Monday, March 20, 2017


 I've been getting ready to dump a ton of pictures into storage to get them off my computer and I came across a couple of files of silkies that I had missed.  I think I may have posted a few of these earlier, but if I can't remember, I doubt if anyone else can either.  There are more great ones from some silkies marches.  I think this first description gives you some idea of how much these straight guys love their nylon tricot shorts.  It's why they keep showing up as underwear and not even mentioned since we're just supposed to be looking at their manhood on display and all I notice is their silky nylon tricot underwear.  No one is making them wear these--well, maybe for the march it's expected, but in many cases it's just normal for these marines to want to wear their nylon silkies--who wouldn't?

Spoken like a true, real marine who loves his nylon tricot.

Yeah, I know, everyone wants skin tight, but the reality is, think of all the activities that can occur with this much room to play inside their inner panty under their shorts.  No problem getting them off inside or maybe even letting your cock pay theirs a visit inside and do the same adding to their load?

I know this is a repeat, but I couldn't help myself.  Men wearing self-proclaimed Ranger Panties out in public and nothing else, feeling that silky nylon tricot, and proud of it is too difficult not to post again and again.

The only weapon of his I want to see going off is inside his green silkies--ready to fire....

Yeah, completely normal to be wearing these nylon tricot silkies for underwear and no shame if the whole world knows it on facebook.....

His nylon tricot underwear exposed with his green silkies under his uniform

There are a lot of sites that will show a series of a cute guy and then show a few pictures without his face that we're supposed to believe are his dick or his load being shot.  Sometimes they may actually be.  In this case, the point is that in showing his overly shaved manhood, they are incidentally revealing he is wearing his nylon tricot green silkies for underwear.  I don't think most people suspect big macho marines to be wearing silkies under their uniforms as often as they actually do.

Almost the same picture, but seeing those nylon silkies close up and knowing that big head gets to rest inside them 24/7 was too hot not to post both.  Wouldn't mind seeing a little man bush, but seeing the silkies is more important.

Great ad for Ranger Panties.  What macho man wouldn't want to wear these silky nylon tricot panties?

I told him I'd really like to rub my head against his silky nylon shorts, but I guess he didn't understand me correctly.....

I guess when you own your own gun shop, you can wear whatever you want to wear to work and no one is going to argue with you.

...but if you think that a helmet is going to protect you from being forced to shoot your man juice inside your green silkies, you are greatly mistaken.  I think he knows that and is waiting for someone to take care of it for him.

Ok, are these tight enough for you?  His panties can hardly hold his manmeat in place.  It may be difficult, but I could still milk every last drop into those shorts and yes, those boots can stay on, too.

Any body will look better wearing a pair of nylon tricot green silkies and here is proof....

It's one thing to be on a swim team with everybody wearing a nylon Speedo, but being in a group like this with all this beef wearing their green silkies would almost be too much....  Even the red nylon tricot USMC shorts fit right in with the green silkies, too.

We don't often get to see the waistband seams on the back but that's also a big turn on.  BTW, those RWB stars and stripe shorts are not nylon tricot.

Totally ready for action with all of them.....

Nice when a Ranger Panty wearer stops to help a fellow green silkies guy since they both are only wearing silky nylon tricot

It was actually this guy's Kiewit cap that caught my eye since they are helping to build our $10 Billion train to nowhere.

Looks like he has good taste in underwear with his nylon tricot green silkies that he's giving a little feel to right here

Another silkies underwear guy giving his nylon a little feel, too.  Sometimes you just can't help feeling the edge of those inner panties that come as standard equipment inside the shorts.
Saving the best for last.....

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