments.  I thought I had died and gone to nylon heaven when all these sites opened up about what other guys are into.  There must be lots of people in this world who are into the same nylon thing I am, right?  Well, yes and no--mostly no.  I'll be emailing some guy and we're doing fine with our similar nylon whatever interests.  Then we get to the part where he likes to pee in them and eat them for dinner or likes to poop in them and stand on his head, or whatever.  Not to disparage anyone else's interests, this is about MY interests and about not feeling strange cause you like nylon Speedos but are turned off by nylon panties or are horrified that a non-Mormon would wear nylon Mormon undergarments.  Hey, any religion that says you have to wear nylon underwear top and bottom 24/7 is ok with me!  It's probably the only thing we'd agree on though!  lol I posted one photo here, but there will be dozens more.  They're worth burning in hell for exposing their silkiness to the world!

So I hope you will continue to check out my site--sooner or later I'm sure I will hit whatever you are into--as long as it's 100% nylon tricot, of course.  You may not like the panty part or the no lycra in the Speedo part or the non-interest in anything like thongs or bikinis or cross dressing.  Hopefully you will at least be interested enough to read this while I spill my guts about my nylon interest.  Hmmmm, maybe this should have been my first post?  "Introduction to Nylon Tricot 101"  Will the class please stand and remove all cotton underwear and slip into these 100% nylon briefs?  Yeah, I've had a lot of those fantasies over the years.  I just wrote a long one about the US Military and their wearing of "Green Silkies" which consist of an inner nylon panty and an outer nylon short joined at the waistband.  I've found many dozens of photos of them on the web.  Even found a sUSMC site where a lot of guys say they wear them for underwear--my kind of guys!  Ok, 3 posts in 24 hours.  Like I have nothing better to do--but this is kind of cool.  BTW, I only need positive comments.  Go poop in your diapers if you don't like my nylon blog!  :-)

My Early Nylon Tricot Origins

Nylon tricot has been a part of my life for so long, I don't really remember where it all began.  I know by age 5  that I wore 5 pairs of my sisters nylon panties and showed them to a 4 year old neighbor girl  Nothing sexual at that age, just curious to know if she got to wear them, too--and she did.  Even at that early age, I wondered about the disparity of how girls got to wear silky panties and boys had to wear cotton briefs.  Of course I had to sneak my sister's panties out of her drawer or sometimes the clothes hamper.  I knew early that there was danger and punishment waiting for me if I was caught.  I'm sure I must have been at some time in those early years--moms know all after all!  

I know that by at least 2nd grade (age 7) I was already masturbating into them.  I was able to fold them in some way that allowed my little cock (hey, I was only 7!) to fit into the double nylon crotch folded over and them use the sides to rub it.  Even at that early age, there was terrible guilt over what I had done and it would be days before I would have the urge to do it again.  I remember also that by 2nd grade, I was already noticing what kind of cotton briefs other guys were wearing.  When I would rub those nylon panties on my hard little cock, I began to think that the boys had to wear cotton underwear and I got to wear silky panties--if only for a few hours or minutes until masturbating made me feel guilty and back on went my cotton briefs like the other boys.  I have often wondered (ok, fantasized) what it would have been like to have had my own nylon panty drawer back then.  To be able to open the drawer and see all my nylon panties folded once the long way and see that double nylon crotch waiting for me to pull it up.  Even then I knew that it felt really good to wear 2 pairs so they slid together.  So by age 5, my getting sexual stimulation and pleasure from nylon panties was already in place.  No desire to wear anything more than panties.  Already a secondary fetish (sort of a "reverse fetish" for cotton briefs.  Not that I wanted to actually wear them, but looking at them while rubbing my little boy cock with my silky panties--even if only for a bit.

This pattern pretty much continued through my early years.  I remember being caught somehow--maybe it was just that I had acquired a permanent stash of my sister's panties and thought I had hidden them.  I guess I hadn't and my dad beat the crap out of me when I was 9.  No, it didn't give me a spanking fetish--lol.  What it did do was make me even better at hiding them (a hole in an old chimney in the basement as I recall).  By 6th grade (age 11) my panty fetish had become more organized.  I could only "do it" every other day and not on Sundays.  The guilt factor was still there, but obviously had been scheduled into my sessions.  I didn't know the word "masturbation" until later.  Because my mom always called them "silk panties" or a "silk panty" rather than the actual nylon, I referred to my act as "silking" for lack of any other term.  I'm going to "silk" today or I am "silking."  Funny, I had no one to tell this word to but myself.

Also, by the time I was 11, I had already made out  chart with boys names on the left (friends or people I had seen like "man in laundromat" and then on the right in columns, the various types of waistbands that indicated what kind of underwear (always white briefs) they were wearing.  BVD, Hanes, JCP red dash, JCP blue dash, Sears, Montgomery Ward--I knew them all and they were promptly recorded.  By then I had discovered that placing a nylon panty on the radiator to warm it up made them slide even better--and make my now growing cock really throb.  Placing a towel over the radiator what faced the toilet, I would hang various types of boys briefs facing me.  Then I would sit on the toilet and rub a panty on my cock while looking at those cotton briefs that boys had to wear--I suppose imagining my wearing nylon panties.

By the time I was 12 - 1/2, I had my first ejaculation--what the hell was that white stuff?  My climax (or whatever I called it then) was more violent and the every other day rule had gone out the window.  I also discovered (now that my little penis no longer fit into the mushroom shaped double crotch of a panty), that putting 2 or 3 panties inside of each other produced a good rubbing sensation that made my silking feel really good!

I think right around that time, someone gave me a subscription to "Boy's Life."  That should make a normal boy out of me.  It was like early porn to me.  While I would normally use 2 hands to silk my cock with, when Boy's Life arrived, I would rub with only one hand while turning the pages.  I can't remember what was such a turn on, but back then it was.  Of course almost everyone remembers the Sears, JCP, and Monkey Wards catalogs.  Just seeing men and boys with those airbrushed, bulgeless, briefs on was enough to send me into an explosion of "white stuff".  Of course that white stuff began to present a problem.  I couldn't replace any of my sister's panties anymore into her drawer or the laundry due to my mass of crusty white stuff.  So keeping my own stash hidden and using 1 or 2 other pairs underneath, I could still blast into my outer pair and keep the inner ones ok to return.  Eventually I set a limit of no more than 5 panties inside each other (why?) when I silked.

By the time I was 13 and allowed to go to the local lake beach on my bicycle, I discovered the changing room.  There was only a men's and women's large concrete room with hooks and benches.  Things were so different back then!  Guys would hang up their clothes with their cotton briefs sometimes under their pants and sometimes showing over their pants on the hooks.  I guess those were the days when we didn't lock our doors either.  Well, taking in my towel, I remember my heart beating 1,000 beats a second when I stole my first pair of cotton briefs from the changing room and hid them in my towel.  I could hardly wait to get home and silk while looking and feeling those freshly worn briefs.  Not doing this too often, I soon discovered it was even more of turn on to watch a guy walking into the room and what he looked like.  I would think of an excuse to go into the room (no problem when I was alone) after the guy had emerged with his swim suit having left his clothes inside on the hook.  I would find the shirt and pants he was wearing and grab his briefs.  They were usually still warm from his wearing them and I had to be really careful not to look at them too much or my boner would really show.  That old hole in the chimney was beginning to fill with my nylon panty and cotton brief collection!

Well, my whole world changed when I was in 10th grade.  I was in the swimming pool locker room at school.  For some reason I opened a locker door (unlocked, of course) that belonged to a swim team member.  I couldn't believe my eyes!!!! It looked like some gold colored nylon tricot hanging there.  Without hesitating 2 seconds, I grabbed them and put them in my locker.  When I got home I took them out with my guy at full attention.  First of all they felt just like panties, there were 2 layers of briefs sewn into one waistband, and unbelievably the 2 layers rubbed together just like wearing 2 layers of panties did.  There was a wider nylon waistband, a drawstring, and a label that said "Ocean Champion 100% NYLON"  What the hell??? Swim team guys got to wear 2 nylon panties that rubbed together in public and not get the crap beat out of them??!!  How was this possible?!  Thus began the newest nylon addition to my fetish, the nylon "tank suit" later known as the Speedo.  Within a week that tank suit had enough loads in it to stand up on its own!  Here are a couple of pictures of guys wearing the older style suits.  The swim team one is before my time, but you can be sure those guys are all wearing the double layer Ocean Champion ones while their cotton briefs are hanging in their lockers--unless I happened to be there!  lol  More on them later...............

First Blog for Men Who Wear 100% Nylon Tricot

I've always wanted to ramble on about my own interest in wearing 100% nylon tricot.  Truthfully, I don't really care if anyone even reads this blog!  It's all about ME --lol--with no apologies to anyone else for once.  I have to say 100% NYLON TRICOT since a lot of guys don't seem to know what that means.  It's not a nylon lycra mix, it's not a nylon polyester mix (although it's not that bad), it's not shiny basketball shorts, it's not nylon acetate, onion skins, rayon, orlon or any other "on."  I know it's supposed to be pronounced "tree - coe" but I've always said "try -cot" so that's the way it is.

I'm tired of hiding what types of nylon tricot I'm interested in.  Since I'm  regular, masculine guy I'm supposed to only like nylon Speedos (PRE lycra of course!), men's nylon underwear by Players or Jockey or even vintage Munsingwear or BVD.  Maybe some vintage nylon shirts or even nylon pajamas and robes--especially ones by Munsingwear called "Trico-lon."  It's their brand for super silky nylon tricot even though it sounds like another "on" kind of fabric.  It's a pretty heavy, opaque super silky nylon and one of the best ever made.

Speaking of really good nylon, I have to say that nylon panties were made with some of the best nylon tricot.  Yeah, yeah, I know the connotations.  Not that I have to explain myself but:
1.  I'm not a cross dresser or transvestite or transgendered--not that anything wrong with them.

2.  I'm not into other women's clothing, bras, dresses, shoes, slips, wigs, make-up etc.

3.  I'm not into cotton panties, lycra panties, or nylon panties lined with brushed nylon or      cotton.  I want all nylon and don't want my balls or dick head in cotton even if the rest of the panty is a good nylon.

The nylon that was used in vintage nylon especially by Lorraine, most Vassarette (division of Munsingwear), most Van Raalte (the "Queen of Panties"--pardon the pun), some really early Vanity Fair, and sometimes some brands like Shadowline or even JCP's Gaymode--what's up with that name?  I can't believe they call full cut panties "Granny Panties" now.  I want as much nylon coverage I can get so it's not about bikinis or other high cut or low cut ones.

Sometime in the 80's I think, they came out with this thin, cheap nylon called Antron III.  There's another "on" but it's a thin, shiny, cheaper nylon that is more transparent.  It seems to have invaded many panty companies.  By the mid to late 70's they ruined panties by ending the double nylon crotch and started lining them with cotton or equally bad brushed nylon.  It's when the whole cotton thing started--never the fabric of my life, for sure.

The major panty producers got worried about the whole "yeast infection" thing, started blending in lycra, making panties smaller and smaller to now they have string ones--YUCK.  Now cotton seems to have won along with all sorts of stretchy fabrics and covered with lace and other crap.

Ok, enough on what I don't like.  Just wanted to get this nylon and panty thing explained.  There was a time right when I was maturing sexually that we had the big nylon tricot explosion in the late 60's until the mid to late 70's.  WOW!  Nylon shirts over nylon t-shirts or tank tops and any number of solid and patterned nylon tricot underwear.  All sorts of jocks advertised nylon underwear to make it respectable.  They mostly had fly openings, bright colors, and looked like regular cotton briefs (still mostly all white all cotton) to not be confused or associated with women's nylon panties.  Jockey even came out with an underwear called "DP's" which were designed to be worn as swimwear or underwear.  I was already wearing nylon Speedos as "masculine" underwear back then.  The excuse was I was always ready for the beach or pool--yeah right.  It was also a time when it was perfectly normal for guys to wear their nylon Speedos around.  Now there are some pools that actually ban Speedos and guys wear dork shorts.  It's sort of like Victorian times when seeing a knee was a big deal.  I still remember when dickheads could be seen through nylon Speedos and no one tried to hide their masculinity.  So I was in "nylon hog heaven!"  It was respectable and accepted to wear nylon tricot for men and not have any feminine associations.  JCP even made matching men and women's matching briefs.  Nylon tricot surf shirts with matching Speedo style suit. Speedo and Dolfin even made nylon beach cover ups.  Speaking of nylon Speedos, they came to us from Australia.  They used something called "Bri-nylon".  I assume it stood for British Nylon.  Whatever it meant, it was really fantastic--so are their shirts from that period.  Later they were made in the USA and eventually ruined by adding lycra and now those stupid body cover-ups.  Mark Spitz won in nylon, what's wrong with that?  It's funny about Bri-nylon today.  I hve bought things on ebay thinking it was going to be the silky kind and it turned out to be like car upholstery.

Ok, for my first blog posting about nylon tricot, I think I've covered my basic interest in the silky fabric--whatever it was made into--even nylon sheets and pillow cases!  Almost possible to slide out of bed wearing nylon pajamas!

Ok later...........