Saturday, April 1, 2017

Mostly Men Wearing Nylon Tricot Green Silkies and White Stitch Lifeguard

My longest nylon tricot bud (primarily Speedo type suits and silkies) sent a few more pics of Mr. White Stitch, the nylon wearing lifeguard who tacked in his drawstring a number of years ago with a small, white stitch on the back of his waistband.  We have some earlier photos of him before he added it dating back to 2007.  He is still wearing the suit 10 years later if any of you still need to be sold on the durability of nylon.  Of course if I attended those lifeguard competitions. most of them would be replacing them every few years because I would be returning home with some nylon souveniers--at least in my fantasy world.  He also sent a number of photos of a marine wearing his nylon green silkies and commented on the fact that we seldom see the same guy wearing anything in more than 1 or 2 pictures.  That's true--and here's a major reason why and I'm just as guilty as others for it.  

Back in the early days of printed porn, something I had very little opportunity (or desire) to acquire since it was all "naked based,"  there would be multiple photos of one of more models.  I still remember as a kid comparing one air brushed (no bulges allowed) JCP underwear catalog model from one year to the next to see if he had changed his underwear since the last season.  From what I remember of most printed porn, there would be a model who might start out in clothes (1 or 2 shots), then a partial disrobe (1 or 2) then maybe just underwear or Speedo 2 or 3, and then 27 of him naked in varying stages of hardness depending on the year the porn was produced.  There would, at least, be a cohesive record of this model wearing whatever sort of brand of underwear or Speedo besides the naked, later hard, and still later, ejaculating with or without someone else.  However, virtually all of the free porn on the internet is reblogged from another site or collection and has been edited by the blogger.  Since most porn is based on naked guys doing the standard sex acts, it's rare to see the earlier session shots of  the model (as much as they tried to not make him look like a model) wearing any clothes at all.  As in the reverse of that, I very seldom ever post any of the nylon guys I find naked or ejaculating unless the nylon is involved in some way (like it always should be in my nylon world).  So it's kind of rare to have several shots of the same guy wearing the same nylon--ironically with them probably not really having any interest in it at all.

Getting close to my 400th blog post since 2009.  That translates into over 8,000 pictures of men wearing nylon tricot on this blog if you ever take the time to go back and look at years past.  That also translates into me having gone through well over several hundred thousand photos to find the 8,000 because even with my nylon eagle eyes, most of the pictures were not posted because the guy was in nylon tricot at all.  There is also no predictable viewership of any of my postings.  Here is the number of hits my blogpost has had going back until September.  I didn't bother including the titles of each post since there really is no connection to subject matter and viewers.  There is also no connection to using or not using labels since I think google has me fairly buried because I'm an adult site.  You can also see that there are virtually no comments.  Interesting.....and yet meaningless.

I haven't bothered posting any f these guys for a long time since it comes under "Great Mysteries of the Universe."  The US Navy, SEALS, and your basic military underwater types wear these cotton "swim suits".  You sometimes see them with lycra compression shorts--wouldn't want to blind anyone with all those white thighs.  The mystery is how the "water based" branches of the service wound up with cotton and the USMC and army were smart enough to wind up wearing silky nylon tricot?  I know that once upon a time in basic, the navy did assign nylon (Dolfin or O.C.) suits for training purposes.  I also had sex with a couple of navy guys who had been assigned Gulbenkian blue with gold side panel suits.  One of the guys was impressed I knew about them and let me get him off in his--I doubt it had been the first time.

And here's another mystery, although not really worthy of the Universe, what the heck is this guy wearing?  Did he make his own green silkies?  I don't think so.  The cut is the same.  The resulting bulge that always happens when your cock hits 2 layers of nylon tricot is the same.  The nylon looks kind of like satin and there's something wrong with the waistband.  Well, not a complaint, just a curiosity.....

When a guy has a perfect cock like this and keeps it inside his silkies most of the time, I'll post it.  Wish he had included a picture of his big load having been shot inside of it, too/

They are green, they are silky although maybe polyester instead of nylon, and are probably silky enough to get him off inside of them.  Love that patch of sweat soaking through.  That means those shorts are going to carry his scent along with his sperm if I could ever get my hands (and nose) in them.

Here's the series of this hot guy enjoying showing us his body, his cockhead, and his nylon tricot USMC green silkies.

Not a complaint, but I think he could use a little more bubble in that butt of his, but I'd still give it a workout he wouldn't forget.

Plenty of room to get him off inside those silkies.....oh yeah, almost forgot, nice body, too.

My least favorite pose since it's not doing much for his silkies in this picture.  Yes, that is what it's all about.....

I'm just going to make the offer now and see if he takes me up on it.  Dude, I will fix the lights on your tree, actually decorate it, give you the biggest orgasm you've ever had inside those silkies, along with  a stain that won't be dry until New Years, and put an actual smile on your face, too.

One way to salute the flag (with your very own flag pole) while your silkies are still in the dryer.

Muscle Buds does a booming business selling used gear on eBay.  Sometimes he accidentally even gets something made out of nylon tricot.  Unfortunately. maybe he thought it was lycra and would stretch.  Nylon does stretch a little, but not this much and breathing is usually helpful when you are having sex while wearing it.

This is an easy fix, assuming he didn't cause more damage while taking it off--although he would get a lot more for it if he just left it on as part of the deal.

Just taking a work break to have his picture taken for my nylon tricot blog while looking really good in his silkies.  Either he is using too much sunscreen or it's his first day out but he's sure looking good in his nylon tricot.

Memo to self, when I launch a new line of nylon tricot everything in my eventual quest to destroy the evil Cotton Lobby and take over the planet, remember to include a line of double sliding nylon confederate shorts and briefs.

I'm sure whoever reblogged this didn't bother with them posing in their green silkies as underwear and just went right to naked.  Call me old fashioned, but a little pubic hair would help eliminate the "freshly plucked chicken" look or worse, the underage, pre-puberty look.  Everything solved if you just leave your silkies on and start grinding your nylon covered manhood until you unload in them.

More guys working in their silkies....and doing a great job!

Yes, we've seen him before.  I posted the one where he is lifting his shorts to show us his inner nylon panty (or thighs), but here he's just created a whole new look.

I can't remember the month I posted all of these Smith Point nylon tricot wearing lifeguards, but these guys look so hot in them.  Worth going back to check them out.

I did repost this one from that earlier posting.

That peach fuzz at the top of his ass crack before it disappears down into his double nylon tricot suit really deserves more attention.

7 years ago and no white stitch yet.  That suit has got to be so silky if he ever tries it out.  Sad to think of how many silky nylon tricot suits were made, worn for years, and then discarded without ever having been ejaculated into.  God knows I am still making up for lost time with the happy suits that I own.....

Thanks for all the photos!


Dan Smith said...

I always loved looking at MuscleBuds on ebay, but alas, all good things come to an end. And I recently asked why I haven't seen anything for sale. He said it wasn't worth it anymore. That's too bad, because I've had countless loads into something nylon tricot, looking at their hot bodies in nylon tricot.

On a more positive note, I've been using and there are some hot fuckers out there flaunting their stuff in nylon tricot - especially silkies. use the keyword ""silkiebrotherhood" or "rangerpnanties", grab your green silkies, an old nylon speedo, or some other piece of nylon tricot, and be prepared to rub one out regularly!

One door closes, another opens :)

Men doin' everything in nylon tricot said...

Too bad about MuscleBuds, but all the nylon he has sold over the years will continue to provide "release" for his customers--unlike the lycra which has probably mostly deteriorated by now! Looking forward to checking out your "other door" and thanks for posting.....

Retroman said...

Thanks for sharing my Tartan Rayon Jockey Y Fronts - they have given me countless hours of great smooth sexy fun especially topped with a pair of silky nylon tricot boxer shorts!

The guy in the baggy White Nylon Jockey Y Fronts is really hot!

Warm regards

jw said...

Hi Johnnie.